Alcohol Free Beer – Best Non-Alcoholic Beers

Non-alcoholic beers are becoming increasingly popular and are attracting interest from consumers and producers alike. Since this week marks the return of the Super Bowl, now is a good time to offer you non-alcoholic beers as an alternative for your sports evenings. Some people will probably be skeptical and will surely say that it is impossible that these beers are as good as regular ones. However, we have prepared a selection of five beers for you, which undoubtedly have the assets necessary to seduce even the experts.

Les meilleures bières sans alcool


1/ Krombacher Non Alcoholic Beer

The Krombacher is first on the list because I like the Weizen as much as the Pils. The Weizen particularly reminds me of the blonde Leffe beer which was my old favorite beer. It is an excellent choice for a first tasting because of its fruity appearance which leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth. For my part, my wife has a penchant for Radler which is both sweet and flavored with lemon.

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2/ Grolsch Premium Lager

Grolsch wins second place for its balanced and pleasant side. It is refreshing, delicate and its taste is very similar to regular.

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3/ Clausthaler Dry Hopped Non-Alcoholic Beer

The Clausthaler Dry Hopped offers a rich and complex taste, which leaves a pleasant feeling of bitterness at the end. This brewery deserves to be known since it is entirely dedicated to the production of non-alcoholic beers. It is available in some restaurants.

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4/ Bitburger Drive 0% Alcohol

Bitburger Drive has a relaxed taste that can be enjoyed at all times. Its aroma provides a slight bitter taste that disperses quickly. This beer is probably the most common in restaurants and bars.

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5/ Gerstel alcohol-free

Gerstel is an excellent beer that is neither too bitter nor too sweet. It is excellent at very low temperatures.

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In short, we offer you this top five among all the beers we have tried based on our personal tastes and experiences. We are not experts, but great amateurs who appreciate good things. Through this experience, we learned that non-alcoholic beers have nothing to envy to traditional beers. They can be a great discovery for beginners or even connoisseurs. The ideal is to try them out in order to create your top 5 according to your tastes. Good tasting !