Top Best Canned Sardines in 2020

Sardines said to be old or vintage, Breton, Vendée or Portuguese … A point is essential! Sardina pilchardus, the only species that has found its place in canned goods, must be fished between the beginning of May and the end of October. Before and after these dates, the fish are not fat enough.

The 5 Best Canned Sardines of 2020

If you are going into a collection, remember to return your boxes several times a year so that the sardine can be harmoniously preserved.

1/ CONNETABLE Sardines In Olive Oil

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The Monoprix reference is visually distinguished by its generous, deep yellow oil. But the sardines are quite pale and offer a rather timid taste. If the Connétable sport a very nice outfit, they were deemed too greasy, yet with little oil in the box. But, these ordinary will know how to satisfy you in all circumstances. Their melting flesh easily crumbles. Perfect for rillettes!


2/ Connetable Label Rouge Sardines In Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Beautiful appearance and small size, the sardines Our Regions have talent are rather dry when tasted, even if they are well seasoned. The packaging indicates the date of fishing, as well as the name of the boat. They were canned in Saint-Gilles-Croix-De-Vie, a famous place where any sardine dreams of ending up in a can. A basic reference that just needs to be enhanced with a dash of balsamic, lemon juice or candied lemon …


3/ BRUNSWICK Wild Caught Sardine Fillets in Spring Water

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The benchmark that made the success of the BRUNSWICK cannery keeps all its promises: the sardines are tender and offer a good length in the mouth. If the olive oil, very fragrant and with a strong color, is present, it can be delicate alongside the fish to let it express all its strength.


4/ Season Sardines in Water

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The Season cannery is the big outsider of this test bench. Basque sardines are not fried, but simply salted and then dried before being put into a verrine. Hence this very dark flesh, comparable to that of Grisons’ meat. An authentic, original and very present taste for small fish. In a tie, the sardine freshly landed from Season Sardines, in Finistère, was able to seduce the jury with its subtle balance. Its flesh candied in oil, literally melts in the mouth.


5/ Bumble Bee Sardines In Water

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A fabulous smell emanates from this Bumble Bee Sardines box which has won almost unanimous support. The sardines, of generous size, stand out for their delicate taste and their pretty golden skin. If you were able to taste this vintage, well done, you’ve had the patience to wait until then! Like wine, sardines improve over time, so the longer you wait, the better!