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You have an evening planned but you have a tight budget and want to know what are the best cheap beers on the market? You are in the right place ! We have put together a small list of 6 good inexpensive beers that can be drunk on their own and which alcoholize properly.


The 6 Best Cheap Beers Money Can Buy


1/ Jupiler

The only one, the Jupiler! It is THE Belgian beer pils par excellence. She has a very impressive taste for a simple lager, reaching the limits that a lager can reach in terms of complementarity of tastes. We will regret one thing, however: its price. Each year it increases and the brewery at the origin of the Jupiler manages to increase its prices at the same time as the main competitor: Maes. But hey, it’s like Coca, in the end we buy it anyway.

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2/ Cara pils

You can’t talk about cheap beers without talking about the Cara. Official representative of the student community and its pubs, we could have made it the flagship beer of this site. Its legendary absolutely disgusting can design, its moderately passable taste, the look of people when you come back with a case of local Colruyt to prepare the next evening, … So many things that make this drink much more than a lousy beer low-cost. Fresh, it is sincerely more than fair, it does good!

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3/ Hoegaarden

We no longer present the most famous white beers! A real delight in summer, on the terrace, and the must: In a frosted glass in advance. Its fresh taste and its lightness will prevent having a stroke of the bar in the sun! This beer is not the cheapest on this list, but it does have a special place for being an extremely refreshing beer.

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4/ Stella Artois Lager Beer

The official representative of Belgium on the shelves of foreign countries. And she does it well! Good taste, strong just right, it has everything to please. It is not just a Belgian pils, it is a Belgian pils with character! She has more bitterness and strength than a Jupiler, which makes her much heavier to drink. At just under 2 euros per liter, this beer is one of the best deals you can find in terms of good, inexpensive beers for your evenings.

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5/ Leffe Brune

If it’s cheap brown beers we’re talking about, the Leffe Brune deserves to be mentioned! The brown variety of Leffe will be a good compromise for the amateur who wants to try brown beers to tackle behemoths like Kasteel Donker or Rochefort 10. Its light taste – although very present – and sweet the make it accessible and enjoyable. A good little light brunette as we like, and at a very affordable price!

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6/ Maes Radler Citron

Small, light alcoholic beer that will delight girls as much as guys in very hot weather, it really tastes like lemon without being akin to soda. It is a very successful bet on the part of Maes, because she knows a lot of success with everyone: guy, girl, beer appreciator or not, we cannot help but appreciate the freshness and the very pleasant taste of this pils. It is by far the cheapest flavored beer with the best taste / price ratio on the market.

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