The Best Cocoa Powders in 2020

Consuming chocolate, especially powdered chocolate, is certainly one of the best things to do during breakfast or other occasions of the day. However, did you know that most of these powdered chocolates do not all contain real chocolate?

Best Cocoa Powder To Buy 2020

To help you make the best possible choice, we have selected five powdered chocolates. We deliver in this article our opinion through a description and the plus / minus of each product.

1/ Caotina noir, Cocoa Powder with Dark Swiss Chocolate

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Chocolate enthusiasts will find in this product all their happiness. Indeed, it is one of the best chocolates sold worldwide and which comes straight from Switzerland, a country well known for the quality and authenticity of its chocolates.

It contains no less than 45% pure cocoa mixed with Swiss chocolate. Other rich ingredients also go into its composition such as black caotina, vitamins, flavors, sugar and many others that do not pose any harmful health risk. Since this chocolate already contains sugar, there is no need to put it before tasting it. It is perfect as it is with its different ingredients. In addition, unlike other chocolates, this one is not too sweet even if the feeling of sugar is well felt. It is not very bitter either and its taste is strong and delicious.


2/ Monbana 32 Percent Cocoa Salon de The Hot Chocolate Sachets

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This bag of chocolate powder has a capacity of 30 grams to drive your taste buds crazy. Unlike the previous one, this chocolate powder is milk chocolate and for its category, it is the most interesting of the milk chocolates that we can recommend to you.

Its cocoa content which is 32% remains suitable even if it is significantly lower than other chocolates which contain much more. The preparation of this milk chocolate remains very easy, because you just have to add to the contents of the sachet hot or cold water according to your preference and in a recommended quantity so that it is ready to be enjoyed. The preparation time is only a few minutes. All the ingredients used to make this product, including the chocolate used, are of quality and guaranteed to be 100% natural.


3/ Nicks Chocodrink, Instant Hot Chocolate Cacao Powder

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Chocodrink contains enough cocoa powder to make a delicious chocolate drink for the whole family. One 250 g bag is enough to prepare 35 cups. The powder is largely made up of chocolate and natural sweeteners and has no sugar content. Sweeteners are made from the stevia plant and erythriol, usually found in pears and plums.

You can also use Chocodrink as an ingredient to make all kinds of chocolate recipes, including milkshakes, chocolate cookies, pastries and other delicious preparations.


4/ Caotina blanc, Cocoa Powder with White Swiss Chocolate

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If, unlike others, you have a great fondness for white chocolates, you will find here what you need. Indeed, this chocolate which is exposed here is an incontestable white chocolate and incidentally the best of the white chocolates which you can find on the market. Like most of the brand’s products, this white chocolate powder is contained in a box weighing approximately 500 grams.

In addition to the 17% white chocolate, this box contains, among other things, sugar, milk, butter, vitamins, flavors, some harmless colors. If you wish, you can add milk before enjoying it, even if taking it without milk is also a fabulous tasting experience. It is possible for some that they do not feel the flavor of white chocolate very well because of the level which is not very high.


5/ Valrhona Cocoa Powder – 100% Pure Cocoa

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This chocolate powder, which is like no other, is only made from 100% cocoa, the powder of which is of high quality. It is actually cocoa powder. Its taste is intense. Besides chocolate drinks, this chocolate can also be used as an ingredient for cooking, especially for making cakes and for baking in general.

This chocolate can indeed have several applications and since you do not lack imagination, we are sure that you will not run out of ideas to make this powder, an essential ingredient. In addition to all its qualities, this powder is sugar-free. It will therefore be up to you to use the amount of sugar that will suit you during your various preparations.