Best Japanese Rice Cookers to Buy 2020

Preparing the perfect rice for delicious sushi is not easy. So if a device could help us make a successful sushi party, why not buy it? The rice cooker for sushi is therefore a useful and practical machine for perfectly perfect cooking.

Best Japanese Rice Cookers to Bring Home

The best way to make sushi successful and surprise your guests is to successfully steam rice. With a rice cooker for sushi, you can also prepare other types of rice very well thanks to its different functions and characteristics, but its main advantage is the success of this Japanese rice. They are generally simple to use machines with very different prices and options depending on the model.

1/ Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 10-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker

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You are dangerously beginning to love Japanese cuisine, with the great success it meets in the West. In fact, for a few years now, we have heard sushi here, sushi there, we have seen restaurants full to bursting, etc. Fortunately, you can cook it at home, provided you have the necessary equipment. The base is rice, so you need a rice cooker or a rice cooker. And what could be better for Japanese cuisine than specially designed Japanese material designed for this? Precisely, we have the Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy, a high-end rice cooker that goes as far as offering cooking programs.


2/ Senya Rice Cooker Kit Sushi

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When you are looking for a product and you are led to compare several on the market, you find the most expensive product on the one hand, and the cheapest on the other, in the middle the products offering a quality report /interesting price. But we also often come across a somewhat unusual product, often classified as love at first sight, or even as the best seller of the moment. In any case, this means that this product has managed to attract a large number of customers, and this is rather a good sign. In the field of Japanese rice cookers, the best selling of the moment is attributed to this Senya model.


3/ Panasonic Steam IH rice cooker SR-SAT102-N

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Panasonic is a company better known for electrical products such as televisions and stereos, but many people are unaware that they also produce devices like rice cookers for the kitchen. Originating in Japan, this is another popular and very affordable brand of rice cooker without bothering you in terms of performance.


4/ Sharp Electronic Rice Cookers

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Sharp is relatively new to making rice cookers, but that shouldn’t deter you. Sharp is also known for its technological prowess, which ranges from living room appliances to the kitchen with their rice cookers. Emphasizing technology, these models use induction heating and pressure cooking with a model even while stirring rice during cooking.


5/ Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker

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Another option using magnetic induction cooking technology, this Tiger rice cooker is a great choice. This model is extremely versatile. Not only can you cook 10 cups of white, jasmine, brown or mixed rice, but it can also be used to make porridge and oatmeal. If that’s not enough to get your attention, this machine can be used as a slow cooker or for baking bread.