Best Orange Juice For You

Practical and consensual, this drink has recognized nutritional virtues. Fruit of the sun par excellence, orange is full of vitamins, and in particular vitamin C, useful to fight against fatigue and infections. All commercial brands highlight this advantage – but beware, this vitamin is fragile, its concentration decreases every day once the bottle is opened. A glass (20 cl) of orange juice provides on average 90 kcal, which is not negligible.

Top best ready-made orange juices

On the test bench, the 100% pure juice, with no added sugars. Verdict: they will of course never equal the real juice squeezed minute! Here are our favorites nonetheless.

1/ Tropicana Orange Juice

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A beautiful bright yellow color, a fluid texture and the taste you would expect from a bottled orange juice: sweet as it should be, with a hint of acidity. This is a great classic, neutral, balanced, consensual. The downside: we can blame him for his lack of character, his standardized appearance.


2/ Joker Pure Juice Orange Pulp Free

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With a milder, less frank color, it gives an impression of softness. Suave and velvety, this drink plays seductive by flattering the taste buds without leaving an acidic aftertaste. Like the previous one, this juice will appeal to children who are often bothered by the presence of pulp.


3/ Tropicana 100% Orange Juice with Calcium

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First a sunny and pleasant color; then, when tasted, a dense, slightly frothy texture and a pleasant smoothness. In terms of taste, the acidulous takes over, subtly, with a (natural) sugar present, but which does not overshadow the necessary acidity. A reservation: some detect some artificial notes in the perfume, even if, like all the others, this juice is devoid of additives.


4/ Simply Orange Juice Pulp Free

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A beautiful color, frank and cheerful, precedes, on the palate, a taste of orange without deception, round and fruity. Testers appreciated the balanced aspect of this juice, whose scent remains in the mouth for a long time without harming. It is probably the one that comes closest to real freshly squeezed orange juice, without being able to match its flavor.


5/Nantucket Nectars Orange Mango Juice Drink

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The packaging of this product is filled with nutritional messages. We see the title “Pause-santé” long before a qualifier concerning flavor! The logos look attractive and we are reminded that a 250 ml glass provides us with 1 portion of fruit and 1 portion of vegetables. The taste is original and vegetables such as sweet potato and pumpkin are included.


6/ Innocent Orange Juice with Bits

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On the packaging of this combination of orange fruits and vegetables, we highlight that a 250 ml glass provides us with two portions of fruits and vegetables. We are offered here combinations of apples, grapes, orange, carrot, lemon, mango, pumpkin and sweet potato … Lots of taste.