German Beer – The best German beers to try on your trip to Berlin

Life is good right now, but you’re running out of German beer. You have a furious desire for Wurst, but you wonder what could accompany it. What about a small quality foam from across the Rhine?

You can drink beer freely on the street, which is still an innovative idea for many newcomers to Berlin. From the späti selection (late-night supermarket) to the thriving craft beer scene, Berlin has an incredible selection of beers to try while you’re in town.

The top 5 German beers

1/ Erdinger Hefeweizen

Is one of the first things you will learn in the German capital. This refers to the small convenience store that is open late, and almost every street has one. Most importantly, this is where people come in to have a beer. Almost every späti will stock Sternberg. At around sixty cents a bottle, it’s a cult classic and people’s beer. Inexpensive and a bit naughty, it’s not exactly one for beer snobs – but everyone on the street drinks it, and a trip to Berlin wouldn’t be complete without trying one.

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2/ Augustiner Helles Lager Hell

Augustiner is a more chic option, and you’ll pay a little more for that too. This full flavor Bavarian style beer comes from the oldest independent brewery in Munich. It has become one of the most successful beers in Mitte, central Berlin, without much publicity, and the label has not changed in more than 20 years. While other German breweries modernized their bottles for a more modern and finer design, Augustiner kept its original shape, voluminous and retro, which only reinforces its appeal among Berliners.

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3/ Berliner Kindl Weisse

This beer has become one of the most popular beers in the German capital. Cloudy and sour, Napoleon’s men even called it “champagne of the north”. This award-winning beverage has a sweet and sour taste, a must-try in town. There are also three varieties. ‘hne schuss’ is beer in all its natural splendor, while ‘ein rotes’ is slightly sweetened with raspberry syrup, and finally, ‘ein grünes’, flavored with green woodruff

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4/ Rothaus Pils

It has become a favorite among expats living in Berlin. Beer is inexpensive – around € 1.50 for half a liter – and widely available, and it comes with a subtle sweetness that makes it easy to drink. Pils is the abbreviation for pilsner, and refers to gold or straw-colored beer and its earthy taste.

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5/ Warsteiner Premium Lager

With an alcohol content of 4.8%, this light and easy-to-drink beer is pleasant to drink after a long day of work. Brewed in the North Rhine-Westphalia region, this premium pils is slightly bitter with a firm taste and is the fruit of more than 260 years of brewing history.

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