The best Mexican beers of the moment

Mexico is famous for being an exporting country of several of the best beer brands on the planet, this list includes what in my opinion are the most famous and consumed in the country. Vote for your favorites!

But how do you find yourself in this immense ocean of hoppy nectar? So I decided to contact Cerveceros de Mexico so that they could come to my rescue by asking them the question directly: What are the 10 Mexican craft beers that you absolutely must taste?

The 10 Best Mexican Beers


1/ Bohemia

Its production is careful down to the smallest detail. Made with Styrian hops that greatly contributes to its flavor and aroma. It is a robust beer and the complexity of its liquid is similar to that of red wine.

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2/ Negra Modelo

Negra Modelo, better known as “The Cream of Beer”, is a Munich beer with 5.3º of alcohol that offers a balanced flavor and a delicate aroma of dark malt, caramel and hops.

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3/ Corona

Corona Extra is the leading brand in the national market, the best-selling Mexican beer in the world and the most valuable brand in Latin America according to Millward Brown. It is a Pilsner beer of 4.5º of alcohol. Corona Extra focuses on people looking to relax and refresh.

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4/ Dos Equis

It is a beer with a smooth malt flavor and a light citrus aroma. It is a pale lager type drink that produces very little white foam. It is light to medium bodied. Its flavor is sweet, with fruity and caramel notes. Hops notes are difficult to distinguish due to their low bitterness.

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5/ Indio


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INDIO is a dark colored beer with light tones of sweetness that reduce its level of bitterness, since its unique flavor offers a very special combination; the characteristics of the vigor and intensity of the beers made for land with a cold climate such as Europe, with the freshness and transparency that are customary in countries that are essentially warm like ours.

6/ Victoria

Victoria, the brand with the longest tradition of Grupo Modelo. It is a Vienna type beer with 4.5º of alcohol whose antiquity and tradition are linked to the history of Mexico. Victoria offers a delicate and pleasant aroma of malts and hops of the highest quality, which is balanced by its amber color – unique in Mexico – and its white and consistent foam that covers its transparent and brilliant appearance. With more than a hundred years of excellence, it is still the beer that, due to its exact flavor, pleases everyone.

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7/ Carta Blanca

Carta Blanca is a Lager type beer that has a balanced and refreshing flavor thanks to its elaboration process and top quality ingredients.

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8/ Modelo Especial

Modelo Especial was the first brand made and produced by Grupo Modelo, in 1925, the year the company was founded. It is an American pilsner type beer, very different, full of attitude and image, with 4.5º of alcohol.

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9/ Tecate


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Tecate is a Pilsen type beer characterized by a robust body with a balanced flavor. Made with 100% natural ingredients that provide the consumer with a balanced taste of the highest quality.

10/ Sol


Sol is a light beer with an exquisite aroma, slightly bitter and refreshing. Its mild flavor and the meaning of its name have allowed it to conquer an important place in the markets of Asia, the Middle East and South America.

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