Top Best Non Alcoholic Beer

In this article we will come back in detail on existing alcohol-free beers and on the processes for making alcohol-free beer. Non-alcoholic beer has been in vogue for a few years with growth close to 25% in 2018.

We will start with some information to define precisely beers without alcohol. Then we will give you a complete list with more non-alcoholic beers described and classified by style! For all those who do not have time to read the whole article here is our TOP 5 alcohol-free beers:


Best Non-Alcoholic Beers You Can Drink in 2020


1/ BrewDog Nanny State

It is a rather successful pilsner with a slight bitterness as well as a slight herbaceous flavor. The beer is straw-colored and the nose is rather pleasant, reminiscent of pilsner beers with this slight smell of cereal. The mouth is quite round with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

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2/ Wellbeing Brewing Co. Heavenly Body Golden Wheat

The WellBeing Brewing Company is a brewery originally from the United States. It is a non-alcoholic beer similar to a lager beer with a nice lightness in the mouth. This is a great beer for after sports, yoga, or anytime you are taking care to watch what is going in your heavenly body.

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3/ Clausthaler Dry Hopped (12 Glass Bottles)

Non-alcoholic beer is very similar to the alcoholic version of this beer. You will find fruity flavors as well as a certain sweetness in the mouth. The flavors of malts are very present combined with a slight acidity. The beer is brewed with 4 different malts and two aromatic hops.

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4/ Mikkeller Energibajer

The Mikkeller Energibajer brewery brews several non-alcoholic beers, including the Mikkeller classic which is a lager without alcohol. The color of the beer is golden and clear and on the nose the flavors of cereals are very present. In the mouth the beer is sweet, almost reminiscent of candy. The presence of residual sugars is very high.

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5/ Bitburger Drive (pack of 6)

A beer well present in the landscape of alcohol-free beers, in particular because it is well distributed in bars and shops. Bitburger Drive is a non-alcoholic lager type beer. The flavors are quite similar to the flavors of classic Heineken beer. For fermentation, beer is precisely brewed using the osmosis technique we mentioned earlier. It is not, however, the most flavorful beer in the non-alcoholic beer categories.

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6/ Nirvana Dark & Rich Stout

In terms of color you will have a golden and rather clear beer. It is a lager style beer and the flavors of malts are slightly present on the nose. It’s a slightly bitter, rather light beer ideal for summer. Small precision Nirvana Dark & Rich Stout does not contain exactly 0% alcohol. However, we have not precisely found the degree of alcohol in the beer.

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7/ Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer

Another German beer offered in its alcohol-free version. German breweries turned to alcohol-free beers very early on and most breweries of a certain size brew one! On the nose you will distinguish flavors of caramel and malt. In the mouth, hops are also present with some herbaceous aromas. In this case the beer is fermented and then dealcoholized. The color of the beer is pale yellow and there are aromas of malts on the nose. On the palate the flavors are slightly herbaceous and the beer is rather sparkling.

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