World Of Beer – Best Beers in the World 2020 Ranking

World rankings often highlight American and Canadian beers at the expense of our European beers. If it’s true that the American continent is full of nuggets, we also have our say. Our beers are at least as good. The proof with the top of the basket of what we can do with us.

These are the 6 most popular beers in the world

1/ Anosteké Saison

This beer was voted best guard beer in the world in 2016 by the World Beer Awards, and it well deserves its price. Light, slightly hoppy and a little spicy, it is normally a spring beer, but let’s be honest, it makes fun all year round. In addition it is produced in Blaringhem in the North, because this is where the best beers are made, the real ones know it. Little info to stand out between two bottles: “anosteké” means “see you next” in Flemish.

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2/ Pinta Atak Chmielu

This Polish beer is an Indian Pale Ale, and like all APIs it has a high hop content. Except that this is one of the best in the world and, we are sure, the best in Europe. With beautiful citrus and caramel notes, it has succeeded in establishing itself among Poles who usually prefer to drink pils which look more like water than anything else.

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3/ Trappist Westvleteren 12

This Belgian is produced by monks in a Flemish abbey, and in very small quantities. If you want to taste this dark beer, you will have to go there, because a priori it is not sold anywhere else. But it’s not just its rarity that makes it one of the best beers in Europe, it’s its sweet, caramelized and vanilla flavor. He won him the prize for the best beer in the world in 2011 and 2015.

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4/ Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast

Yes, Denmark can also make good beers. This is a Stout, therefore a rather heavy and dark Irish beer, produced from roasted beans, which gives a taste sometimes quite close to coffee. And it is surely for this reason that this beer is called “breakfast”. Its coffee taste can lead some to consume it at breakfast. We don’t judge, beer is sacred.

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5/ Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier Low Alc Beer

The hardest thing about this German beer is to order it, with its name which is a little scary. After, it’s just fun. It is a wheat beer, because yes, it can also be used in the composition of the beverage. Wheat beers contain at least 30% wheat malt and are in fact what we call white beers. This one is produced in the oldest brewery in the world, and you can find some notes of banana there. Nothing to do with some tasteless white wines.

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6/ Good King Henry, Old Chimneys Brewery

An extended name for a beer much appreciated by connoisseurs. It’s still a stout, so very dark, with here subtle aromas of licorice, chocolate or coffee. To taste.

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