For over 20 years, Arcadia Ales has been committed to a British Inspired – American Brewed stable of beers. We aspire to brew beers that achieve brilliance through balance – ales that satisfy the senses with complex flavor while providing pure refreshment that leaves you wanting more.

In 1996, our first 25 barrel batch was brewed on a Brick Kettle Brewing System from England at our Battle Creek, MI location. Fast-forward – today every batch is produced in our 50 barrel American-made brewhouse at our Kalamazoo Riverfront Brewery, Pub and Garden. Our 20th Anniversary in 2016 ushered in a new era of brewing possibilities with the installation of two new 100bbl closed fermentation tanks giving us the ability to use new yeast strains while we continue to brew classic Arcadia Ales using our distinctive, proprietary yeast strain in our traditional, open fermenters. The ability to brew with new yeast strains opens up the Arcadia Brewing Company portfolio of offerings, allowing our brewers to be creative in ways that were not previously accessible and broadening the scope of beers produced. With these changes, we still keep our promise to use only the finest domestic and English malted barley, along with the highest quality hops available from the Pacific Northwest and Michigan.

While we take great pride in Arcadia’s ales, our pubs and kitchens have built up a mighty fine reputation of their own. If you can’t make up your mind about trying the BBQ or the pizza, don’t worry. Just order the BBQ Chicken or Pork pizza and get your hands on both.

With our second home at Arcadia Brewing Kalamazoo, we had the opportunity to rehabilitate and give new life to 400 feet of downtown Kalamazoo’s riverfront. Our pet-friendly beer garden has direct access to the Kalamazoo River for kayaks and canoes and over 20 miles of the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail’s paved bike and pedestrian pathways. Have a brew or some food over a game of shuffleboard and cornhole, then take it easy around our gas-lit council fire. Our pub and kitchen in Kalamazoo take our passion for BBQ to a whole new level with an all wood-fired Oyler BBQ smoker from Texas, burning pure hickory. Most of our meats are locally sourced, with many being a byproduct of whole animal/seam butchery. Additionally, our chefs also regularly feature unique vegetarian and gluten free options. Enjoy our newly expanded menu, and table service, along with beer, wine, a Michigan-made soft drink like Faygo, and more!

Thank you for helping us earn a place in your glass, fridge and cooler!

Slàinte Mhath


While Arcadia makes fantastic beer and insanely delicious food, we also managed to have something even greater than both of those: our people.

Our staff is made up of an incredible group of humans who love being here to make sure you get the best food & brews at two locations – one in our hometown of Battle Creek, and our second home and new brewing facility in Kalamazoo. As well as our Pub & Kitchen staff, we also have our mad scientists in the brewery, and the coolest packaging guys you’ll ever meet. We even have a couple of guys who like to think they’re engineers and a posse in our office who make everything happen from posting photos of pie and beer (and cute puppies) on Instagram, to every aspect of making sure you all get to enjoy Arcadia’s ales.

So, you’d like to be an Arcadian too, huh? With the growth of our pubs and brewing facilities, we’re often looking for beer, food, and customer service geeks to join our team. Please complete the Employment Application Form and return it via email or drop it off at our Kalamazoo location.

Arcadia Employment Application (PDF, 71KB)

701 East Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Pub: (269) 276-0458

Office: (269) 276-0440

103 Michigan Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49017, United States


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