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A large number of people are still not aware of the new online game named “Among Us.” This new game has created quite a stir in the market.

Many of you would surely be very curious to learn about the game and how it is played. “Among Us” is currently in trend. With this article’s help, you will be given in-depth knowledge about the game after listening to which you would surely be keen enough to download & play it on your phone.


The game initiates with players in a spaceship ranging from 4-10 at a time.

They are given two different roles. They all look alike as crewmates. While most players are crewmates, a few of them are impostors. Crewmates are assigned various tasks to complete while finding and removing the impostors from the spaceship to finish the game and win.

Players are given menial duties which they need to complete to win. The responsibilities consist of fixing wires, cleaning places, downloading files, etc.

Among Us

While the crewmates have their duties, the impostors, on the other hand, have to kill all the crewmembers to finish the game and win it. Other than that, they can sabotage the ship in different ways, which leads to the destruction of the spaceship. Crewmembers must save the spacecraft and keep looking for their teammates to check if they are secretly killed. When they find about a member’s death & find his body, they need to report it, leading to a discussion.

In the discussion, Crewmembers discuss the player who is most likely an impostor and vote them out. Once you have successfully found out and removed the impostor, you are most likely to win. If you ejected a crewmember from the spaceship by mistake, you are in a much dangerous position as now you are one short of a teammate, which will make things easier for the impostor.

All players can call in for an emergency meeting when they find that something is not normal and they need to talk about it. But be careful because even the impostors can call in for emergency meetings in an attempt to trick the other players. So, this game is full of thrill, fun, and suspense all at the same time—download the “Among Us” game to learn more about it.


You can play the game with four or ten players, depending on the capacity. You can have one impostor minimum and at most three impostors.
When called for a meeting or so, players assemble in a lobby, which is themed like a spacecraft. They can walk to and fro till the game starts. The players can also customize themselves in the lobby by selecting different skins, pets, and hats for their avatars.

“Among Us” game players can see the game’s ongoing settings on the top left side of the screen. From the lobby, one can check how many impostors are there in the game, the number of tasks to complete, and other essential things.

The game begins with every single player learning whether they are crewmembers or an impostor. Crewmembers need to finish their given tasks before their team members are killed. Other than that, they must repair the ship when the impostor damages it.

How to Play Among Us

But when you are an impostor, you get extra abilities, like your speed and vision are better, but those abilities can be edited by the person who has hosted the game. Impostors can directly reach near crewmembers and kill them or damage their systems by using specific buttons.

Impostors can use air vents to quietly move from one place to another or secretly leave the area after killing any crewmate.

On every player’s screen, there is a map button that can be used to navigate easily. The map shows the tasks and their location for every player till the impostor harms the crewmates.
The map button present on the impostor screen shows specific tasks assigned to them & completes it by blending in.


When you glance at gameplay videos or the images, you can find the characters being adorable. From their costumes to their movement, all these will bring a smile to your face. The game provides each player with multiple personalities and outfits to choose.

The game’s visuals are smooth, and the animation is perfect—the game at its best when it is run at 60fps giving a beautiful experience. The game even goes well with low-spec phones. In most cases, you wouldn’t find any lags on low-end phones. But if your net speed slows down, the game might lag at points.

Among Us is a mix of a party game, with the conventional thrill and fun. It is a game that is on the top in the trending charts. You can play with family, friends, or even with a group of strangers online. You must experience the game by downloading it from the App Store, Play store, or even from the Internet for free.

Toast Among Us


From where can we download Among Us?

You can get the game from the Play Store for Android, the App Store for iOS, and even on the Internet for other devices. You can play Among Us on your mobile phones as well as your PC.

Is it available for free?

Yes, Among Us is free to play the game with in-game purchases.

Can the game be played alone?

You can play it alone for practicing, but the game’s essence lies in playing with friends.

Can you talk in the game?

In-game voice is absent in the game. However, many people are on a conference call, or in a group server while playing the game. However, players can chat in the game.

Download Among Us for Android, PC, iOS

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