Aroma Vs Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 2020 Top Full Guide

Best Choice 2021: Aroma Vs Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker

Many people think that cooking rice is the easiest thing in the cooking process, but they do not know that cooking rice also requires many factors.

Besides choosing perfect rice, choosing the right rice cooker for your needs will also face many difficulties.

In the article below, we will introduce an overview of the Aroma Vs Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker so that you can consider it when choosing the best rice cookers. Please follow the article!

Aroma Vs Hamilton Beach Rice Cookers – Which is Better?

Aroma Vs Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker - Which is Better

The rice cooker’s cost is below $50, which has excellent features to ready the superior rice you want with no hustle.

The rice slow cookers are incredibly similar in several aspects, but everything will be crystal clear in their differences besides the purchase price at the end of the manual.

Hamilton Beach (37548) – Best Rice Cookers

Hamilton Beach is a favorite new kitchen appliance that has several years of producing quality products. In this comparison, I chose Hamilton Beach (37548).

The rice cooker is quite affordable, with nearly all of the features found in expensive rice cookers. Together with the rice cooker, it is possible to make unique rice such as grain, brown rice, white rice, Hot Cereals, Quinoa, Whole Grain, etc.

This rice cooker is acceptable for prominent families or plans to cook considerable perfect rice quantities.


Hamilton Beach includes a creative layout to accommodate the features in a straightforward screen. It’s constructed from a stainless steel frame, instant pot, and black plastic substance.

The plan is streamlined to conserve room in the storage cupboard and also simple to proceed together with all the rice cookers on a trip.


The measuring cup capacity is flexible to permit the best rice cooker to prepare 2-14 cups of perfectly cooked rice and grains. The ability of raw rice is seven cups.

It’s a two in-1 rice dinner /food steamer basket that permits simple rice drying before cooking to prevent clumping.

Pre-programmed Settings

The preferences are 6 for rice cooking to eliminate the guesswork of cooking the rice. These settings Permit You to Pick out White Rice, Quick Rice, Whole Grain, Heat/Simmer, Steam Cook, and Hot Cereals.


Hamilton Beach can cook and steam rice at precisely the same time, which saves a whole lot of time. It is simple to steam fish, vegetables, poultry in the cooker food steamer basket while the drinkers. All this is carried out by pressing buttons on the control panel configurations.


  • Has rice dinner/ steam basket (2-in-1 Rinser/Steam Basket)
  • Versatile 2-14 measuring cup capability
  • Six distinct Preprogrammed Settings
  • Great for Rice, oatmeal, grits, and cream of wheat
  • Delay begin breakfast and lunch meal preparation simpler to 11 hours.
  • Utilize your recipe or packed rice & pasta mixes
  • Automatically shifts to heat after cooking.


  • Ensures that the rice remains warm.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Different preprogrammed settings
  • Delay timer for an easy meal planning
  • Has a big cup capacity suitable for all families


  • When cooking brown rice may require changing the amount of water.

Aroma Housewares 8-Cup Rice Cooker and Cooker Food Steamer

Aroma Housewares 8-Cup Rice Cooker and Steamer (ARC-914SBD)

The Aroma ARC Rice Cooker is a great and affordable alternative with over 10,000 Amazon reviews giving it a typical 4-star rating.

Additionally, this is a reasonably priced and flexible rice cooker that can produce white rice, brown rice, soups, roasts, quinoa, chili, celery, and more.

Hamilton Beach also includes a cooker food steamer insert letting you cook meats and veggies over the rice cooking at the machine.


The Hamilton Beach includes an instant pot, stainless steel layout, and black layout and a stay-cool-touch control panel, and a non-removable hinged lid that protects from moisture and cooker food steamer to produce rice.


There are various versions available with varying measuring cup sizes ranging from 4 to as many as 20 cups.


  • It’s simple to see the button navigation menu using the digital rice cooker LED screen.
  • A timer to postpone cooking around 15 hours also.
  • The stove kettle consists of a shiny nonceramic kettle, different from many nonstick inner containers. Not always better yet because rice tends to get stuck into the base of the instant pot.
  • Keep the heat setting automatically switched on after completed cooking.
  • Non-stick plastic containers act as a sieve when initially washing machine and a cooker food steamer basket once in use.
  • Notification beep once completed cooking.
  • Speed: Cook rice for about half an hour or less.

Why You Need to Get it:

  • Additionally, a relatively reasonably priced rice cooker offered its features: the cup capacity to generate all sorts of rice and great at once.
  • The fantastic value given its relatively low price point.

Why You Need don’t:

  • Reviews from different media books and on Amazon said the rice was ok although not nearly too uncooked rice since the rice from other stoves such as Cuckoo, Zojirushi, and Tiger.
  • The lid is not removable for easy to clean.
  • There are a few harsh reviews on Amazon. Complaints the Aroma leaks steam and spits hot water.
  • An inner instant pot is not non-stick (it’s ceramic).
  • Durability problems: Apparently, this rice cooker will not continue to serve you some more than one year.

Hamilton Beach Vs. Aroma Digital Rice Cooker Differences

  • The Hamilton Beach is more extensive in capacity with around 14- cups of perfectly cooked rice, whereas the Aroma gets the sole 8-measuring cup ability.
  • Hamilton is marginally expensive compared to an Aroma digital rice cooker.
  • The odor cooker includes a delay timer of around 15 hours, while Hamilton Beach is approximately 11 hours.


The comparison of this Hamilton Beach Vs Aroma – Best Rice Cookers reveals the couple differences the inexpensive rice cookers possess.

The majority of the rice cookers under $50 drop short on many functionalities, but both have helpful features to create superior rice.

Both rice cookers provide high-quality rice cooking cup capacity, such as high-end slow cookers, based on what you need.

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