Beer Brands – Most drunk beer brands in the world

Be careful, this article will make you thirsty: have you ever wondered which brands of beer are the most drunk in the world? Here is the top 10. All the beers in this top 10 may not tell you much. Some are only available in the United States or Asia, for example.

The Most Popular Beer Brands


1/ Snow

So you have to go to China to find the best-selling beer in the world. Nothing to do with Jon, for Game of Thrones fans. This beer was only created in 1996 and has occupied this first place for years and rather widely: its estimated consumption in 2020 was … 101.2 million hectoliters!



2/ Budweiser


His nickname? “King of Beers”, the King of Beers. However, this American beer (we can see it in the colors of the can …) owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev is not number 1 in this ranking despite its 49.2 million hectoliters consumed in 2020.


3/ Tsingtao

Another Chinese beer but this one you surely know, because it is very exported to Europe where it can be found in many Asian restaurants in particular. The brewery has existed since 2003 and has seen sales continue to climb in recent years, reaching an estimated consumption of 49 million hectoliters in 2020.



4/ Bud Light

Surely you’ve already drunk it if you went to the United States, where it is widely consumed: it is the best-selling beer there. As the name suggests, it is still a light beer. It is also owned by AB InBev and its estimated consumption in 2020 was 44.8 million hectoliters.



5/ Skol

Be careful not to confuse it with Skoll, the “Viking beer” flavored with vodka. Here, it is a beer originally created by several breweries (American, Canadian, European, etc.) and which is now jointly owned by AB Inbev and Carslberg, which distribute it around the world. It is the most popular beer in Brazil, and can be found in European countries, Asia and even Africa. Its estimated consumption in 2020? 35.1 million hectoliters.



6/ Heineken

Aaaah there you are reassured, we are talking about a beer that you know! A Heineken after or in front of football or in the early evening, there is only that true. Here, we are talking about one of the most powerful brewers in the world, whose estimated consumption in 2020 was 34.3 million hectoliters.



7/ Harbin

We must admit that its advertising makes you want. It’s still a Chinese beer here, which has been around since 1900 and also belongs to Anheuser – Busch InBev. Its estimated consumption in 2020? 29.9 million hectoliters.



8/ Yanjing

Here’s another brand of beer that shouldn’t talk to you too much, unless you’ve been to China before. This brewery has existed since the 1980s and was founded in China. It is the third largest in the country and its turnover, estimated at 850 million dollars (approximately 727 million euros), increased by 8.9% compared to 2016: that is to say its success! Its estimated consumption worldwide in 2020 was 29.7 million hectoliters.



9/ Corona

We’ve all gone down a little Corona with a lemon slice (yellow or green, to choose) to quench our thirst. This Mexican beer is now distributed worldwide by the Belgian brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev, which is the most powerful in the world in its field. In 2020, its consumption increased by 10% in the United States for example: did the Americans want to drink “Mexican” to irritate Donald Trump? In any case, its estimated consumption for 2020 was 28.8 million hectoliters worldwide.



10/ Coors

This American beer is only available in a light version. It belongs to the Coors family, hence its name. It remains to be seen how long the Americans will be able to benefit from it: the company cut 350 jobs in 2020, following a “restructuring”. In 2020, its estimated consumption was 26.5 million hectoliters.