Best 3 Cup Rice Cooker 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 3 Cup Rice Cooker is ideal for your cooking requirements if you’re single, have a household with two kids, or have a limited kitchen area.

Although you might consider the best small rice cooker 3-cup, you ought to be aware of the simple fact that you could cook food in under half an hour.

Having a little counter ribbon, varied versions of rice cookers permit you to cook brown and white rice, but also soups, stew, pasta, and even cakes. Meals made from these rice cookers are great for 2-3 persons per cooking batch.

Having a 3-cup ability, these rice cookers prepare anywhere from 1 to 3 cups. Three cups signify the number of cups of raw and dry rice rather than the rice quantity you are likely to wind up with following cooking.

You probably know that the 3 cups of raw rice will yield approximately 6 cups of cooked rice due to the simple fact that rice grows while cooking. But this depends upon the sort of rice.

One other important facet refers to how a Japanese cup is 6oz that differs from the conventional 8oz of a classic cup. But, consider how the little measuring cup included with many rice cookers holds this 6oz quantity.

If you’re interested in 3-cup rice cookers, here you’ve got our recommendation of the ten finest 3-cup rice cookers characterized by induction heating, Micom, and traditional technology. Just consider all of this information before deciding on buying a rice cooker.

The Way to Pick the Finest SMALL RICE COOKER

The Way to Pick the Finest SMALL RICE COOKER

If it comes to picking the ideal little cooker to suit your requirements, there are a couple of items to consider to receive the maximum quality little rice cooker potential. These features include:

1. Cost: When it comes to rice cookers, more affordable is barely ever better. While the purchase price is not everything for quality, as a general guideline, the less costly =, the worse the grade, and the more expensive than, the more significant the rate.

Suppose you know you’re going to use your rice cooker regularly. In that case, we urge a more considerable investment into a more excellent grade rice cooker… the fantastic news is that rice cookers are usually affordable for many consumers – even the higher-end ones!

2. Detachable Inner Lids: A little rice cooker using a detachable inner lid can make cleanup easier after cooking and protect against stuck-on burnt and rice stains.

3. Quality Inner Pots: Inner strands are coated in a coat, which helps prevent the rice from sticking on the interior pot. High-quality inner baskets will result in a complete, more lasting product. If the internal pool is constructed from lackluster cloth, you can anticipate the bud to peel and start sticking.

4. Digital Features: A few little rice cookers tend to be less electronic and provide fewer features than other versions. By way of instance, the Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker features one functioning switch.

In contrast, the Immediate Pot Lux Mini 6-in-1 Rice Cooker includes six features in 1 product, so you could cook rice and use the pot for additional food products, too.

5. Ability: Although each of the little rice cookers holds less rice than their bigger counterparts, you will still need to consider just how little of a rice cooker you want.

For instance, if you are only cooking for a rice cooker, using a 3-cup (cooked) capability might be more suitable. If you are cooking for two, three, or longer, a rice cooker using a 6-cup (cooked) ability might be your very best option.

6. Stainless Steel Features: This goes without saying that a rice cooker with stainless steel features, including an internal pot, will last longer than a little rice cooker, which does not possess many steel features. While seeking the finest small rice cookers, it is best to search for a few plastic parts and features a stainless steel interior pot.


Rice cookers are composed of 4 elements: the cooker’s most important body, an inner cooking pan, a heating plate situated on the base of the primary body, and a thermal sensing apparatus beneath the heating element.

The sensing apparatus is a little, spring-loaded valve that continually measures the heat inside of this pan. This thermometer is miserable while the pan full of water and food is placed into the primary body.

After the heat component is switched on, it immediately brings the water to a boil. After the water is boiling, it remains at precisely the same temperature and won’t get any hotter, so the cooking pan’s temperatures stabilize at the point.

The grains start to soak up the warm water and steam, which will be their cooking process.

After all the water is consumed, the temperature at the pan will start to grow again. The thermometer will feel this temperature shift and will then make the device to switch off or into some “warm” setting.

These appliances warm their materials by moving heat in the primary body’s heating element up into the skillet, produced from numerous substances.

The general time it takes for meals can vary based on which material can be employed for your pan. Like aluminum and aluminum, some alloys are more reflective of warmth than other substances that might be utilized.

These transfer heat far more efficiently, which can shorten the amount of cooking time required.


Some models now come equipped with something known as fuzzy logic.

To comprehend what that somewhat absurd term implies, we must return to 1965, when a UC Berkley professor called Lotfi Zadeh came up with something he called the fuzzy sets theory.

This concept deals with mathematical classes, or classes, of things or components. In most places, either a member belongs to the category or does not, and there’s no difference between them.

By way of instance, at some felines, a Siamese kitty belongs to a golden retriever doesn’t. Fuzzy logic deals with all the “between.” Using fuzzy logic in the former instance, a gold retriever goes precisely the same place as a Siamese cat in the esteem they are both mammals that walk on four legs.

The identical principle is used to employ fuzzy logic in rice cookers.

Rather than functioning within the parameters of rigorous sets, fuzzy logic is used in cooking using a rice cooker by choosing a more sensible, humanistic approach.

While using mathematical information, as in the sensing apparatus’s temperatures, fuzzy logic comprises the thoughts of “slightly” or “nearly” to help determine doneness. This also gives the device the ability to generate judgment calls like what a real individual might make.

Here’s an illustration:

Let us say that in the afternoon you’re cooking. It’s boiling out, making the temperature in your kitchen warmer than usual. The rice cooker may subsequently be heating up quicker than it ought to for even cooking.

The fuzzy logic capacity allows the stove to compensate for this event by mechanically adjusting the heating component’s temperature, therefore slowing the water’s warmth and preventing each of the water to be absorbed or evaporated until the rice is completed.

This capacity is also the reason fuzzy logic-enabled rice cookers can have several cooking purposes. Standard rice cookers can prepare rice.

People who have fuzzy logic may cook white, sushi, sweet brown rice (that deserves the ideal basis for our hearty vegetarian burrito rice bowl), glutinous (sticky) rice, etc.. )


Additionally, using fuzzy logic cooking, the most top-line versions now use an induction heating system for cooking.

I talk in-depth about what induction cooking is in the following guide, but to recap: the warmth employed in induction cooking is made by a magnetic field that develops when the aluminum coil of this heating component reacts with the reflective metal of the pan.

This makes an electrical current within the kettle, which heats the food.

This heating method improves the rice cooker in 3 manners, the main of which is that, rather than the heat coming from the component beneath the skillet, the more heat is generated throughout the pan, leading to more even cooking.

Second, with induction cooking, temperature sensing is much more precise, allowing for more fragile temperature alterations.

Finally, and it is also the most extensive selling feature of induction stoves of severe cooks, the temperature is shifted instantaneously as soon as the modification is made.

With a conventional heating element, if you reduce the temperature since the rice is cooking too fast, it requires a moment or 2 for the warmth inside the cooking pan to even out, leading to scorching.

This doesn’t pose a problem with an inductive heating cooker.


I’d say the very first thing that you want to determine before purchasing your first rice cooker would be to choose what capacity you desire.

A single individual usually cooking for you will want a bigger capacity than somebody cooking for a family, such as me. If you are cooking smaller parts, doing this in a giant cooker may negatively affect your final product, so ensure you’re purchasing the proper size.

Usually, the cup-size recorded on the package will be for the raw grains. Therefore a product that lists a 3-cup capability can hold up to 6 cups of cooked rice.

Another aspect to consider is whether you wish to cook over direct white long-grain selection. Suppose that is all you consume (after all, it is fantastic in our addictive recipe for simple sausage !). In that case, it is possible to get away with purchasing a not as expensive standard apparatus without fuzzy logic.

Should you consume various kinds, you’ll need to pay out a couple more dollars to find the fuzzy logic variations with these cooking skills.

Top Rated 9 Best 3 Cup Rice Cookers  Brand

Top Rated 9 Best 3 Cup Rice Cookers  Brand

Bestseller No. 1
Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer, 3-Cups (uncooked), Stainless Black
Dimensions (W x D x H):9-1/8 x 11-7/8 x 7-1/2 inches. Detachable and washable inner lid; Easy to store retractable cord.Interchangeable melody and beep signal
SaleBestseller No. 2
Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker
Easy-to-use single switch control; See-through glass lid with stay cool knob; Stay cool handles for easy transport
Bestseller No. 4
IMUSA USA GAU-00011 Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker 3-Cup (Uncooked) 6-Cup (Cooked), White
Capacity: 3-Cup (Uncooked) 6-Cup (Cooked); Automatic Cook/Warm Switch; Tempered Glass Lid with Air Vent
Bestseller No. 5
Aroma Housewares 6-Cup (Cooked) (3-Cup Uncooked) Pot Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer (ARC-743-1NG), White
Perfectly prepares 2 to 6 cups of any variety of cooked rice; Steams meat and vegetables while rice cooks below

Zojirushi NP-GBC05-XT 3 Cup

Zojirushi NP-GBC05-XT 3 Cup Induction Rice Cooker includes a 3-cup capacity that means it cooks no more than 1/2 cups of rice and is perfect for singles and younger families.

Menu settings include: white/mixed, sushi, porridge, brown, GABA brown, rinse-free, and speedy cooking. And accessories comprise rice spatula, spatula holder, and rice measuring cups.

Its black thick spherical inner cooking pan and heating system provide even heating for perfectly cooked rice. This cooker is excellent for white rice also, dry basmati rice.

It cooks better-tasting rice and has a pre-set timer that you may utilize nightly to your steel-cut oatmeal before going to bed.

Additionally, you’ve also maintained a beneficial warming function.

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer, Premium White, 1.0-Liter
4,661 Reviews
Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer, Premium White, 1.0-Liter
  • 5-1/2-cup computerized rice cooker and warmer with advanced Neuro Fuzzy logic technology. Wall mountable
  • Multi-menu selections; automatic keep-warm, extended keep-warm, and reheat cycles. Electrical Rating - 120 volts / 680 watts
  • Spherical, nonstick inner pan allows for uniform heating; LCD clock and timer; retractable cord
  • Menu settings include white (regular/sushi, softer or harder), mixed, porridge, sweet, semi-brown, brown, rinse-free and quick cooking
  • Measures approximately 14 by 8 by 9 inches; 1-year limited warranty, Dimensions (W x D x H) : 10-1/8 x 13 x 8-1/8 inches

With this rice cooker, rice comes out perfect every time: it could be put on a timer, so it can help keep it warm forever, and also contains particular proof directions for a variety of types of rice.

Offered in stainless steel and stainless dark brown colors, this rice cooker gets the internal layer made from aluminum with a nonstick coating (PTFE) and stainless steel.

There’s an internal lipid, which could be washed under running water. The outer lid may be cleaned using a moist cloth, so it doesn’t become dirty, just steamy.

After the rice cooker is bought, you receive a one year guarantee on all electrical parts. However, the product is top quality, constructed in Japan, first-class artistry, and materials.

It’s also super easy to clean due to the rice’s starches, the only kind of form a thin film on the bowl, after that you wash it off using a paper towel or something.

The cord is removable but not retractable and is quite thick, company, and nearly wholly inflexible.


The Oyama 3 Cup Conventional is just another fantastic alternative. It cooks up to 3 cups raw (6 cups cooked) rice. It’s fewer bells and whistles than many others on this listing, using an easy one-touch cooking purpose.

There’s also an automated keep-warm function when the rice is finished. The inside bowl is non-stick also, making cleanup a breeze.

Oyama specializes in kitchen appliances, and though they are most-known because of their rice cookers, they also make great air fryers.

Oyama 3 Cup (uncooked rice) Traditional Rice Cooker-Warmer
314 Reviews
Oyama 3 Cup (uncooked rice) Traditional Rice Cooker-Warmer
  • Simple one-touch cooking function
  • Automatic keep-warm
  • Durable non-stick cooking bowl
  • 3 cups dry rice yields 6 cups cooked rice
  • Glass top with spatula and measuring cup

Aroma Housewares (MRC-903D) Mi 3-Cup (Cooked)

Though almost all of those rice cookers are intended to sit on a counter, this one is prepared to bring to function. “Easy, mobile rice (and more) on the move. My job places and hours change. In some areas, I do not have access to a microwave or refrigerator,” one reviewer writes.

“With this, I need a socket and a drinking fountain.” They move on to add that it is “fairly forgiving” about water dimensions, too: “The very first time I attempted it I wholeheartedly mismeasured. It turned out ” Yet another calls it a “lifesaver” for creating lunch while on the job.

“I will cook a complete mini-meal in here,” they write. “I throw a cup of pasta, a few tomatoes and pasta and onion sauce, then hit the button and voila! It would be ideal for traveling, or even a school student/dorm room also.”

But those who abandon it at home love its compact dimensions; one reviewer had “no idea just how much space my previous rice cooker was carrying up” till they replaced it with this one.

They write that it is simple to clean “ideal” if you have to prepare a couple of servings at one time.

Aroma Housewares 2-8-Cups (Cooked) Digital Cool-Touch Rice Grain Cooker and Food Steamer, Stainless, 8 Cup, Silver
29,088 Reviews
Aroma Housewares 2-8-Cups (Cooked) Digital Cool-Touch Rice Grain Cooker and Food Steamer, Stainless, 8 Cup, Silver
  • Multi-Functional Use – Whether you're in the mood for a hearty jambalaya, steamed veggies and rice, or even a delectable cake, you can accomplish it all with your rice cooker. The possibilities are as creative as you are.
  • User-Friendly Programming – Easy-to-use with 4 preset digital functions and automatic Keep Warm mode when the cooking is finished.
  • Nutritious & Delicious – The built-in Steam function allows for nutrient-rich meals to be prepared above while rice, soup, or any other meal simultaneously cooks below, allowing you to save time without sacrificing quality.
  • 15-Hour Delay Timer – The programmable delay timer is great for families on the go, delivering delicious meals ready when they're needed, up to 15 hours in advance.
  • Compact Capacity – 8-cup capacity yielding 2 to 8 cups of cooked rice. Its compact capacity is perfect for preparing small individual meals or delicious side dishes.

Oster CKSTRCMS65 3-Cup

Give an attempt to Oster CKSTRCMS65 3-Cup Rice Cooker: it isn’t a top of the line version if you’re searching for professional quality and you’re in the wrong location. However, for an overall goal rice cooker for individual use, this item is ideal: it cooks perfect rice every time.

It’s created with two configurations in front change, one for heating and one for the cooking. There is an Aereo off shift, and if you plug the stove right into a power socket, it instantly starts to warm, and the light turns on. Thus, it would help if you pressed down the lever to begin cooking.

After cooking, you may observe it is as simple as operating a toaster. All that’s required is to put the appropriate water, and rice ratio set the lid on it, plug it, and press a button.

It’s not an alarm for when it’s completed, but there’s an automobile switch into a keep warm atmosphere, which will be triggered after it’s finished.

Forget this is referred to as a rice cooker: it’s a cooker. You can also make varied dishes like herbed polenta, vegetable frittatas, legumes, and rice, steam your new salmon, steel-cut oatmeal, creamy grits with roRosemaryacon, couscous, cheese grits.

This rice cooker is modest, but it’s the best size for any household in which rice is an accompaniment to dinner rather than a significant part of the dish.

The cooking lid and bowl remove easily for cleanup. Since the bowl is nonstick, this feature alone makes the Oster more preferable to the kettle on the stovetop. It’s the time for no longer pot-scrubbing!


The Panasonic SR-G06FG Automatic consists of 3 cups of raw rice. It features a translucent glass lid, making it effortless to keep your eye on your food as it cooks. The removable rice bowl is made of non-stick coated aluminum for simple cleanup and an efficient induction heating system.

The device is user friendly with a one-step automated cooking and shut-off attribute, and it utilizes an affordable 310 watts of electricity when in performance.

The Panasonic is created at a stylish silver finish and comes complete with a rice scoop and measuring cup. The operation guide is handily multi-lingual.

The device includes a cooking indicator light, which shows you if the device is operational, along with the stay-cool side grips and lid mapmaker secure and effortless transport. The stove also has protected toes, increasing it over your cooking surroundings, preventing mess and damage.

One disadvantage to this device is that it isn’t suggested for brown rice. Additionally, you have to wash your rice in another container before placing it in the skillet.

Aside from that, the Panasonic SR-G06FG is not challenging to use. All you have to do is put your pre-washed white rice into the stove, add water, then fasten the stove lid, and press the lever to begin the cooking process.

The aluminum pan ensures quick, even heating, and the glass, easy-view lid traps moisture and warmth for rapid, efficient cooking. When the rice has been cooked, the cooker shuts off automatically.

Cuckoo CRP-EHSS0309FG 3 cup

Or you may attempt the best 3 cup economy rice cooker cuckoo 3-cup electric, yet another induction heating system programmable pressure cooker.

At this time, you need to take care of a complete stainless steel interior and stainless steel venting pipe system.  You may be sure that this rice cooker has been created with you along with your wellbeing in mind.

Consider its distinctive body structure that matches its premium interior construct quality with voice navigation for three languages (English, Chinese, Korean). A blue LED display with a touch choice menu and 3-cup X-wall STAINLESS interior kettle, double coating cover packaging.

If you never utilized neither best brown rice cooker 3 cup nor a pressure cooker of any type before, don’t get alarmed when the Cuckoo hisses through cooking: that is normal using a pressure stove at the end of cooking once the steam discharges.

The Cuckoo EHSS0309F is an excellent rice cooker that’s constructed to last. Therefore, be prepared to read the operator’s manual for your first couple of weeks. Be sure that you obtain an inexpensive rice washing machine; the interior cooking pot isn’t great for washing corn.

It’s instrumental as it requires less time than a routine pressure rice cooker, less time in contrast to this non-pressure type. The machine works exceptionally well and cooks brown rice in 45 minutes, or you’ll be able to create Gaba rice over 12 hours or longer.

It’s reasonably quiet and straightforward to wash. And this 3-cup version is more than sufficient for 1 – two individuals.

IMUSA USA GAU-00011 3 3-Cup

Aroma Housewares Select Stainless Rice Cooker & Warmer with Uncoated Inner Pot, 14-Cup(cooked) / 3Qt, ARC-757SG
7,447 Reviews
Aroma Housewares Select Stainless Rice Cooker & Warmer with Uncoated Inner Pot, 14-Cup(cooked) / 3Qt, ARC-757SG
  • Perfectly prepares 4 to 14 cups of any variety of cooked rice
  • 100% surgical-grade 304 stainless steel cooking pot
  • Simple, one-touch operation with automatic Keep-Warm
  • Great for soups, jambalaya, chili and so much more!
  • Easy-to-clean, removable inner pot. Power Consumption - 120V/60Hz 500W

Meet IMUSA USA GAU-00011 3 3-Cupice Cooker, an ideal unit for busy lifestyles.

For a small cost, this appliance is too lovely and very functional. It’s small in size, so it’s perfect for a small household.

It’s advised when creating rice that may wind up sitting in the bud for some time to put some olive oil at the ground since the rice will stay if it’s sitting on the “Warm” setting for too long or bringing a little excess water.

This retains 3-cups of raw white rice, making 6-cups of cooked white rice, which is excellent for 1-2 servings.

Prepare yourself to create your favorite rice dishes, veggies, celery, and much more along with your IMUSA Rice & Multipurpose Cooker.

With this unit, you’re likely to go through the ease of a very simple utilize the on-off switch.

This appliance also includes a heating setting, which will let you reheat your rice. It’s energy-efficient, providing less cooking time that means reducing energy usage on the cooker.

This is an easy and effective rice cooker. Each of the white rice you cook in it is going to come out absolutely.

It steams until it’s completed, then the device change goes to heat mode automatically. I wouldn’t abandon it hotly for a very long period since it started to brownish some on the floor.

This type of rice cooker is primarily to make rice and is excellent at creating sauces also! And cleaning is effortless due to the removable nonstick coated kettle: this type of surface has to block your rice and other foods from sticking.


BLACK+DECKER RC506 6-Cup Cooked/3-Cup Uncooked Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, White
17,563 Reviews
BLACK+DECKER RC506 6-Cup Cooked/3-Cup Uncooked Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, White
  • Capacity: Yields up to 6-Cup (Cooked) and 3 (Cup uncooked) Rice cooker, Note: use only the rice cup to measure rice, never a true cup. Volts - 120V. Wattage - 300W
  • 6-Cup Capacity - Prepare anywhere from 1 to 6 cups of cooked rice, great for small or large meals, and for leftovers.
  • Automatic Keep Warm - The rice stays ready for serving! The rice cooker automatically switches to the “keep warm” function after cooking is complete.
  • Nonstick Rice Pot - The nonstick rice pot is completely removable for easy dishwasher cleanup. Dimensions are 10 x 9.0 x 5.5 inches
  • Food Steaming Basket - The included food steaming basket lets you make healthy meals with vegetables, fish, and more. Measuring Cup and Spoon Included - The measuring cup makes it easy to cook the perfect amount of rice, and the plastic serving spoon prevents accidental scratches to the nonstick rice pot. Note: use only the rice cup to measure rice, never a true cup.

The Black & Decker 3-Cup is the most significant inconvenience, taking only 20 to 30 minutes to cook your rice. The device keeps your rice warm and warm due to this stove’s automatic keep-warm feature.

You might even use it to prepare stews, soups, and oatmeal porridge. You’re out of luck on stir fry.

The detachable non-stick skillet and tempered glass lid are dishwasher-safe, so cleaning up is simple! Additionally, it includes a measuring cup and plastic serving spoon, so unintentional scratch harm to the non-stick bowl is readily prevented.

The device has different colored indicator lights, showing whether the device is cooking your rice and keeping it hot. This enables you to view at a glance whether your food is prepared.


This Tiger 3 Cup is a fantastic all-in-one small rice cooker. Generally, the Tiger brand has rave reviews. The Tiger 3 Cup constitutes 6 cups of rice and makes less rice as readily.

You will find lines to assist quantify within the rice manufacturer based on how much rice and what sort of rice you’re cooking. There’s also a more “Synchro-Cooking” feature that permits you to cook meals at the rice cooker’s cap while steaming rice at the bottom. It features a cookbook to demonstrate the way to apply this convenient feature.

The square shape means it will take up less counter space and will store easily in a cupboard if need be. The little Tiger rice cooker is absolutely an investment, but an investment in Western technologies. Plus, they take their rice seriously. This could be our recommendation for the best little Japanese rice cooker.


Best 3 Cup Rice Cookers to buy have a vast assortment of features that provide convenience, ease-of-use and, promise perfect results when cooking distinct rice kinds.

A few of these units may also double as pressure cookers and steamers, representing excellent value for money. The more giant, more streamlined rice cookers are appropriate to carry with you wherever you travel, making them well suited for use on vacations or taking food into a buddy’s home for parties.

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