Best 4 Slice Toaster 2020: Top Full Guide, Review

Best 4 Slice Toaster 2020 Top Full Guide, Review

Whether you use to crisp a hamburger bun, construct the ideal breakfast, warmth frozen waffles for breakfast, or hot a couple bits of artisanal bread to match with dinner, or a toaster is a vital kitchen appliance to warm, crispy, and caramelize your favorite bread, bagels, and English muffins.

If it comes to the very Best 4 Slice Toaster, you will find versions that range from essential to elaborate and everything in between.

Four-slice toasters occupy only a bit more distance than their two-slice cousins, which means they are worth considering even if you don’t necessarily need four pieces.

You’ll see them in many different shapes, so be sure that you find one that will be a perfect match on your countertops.

You will also need to consider these slots’ preferences and dimensions to be sure they can accommodate everything you toast the maximum. Attempting to cram a thick bagel or waffle into a too-small toaster can bring about a crumby mess.

We have researched the most recent versions and put together this listing of the very best toaster ovens.

Top 14 Best 4 Slice Toaster Brand Of 2020

Top 14 Best 4 Slice Toaster Ovens Brand Of 2020

Best Rated: Sencor Stainless Steel

What distinguishes the Sencor from different toasters on this listing is the simple fact that every one of those extra-wide slots has its temperature setting, which makes it effortless to accommodate a variety of toast preferences or heating multiple items at precisely the same moment.

This makes it the ideal sidekick for all those mornings when one child needs a waffle, another needs a bagel, and you’re trying to cram down a bit of toast while exercising the door.

Reviewers rave about this “unique and easy to use” toaster, mentioning features like its outside rack for warming buns or croissants, the easy-to-clean crumb tray, along with the slick design.

With an average score of 4.7 celebrities out of Wayfair shoppers, it is the best-rated choice on this listing.

Best Overall: Breville Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster

What We Like

  • “A bit more” and “elevator and seem” features
  • Each side works by Itself.
  • Attractive design

What We Do Not Like

  • Expensive

Breville has a reputation for quality products, such as this intelligent toaster, which uses a wise processor to control the lowering of the bread in addition to the toasting time. Have you checked your completed toast and believed that it is practically perfect, but it is not quite there?

This toaster manages that scenario with the “a little more” setting, which lowers the bread to brown it slightly more, which means you don’t need to put on the toaster ovens or danger burning rather than browning.

Another advanced feature is that the “elevator and seem,” which raises the bread so that you can test it without canceling the current toasting session. And this can be great once you’re toasting a new sort of bread, and you are not confident how long the toasting will require.

The LED display enables you to track the toasting progress, along with the toaster beeps, to allow you to know when the bread is finished.

Every side of the best toaster 2020 works by itself, which means you may set your lean toast on one side and a bagel on another with the bagel feature. A defrost feature allows you to thaw and toast bread completely.

These features are wrapped up in a brushed die-cast metallic outside that easily wipes clean and seems contemporary and appealing.

Individuals gave this toaster favorable reviewers for how simple and convenient it’s to use, highlighting the “somewhat more” and “elevator and seem” features.

Cuisinart CPT-435C

This toaster from Cuisinart includes four broad slots which may fit not only bread but also bagels. And, it’s three distinct toasting manners such as jelqing, reheating, and defrosting.

What is more, it’s an in-built beeper which produces a loud beeping sound to alert you if the toast is created. What’s more, it also includes a countdown screen that shows you just how much time it will take for your toast to be entirely made. So, so far as ease and ease-of-use proceed, this is a reasonably good product.

But there is a catch.

But some users claim this toaster provides uneven toasting, yet one facet nearly always gets over toasted. This could only be a flaw for several products but is something you ought to explore before purchasing.

This is a good-quality product constructed with brushed stainless steel and can certainly be designed to last. It will take up a little bit of space due to its large dimensions and hefty.


  • We sturdy and durable product with a stainless steel frame.
  • Massive slots which may fit bagels rather than merely bread.
  • An in-built beeper that alarms when the toast is created.
  • A countdown screen to explain to you how much time it will take to toast.


  • Somewhat big and bulky, therefore not as mobile as a number of the other milder choices.
  • Some users claim that it provides uneven toasting, which might be a massive problem.

Best Quality: All-Clad 4-Slice Digital Toaster Ovens

All-Clad is known for producing some of their most dependable, durable, and consistent cookware on the marketplace. Therefore it must come as no surprise its four-slice toaster is, as many reviewers put it, the best they have ever owned.

The machine’s high-lift lever stops you from burning your hands, reaching for the little half of this English muffin, along with a countdown timer, along with some color dial, provides you, exact toasting controller.

Best Design: Smeg 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic 4 Slice Toaster Oven

What We Like

  • Unique, polished layout
  • Long and broad slots
  • Contains bagel and defrost features

What We Do Not Like

Toast occasionally pops out of the toaster oven when done.

Smegan Italian firm is making inroads in the American marketplace and obtaining the following result of its appliances’ retro look and exceptional color choices, making an impression in any kitchen.

The exterior of the toaster is powder-coated steel with polished chrome accents.

Besides this toaster’s retro design, reviewers gave this toaster high marks for the own slots: it’s two which are equally long and broad, so that you may toast four pieces of traditional toast, two additional long pieces, or two split bagels.

When you are toasting bagels or English muffins, the bagel setting will allow you to toast one side only. Additionally, this has reheat and defrost settings.

Anti-slip feet maintain this stability on the top of the countertop, and the removable crumb tray makes it simple to wash. One caveat out of a couple of reviewers: they have undergone the toast to people just how from the toaster oven when it is done.

Hamilton Beach (24810)

This is just another good-quality stainless steel toaster, which includes two extra-long and broad slots that may fit four pieces of bread simultaneously.

And, not only that, but it may also slice of bread pieces in addition to bagels. Therefore, if you would like something toasting over just your regular bread, this is a reasonably good alternative.

What’s more, it includes three distinct modes, one for toasting, one for maintaining the toast warm, and one for defrosting.

The best part…

Is it may keep toast warm for ten minutes following the toast is created. It’s a convenient feature since you do not always eat toast the moment it’s done, and at times, it takes a couple of minutes for one to go and find this toast out.

In these scenarios, this 4-slice toaster retains the toast hot for you.

Furthermore, this toaster also has a color selection option, which lets you select precisely how golden brown you want the toast to be. The buttons are illuminated so that you may observe those even in dim light, which makes it extremely convenient to use.

Cool to the touch…

Also, the side walls have been made to stay calm, even if the interior temperature is large. Consequently won’t burn off while moving or holding the toaster when in use.

Besides, it provides a toast increase, and the toast pops up once completed, which means you don’t need to fight to get it out.

Additionally, this toaster oven is compact, light, and portable, further adding convenience and simplicity.


  • It provides a toast increase when the toast is created.
  • It’s lightweight, compact, and portable.
  • The choice to maintain the toast warm for ten minutes.
  • This toaster is more suitable to use and has plenty of features at a fair price.


  • Some customers complain that it provides uneven toasting and sometimes burns off the bread.

Best Inexpensive: Black + Decker Toaster

For the cost, this Black + Decker model can not be overcome. It’s only two configurations – bagel and frozen browning dial – but manages to provide consistent results for fundamental toasting needs.

It features extra-wide slots to accommodate all kinds of bready delights and contains seven dial configurations to locate your just-right Goldilocks color of toastiness. Its compact size makes it a no-brainer countertop addition to getting a bread-loving family.

Best High End: KitchenAid 4-Slice Pro Line Toaster

What We Like

  • Eye-catching color and layout
  • Motorized elevator and keep-warm attribute
  • Toasts evenly

What We Do Not Like

  • Expensive
  • Large footprint

You may know KitchenAid due to its iconic stand frames -and this toaster involves a number of the layout features from the new 1937 mixer-giving it a contemporary but retro appearance.

The candy apple red color will make a statement in your kitchen, and the toaster’s features will amaze you.

Seeing the toast reduced and increase automatically can be enjoyable, while the capability to elevate the bread to inspect the process without realizing it will help prevent over-browned waffles.

The keep-warm setting will automatically trigger after 45 seconds to be confident that your toast is going to be butter-ready should you step from the kitchen. It proceeds to start 3 minutes, giving you a lot of time to return to the kitchen.

The four slots are wide enough for bagels and another thick slice of bread, whereas the self-centering attribute helps to ensure that lean bread will toast equally.

When you are toasting a new sort of bread, you may not precisely know how much time it requires. Therefore the “a bit longer” setting allows you to maintain toasting without altering your favorite location to your daily bread.

Although the toaster is more pricey, many reviewers said it is well worth the price because of the useful features (mostly the self-centering alternative and keep-warm setting) and just how equally it browns their toast.

Dualit 4 Slice NewGen Toaster

This is a streamlined and refined 4-slice toaster using four broad slots. The slots are large enough to fit bagels. What’s more, it includes another setting to toast bagels and also to defrost.

Fancy a grilled cheese sandwich?

The best thing about this toaster is that it has a sandwich attachment, which lets you make grilled cheese sandwiches. The cage includes a built-in drip tray, making it effortless to earn any toasties.

The product also contains a warming rack, and that means you receive a toaster together with value-added attachments on your product packaging.

One other fantastic attribute is that this product is offered in a massive array of colors to select the one that will look great in your kitchen.

Practically indestructible filament

Additionally, the toaster has a mechanical timer which stops the toasting when the time is finished. What’s more, besides, it comes with an ejector role, so it is easy to take the toast out. But that is not all.

This product employs patented ProHeat elements with a protective armor-plated coating to pay the filament. This usually means that the filament is virtually indestructible.

Additionally, all of the sections of the 4-slice toaster are repairable or replaceable. The business has service facilities in various countries where you could ship the products to have fixed.

Amazing features…

In general, it’s an excellent product with unique features together with the sole con being that it’s a pricey product. But if your budget permits, this is among the very best toasters on the marketplace, which may also work as a sandwich maker.


  • They are offered in a broad choice of colors.
  • Compact and mobile.
  • Sandwich cage, along with a built-in drip tray, permits you to make grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • A mechanical timer to place the toasting period.
  • After simmer, the bread is automatically ejected.


  • This is a pricey product, much more expensive than most other choices on this listing.

Best Stainless Steel: Swan Retro Style Toaster

If you’re searching for retro design and vibrant color choices, this toaster out of Swan is a beautiful lower-cost alternative to the Smeg.

The mid-century contemporary layout includes many handy features, including six browning alternatives, reheat and defrost shade settings, LED indicator lights, and automatic centering racks for even browning on both sides.

Choose from glossy black, blue, red, or grey to match brushed stainless steel base, curved corners, and ribbed metal trim, which give this toaster its own 50s feel.

Best Long Slot: LOFTER 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster MD180013

What We Like

  • Fits extra-long slices of bread
  • Digital timer and display
  • Cord wrap for storage

What We Do Not Like

  • Larger footprint

With this particular toaster, you can toast four regular slices of bread or make the most of the extended extra-wide slots slices of loaf bread without having to cut them.

It has seven distinct toast shadow settings for perfect toast every moment, along with a digital display, indicates the remaining time so that you’ll know how soon you will want the butter.

Buttons to get bagels, defrost, defrost, together with a reheat placing onto the toasting dialup, provide lots of alternatives for the best result each time. This includes a removable crumb tray for simple cleanup, and a cable wrap below the toaster keeps it tidy in storage.

CUSINAID 4-Slice Toaster

This is just another fantastic 4-slice toaster, well-suited to your home requirements. It’s four broad, 1.5-inch slots that may match most bread and bagels.

And it includes double-sided, individual management panels. Additionally, it has a seven-level brownness setting for precise control over the toasting process to match everybody’s taste preferences.

Besides toasting besides, it has reheat and defrosts modes to fulfill all of your everyday toasting requirements. What’s more, again, it includes two removable crumb trays that allow you to clean out the toaster without making a mess.

Built to survive…

Furthermore, it comes with an automatic pop-up lift mechanism, which allows you easily take the toast out without getting your hands burned.

This 4-slice toaster is constructed from excellent quality stainless steel and includes a 1-year limited guarantee. And it’s a somewhat reasonably-priced product, provided the number of features it has.


  • 7-level brownness setting for precise brownness control.
  • Automatic pop-up elevator to readily extract bread slices.
  • Good-quality, stainless steel frame.
  • Four broad slots to match bread and bagels.
  • Two detachable crumb trays for simple cleaning.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Some customers complain that the two sides of this toaster toast unevenly.

Best Preferences: Williams Sonoma Signature Touch

This toaster employs innovative technologies, five purposes, and seven different settings to achieve perfection for bread and bagels.

I honestly can not explain it better than this reviewer: “Initially, you might look at it as to why do I invest that kind of cash on a toaster. Allow me to inform you personally, to me. It is well worth every penny.

The touch screen makes placing that the toast, bagel, or anything you would love to the ideal cooking temperature. You can view and observe the dots around the temperature manual gradually fade as it becomes nearer to the attained completed’ time.

The finished product then gently and slowly climbs up and does not spring out at you, leaving one to set your catcher’s glove to receive it. I adore this!!”

The classic, clean design will match nicely with your other stainless steel appliances.

Kenmore 40603

If you’d like a perfect slice of toast with the specific shade of golden brown you enjoy, then that is the toaster for you. This 4-slice toaster out of Kenmore provides exact brownness management with 9-level shade configurations.

The product is constructed from excellent quality stainless steel and can be lasting. But, that doesn’t indicate it is bulky. In reality, it includes a streamlined, elegant, and mobile layout and will look great in any kitchen.

What is more?

Besides, it has an automated shut-off feature that closes down the toaster after the toast is created. Thus, you do not need to be worried about the toast becoming burned if you forget to switch it off.

This is the right product with adequate features that can satisfy your everyday toasting requirements.


  • 9-level color setting for precise brownness control.
  • The automatic shut-off characteristic prevents the toast from burning.
  • Four broad slots match bread, pasta, bagels, and English muffins.
  • Affordable product with adequate features


  • It’s a little slower than another toaster, and you may want to wait until two cycles if you’d like a dark brown toast.

Most sufficient 4-Slice Toaster Buying Guide

There are lots of factors by which you may judge and compare different 4-slice toasters, together with the cost being among the essential ones.

However, if you would like a great toaster that fulfills your requirements, you want to be somewhat flexible with cost and consider other features.

Below are a few of the most crucial features that toasters have. But before you have a look at these, you have to learn your requirements. Thus, write down your needs and then compare products predicated on that list.

Slot Dimensions

The first and foremost requirement for any toaster is that it matches the bread you would like to toast. Thus, you will need first to determine your needs since not all of the toasters can match big artisan sandwiches or bread.

If you merely require a fundamental toaster to toast bread for ordinary usage, all of the toasters can accomplish that. But if you often toast bagels, waffles, etc., you will need a toaster with more massive extra-wide slots.

Consequently, you have to inspect the slots’ dimensions at a toaster and see whether it matches your needs.

Lift And Reduce Mechanisms

This is another helpful feature that toasters must consume because this enhances the ease of use. Many toasters have an automated elevator mechanism, but some have a manual. This can help you eliminate even smaller slices of bread quickly.

So, always purchase toasters that have some lifting mechanism.

Color Selection

If you’re among those men and women who prefer your toast to have a great golden brown color, then this is the characteristic which you will need to appear at.

Many toasters provide some way to control just how brownish your toast is, but a few go over and beyond to provide precise brownness control.

If that is a significant parameter that’s right for you, then proceed for toasters using 7 or 9 distinct shade settings.

Amount Of Modes

Some toasters provide far more features than merely toasting bread. Toasters frequently have reheat and defrost modes too.

Reheat mode enables you to warm toast without toasting it any farther. Defrost mode allows you to thaw frozen waffles, pancakes, etc…

Some toasters have a “keep warm” mode to maintain the toast warm after it’s completed. Additionally, this is convenient for everyday usage as you get hot toast, even if you take a couple of minutes to take the bread out.

Build Quality And Design

Go for toasters made from stainless steel or other compounds, as these are stronger. Additionally, check the product measurements and weight before purchasing. Some toasters are tight and stiff to maneuver while cleaning the kitchen chimney.

The design and look of a toaster can also be crucial since it can improve or spoil your kitchen’s appearance. For this reason, you also need to consider how a specific toaster will appear in your kitchen before purchasing.

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So, What’s The Ideal 4-Slice Toaster?

Each of the 4-slice toasters recorded here would be the best now available and satisfy your everyday toasting requirements perfectly.

Our choice for the best daily-use, the cheap toaster, is yours.


It delivers a whole lot of helpful features at a reasonable price.

But if you’ve got a flexible budget, then it’s possible to pick the premium product, the…

Dualit 4 Slice NewGen Toaster

It’s a 2-in-one toaster and sandwich maker with various innovative features such as a microwave and warming rack. What’s more, it has a lot of colors and designs for you to pick from.

So, take your choice and purchase the one which best fits your requirements.

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