Best 48 Inch Gas Range 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 48 Inch Gas Range 2021 Top Brands Review

You are wondering how to choose top gas range products to suit your requirements, and then after you read this article you will find the most suitable product!

So what is unique about the Best 48 inch Gas Range? In terms of power output, are their simmering, grilling, grills, and grills better than other gas ranges? This article will help you differentiate between gas and dual fuels, differentiating features for each segment, and list the biggest brands and versions.

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Buying guide

Buying guide

All these are the key factors and considerations for Making the best Option for your Brand-new gasoline stove:

Ability and Size

Oven capacity can fluctuate quite some time, with larger versions costing more. How much open space you require depends upon precisely what and how often you cook.

Whether there are cases when you need to cook massive meals or do a lot of baking soda, then you might choose to get an oven cavity that’s in 5.4 cubic feet. Most other folks will probably be OK utilizing 4.8 to 5.0 cubic feet.

Oven and Cooktop

For better cleaning results, especially with gasoline, you have to consider a convection oven. A convection fan spreads the heat more evenly and reduces cooking time.

To acquire a busy family, higher energy savings, or to be in a position to heat something in a fast-heating oven immediately, then you have to consider getting a double oven.

Many people like cooktops utilize a fifth oval burner (which sometimes contains a griddle pan) because it also accommodates oval pots, casserole dishes, and Dutch ovens. Continuous grates can also be convenient as it’s not hard to move off your cookware or around the cooktop.

Layout and advantage

The full 48″ range doesn’t possess a rearguard in the order they blend and make for a great, modern-looking kitchen. The controls are along the front of the cooktop, and the vast majority of women and men seem to prefer them facing frontwards rather than upwards.

Controls facing somewhat up are friendly; however, they may receive from the manner or have accidentally knocked aside from that.

Top Rated 7 Best 48 Inch Gas Ranges Brand

Top Rated 7 Best 48 Inch Gas Ranges Brand

Bestseller No. 4
ZLINE 48 in. Rangetop with 8 Gas Burners (RT48)
Durable and easy to clean top controls. Italian burners easily detach for a simple clean.; Handcrafted, high quality Italian Burners imported directly from Italy.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Thor Kitchen HRG4808U 48 in. Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range with Double Oven, 6 Burners, Convection Fan, Cast Iron Grates, and Blue Porcelain Oven Interior, in Stainless Steel
DUAL BURNERS - Features three 15,000 BTU dual burners with 650 BTU simmer function; Sold by Premium Appliances with Manufacturers 2 Year Limited Warranty

Miele Pro Dual Fuel Range HR1956DFGD


  • Six Burners
  • 3 x 13,000 BTU Burners
  • 2 x 10,000 BTU Burners
  • 1 x 13,600 BTU Burner
  • M Twist controls and backlit precision knobs
  • M Pro dual-stacked burner program with TrueSimmer
  • M Pro infrared griddle
  • Completely functional M Touch Rate Oven
  • Functional Warming Drawer
  • For proper ventilation, set with Miele Range Hood

Miele is the most recent producer (2015), producing a pro selection. They’ve replicated a lot of great features such as an infrared grill, griddle, and broiler.

They then added a couple more such as self-cleaning racks and dishwasher safe grates. Miele provides steam assistance in each of their dual gas ranges.

You own a speed oven (convection microwave/oven) using a warming drawer rather than a more compact range.

Steam help will let you bake bread, as we explained earlier.

The actual highlight of the range is that their MasterChef controls. Miele simplifies the cooking process. You pick the weight and food. The oven calculates temperature and time.

You may pick 15 distinct kinds of bread out of focaccia to sourdough to cook mechanically for the bread.

Wolf Pro Gas Range GR486(C/G)

Wolf is your cooking brand possessed by Sub-Zero. Wolf is created in the United States. They’re famous for professional-style ranges using their signature red knobs.

Their grill is infrared and can be much like an outside gas skillet zone providing you cleanup since the infrared will vanish drippings.


  • Six sealed burners
  • 5 x 15,000 BTU burners
  • 1 x 9,200 BTU burners
  • Dual-stack burners Permit You to simmer on each burner
  • Gas-powered charbroiler (18,000 BTU) or grill (15,000 BTU) (you have to specify at the time of purchase )
  • Offered in gas or liquid propane (you have to specify at the time of sale)
  • Two gas ovens – one 30-inch convection (4.4 cubic ft.) oven along with an 18-inch thermal (2.5 cubic ft.) oven
  • 18,000 BTU Infrared broiler at 30-inch ovens
  • Non-self-cleaning ovens

Thermador Pro Grand Gas Range PRG486WDG

Thermador is the cooking brand owned by BSH Home Appliances Corporation. Even though BSH is a German firm, Thermador is made in the United States.

They are famed for professional-style ranges, aggressive bundle offerings, and their rebate program. With their rebate program, you are going to be provided a dishwasher.

Thermador makes two different series of ranges – the Pro Grand series and the Harmony series. The Grand series is the superior offering of utilizing a large capacity toaster, high BTU burners, and self-cleaning in the majority of gas.


  • Six sealed burners
  • 5 x 18,000 BTU burners
  • 1 x 22,000 BTU burners
  • Two burners have an XLO simmer (intermittent) for an extra-low 100-degree simmer.
  • Electric griddle 1,630 watts
  • Launched in natural gas, liquid propane conversion kit sold separately
  • Two gas ovens 30″ convection (5.5 cubic ft.) and 18″ convection (2.4 cubic ft.)
  • Broiler
  • 2-hour self-clean cycle
  • Temperature probe
  • Timer
  • Telescopic glide racks
  • Available cooktop configurations for Thermador best professional 48-inch range (prices will change ):
  • Six burners and electric grill
  • Six burners and an electric griddle
  • Double Fuel Thermador specs

Samsung NX58H9500 48 Inch Slide-In Gas Range

Our significant selection scores are full of the oven and cooktop capabilities. Samsung has the maximum oven capacity from the market for single ovens and uses innovative, authentic convection.

Its elastic cooktop contains a dual power burner, wok grate, and continuous cast-iron grates. Besides being cool, it has user-friendly controls and convenient preset cooking options.

Aesthetically and functionally, this is a somewhat well-designed choice. Knob controls are front-facing, won’t get in the way of pots and pans, and also, the higher LCD panel is straightforward to read.

Its steel-blue directing light controllers, which assist you with step-by-step instructions, and the most ordinary functions are one-touch choices. Furthermore, it includes a trim wake-up panel, so there is absolutely no extra light in case you don’t desire it.

Jenn-Air Rise Pro Gas Range JGRP748HL

Jenn-Air is the top manufacturer produced by the Whirlpool Corporation.

Their brand new show, Rise and Noir, are superbly designed.

Their Wi-Fi encounter is the most powerful to find images of their cooked food until it is cooked.

The grill is currently infrared together with adequate output on the burners plus a double convection oven.

They coated the skillet with chromium. Therefore it’s the easiest to clean.


  • Four sealed burners
  • 2 x 20,000 BTU Dual-Stacked Powerburner
  • 1 x 18,000 BTU Dual-Stacked PowerBurner
  • 1 x 9,000 BTU Dual-Stacked PowerBurner
  • Chrome infused griddle
  • 16,000 BTU Grill
  • Offered in natural gas, liquid propane conversion kit sold separately
  • Two gas ovens 30″ convection (4.1 cubic ft.) and 18″ convection (2.2 cubic ft.)
  • Broiler
  • Self-clean cycle
  • Timer
  • Telescopic glide racks
  • Double gas and all gasoline are similar in features and look. Both are self-cleaning.

Pros: Best Wi-Fi, great looking, most comfortable to clean griddle, reasonable price, and $1,399 rebate program.

Cons: Higher repair rate, no colors. Their twin convection is not as advanced as Wolf for temperature control.

BlueStar Platinum Series Pro Gas Range BSP488BSS

BlueStar is a commercial cooking company coming from Pennsylvania. Of this list, they are the most commercial-style of the pro ranges listed for looks and BTU power. This variety comprises two 25,000 and two 22,000 BTU burners.

BlueStar ranges are also renowned for customization. They are sometimes located in 750+ colors and trims, and it’s also possible to customize the cooking surface for another cost.

BlueStar’s Platinum set is their premium choice lineup. This variety lineup incorporates open burners, ideal for immense warmth but more challenging to wash. The infrared broiler cranks from the heat to 1,850 degrees across the oven are large enough to take care of an industrial cookiecutter.

If you are interested in locating a range that has commercial features or if you’d prefer a pop of color to your kitchen, you have to consider that a BlueStar Platinum range.


  • Eight open burners
  • 2 x 25,000 BTU burners
  • 2 x 22,000 BTU burners
  • 1 x 18,000 BTU burners
  • 2 x 15,000 BTU burners
  • 1 x simmer burners down to 130 degrees F
  • Interchangeable grill/griddle attachment (gasoline) allows you to have a gas grill/griddle if you want that; nevertheless, it has the simplicity of 8 burners. On the flip side, the grill/griddle is not thermostatically controlled. You Can Purchase additional series with incorporated griddles.
  • Launched in gas or liquid propane (You Must specify at the time of sale)
  • Two gas ovens 30″ convection (4.1 cubic ft.) and 18″ convection (2.2 cubic ft.)
  • PowR convection oven designed to reduce time by 40 percent and efficiency by 30%
  • 15,000 BTU Infrared Broiler
  • Available cooktop configurations for BlueStar 48″ all-gas Platinum range:
  • Eight burners with included interchangeable grill/griddle attachment
  • Burners can be upgraded for Extra cost (constraints by local codes can use)
  • BlueStar does not fabricate a dual fuel, nevertheless (anticipated shortly)
  • Possessing open burners is more complex or more comfortable to scrub. In a spill, you want to wash the underneath of this surface. However, most everything is removable and could be washed in the sink.

Pros: Power, Fantastic broiler, colors, configurations

Cons: Fundamental Controls, more incredible fix speed, no self-cleaning, no double gas, The Platinum provides an interchangeable griddle/grill. If you’d like a giant grill, then you need to purchase their RNB collection.

GE Monogram 48″ Freestanding Double Gas Range.

This GE Monogram best 48-inch double oven gas range is the last one on our list, but I’d give this gasoline stovetop marks. Some of the very appealing features of this variant are the self-cleaning design and Reserve-Air Convection technology.

This dual-fuel professional selection is outfitted with six burners and six heating elements in every oven to provide outstanding cooking and baking versatility. One of the reasons why this assortment is striking is the Ceramic-Infrared Grill with approximately 14,000 BTUs of heat.

The LED Task Lights provides an easy and theatrical signature for this particular version. Also, this variety features a considerable fever and time-consuming displays.

Added Features: Double Oven, Heavy-Duty, Full-Extension Racks, Sealed Dual-Flame Stacked Burners, Legitimate Professional Looks, Reversible Burner Grates, Bamboo Cutting Board, and Griddle.


1. Which would be the most common measurements for ranges?

The most typical range measurements are 30-inch in diameter, countertop height, and 25-inch in thickness. However, there are 36-inch wide, 48-inch range wide ranges and an assortment of unique specifications.

Pro-style residential fields can enlarge by 27-inch in-depth to adapt industrial cooking sheets. Always make sure your range will suit your area before purchasing.

2. Do the ideal 48-inch ranges and ranges require more venting than electric fields?

Ventilation is vital for just about any cooking place, like the best range top gas 48 inches. This can help vent any smoke from burnt food and some residual gas residue or odor.

3. What’s the differentiation between a range and a cooktop?

A range is a name to get a mixed appliance that features both a toaster and a cooktop. A cooktop is a standalone appliance that features just the stovetop feature. Plenty of people consult some cooktop plus a full 48″ range.

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Our assortment of the best 48-inch gas ranges to buy includes a beautiful selection of slick-looking slide-in ranges, cheap, free-standing ranges, in addition to a piece of top-end contents we think you may like.

In the event you have some comments to add or wish to ask a question, then please use the comment feature below will be here for you.

Wish you soon find the right product for your requirements!

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