Best Belgian Beer 2021: Top Choice & Guide

Best Belgian Beer 2021 Top Choice & Guide

In English, we heard the artwork of this session beer and the attractiveness of cask-conditioning subtly. However, more than anybody else, the Belgians sparked the creativity that defines American art.

Since Don Feinberg started importing Belgian beers in the U.S. in 1982, he has advised us in the past.

Best Belgian Beer revealed homebrewers, craft brewers, and large brewers that it is what is in the bottle that counts, not some silly adherence to an approved ingredient listing or narrow stylistic guidelines.”

A number of the tricks our brewers have pushed to extremes-barrel-aging, bottle-fermenting, cranking up the alcohol content, flavoring with fruit, etc. -have their origins at the small, artisanal breweries of Belgium.

Seeking the top beers in the nation, in addition to the very exciting up-and-coming breweries at this time, it is impossible to overlook the emphasis on Belgian styles, and of course, that the path of yeasts that threads through most of our most renowned beers.

And what is especially cool is that the match is coming full circle with all American experimentation shaking up things back into Belgium and producing hybrids such as Hop-Ruiter, a strong golden ale excited with jumps to appeal to the U.S. palate.

Simply speaking, researching the classics is a vital part of being a true beer nerd-to understand where we are at, you have got to understand where we began.

However, with all these possibilities, what to consume? To help you narrow the area, we assembled our board of beer pros, such as pub owners and owners, to select their preferred Belgians, which can be found stateside.

Top 20 Best Belgian Beer Brands [ NEW 2021]


Top 20 Best Belgian Beer Brands [ NEW 2021]

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Libbey 3817 Libbey 3817 10 oz. Belgian Beer Glass
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Bestseller No. 4
Belgian Beer TShirt: If It Isn't Belgian Then It Isn't Beer
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Brewer's Best - 1044 - Home Brew Beer Ingredient Kit (5 Gallon), (Belgian Tripel)
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SaleBestseller No. 6

Tripel Karmeliet

This three-grained Tripel needs to be termed the people’s favorite! This has always been among our most well-known beers and will be most frequently cited by our Beerwulf group as their favorite Belgian beer.

Additionally, Tripel Karmeliet scores a substantial four celebrities on Untappd, dependent on no less than 237,000 evaluations! That many beer fans can not be wrong.

This powerful tripel (8.4percent ) is brewed with wheat, barley, oats, and wheat. It is a balanced beer yummy to taste with various kinds of cheeses, particularly with creamy brie.

Westmalle Tripel, 9.5 percent: 3.30 for 330ml, Beer Hawk

If a beer could signify Belgium’s vast brewing output signal, it’d probably be Westmalle’s Tripel: a Trappist blonde ale brewed into a top strength.

It’s the unmistakable aroma of hot Belgian yeast, and a dense white head sits beneath its gold body. The spice takes through to the flavor, together with some soft fruit flavors and the smooth, sweet malts that provide its boozy foundation.

It is a nice illustration of Trappist brewing and deserves its name, “The Mother of Tripels.”

Brouwerij Bockor N.V. Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge

  • From: Bellegem-Kortrijk, Belgium
  • Design: Flanders Red Ale
  • ABV: 5.50%

Anthony Finley states: This is on the peak of the listing for Flanders Reds for me-it is sour and somewhat funky, with lovely tart cherry notes, together with a bit of woody/oaky dryness in the end. With a wonderful balance of sweetness, fruit, and tartness, it is a good Flanders Red that is not overpriced or difficult to trace down.

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Affligem Blond

Belgian Blond has been a trendy beer style for several years. That is not that surprising: a fantastic blonde beer is yummy and subtle, company, but not overly thick, using something sweet with a balanced sour.

One beer that matches that description, no conclusion, is Affligem Blond. The standard Affligem yeast provides a pleasant, fruity touch to our best-selling asses. This one can be a regularly cited favorite among the Beerwulf team.

De Ranke XX Bitter, 6.2 percent: 2.30 for 330ml, Beers of Europe

This is a Belgian gold beer together with all the malt levels turned into a notch, and the hop count is set too high. The brewery explains it as having a”low alcohol content” at 6.2 percent, but Belgium is a powerful beer land, therefore to us Brits, it is almost like an IPA.

It is mild and effervescent using a moderate quantity of yeastiness and can be pluggable dry. The hops are walnut and pepper, demonstrating their filtering skills to the fore but falling short of their full-throttle roar of several modern IPAs.

It is a superbly brewed Belgian ale awarded a fantastic hoppy twist.

Brasserie a chouffe Houblon Chouffe Dobbel En IPA Tripel

  • From: Achouffe, Belgium
  • Design: Belgian IPA
  • ABV: 9%

Niko Krommydas states: Its title might indicate palate-power bombing bitterness, but Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel is a superlative example of equilibrium. Complexity, also.

This hazy hybrid of an American-style Imperial IPA plus a Belgian-born Tripel successfully melds oodles of descriptors: citrusy, earthy, herbal, lemony, doughy, sweet, and hot. It is a winner for palates in the two nations.

Chimay Blue

The very first black beer in our listing, as well as the very first Trappist beer, is Chimay Blauw, also known as Grande Réserve.

Are you a lover of Triples but not so into dark beers? Let yourself be persuaded by the king of Chimay! The dark malt stays subtle; you will taste it in the kind of caramel and toffee.

Chimay blue is a great beer for aging, also. After a couple of years, it becomes thicker, sweeter, and”ripened” flavors may grow, for instance, port. It is worth the wait!

Duvel Tripel Hops Citra, 9.5 percent: 4 to 330ml, Beer Hawk

The gold glow and clean, crisp taste of a chilled Duvel have placed it at the very top of several drinkers’ best-beer lists for a long time, but lately, the brewers have begun to play its traditional brown ale.

In 2007 an added, “triple jump” was added into Saaz’s staple blend and strain golding. In 2016, after trying several varieties within this intruder’s function, beer lovers haunted Citra as their favorite.

Only at 9.5 percent, it is a bit stronger than the timeless Duvel. That jump addition provides a beautiful twist of lemon and strawberry along with the yeasty, peppery, and subtly sweet and sour flavors of the first—an excellent modernization of an enduring classic.

Orval Trappist Ale

  • From: Villers-Devant-Orval, Belgium
  • Design: Belgian Pale Ale
  • ABV: 6.2percent

Mike Lovullo states: This exceptionally distinct brown ale was brewed from the Orval Abbey in 1931. At 6.9percent -ABV, the beer is dry-hopped and travels via fermentation with Brettanomyces, making it bitter using a refreshingly bright acid for it. Unlike the rest of the Trappist breweries, Orval makes just one craft beer for industrial consumption.

Pauwel Kwak

With its strong position in the top 10 of the best Belgian beer, Pauwel Kwak is here to remain. Within this amber-colored beer, it is possible to taste toffee and hot tones, in addition to an orange-like fruitiness. It’s sweet, soft, and slightly sour, and it is adored by many.

Almost as world-famous since the craft beer is your beer glass at the wooden holder. The story goes that in case you purchase a Pauwel Kwak, then you need to present your shoe for a warranty with this special glass. You can recognize a pub that serves Kwak from the distinctive shoe basket they have on the ceiling.

De Struise Brouwers Rio Reserva (St Emilion Wine and Kentucky Bourbon BA), 11 percent: 7.75 for 330ml, Beer Gonzo

De Struise is the brewer’s best Belgian dark strong beer, providing old techniques like barrel-aging and mixing a modern twist with a few highly experimental beers.

This variant of its own Rio Reserva series was aged for four decades, originally from the brewery’s tanks before being moved to St Emilion wine barrels, completing in Kentucky Bourbon barrels.

It’s possible to flavor the extra moodiness seeping into the beer, a vinous amber brew with sleek malts, rich caramel tastes, and a hot, succulent tickle of walnut – and this whiskey makes its presence known in the beginning.

Brouwerij Dilewyns Vicaris Tripel Gueuze

  • From: Grimbergen, Belgium
  • Design: Tripel
  • ABV: 7 percent

Joshua M. Bernstein states: In a state full of brewing celebrities, among Belgium’s brightest new lights is Brouwerij Dilewyns’ Anne-Cathérine Dileywns.

Considering that the twenty-something established her family-owned brewery in 2011 (her homebrewing daddy, Vincent, donated recipes), she’s got accolades for her rich, creamy Vicaris Generaal, spiced Vicaris Winter, and-most especially -the hot and flowery Vicaris Tripel.

Julian Kurland states: An incredible mashup of a tripel and a queue, this beer is as complicated as it’s yummy. The story goes at a beer festival, cups comprising Vicaris Tripel and Girardin Gueuze were inadvertently mixed.

The result was so yummy that Vicaris Tripel Gueuze was born. The sweetness of this tripel matches perfectly with all the arid, tartness of this queue.

The glowing carbonation allows for this to be sterile and palate-cleansing with the sip. I like to serve this beer using charcuterie and pork since the sweetness in the tripel matches perfectly with the cured ham’s saltiness, while the lemon zest from the queue is beautifully cleansing for another snack.

Rochefort 10

At over 11 percent, Rochefort 10, the beer on the list, is just another recognized Trappist. That is no real surprise because Belgium is home to 6 of the 14 Trappist breweries.

This powerful, dark beer is one to enjoy gently. Fruity aromas of plum, raisin, and fig harmonize well with multi tones such as caramel, licorice, plus a bit of chocolate. It’s a flowery, spicy touch with a hot, soft-bitter finish.

The spirit of the beer is the yeast, which provides its flavor. The Rochefort 8 and 6 will also be brewed using the same beers, and all these will also be amazing beers, which are more than worth a go!

Rodenbach Grand Cru, 6 percent: 3.10 for 330ml, Beer Merchants

This Flemish red ale is a complex beast, a combination of two-thirds aged in oak foeders for a couple of decades plus a third containing younger beer.

Several yeasts and bacteria strains provide the ammunition for fermentation, which attracts a fruity sourness into the bamboo and caramel malt tastes.

Cherry and plum are the most evident of these items, building to this degree that some folks are amazed there aren’t any actual fruits included. Serve a plate of the softest cheese you can locate and sip it like a good wine. Classy stuff.

La Chouffe Blonde D’ardenne

A listing of the finest Belgian beers list isn’t complete without the world-renowned La Chouffe. What’s contributed to the popularity of the beer is your friendly little man on the tag. If a person states they need” that the gnome/dwarf beer,” you then know that it’s La Chouffe!

The beer itself seems enchanting with its golden color and company mind. Many men and women see first are the notes of coriander, orange peel, and Mandarin. It tastes unnaturally sweet but fresh and fruity. The finish is soft and a bit hot. How do you need this beer to finish?

Fantôme Saison, 8 percent: 9 for 750ml: Beer Merchants

The standard French and Belgian farmhouse season is currently brewed the whole world over, using the design morphing into several types, so we needed to find room for a traditional Belgian offering in our best Belgian beers 2021 listing.

Saison DuPont is widely considered among the very best, while more experimental breweries such as Brasserie de Blaugies and Fantôme produce exceptional examples of this design.

The latter’s most “standard” Saison DuPont includes a touch of this attribute barnyard whiff together with the milder odor of lemongrass. It is a beer of several components, displaying amazing yeasts, sourness, floral and grassy hops, and a few lemony spices.

And as soon as you’ve enjoyed this, then proceed into the brewery’s Vertignasse, an equally intricate comedy beer that comes in a vibrant shade of green.

Troubadour Magma

Can it be an IPA or a Tripel? Perhaps it can be both. Troubadour Magma includes the normal fruit tastes, such as passion fruit, citrus, and cherry, well combined with vanilla flavors of pineapple and apple.

The biscuit-like malt flavor will remind one of an IPA, but also the human body and quantity of alcohol (9 percent ) are more common in a trial.

But the Musketeer brewers dared to make something different, rather than deciding on the secure alternative with a timeless Tripel. Cheers to that!

Boon Oude Geuze, 7 percent: 2 for 250ml, Beers of Europe

If it is possible to track down them, gueuzes – a mix of new and old Lambics – from Cantillon and 3 Fonteinen are worthy of attention. Still, mercifully Boon’s much more ubiquitous bottle is also an outstanding example of the style.

Champagne-like in its dryness and sparkle, due to its young Lambic improvements inducing fermentation in the jar, and contains notes of musty blossoms atop the sweet and sour oaky flavors.

It is a fantastic alternative for anybody wanting to learn more about the world of sour beers, together with the amazing, cheesy tastes well controlled. Still, it is also a beer that will gladly sit on the sour connoisseur’s shelf.

Brouwerij Het Anker Cuvée Van De Keizer Blauw

  • From: Mechelen, Belgium
  • Design: Brewer’s Best belgian dark strong beer
  • ABV: 11 percent

Julian Kurland states: Brewed once a year to celebrate Charles the 5th, this is among my favorite Belgian beers. Robust and exceptionally complicated, the nose is redolent with aromas of figs, dark candi sugar, and fruits.

The alcohol content (10 percent in 2012) comes through so slightly, including a sweet alcoholic snack to the taste of caramel, plum, and fig. What I love about this beer is that it’s very complicated yet amazingly balanced.

Each flavor melds together flawlessly—a beer which gets better with age, but damn tasty whenever you find it.

De Cam, Framboise-Lambiek, 6 percent: 25 for 750ml, Beer Gonzo

It costs a small fortune, but we have included this large jar of Lambic-style berry beer because of a fantastic illustration of a classic Belgian beer produced by a modern brewery.

It is another sour ale, using many of these amazing yeasts working their magic, and continues to be filled up with raspberries, making it a sharp fruit jam.

The barrel-aging has attracted into woody depths and tipped the extreme soreness towards vinegar. Nevertheless, it remains a joy to drink – a light and soft beer filled with sour tastes.

The Verdict

World-class beers abound in Belgium, thus choosing the top is a thankless job. But if you are new to the nation’s beer afterward, we suggest beginning with a solid, golden tripel – and of them, Westmalle’s sets the standard for the remainder.

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