Best Bourbon Under 50$ – The Best Bourbon Whiskey

Lover of beers, wines and cocktails, I address you: why not discover a new range of products and diversify your bar by trying whiskey? Of course, this top is also for lovers of alcohol with a higher percentage and spirits of all kinds.

Whether in summer during a barbecue with friends, in autumn during family dinners, in winter at the end of the evening by the fire, cigar in hand, or even in spring with a lighter meal or a piece of lamb, every occasion is good to try different types of whiskey. It is true that this alcohol may not seem to be for everyone and that it may seem rather strong on the palate … on the other hand, for the more adventurous, eager for discoveries and new flavors, welcome to the wonderful world of whiskey.

What are the best whiskeys? | Best bourbons under $50


1/ Lot No. 40 Single Copper Pot Still

For a good start, a very affordable product from our Ontario neighbors. This whiskey is distilled in Ontario at the Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd. distillery, which was named the 2017 Distillery of the Year at the prestigious Canadian Whiskey Awards. Advised by several specialists, this Canadian whiskey has the distinction of being made almost exclusively from rye (rye), which is also locally grown. Aged in American white oak barrels, Lot 40 is a real homecoming, even a tribute to the first North American distillers. At the start, with a very expressive nose, you immediately recognize rye, in addition to oak and molasses – what could be more Canadian! On the palate, it is rather the aromas of pepper and cloves that take place, to finish with a rather long and intense finish in tones of spice and rye. You can find this product relatively easily at the SAQ for the modest sum of $39.95.

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2/ Highland Park Magnus

Here is a beautiful bottle of wiskhy not very expensive! Highland Park is a renowned Scottish distillery offering quality products since 1798. On the nose, lovers of Highland Park will recognize the smell of peat, dried plums, orange jam and a touch honey. On the palate: a rather floral, very delicate taste, a little spice and also honey. Several specialists note the taste of jasmine, ginger and also Irish breakfast tea. A sweeter, medium length finish with an aroma of salted caramel and even fruit cake. A real quality Scottish whiskey, given its low cost. It also lends itself very well to all kinds of parties. Highland Park being a distillery which malts part of its own barley and which offers products older than usual, it offers a nice alternative for amateurs or the curious.

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3/ McClelland’s Islay Scotch Single Malt

McClelland’s, founded in 1818, has been exporting and assembling products for a long time now. Since its acquisition from various investors in 1970, the distillery has devoted itself to the production of a diverse range of single malts. This whiskey comes from Islay, a small island in Scotland whose main activity is the production of reputed malt whiskeys, drinks which have made their mark with their pronounced peat taste. The single malt whiskey in itself has accents that characterize the seaside region, like peat and smoke. It is therefore a style that beautifully represents this region! On the nose, we feel the peat rather pronounced and from the start in the mouth, it is the taste of the maritime region that arises on the palate. Add to that a taste of raisins, tangerines and dry grains, to finish with a finish that dries up the mouth somewhat and brings back the smoke taste experienced earlier.

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4/ Té Bheag Unchilfiltered Gaelic Blended Scotch Whisky

In an orange-red color, here is a nice bottle to diversify your bar. With its aromas of Scottish Islands and more discreet salty sighs, enjoy the iodine and the sweet peat smoke. On the nose, it is still caramel that is found in several oak whiskeys. In the mouth: smoked wood and some spices, a little pepper too. Honey, tea flavors and a vanilla flavor soften the smokiness of the drink. A relatively long finish presents notes of softer peat smoke and caramel-toffee.

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5/ Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition

Jameson has created a very good entry level whiskey here. Golden in color, the Jameson Caskmates is aged in barrels having previously been used for the production of dark beer, a very interesting combination which brings a unique taste to the product! It also reveals aromas of cocoa, coffee, hops and caramel. On the nose, there is the smell of a stout in addition to that of chocolate and a good old classic whiskey. In the mouth, there is a little vanilla, a subtle sweet note as well as this coffee flavor. This is a very good buy to discover Irish whiskeys.

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6/ The Arran Malt 10 Years Old Scotch Single Malt

Watch for Inspire discounts and promotions! Relatively light and coming from a rather young distillery (1995), this product stands out from several other whiskeys in this range. It is marked by a slight vanilla taste in the mouth, in addition to a lemony side evoking citrus. We can also note the taste of salt and salted nuts in this relatively sweet whiskey. It also results from the assembly of different kinds of barrels, 60% bourbon barrel and 40% sherry barrel.

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7/ Canadian Club 100% Rye

Whiskey mythical of our country, we all know a little sight (at the SAQ, in a bar or at our grandfather’s) this amber bottle. Inexpensive and rather basic, this whiskey is still interesting. On the nose, sweet cereals, rye and vanilla characterize it. Like Lot 40, on the palate, amateurs appreciate its fruity aspect. With a shorter and less exceptional finish than others, this whiskey is very good on weekdays or around a fire.

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