Best Cake Pans 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Cake Pans 2021 Top Brands Review

Baking a cake is much like building a home -it all begins with a good base. In cake manufacturing, having the ideal cake pan is vital.

The incorrect pan may cause all kinds of problems, such as burned borders or, even worse, a crumbling, stuck-on mess.

The fantastic news: You do not need to look far to get a great one. Whether you are a beginner baker experimenting using a bundt cake fit for a birthday or some budding professional creating a distinctive wedding cake, these Best Cake Pans will find the task finished.

Things to Search for When Shopping for Baking Pans

Things to Search for When Shopping for Baking Pans

Most home bakers will not need to bother with the priciest and status-minded bakeware on the market. Instead, many regular bakers probably need great-quality, well-priced tools that will endure.

You need pans that can bake evenly through and maintain bread and cakes level. Ideally, your utensils will not be likely to warp or stain, and you may probably want dishwasher-safe baking pans for cakes to make cleanup easier. So search for those features when choosing stuff.

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Glass Metal

Additionally, note that metal requires less time to warm up than steel, but glass is excellent at keeping heat. Nonstick surfaces create cleanup breezier, and now’s nonstick and Teflon-coated pans are safe to eat out of.


Consider pans with saline particulars: Many have silicone-grip handles silicone or silicone pads onto the bottom to protect surfaces from scorching when the pan is straight from the oven. (And a few variations of baking programs are silicone completely.)

You also may wish to consider pans that could multitask or pile quickly – particularly if you have little storage space.

Top Rated 12 Best Cake Pans Brand

Top Rated 12 Best Cake Pans Brand

Pyrex Basics Clear Glass Baking Dishes (2-Pack: 13 by 9 inches, and 11 by 7 inches)

Pyrex has long been a staple of kitchen bakeware. This hardy and flexible glass baking dish collection, which comprises one 13X9-inch pan plus an 11-by-7-inch pan, is an excellent addition to your collection.

These rectangular cake pans will also be safe to use from the fridge, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher, and their curved corners allow them more comfortable to wash.

Two handles on every dish are suitable for pulling cakes, brownies, or bread puddings from a hot oven, and the pans handily nest into each other for compact storage.

A Valuable review:

“What a great Pyrex deal. Two ideal dimensions, a lot of different things to create together, brownies, chicken, reheat the tamales & chicken leg and then bake which curry 350 degrees for 1 five hours. The huge one [is] perfect for this particular slab of cake, brownies, lasagna, or even a Sicilian pie.”

Best Overall: Fat Daddio’s Anodized Aluminum Round Cake Pan Celebration Sets

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Great quality

What We Don’t Like

  • More advanced bakers may want more pieces.

Consider this bestselling pair of 3 round cake pans (a 3 x 2-inch, a 5 x 2-inch, and also a 7 x 2-inch) that is the perfect starter set. Though exceptionally budget-friendly, quality is not there.

The pans are made from aluminum, heat and cool quickly, allowing for a quicker, more rise. The substance is also very durable and naturally resists rust and rust (good for anybody who frequently bakes with highly acidic components ( such as citrus).

Anyone with concerns about nonstick coatings may adore these pans are anodized, not coated. This environmentally-friendly process yields similar effects. However, it includes no chemical additives, dyes, or possibly harmful chemicals that may transfer peel or flake into baked products.

Fat Daddio's Anodized Aluminum Round Cake Pan, 8 x 3 Inch, Silver
9,601 Reviews
Fat Daddio's Anodized Aluminum Round Cake Pan, 8 x 3 Inch, Silver
  • IDEAL FOR ANY RECIPE - Designed for round tiered and layered cakes, and deep-dish pizzas.
  • FITS PERFECTLY - Fits 8-quart pressure cookers and 5.3 & 10-quart air fryers. Interior measures 8" x 3" (20.3 x 7.6 cm), overall 9" x 3" (22.9 x 7.6 cm).
  • 16-GAUGE ANODIZED ALUMINUM - Easy release and clean up. Safe for citrus-based foods unlike traditional bakeware. Will never rust, peel or flake. No extra metals, chemical additives, dyes, PTFE’s or PFOA’s. Hand wash recommended.
  • HEATS & COOLS QUICKER - Prevents over-baking and dry cakes. Heats evenly with no hot spots. Temperature-rated up to 550° F (285° C). Pressure cooker, air fryer and freezer safe.
  • BUILT BAKERY TOUGH - Built to last through daily use in both the home kitchen and commercial establishments.

Chicago Metallic Commercial II Non-Stick 9-Inch Round Cake Pan

This 9-inch cake pan (also accessible 8-inch) from Chicago Metallic aced our evaluations, coming out on the peak of a rather good cake pan lineup. It does not have the bells and whistles of another stainless steel bundt pan, but it does its job beautifully.

The Chicago Metallic cake baked perfectly round yellow cakes with no substantial doming, and one equally browned pound cake using a moist interior feel along with a patina-like complete.

The unmolding process was easy and straightforward -it had been among those couple fans who didn’t struggle inside this step. It is created from heavy-duty aluminized steel.

It can be a more expensive material than many others utilized in cake pans, but this pan’s performance and durability are also considerably more excellent. The dual-coating technology gets the pan nonstick and secure to use.

Concerning maintenance, this cake doesn’t require an excessive amount of cleanup. Since the pan is nonstick, there was not anything for us to wash. Run it under warm soapy water and dry quickly, then you will be ready to bake again.

If all you want is a round cake pan that may bake fabulous chiffon, sponge, and skillet cakes consistently, that is the best option.


  • Easy to release the cake
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to clean


  • No special feature
Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick 3-Piece Round Cake Pan Bakeware Set, Black
4,818 Reviews
Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick 3-Piece Round Cake Pan Bakeware Set, Black
  • 3 piece set This two-piece cake pan set includes 6-inch 8-inch and 10-inch round cake pans
  • Create multi-layer cakes this cake pan can be used to create single double or even triple layer cakes for all types of celebrations
  • Consistent heat distribution: This cake pan is made from heavy-weight carbon steel to evenly disperse weight and heat for consistent baking results Suitable for all oven types
  • Non-stick coating for easy release features a BPA-free food-safe non-stick finish for easy release
  • Easy to clean dishwasher safe making clean up quick and easy hand-washing is recommended to extend the product life

Gibson Luxembourg Handpainted Pie Dish & Square Bakeware (10.5 by 8 Inches)

Although metal pans are astoundingly operational bakeware, a ceramic cake pan may also be appealing enough to function on your desk.

This pair of ceramic pans will be hand-painted with a gorgeous floral design and features a 10.5-inch round pan and 8-inch square pan with handles, which means you are covered for simple cakes and brownies, and much more.

There is excellent news about different fashions, such as a 16-piece dinnerware set and serving platter if you like this bakeware.

The plan of those dishes is motivated by Old World European dinnerware, plus they are conveniently dishwasher and microwave-safe.

A beneficial summary: “Love, love, Love. The colors are much nicer than envisioned and are just amazing. I am thrilled!”

Best Rectangular: Nordic Ware Classic Metal 9×13 Covered Cake Pan

What We Like

  • Excellent quality construction with reinforced rim
  • Convenient cover for storage and transport
  • Good heat conductivity for even baking

What We Don’t Like

  • It can be bulky to store

Nordic Ware is famous for the best baking pans, which one doesn’t disappoint. It is made from an extremely durable commercial-grade all-natural aluminum, which never rusts regardless of how often you use the pan.

Additionally, it has a fortified wrought steel rim to prevent warping over time-a a must-stop cake quality from falling over time.

The superior material helps yield premium outcomes, too. This 9 x 13-inch square baking pan includes exceptional heat conductivity for even baking during, which means you don’t need to worry about burnt borders; however, a gooey inside.

Clients love the benefit of this company cover. It makes instant storage fast and convenient for potlucks and other events such as picnics or classroom birthday celebrations.

Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Anniversary Bundt Pan
3,828 Reviews
Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Anniversary Bundt Pan
  • Great for baking classic fluted tube cakes and festive breads or molding gelatins and frozen desserts
  • Non-stick finish for easy food release and cleanup
  • Hand wash with mild detergent
  • 10-15 cup capacity
  • Made in the USA

Hiware Springform Pan Sets

Springform cake noodles have grown in popularity lately due to their innovative design that revolutionized the cake publishing process.

These are round cake pans with removable sides and foundations, and the components are held together by an interlocking ring.

Springform cake noodles are particularly helpful when creating cheesecakes, ice cream cakes, and fruit tarts since the removable sides may protect the cake’s often delicate elements. This pan is sold as a springform pan, including three different sizes: 4-inch, 7-inch, and 9-inch.

As we just analyzed traditional bread cakes such as yellowish and pound cakes, we have seen very few benefits a springform cake pan could have more than a one-piece metal cake pan.

Plus, we have noticed significant leaking in the reduced quality versions in analyzing. This collection of 3 springform pans out of Hiware would be the finest we have analyzed -it baked yummy cakes without burning off, leaking battery, or adhering.

We made cakes for all three of these, and the cake caliber was consistent. The 9- and – 7-inch cakes domed slightly, which left piling somewhat challenging but not impossible.

The single thing we do not like about this set of pans would be the soles, which made greasing and cleaning hard. (This will not be a problem if you grease your pans using a spray, but we used a stick of butter).


  • Useful for cheesecakes and ice cream cakes
  • Easy to release the cakes


  • Hard to clean

USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel Loaf Pan (9 by 5 with 2.75 Inches)

This textured loaf pan would be the thing to do for even baking any cake or bread. This highly rated pan is constructed from commercial-grade, heavy-gauge aluminized steel.

The combo of an entirely textured pan and nonstick Americoat coating generates a simple release of baked products, which reviewers remarked is “spectacular” and “magic.”

The rectangular pan measures nine by five by 2.75 inches, and it comes in 3 dimensions, for instance, one-pound capacity. This choice has an unbelievable 4.8-star score with over 1,700 reviews.

Some reviewers do notice they would enjoy some grips, therefore consider the manufacturer’s loaf pan with handles if you would enjoy that convenience: bear in mind just the base of the pan is textured for that selection.

It is ideal for scrubbing this loaf pan, according to reviewers, who happily report that the batter doesn’t get stuck inside the pan’s right corners. Additionally, it is rustproof.

USA Pan Bakeware Round Cake Pan, 9 inch, Nonstick & Quick Release Coating, 9-Inch,Aluminized Steel
5,376 Reviews
USA Pan Bakeware Round Cake Pan, 9 inch, Nonstick & Quick Release Coating, 9-Inch,Aluminized Steel
  • 9 inch round Cake Pan; commercial grade and heavy gauge aluminized steel with a lifetime warranty
  • USA Pan baking pans feature Americoat which promotes quick release of baked-goods plus fast and easy clean up; wash with hot water, mild soap and gentle scrub brush or sponge
  • Nonstick Americoat coating - a patented silicone coating which is PTFE, PFOA and BPA free - provides quick and easy release of all baked-goods and minimal easy clean up
  • Made in the USA; measures 9 inches diameter x 2.25 inches
  • USA Pan is a Bundy family company which has proudly manufactured high quality bakeware and provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years

A Valuable review:

“[…] They’re exceptional quality, and banana bread drops from those pans once you flip them over. Nothing sticks. You do not have to run a knife around the edges. Simply incredible. They bake equally, too. And they were produced in the United States! The standard of the product can’t be beaten. […]”

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 9.5″ Fluted Cake Pan

Suppose you are seriously interested in creating beautiful bundt cakes using the exact definition. In that case, this dessert pan from Cuisinart is a much less expensive version of our very best bundt cake pan.

In the look, it might not be as magnificent as the Nordic Ware pan, but its functionality impressed us. In multiple cake evaluations, it baked the cakes equally, and also, the cakes were consistently easy to unmold. It is a heavy-duty cake that baked many amazing sandwiches in our testing.

Be mindful that the pan is coated with Xylan, a compound coating that may be harmful above 500°F, so you ought to avoid heating the pan if it is empty. Employing any metal utensils can also be a no-go, but it’s not detrimental with proper care.


  • Nonstick
  • Bakes evenly


  • Hard to store

Best Square: Simply Calphalon Nonstick 8-Inch Square Cake Pan

What We Like

  • Sturdy construction
  • Oven safe to 500 degrees
  • Dishwasher-safe

What We Don’t Like

  • It can be hard to grip since it doesn’t have handles

Square baking pans are a pleasant, flexible choice to get in your kitchen. Having a square baking pan, you can create cakes. However, you may also create an array of additional goodies such as brownies and bars.

However, all these kinds of bundt pans are slightly different because they don’t disperse heat precisely in an identical manner. Otherwise constructed properly, square pans may cause your baked products to droop in the middle-it is a phenomenon known as doming.

It is not something you need to be worried about with this particular pan as it is made out of a heavy-gauge steel center that functions to disperse -up to 500 levels evenly.

If it comes to convenience, you can not beat this option, possibly. Unlike many baking pans, you could be placed into the dishwasher to make fast work of cleaning up.

Ballarini Nonstick Two-in-One Springform Pan

If you can not pick between a round or a bundt pan, you might prefer the features Ballarini offers you. This two-in-one setup gives you a level foundation for round cakes along with a fluted foundation for bundt cakes.

The springform allows you to change between the two foundations easily and makes detaching the baked products effortlessly. Our cakes turned out nice, without a noticeable unevenness or domed shirts.

But this excellent setup is not without significant defects. It claims to get PFOA-free nonstick coating; however, in testing, all three cakes (baked in each one of the two foundations ) stuck once we attempted to eliminate the cakes.

What’s more, the foundation had visible scratches, although we refrained from using metal utensils in analyzing. Another significant difficulty we ran into was leaking, and it is a frequent problem from springform pans throughout the board. From the yellow cake evaluations, the cake batter leaked in the bottom of the springform.


  • Can bake both bundt and round cakes


  • Hard to clean
  • Hard to store
  • The cake batter leaked from the bottom.

Best for Birthdays: Wilton Countless Celebrations 10-Piece Establish

What We Like

  • Fun and versatile concept

Easy to use

  • What We Don’t Like
  • May still need to cut the edges yourself to achieve the desired shape.

If you genuinely wish to surprise the special birthday honoree, exchange your ordinary round cake for getting a more personalized one.

This cheap 10-piece set includes a distinctive rectangular pan that features a grid and inserts that-nearly magically-let. You make any letter of the alphabet or number from zero to eight.

Regardless of the perceived intricacy, there is a minimal fuss for the baker to survive. The bowl, which is constructed from steel and includes a nonstick coating, allows for the easy release and quick cleanup-just two items you’re going to be thankful for when you’ve got a lengthy to-do listing to handle in prep for your celebration.

Wilton Easy Layers Round Layer Cake Pans Set, 4-Piece
9,612 Reviews
Wilton Easy Layers Round Layer Cake Pans Set, 4-Piece
  • Create colorful rainbow or ombre layer cakes with this 4-piece pan set
  • Takes one cake mix for all 4 layers
  • Pans are 8 dia. x .075 in. (20.3 cm diam x 1.9 cm) each
  • Limited 10-year warranty
  • Dishwasher safe; however for best results, wash in warm, soapy water before first and after each use

Frieling Handle-It Glass Bottom Springform (with Handles), 9″ dia.

The Frieling springform cake pan features solidly designed handles, which can be as practical as they are nice to check. Selecting glass as the material for cake pans is a fantastic design option, but what you gain fashion, you will drop in function.

In our testing, we discovered the glass underside to be practical than we’d initially believed. Even though it’s excellent to check this cake’s doneness, the conventional way of setting a toothpick through the cake and assessing for loose batter can better comprehend the inside of the cake.

The dealbreaker was how hard it had been to remove the cake out of the glass foundation -sure, you might choose to serve it directly off the foundation, but if you are making a layered cake, that is not an alternative.

Set your money elsewhere if you are serious about sandwiches. The other note is that the bowl is thicker than another cake batter we have examined in this roundup, partially due to the glass bottom.


  • Stainless steel handles make transportation easy.
  • Bakes evenly


  • Hard to clean
  • Hard to release the cakes

A Guide to Shared Cake Pan Types

However, what if you are not prepared to purchase a new pair of pans? Or what if you are connected to the ones you’ve got? Knowing how each kind will act can allow you to adapt recipes to your particular conditions, ensuring better results together with your sandwiches at home.

Bearing that in mind (and earlier, my cake-laden cookbook is sent to a door), I wanted to put a guide to a number of the most frequent types of cake pans.

To make sure we compare apples to apples, virtually all of them are eight inches round, which, provided the same amount of batter, helps produce thicker layers than the nine-inch pan (though I have analyzed those here, also ).

Nesting, Nonstick

This is the fashion of a cake pan many people grew up with, readily available at any supermarket. The pan’s faces have been angled, letting one pan break inside the following, a “feature” that can be quite tricky to suspend the sides of a layer cake.

At first blush, you might think these pans produce an excellent cake but allow me to draw your attention to a couple of problem areas: the dark and wrinkled crust across the very top, the thick brown crust across the bottom, along with a slightly darker ring of cake only above it.

All of these are signals that the batter got too hot, too quickly -the inevitable effect of utilizing lean, dark pans. A nonstick coating could be sufficient for creating a yummy crust in muffins (more on this ), but cake is still just another story.

Alongside thick muffin batters, cakes possess a more significant proportion of fat, sugar, and liquid components, making the batter relatively thin.

When heated too quickly, a thin cake batter can not keep the air bubbles trapped indoors, leading to a coating that is gummy and compact under a fluffier coating where the too-conductive pan has insulated the batter. The identical conductivity contributes to cakes using an overdeveloped crust-just thick, rough, and dry crust.

Dark and shallow pans trigger the top layer of the cake to bake too quickly, resulting in a decrease that may create a low surface. When cakes bake too quickly, they are often over-baked also, making them dry.

If that is the sort of pan you are stuck with, problems can be mitigated by putting an empty sheet pan at the bottom rack of your oven to help stabilize the warmth.

And, naturally, use an oven thermometer to ensure that you’re baking at the proper temperature at the first location.

Cake strips, which are fabric types that may be soaked in water and wrapped around the pan to provide insulation, can assist, but because of its price and hassle, I would instead invest in more excellent pans sink money and time to a stopgap solution.

Straight-Sided, Aluminized-Steel

For people who prefer nonstick pans, aluminized steel is a better choice (I analyzed some USA Pans).

Compared with the thin, darkish nesting pans you see in grocery stores, these pans utilize a much thicker gauge of metal and a reflective aluminum/silicone coating. These two variables slow the conduction of heat to the batter.

They are more expensive and less flexible than my favorite pan, but I realize nothing could beat nonstick for some people.

I can not argue with the results. Within an aluminized-steel bowl, my cake baked up with minimal wrinkling, a lighter crust, and a crumb which weren’t dry or crumbly whatsoever.

Its straight-sided layout means the cake’s borders from an ideal angle, making layer cakes a lot simpler to frost around the sides.

Straight-Sided, Anodized-Aluminum

Anodized aluminum is one of my favorite baking materials since it is nonreactive, which means you don’t need to fret about funky tastes developing in acidic batters-that are quite common due to our taste for acidic ingredients such as lemon juice, buttermilk, organic cocoa powder, and brown sugar.

It retains the bottom crust pleasant and mild, with minimal wrinkling than what you get into darker pans.

Straight-Sided, Anodized-Aluminum, Extra-Deep

As I’ve stated, my preferred kind of pan is not merely made from anodized aluminum; it is also ultra-heavy, such as this eight- by three-inch cake from Fat Daddios.

Those super-tall sides shield the cake from the oven, enabling it to bake up mild and smooth so that the top crust will be delicate and lean over the humid and moist crumb.

The extra protection extended by a tall-sided pan is precious for people with ovens that could run a little sexy or those that electric ovens have a sufficient high coil.

Beyond the domain of layer cake, as stated earlier, these heavy pans are excellent for turning out shaped and skillet, and, using a parchment liner, may also take the place of springform pans to get deep-dish cheesecakes.

Straight-Sided, Anodized-Aluminum, Extra-Deep, 9-Inch

Many cake mix boxes include instructions for baking – or nine-inch pans, leading to plenty of people to think these two sizes are almost synonymous.

But they are not: When you are working with a cylinder, an additional inch of width reflects a massive increase in quantity.

Thus, once you’re utilizing precisely the identical amount of batter, not only will the cake be considerably thinner by character, a new problem will appear: under-filling.

Without good batter in the pan, a cake does not grow too or evenly; the shift in the surface area implies the batter will place faster than it could grow, resulting in bizarre bubbles, cracks, and flaws from the crust.

Every time a recipe requires eight-inch pans, do not plow forward like a nine-inch pan proved equally excellent.

Instead, try dividing a three-layer cake involving two nine-inch pans. Therefore each will have enough thickness for a tremendous rise or boost the recipe to get a two-layer cake by 50 percent to make sure you have good batter for all those nine-inch pans.

Final Verdict

Our Best Cake Pans to buy is Fat Daddio’s Anodized Aluminum Round Cake Pan Celebration Set, thanks to this unbeatable combination of fantastic quality, functionality, and affordability.

If you want to put money into a commercial-grade cake that comes backed by a lifetime guarantee, we highly recommend the USA Pan Bakeware Round Cake Pan.

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