Top Best Canned Baked Beans to Buy 2020

They will be on several tables during the Easter holidays. Baked beans are undeniably part of our culinary traditions. If sugar time gives them pride of place during the year, many like to add them to their Sunday brunch. Our grandparents’ recipes are certainly the best, but what about baked beans?

Best Canned Baked Beans of 2020


1/ VAN CAMP’S Smoked Hickory Beanee Weenee

Baked beans are interesting for their protein and fiber content. They are also interesting sources of iron and calcium in some cases. Their calorie intake is reasonable and they contain little or no additives. Only the sugar and salt contents make them less nutritious.

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2/ B&M Baked Beans, Original Flavor, 16 Ounce Cans

Delicious B&M® baked beans are slow-baked in brick ovens for hours. Our baking method produces baked beans with a perfect texture and deep flavor unlike any others. B&M baked beans are sweetened with molasses and cane sugar, are an excellent source of fiber, and are 99% fat-free. With B&M, you’ll enjoy every spoonful!

Cooked Pea Beans (Water, Pea Beans), Sugar, Molasses, Salt, Modified Corn Starch, Pork Fat, Seasoning Blend (Dried Onion, Dextrose, Dried Garlic, Spices, Natural Flavors), Mustard.

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3/ Bush’s Best Homestyle Baked Beans

When you’re in the mood for a tangier sauce, serve up our Homestyle Baked Beans. We don’t know if it’s the specially cured bacon, the brown sugar or the spices, but these beans have been a customer favorite since they debuted in 1993.

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4/ Heinz Tomato Baked Beans

With 430 mg of sodium and 11 g of sugars, this option comes third in our worst choices. The list of ingredients is less flattering. We find in particular the presence of liquid sugar, modified corn starch and calcium chloride.

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5/ Bush’s Best Baked Beans

It’s the bean that started it all! Back in 1969, Condon Bush decided to share his mother’s secret recipe for baked beans with all of America. Tender navy beans are slow-cooked with specially cured bacon, fine brown sugar and our signature blend of spices. It’s easy to see why it’s enjoyed by millions every year!

Looking for a delicious way to add protein, fiber and other essential nutrients to your family’s meal? Try BUSH’S® Original Baked Beans. They’re naturally low-fat, gluten-free and have only 150 calories per 1/2 cup serving.

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6/ Amy’s Organic Beans, Baked Beans in a Hearty Tomato Sauce

Amy’s Vegetarian Baked Beans get their deep, rich flavor from slow-simmering organic white beans with tomato purée, mustard seed, apple cider vinegar and the traditional (and tasty) hint of maple syrup. Gluten free/dairy free//lactose free/soy free/tree nut free/vegan/kosher/plant based

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