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Best Cheap Vodka

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Vodka is a transparent, unaged spirit generated utilizing any ingredient which has fermentable sugar levels. Cereal grains such as rye, wheat, and barley are most typical, but vodka may also be made out of berries, grapes, or sugar beets, among other items.

Although the legal definition of vodka is a “colorless, odorless, flavorless” soul, differences in taste and odor could unquestionably be discerned among manufacturers in addition to one of those made with various foundations. Vodka might be sipped fantastic, but it’s most often blended in cocktails like the Vodka Martini, Moscow Mule, and Cosmopolitan.

Purchasing vodka while attempting to conserve cash is a tricky business since it is pretty easy to wind up with a poor bottle. As many bottom-shelf choices are cringe-worthy, you do not need to sacrifice quality on a budget-friendly bottle.

That is correct – there are numerous excellent, inexpensive choices you will need to use within a tasty cocktail, and several are impressive on their own. One of the best cheap vodkas, you will get an excellent choice of tastes, and the apparent ones are ideal candidates for ​homemade infusions.

Here are the most effective cheap vodkas.

History of Vodka

History of Vodka

The term Vodka comes in the translation of plain water from Russian: “Voda.” On the flip side, the Polish utilized the word to refer to some white distilled beverage. Its arrival brings us into the Middle Age, as it started becoming popular. This liquor was created from potatoes and had medicinal functions. Experts indicate that its usage was prevalent in Russia since it was a powerful remedy from the chilly weather.

Curiously, the first to create this distillate was that farmers of this eighteenth-century started to drink vodka and its usage began to grow in Russia. But this drink didn’t begin to expand until 1917; during the Russian Revolution, the population started to escape in the nation towards Europe; what did they bring with them? Their Voda or even water. On the other hand, the global recognition of the beverage didn’t arrive before the Second World War, the historical moment when Vodka reaches the palms of those North Americans.

What’s Vodka now?

At this moment, it’s among the most potent liquors; at the event of Polish Vodka, its graduation might reach 80 percent. Before, it had been created from cereals and potatoes, but today, its creative process must do with fermented goods, like grapes and cereals.

Following its arrival and supply around the Earth, many types have emerged which unite various colors, flavors, and scents. The hottest is the classic Żubrówka, yellowish and greenish, because of the herbaceous plants used to make it.

The growth of the liquor must do with its slight flavor and flavor; thanks to this, we’re in a position to utilize it in a number of our cocktails without ruining the subsequent mix. From the XXI century, We’ve Got excellent beverages made from Vodka: Bloody Mary, Bullshot, Balalaika, Black Russian, and Screwdriver.

How can cheap vodka flavor?

Well, it is different. There are lots of aspects that could impact the quality and flavor.

Most vodka is produced from distilling sausage or cereal grains that were fermented. Some vodkas are made from rice, soybeans, as well as grapes. Inferior-tasting vodka is fundamentally the consequence of too much raw material left after the distillation and filtering procedures are complete.

The quantity of water combined with vodka may also make a difference. The distillation procedure used in creating vodka can create an alcohol content as large as 90-95%; therefore, all vodka is blended with water before bottling. If insufficient water is inserted or the water quality is inferior, the vodka can give you a burning alcohol flavor.

Still another, admittedly smaller factor is how many times your vodka was distilled. In reality, manufacturers are eager to point to the number of occasions they’ve dried vodka as a sign of purity and flavor.

Sadly, this isn’t necessarily a trusted indicator of quality. It’s the components that make the majority of the difference.

If you receive a vodka-based on fermented grapes, then it will get a fruitier flavor. Should you get one according to grains, it’s going to have more taste. When these gaps are blended with the filtering procedure of incorporating water, it may result in differences in flavor.

Finally, it is likely to come down to personal taste and preference. But based on a number of those variables, a number of the cheapest vodkas have won blind taste tests!

Why is vodka cheap?

Great question! As it happens, vodka is more challenging to create than whiskey. This is as it is dried into a higher alcohol content than whiskey. Vodka is usually dried alongside 95% or 96% ethanol, whereas whiskey is generally no longer than 80 percent.

The gap between vodka and whiskey must do with the distillation process, the raw materials which may be utilized, and the aging procedure.

Many whiskeys are made from smaller batches, which need a range of moves through the still to get to the essential content material. Vodka must also be passed via a still, but many vodkas are now distilled through column stills, enabling a quicker distilling process. However, the alcohol level is significantly greater than that of whiskey.

Similarly, the quality of components used in whiskey creates a big difference in the quality of the whiskey. Vodka, on the other hand, can be manufactured from any variety of different agricultural goods. Water quality, however, is quite essential in manufacturing.

Ultimately, most whiskeys need to be obsolete in expensive oak barrels and kept for lengthy periods – up to 30 decades. Vodka is usually prepared for drinking following the purification and filtering procedure is complete.

Each of these components makes vodka not as expensive to produce compared to other liquors, which means cheaper prices for you along with me!

Top Rated 19 Best Cheap Vodka Brands 

Top Rated 21 Best Cheap Vodka Brands

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New Amsterdam Vodka

Our first American vodka among the New Amsterdam has been generating some quality economic spirits for some time now. Though their vodka hasn’t attained the same standing as their favorite gin, New Amsterdam still provides a good vodka for a great price.

Launched in 2011, New Amsterdam Vodka is a comparatively young superstar in the vodka category and a favorite of this frugal drinker. This California soul is distilled five times by American grains and travels via a three-stage filtration. The aftertaste is slightly sour, with creamy traces of walnut and vanilla.

In the vodka tonic to the hot bloody Mary, it creates an ideal base for any adult drink, as well as also the flavored vodkas add a fun twist into a rainbow of cocktails.

The subtle flavor makes this a great vodka to devote a White Russian or even vodka martini, even though it truly shines when served cold. This is unquestionably a budget-friendly vodka worth having on your pub for when friends come back to see it!


This Luksusowa vodka bottle might not capture your attention, but the soul inside is amazingly tasty once you think about its low cost. If you have been passing up this one on the liquor shop, consider this your opportunity for salvation.

Luksusowa is a Polish potato-based vodka. Potato-based vodkas tend to be more costly than their wheat-based counterparts since potatoes provide less return, are somewhat more expensive to secure, and take more time to prepare when compared with grains. However, there are some excellent cheap potato-based vodkas on the current market, and Luksusowa is just one.

This vodka includes a clean, clear look free of sediment. Although the odor leaves something to be desired (we will be fair – it smells like cheap vodka), the flavor is slightly sweet with a fantastic bite in the end. Drink it cold to soften the sweetness.

This is a superb vodka for blending, notably in martinis. It is available in an attractive jar, also.

Additionally, it is a perfect alternative for fruity vodka highballs, so if you are a vodka cranberry drinker or like the occasional screwdriver with brunch, it is an excellent find.

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Russian Standard

Produced and bottled in St. Petersburg, this vodka has existed since 1894. That’s when the renowned Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev – that the person who developed the periodic table of elements – has been commissioned by the Tsar to craft the imperial benchmark for vodka.

It is exceptional for the simple fact that it delivers both purity and flavor using sturdy winter wheat developed on the Dark Steppes of Russia and ice-cold waters from Russia’s Lake Ladoga. It has distilled many times until it is ready to be filtered through coal, giving it its brute, Siberian flavor that can get the business finished.

Packaged in an attractive jar, Russian Standard combines clean and smooth drinkability using a clear, clean aroma and a bright look. The odor is almost candy. The flavor comprises notes of wheat, with a creamy texture and a small amount of spice on end.

Deep Eddy Vodka

Deep Eddy Vodka is named after a renowned swimming hole in Austin, TX, where the soul was created in 2010. The organization’s clear and flavored vodkas are at the top end of this “cheap” listing. However, they’re worth every cent. Born in Austin, Texas, this small-batch, handmade vodka is distilled ten times afterward charcoal filtered with locally sourced water before bottling. The result is clean, crisp, and just spectacular, fitting many of the top brands.

The tastes out of Deep Eddy come in organic ingredients-a rare treat with vodkas now, particularly value brands. These range from sweet tea into ruby red grapefruit; they are as natural and clean as the first vodka, making them ideal for cocktails or unique shots.


Meaning “comrade,” Tobaritch (or even Tovaritch, out of the States – that the title needed to be altered to the US market due to copyright problems) relies on a 300-year-old Russian recipe. Like Russian Standard, Tobaritch hails from St. Petersburg. This significant wheat-based vodka comes in a jar with a Soviet-style tag and utilizes water that hasn’t yet been demineralized. Distilled five occasions, its silver and charcoal squeezed some 20 days before bottling.

The nose on this vodka contains traces of lemon. On the mind, the soul features coconut and marshmallow notes. It blends well and is particularly great for powerful vodka-based cocktails. Once the vodka is served cool and cold, many of its tastes are highlighted.


Sobieski is operating an anti-cool, trendy advertising campaign. Their “Rye. Water. No B.S.” motto highlights they would like to get famous because of their vodka, maybe not the actors who consume it. They are named after a cosmopolitan 17th-century king.

It’s distilled out of Dankowski rye; it moves through a continuous distillation procedure before it is wed to crystal-clear water. The rye provides the final product a rich, glossy flavor that is quite enjoyable by itself.

Its look is clear and bright. The flavor is exceptional as a result of its rye foundation. There’s a sweetness to this vodka, combined with a mineral finish from the water. They are a superb selection for virtually any vodka cocktail, even people such as the cosmopolitan, where you may tend to pour a top-shelf vodka.

The packaging is particularly remarkable – it comes within an Eastern European jar with a crest in the base. This is a great vodka that observes its ancestral heritage.

Finlandia Grapefruit

Finlandia is a trusted vodka that’s simple to discover and can readily function as any pub’s OK vodka. The well-known soul is brewed in Finland in the distinctive strain of barley, taking care of the cold climate and 72 times of full sunshine each summer. Additionally, it undergoes over 200 distillation measures and is mixed together with water.

Just like the majority of vodka manufacturers, Finlandia includes a couple of flavored vodkas out there. The once-extensive portfolio was streamlined to strawberry and strawberry vodkas, even though they’re equally as striking as any other. The grapefruit variety provides just a tiny pizza when utilized in place of citrus vodkas, and the cherry is a yummy basis in soda-based mixed beverages, such as the raspberry media.


The title Monopolowa would imply this can be a Polish vodka, which is only partially accurate. Though initially made in Poland, Monopolowa is currently produced in Austria. Monopolowa is a Polish word for “monopoly,” referring to the exclusive manufacturing rights that Polish nobility gave to manufacturers of vodka inside their lands. And, it seems pretty cool!

Produced using a “special variety” of celery, Monopolowa is triple distilled to 193 proofs then filtered down to 80 evidence utilizing pure spring water. An exceptional vodka, Monopolowa delivers fruity tasting notes such as blood sugar and banana, in addition to a creamy vanilla flavor.

Monopolowa includes a very long smooth grin and is very good for drinking directly or at one of your favorite cocktails. If you would like to boost the taste and feel, it is possible even to try adding a squeeze of lemon juice.

Pinnacle Whipped Flavored Vodka

Pinnacle was at the core of the dessert vodka flourish, making much different novelty whipped cream, cake, and curry tastes. This French vodka assembled a title on extending the limits of everything you believed vodka ought to be. Distilled five occasions in wheat, the favorite brand has introduced some somewhat eccentric (and true fun) tastes through time.

While the first vodka is excellent, Pinnacle captures cocktail fans’ attention with tastes. Although they have narrowed the choice substantially, Pinnacle Whipped Vodka remains a favorite to many. The additional sweetness is mild enough that you know that it’s vodka rather than a liqueur while decreasing some of their alcohol’s bite. Whipped makes flavorful cocktails and may add a sweet touch with easy mixed drinks, such as the snowy Russian.


Vesica premiered out there in 2010. The title comes from the geometric picture of the vesica piscis.

This is a fantastic Polish vodka for a great price. Produced from high-quality Polish potatoes, Vesica vodka is distilled for three days and filtered through charcoal in addition to a ceramic candling procedure. The filtering procedure gives it a crystal clear look.

The odor initially offers notes of earthy potatoes, caramel, black pepper, and berries with a marginally strong ethanol odor. It is chilling that this vodka can accentuate a few notes of sweetness.

Vesica combines well and attracts a little more body into a mixed beverage than the usual grain-based vodka might. Another incredible eastern European invention!

Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff Vodka ought to be nearly everywhere you look. It is among the most dependable and affordable vodkas out there using numerous tastes to research. The newest promises to be the world’s most famous vodka and many awarded name from the group.

Smirnoff is a grain-based vodka; the unflavored is offered in 80-, 90-, and 100-proof bottles. Originally from Russia (currently made by Diageo from the United Kingdom), it has existed since the early 1900s. The organization’s groundbreaking advertising effort in the mid-20th century has been instrumental in kicking off the vodka cocktail trend, including the famous Moscow mule, in the 1940s. For an authentic taste, set Smirnoff with hot ginger beer, and don’t overlook the aluminum mug.


Sweden is a portion of this so-called vodka belt, including states like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Poland. So it ought not to be a surprise that we’d have a Swedish vodka on the list.

Svedka is one of the cleanest-tasting worth brands out there. It is distilled five times from winter wheat, which gives it a subtle sweetness. Using spring water and constant purification, make sure it comes out crisp and perfectly drinkable straight from the jar.

The brand is continually expanding its tastes and contains some quite interesting choices. Fruit vodkas are a specialization, for instance, ever-useful citrus, a very yummy cherry, and sweet peach. Svedka also experiments with mixes, such as strawberry lemonade and cherry pineapple.

Svedka can operate in just about any vodka cocktail you blend up. Like most budget manufacturers, stay with the mixed beverages and fruity martinis with layers of taste. Many recipes fall into this class, which means that you won’t run from options anytime soon.

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UV Blue Raspberry Vodka

UV Vodka is among the hottest and cheapest brands of vodka accessible. Distilled at Minneapolis by Phillips Distilling Company, the trick to the brand’s success is its own revolutionary and extremely vibrant flavor lineup. The very clear vodka, which can be distilled from Midwest grains, is equally as great as some of those other people, but the magnificent colors make UV unique.

The vibrant collection of vodkas length the rainbow. UV Blue is the most famous, giving a brilliantly simple way to produce blue cocktails together with the sweet flavor of raspberry. UV Apple is a bright green alternative that is almost as hot-perfect for candies appletinis. From a purple cherry vodka into fire-red cherry vodka and vivid orange to fairly pink mint, they include a fun splash of color to simply mixed beverages.

Tower Vodka

When you genuinely need to get some bang for your dollar, purchasing vodka from the deal is a cost-efficient thing to do. The vast majority of vodkas are bottled at 750 milliliters, but this one step at 1.75 liters. Contemplating its rivals, it is challenging to reconcile Tower’s low cost together with the simple fact that it is a small-batch soul.

The Texas corn vodka is distilled twice, and many drinkers compare it to the country’s more famous premium manufacturer. If you like Tito’s, this one’s worth a shot, and in this quantity, you will have a lot of”shots” accessible to form a good view of your own.

Dixie Southern

Produced by earth-friendly distillers, the official vodka of all NASCAR is “wealthy, full-bodied, and candy with a mouthfeel that is very buttery,” states Baker. “It really reminds me of a Tennessee whiskey.” Nevertheless, it is also vodka. Therefore this corn-based soul is distilled twice and stays unused to get a clean, refreshing taste and a smooth end.


By San Francisco, This grain vodka has a peppery nose and sour, slightly citrusy palate. Following Skyy, the new start “was inspired by a single person’s search for an improved Martini.” We would function that cocktail ice cold, warm, and with a spin.

Ketel One Vodka

Is it just us, or did you think Ketel One was far more expensive than it is? You can usually only under $25; you can get a bottle of Ketel and make delicious cocktails right in your home.

Blend it with seltzer and lime for a simple, low-cal drink or a mixture of crimson and cran for something on the side. Ketel tastes excellent if chilled, so we advise you to leave this one within your freezer rather than along with your cart. Vodka fans even favor drinking this material on the stones of neat in a tumbler, so if that is your taste, we say do it.

Three Olives Rosé Vodka

In case you haven’t yet hopped about the rosé vodka bandwagon, you are somewhat behind. A couple of summers ago, this material was finding its way through liquor shops throughout the nation only to be marketed out the same day fresh shipments arrived.

The tendency has died a little, but because rosé season is coming, this the ideal time to stock up on our favorite rosé vodka blend, Three Olives, with the majority of rosé vodka types, which are not 3 Olives flavor, well, totally dreadful. This brand has hit the nail on the head by providing us vodka at the forefront and rosé at the trunk, which is precisely what we desire when drinking vodka.

With such a fantastic flavor and this inexpensive price (approximately $22, depending on where you are), don’t hesitate to drink this stuff directly from the glass ice this summer.

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Prairie Organic Vodka

Who stated organic vodka needed to be on a high shelf? It is possible to get a 750ml bottle of Prairie Organic for under $20 in many areas. The brand goes entirely over and beyond using their recipe and processes by preparing the areas three weeks before planting their seeds into prepare the soil and creating a 25-foot buffer to guarantee that not a single compound from a neighboring farm will find its way over to Prairie Organic’s inventory.

They rely upon native birds and bats to consume any bugs that impact their crops’ results so that they utilize zero pesticides at all. Their conventional bottle has a hint of pear and melon on the nose but goes down smooth and creamy completely. Mix this material with seltzer, lemon, and cucumber to know its flavoring and allow your taste buds to burst.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Another vodka made in Austin, Texas, Tito is micro-distilled six times in only ten conservative pot stills and produced from yellow corn rather than wheat or potatoes. As a result of this recipe, in addition, it appears to be gluten free. “The corn is what gives it its somewhat sweet aftertaste,” states Ray Anguiano, the head bartender in Atwood Restaurant at Chicago.

Tito was an award-winner since 2001, when it won the Double Gold Medal for vodka in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, beating out 71 of its pricey competitors and obtained a four-star standing from Spirit Journal. In 2007, it won four celebrities. Nowadays, it’s garnered a cult following and is now the vodka of choice for most customers.

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