Best Citrus Juicer 2021

Best Citrus Juicer 2021: Top Brands Reviews

To find that yummy juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables, you might need a juicer, which may make your job simple. But, there are lots of kinds of juicers in the industry now. 

Today, we’ll review the very best citrus juicers 2021, which can help you immediately extract juice from limes, lemons, oranges, and grapefruits.

A lot of men and women are still cutting, squeezing, and lemons juice with their bare hands? That is a workout regimen to improve your health. However, what about mornings whenever you don’t feel as though you’ve got the power to squeeze?

Afterward, a citrus juicer is extremely valuable for your own life. Read our subsequent article and pick the one which suits your requirements best.

What’s a citrus juicer?

A citrus juicer is a kitchen tool specially intended for extracting juices out of citrus fruits. Both guide and electric-operated models can be found, with lots of chefs preferring one or another, based on how much citrus has to be extracted. 

Most chefs may use the citrus juicer, making it a fantastic tool to get in the kitchen and a fantastic gift. Most kitchen supply shops sell citrus juices, which frequently come in many different fashions.

Types of Citrus Juicer

Types of Citrus Juicer


In general, a manual juicer will cost less and have a more straightforward design. This means there are fewer possible flaws with it, and it will be more reliable. These juicers are easier to clean than electric juicers – after you are done with juice, the whole thing can be put in the dishwasher. The electric juicers must be disassembled, and some parts can be cleaned. It must then be reassembled.

Most juicers are compact and can be stored in a cupboard – some small enough to keep in a drawer. This makes them ideal for smaller homes and uses when traveling by RV.

The downside is that they require some physical effort, which is a huge disadvantage for some who are physically limited. Also, they are ineffective in getting the last drop of water from the fruit. They are also slower and aren’t the best choice for making large batches of juice. It will take time, and you will be exhausted!


It usually works as a manual citrus juicer but is powered by electricity. It makes juicing easier because it works faster and more efficiently. It produces more juice from other juicers as it can put more pressure on citrus.

Other juicers – centrifuging and masticating – make citrus juices and harder fruit like apples or leafy vegetables. It also has a finer filter to remove all residue, seeds, and fiber from the juice.

Since it’s powered by electricity and is in bulk, you can’t just transport it around. It is also a lot louder, and care needs to be taken to avoid getting the part connected to the power supply wet. Depending on the juicer, some are difficult to disassemble and clean. Also, some hard-to-reach parts can be the right area for mold growth if you want mold juice.

Of course, the electric juicer is also more expensive than the manual press. So if you don’t want to squeeze more fruit than you think, then you better buy a manual or even a juicer for emergency use.

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Factors To Consider A Citrus Juicer

Factors To Consider A Citrus Juicer (1)


Design is essential from an aesthetic and functional point of view. The best citrus juices look great on your kitchen counter, and many of the juicers have an elegant look. The best choice for you will be a matter of personal preference. Some homeowners prefer bright colors and others prefer the stainless steel finish.

In terms of function, the best juicer makes them easy to use. They remove a lot of juice without contaminating it with pith (which can produce a bitter taste) or pips. They are also very versatile. The best models offer pulp control features and can handle different fruit sizes.

Size of the machine

You have to select a compact dimensions citrus juicer both vertically and horizontally for those who have less counter space. A sizable business citrus juicer will not be the ideal decision to use if you do not have sufficient space.

Size of the container

In case you’ve got a large family or wish to squeeze the juice in larger portions, you ought to select a juicer using a large enough container to coincide with the amount of juice you generally wish to function. Some containers also have dimension markers onto them, so it is easy to monitor the juice extracted.


Based on the kind of juicer you select, you’ll need to run it in a specific way. You’ll have to compress the fruit involving the juicer and extract the fruit involving the juicer’s two grips till you’ve extracted juice.

This is sometimes time-consuming and exhausting if a great deal of fruit must be juiced. You’ll discover another electric juicer that only lets you put peeled fruit to the juicer, and also the push of a button; you can squeeze the fruit.

The ideal citrus juicer is going to be the one that consumes the least amount of energy and time on your juice prep. Invest in such as that.


One noteworthy characteristic of manual citrus juices is they don’t need electricity. Instead, juicer uses levers to extract the juice from your fruit by squeezing them between the ideal size grips.

Automatic, obviously electric juicer. This is a substantial benefit, particularly when large quantities of fruit are juiced.

When buying the very greatest citrus juicer, it’ll be rather handy.


You could decide on these materials – timber, metal, and vinyl, or a mix of plastic and metal. From time to time, it includes a rubber or silicone part to seal the juicer properly. Whatever you pick, select which is secure for your loved ones. Lead-free, cadmium, and other dangerous metal-free plastic odors hard to wash, and hard-to-reach gaps make cleanup difficult.


As pointed out before, what exactly are you going to do with your juicer? Should you begin commercial juice production-like setting a juicing up stall at a shopping mall, but one that can make over a few glasses simultaneously. Instead, if you’ve got a tiny counter area in your home, you might wish to pick out a juicer that you’re able to set in a cupboard and then maintain its proper over limited counter space.


It’s possible to consider how many times you utilize your juicer. If you’re juicing fruit every day or within a commercial environment, you might choose to search for hard materials such as stainless steel or Tritan, which are BPA-free, shatter-resistant plastic. Since your juicer will get dried fruit, you might also wish to search for models using an acid-resistant end to prevent rust.

Pulp levels

How much pulp do you like on your juice? Different juicer versions provide different pulp extraction procedures and amounts, and a few even provide adjustable pulp configurations.

Clean and preserve

Considering that the manual citrus juicer features a straightforward layout, it is readily cleaned and maintained. In any case, they’re simple to keep as most are rather small in proportion.

On the flip side, keeping electric citrus juices clean and in good repair may be an overwhelming task because they’ve engines and other moving components.

Their large size may make their storage more complex compared to manual kinds. The ideal citrus juicer is the one that puts you in the smallest amount of stress in regards to repairing, cleaning, and saving.


Would you wish to protect your investment with a guarantee? Or are you ready to cover repairs and replacements? If you select a model with a guarantee, you might choose to look closely at its length and quality.

The most frequently encountered guarantee period is one year, though some will go up to 15 decades or just a lifetime guarantee. The caliber of the guarantee depends upon which it comprises.

Some guarantees cover the engine just and exclude substantial components such as handles, blades, and filter caps. If you’re worried about your juicer breaking down, then you might choose to look closely at these guarantee details.


Before you begin shopping, you may want to choose just how much you are prepared to spend. The high-end citrus juicer may cost tens of thousands of dollars, but it is possible to get a superb juicer for a far lower cost. Bear in mind that you may not get as much performance or durability from more economical versions.

Top Rated 14 Best Citrus Juicer Brands

Top Rated 14 Best Citrus Juicers Brands

Bestseller No. 3
Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press Pro, Motorized Die Cast Stainless Steel
Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press Pro, Motorized Die Cast Stainless Steel
FRUIT DOME: The juicers fruit dome is easy to remove and replace for cleaning; WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited Product Warranty; Power: 110 Watts; Voltage: 110 to 120 Volts
SaleBestseller No. 5
BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer, White, CJ625
BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer, White, CJ625
Auto-reversing juicing cones provide maximum juice extraction; Drip-Free Pour Spout - The container doubles as a pitcher, complete with handle and spout
Bestseller No. 6
Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer | 1-Button Easy Press Lemon Lime Orange Grapefruit Juice Squeezer Easy to Clean Juicer Machine, Black/Stainless Steel
Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer | 1-Button Easy Press Lemon Lime Orange Grapefruit Juice Squeezer Easy to Clean Juicer Machine, Black/Stainless Steel
BPA-Free Tritan Plastic Juicer Bowl - Juice reservoir holds up to 12 ounces; Includes 2 Pulp Filters - Low and high interchangeable pulp filters

Best Overall: Zulay Professional Heavy Duty

This commercial-grade juicer uses leverage and gravity to assist extract as much juice as you can using an easy pull of the deal. Using its cast-iron foundation and sturdy design, the timeless juice media is a real workhorse. Frequently used by bartenders who create their mixers, it is ideal for pressing significant amounts of any dimension citrus fruit.

Additionally, it comes in many colors (even increased gold; see on Amazon) to match your kitchen decor. In case you’ve got the counter area, this unit is ideal for producing fresh orange or lemon juice.


  • Great for larger amounts
  • Very efficient juice extraction
  • Professional caliber and built to last


  • Heavy and needs a bit of counter space
  • Pricier than many manual citrus juicers

Best Handheld: Chef’n FreshForce

If your kitchen is on the smallish side, then the handheld Chef’n FreshForce is a perfect choice for producing lemons into lemonade. It really comes in three dimensions-orange, lemon, and lime (but regrettably, there is no one to accommodate bigger citrus, such as grapefruit).

Because this juicer is lightweight and portable, you can set it directly over anything you are making, if it is a pan-seared only meunière or even a zesty summer cocktail.

“A slick, modern version of the classic ‘Mexican elbow,’ it squeezes out every milliliter of juice with almost no effort,” says Omid Tavallai, chef and co-founder of Emperor Norton at Paris. “It has only one moving part, and-perhaps most importantly-takes up very little space.”

This version can be dishwasher-safe, making for simple cleanup. It is an easy-to-use article on kitchenware. The only real caveat is that if you consider juicing a great deal of fruit, your hands can get exhausted after some time.


  • It takes up very little space.
  • Simple to Use


  • Not great for big amounts
  • Bowl does not fit bigger citrus fruits.

Breville BCP600SIL

This mild 7.1-pound machine includes a 110-watt motor, a suitable no-drip spout, plus a hardy Tritan juicing cone. The cone, collector, and filter are removable and dishwasher-safe, and also, the machine allows for easy one-handed operation.

With only one juicing cone, this version will not take up additional accessory room in your kitchen but might not work well with all forms of citrus fruits. We also discovered that the juicer’s plastic parts, such as the handle, feel significantly less lasting and might crack or split with regular use. Breville supplies a one-year warranty with adequate customer support.


  • Lightweight
  • Moderately priced
  • Attractive layout with one-handed operation
  • One-year guarantee


  • Less durable plastic parts
  • It may not fit all sizes of citrus.

Breville BCP600SIL Citrus Press Motorized Juicer, Silver
572 Reviews

Cuisinart CCJ-500 – Best Value

Is your budget smaller? The ideal citrus juicer for the cost is Cuisinart CCJ-500, a compact juicer with a remarkable collection of features and a generous guarantee.

This low-cost device weighs just four pounds and contains easy stainless steel and a black plastic layout. In testing, we enjoyed the flexible reamer, which may be set into three pulp amounts, as well as the auto-reverse and last twist features that allow for complete extraction.

This version also has a splatter-reducing cover, many dishwasher-safe elements, plus a dripless snap-up spout. The interior elements are BPA-free, and the system functions amazingly gently.

This version’s drawbacks contain less durable gears along with a pulp filter, which clogs readily. Though Cuisinart supplies a lengthy three-year guarantee, you’ll need to pay shipping charges.


  • Low Price
  • Lightweight and quite quiet
  • Engineered stainless steel and BPA-free plastic layout
  • Adaptive reamer, auto-reverse, and closing twist features
  • A long three-year warranty


  • Must pay shipping charges under guarantee
  • Less durable gears
  • Pulp filter clogs easily.

Omega J8006HDS Juicer – Premium Choice

When you have space in your finances, you might choose to check at the Omega J8006HDS Nutrition Center Quiet Dual-Stage, a high-end dual-stage model using an unusual layout.

This silent juicer operates at reduced rates of approximately 80 litres, gradually rotating an auger to smash your fruit. It weighs a rather lightweight 13 lbs and ejects dehydrated pulp. As a bonus, you can use this system to generate nut butter grind spices.

Regrettably, the plastic auger is not as durable, with teeth that break easily. The display filter doesn’t feel quite sturdy, and you might encounter problems finding replacement parts since the company has restricted inventory. Omega provides a fantastic 15-year guarantee with no extra charges.


  • Outstanding 15-year guarantee with no further costs
  • Quiet, slow dual-stage performance
  • Interesting design
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Very Superior extraction producing dry pulp
  • Compatible with nuts and spices


  • More expensive
  • Less durable vinyl auger
  • Less durable display filter
  • Replacement parts may be hard to discover

Best Budget: BLACK+DECKER CJ625

If you would like the simplicity of an electric juicer however do not wish to devote a lot of cash, this version from Black & Decker may be exactly what you are looking for.

“The Black & Decker juicer fits my budget, and the brand has a reputation for good products,” said Cristina Topham, chef and proprietor of Spread Catering at Sonoma. “It has withstood the test of time at a kitchen, which can be more than I expected!”

This 30-watt juicer permits you to juice up to 34 oz in 1 head and boasts an auto-reversing cone, which can allow you to extract as much juice as you can from your own citrus. There is a pulp control attribute so that you may fix the amount of pulp in your juice. Cleanup is simple-all removable parts dishwasher-safe, and the device includes a plastic cover and integrated cable wrap for hassle-free storage.


  • Compact layout
  • Auto-reversing cones provide maximum extraction.
  • Pulp control attribute


  • Noisy motor


Best Manual: OXO Good Grips 2-in-1

The OXO Good Grips 2-in-1 is ideal for people who desire more than only a squeeze here and there. This tabletop reamer includes its very own measuring cup to capture every drop of juice (around 1.5 cups), perfect for measuring the total required for your recipe or producing individual servings of orange juice.

The BPA-free vessel is marked in both imperial and metric dimensions and features a drip-free pour spout. Both contained reamers that permit you to juice any form of citrus fruit, and the whole unit comes apart for simple cleaning-you may run it through the dishwasher.


  • Two dimensions for small or big citrus
  • It has a built-in measuring cup.
  • Easy to take apart and wash


  • Measurements might be hard to read.

Best Design: Smeg

This 1950s retro-style juicer by Smeg is easily among the very attractive citrus juicers on the market. It is amazing enough to constantly sit on your countertop and is offered in an assortment of colors to coordinate with your decor.

Apart from being easy on the eyes, this Italian-designed appliance has a built-in detector that triggers when you apply pressure on the international reamer, which does quick work of juicing any dimension of citrus fruit. The stainless steel strainer removes all seeds and catches most of the pulp, maintaining only enough to add a little texture into the juice.

To prevent clogs, the anti-drip spout pops down to release the juice in your receptacle and flips up again to halt the flow. The Tritan ribbon lid doubles as a bowl for citrus rinds and as a dust cover to the machine when it is not being used. Cleaning is simple because of the removable parts that may go into the dishwasher (or be hand-washed immediately). It’s a stunning and convenient addition to any kitchen.


  • Attractive retro design
  • Stainless Steel universal reamer and strainer
  • Quiet 80-watt engine
  • Built-in sensor


  • Expensive

SUNCOO Citrus Juicers – Best for Commercial use

If you are in the market for a commercial citrus juicer, our recommendation is your SUNCOO Commercial Citrus Juicer, a sturdy stainless steel machine using a 120-watt aluminum engine and decent security features. As it is thick and high-cost, it is much less ideal for home juicing.

This 82.2-pound juicer is quite simple to use. You fill out the top basket with entire citrus fruits, and the machine will do the rest, peeling, exfoliating, and dividing the pulp. Even though it works with all kinds of citrus, we’ve discovered that it’s most harmonious with oranges and is capable of consuming 20 at a minute. If you are safety-conscious, you will enjoy the security cover and change.

We discovered that the system’s interior plastic parts are not as lasting as you may want for heavy-duty use. The peeling mechanism doesn’t work flawlessly, as bits of the peel may get stuck beneath the blade. Sadly, this machine does not include a guarantee.


  • Great for commercial juicing
  • Compatible with the entire fruit
  • Works nicely with oranges
  • Very quickly
  • Fully automatic
  • Fantastic Security features


  • The high price and hefty
  • Less durable plastic parts
  • Imperfect peeling mechanism
  • No guarantee
  • It does not work well with all kinds of citrus.

Best Compact: OXO Good Grips Wooden Reamer

It doesn’t get easier than the OXO Good Grips Citrus Reamer. This cheap tool is constructed from solid beechwood that does not react with acidic fruits, even after consistent usage. And unlike tabletop juicers, it is possible to easily control the reamer’s angle and make sure you find every last bit of juice from your citrus fruit.

As soon as you’re finished juicing, cleanup is a cinch due to its single-piece construction-there aren’t any hard-to-reach crevices to wash or dig (though you should not place it in the dishwasher). Due to its compact and portable design, this handheld reamer is a must-have for professional chefs around the go.

“All these are useful in a pinch-I keep you in my knife apparel,” states Topham. If you do not do a great deal of juicing but might love to have something in your kitchen if you want to whip up a cocktail or dress a salad, this is a great option.


  • Simple design
  • Easy to store and package for traveling


  • Requires palms to get cluttered
  • Not Great for large amounts

CO-Z H Press Manual Fruit Juicer

The CO-Z 0003 Hand Press Manual Fruit Juicer is just another manual choice that is reasonably lightweight and low-cost. It is not so sturdy, however, and could be difficult to assemble.

This 13.9-pound hand-operated version features extra-long ABS plastic handles for superior grip and a decent-looking silver and black body. The stainless steel cone and funnel and detachable and dishwasher-safe, making cleanup simple.

We discovered that building the juicer was marginally harder in testing, although the bundle involves a hex wrench to assist. The cone and funnel do not feel very hardy, and we discovered the non-slip rubber toes left marks on the countertops. This version is not backed up with a guarantee.


  • Fairly low-cost and lightweight
  • Dishwasher-safe stainless steel cone and funnel
  • Includes hex wrench for assembly
  • Extra-long handle for greater grip
  • Decent-looking silver and black body


  • More Challenging to build
  • Less durable cone and funnel
  • Non-slip rubber feet can leave marks.
  • No guarantee

Best for Children: Proctor Silex Alex’s Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer

The bright yellow outside this Proctor-Silex Alex’s Lemonade Juicer makes it resemble a children’s toy, but it’s a fairly well-performing part of kitchen gear. Designed quite similarly to the Black & Decker CJ625 Juicer, this one boasts a more silent engine than its rival but provides the same 34-ounce capacity pitcher and pulp-control attribute.

The juicer’s biggest draw is the base it supports with each unit sold; $ 1 is donated to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for childhood cancer study. Why is this great for children? It includes a full-color recipe book with tips for conducting your java stand. Therefore it is a fantastic appliance for some fun family time.


  • Cheerful Appearance
  • Detachable pitcher
  • Charitable incentive


  • Slightly noisy
  • Creates Plenty of pulp

Mr. Rudolf Enormous

The following manual juicer, the Mr. Rudolf Big, has an interesting-looking layout and a powerful non-skid foundation and includes a less expensive feel that is out based on its high cost.

This mild 5.54-pound version has a sturdy cast iron frame and a stainless steel strainer. Regrettably, the other elements are made of less durable and less appealing black vinyl. This juicer has a long handle for more excellent grip and a detachable, although not dishwasher-safe, strainer cone, and attachment. Prep work is restricted to cutting the fruit in half, and the system works nicely with all types of citrus.

Even though it’s relatively straightforward to use, this version does not feel very durable and is not backed up with a guarantee, so its more significant cost is tough to justify.


  • Fairly Simple to Use
  • Sturdy cast iron body and stainless steel parts
  • Lightweight
  • Works with citrus dimensions


  • Less durable vinyl bits
  • More expensive
  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • No guarantee
  • Not very durable

Bellemain Lemon Citrus Squeezer Juicer

Our final pick is a traditional citrus juicer using a straightforward layout that you are probably knowledgeable about. The Bellemain TRTAZI11A Lemon Squeezer is a little, hand-operated model that is simple to use but will not allow for complete extraction.

At just over a pound, this little juicer will fit in almost any kitchen. This version has stainless steel arms and comfy red design handles. The juicer is large enough to operate on grapefruits but does not do a fantastic job with smaller citrus fruits such as lemons and limes.

This juicer does not feel quite durable, with loose screws and rubber grips that frequently fall off. We also discovered that the two sides do not clamp all of the ways together, and that means that you won’t be in a position to juice your fruit. Bellemain provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Vintage, lightweight design
  • Cheap
  • Works with grapefruits
  • 100% satisfaction warranty


  • Not ideal for smaller fruits
  • Less lasting with loose screws
  • It does not clamp All of the ways together


Our favorite juicer is Zulay Professional Heavy Duty Citrus Juicer, which is great for larger quantities and very efficient juice extraction. Suppose you are looking for an excellent value juicer. In that case, Cuisinart CCJ-500 Citrus Juicer will be the best value option,  which offers a low cost, dishwasher-safe components, a three-year warranty, and other unique features. 

Shopping for the perfect citrus juicer is not simple. We hope this list will help you shop for the best product to meet your needs.

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