Top Best Coconut Water Brands of 2020

In Brazil, coconut water is the national drink. Drunk directly from coconut with a straw, we hear everywhere that it is the water of form and health. In the United States, it was not until 2010 that coconut water became very successful. Very popular with Hollywood stars such as singers: Rihanna and Madonna (who even invested in a brand of coconut water), the model: Gisele B√ľndchen but also the basketball player: Kevin Garnett. All swear by coconut water, this refreshing drink with many virtues, much less sweet than fruit juices.

At the same time, this drink from the islands is consumed daily in tropical countries, but not for the same reasons. Islanders consume coconut water when the water is not safe.

Best Coconut Water Brands of 2020 for Healthy Hydration

In the United States, the number of fresh coconut drinks on the market has increased fivefold in just four years. Coconut water has enjoyed similar success in the UK since it was the fastest growing soft drink in 2012.

1/ Vita Coco Coconut Water, Pure Organic

Vita Coco is a brand from the United States, created in 2004 and arrived in France in April 2012.

Vita Coco offers 100% natural coconut water without adding any concentrate. To please more taste buds, Vita Coco has widened its range and offers coconut water with lemon but also with peach-mango mixture. With its packaging that makes you travel to white sandy beaches, Vita Coco coconut water will make you succumb.

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2/ Real Coco Original Coconut Water

Real Coco’s 100% natural coconut water comes from coconuts from the Philippines. It has a pleasant taste and is one of the best valued by consumers, so it has earned a place in our TOP TEN of the best coconut waters in the world for one more year.

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3/ Goya Coconut Water with Pulp 6pk

This leading company in the exotic drinks sector has organic coconut water that does not disappoint anyone. Goya is known for its diversity of tropical waters and a wide variety of coconut waters with fruit. Its 100% organic coconut water stands out above the rest for its indisputable quality. This product was a winner of the 2017 ChefsBest award.

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4/ UFC Refresh Coconut Water

This excellent brand climbs a position compared to last year. UFC coconut water is 100% Thai coconut water. For its price, customer evaluation and flavor; It has earned merit this position in the list of the best coconut waters on the market in 2020.

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5/ COCO PRIMO Pure Coconut Water

Coco Primo is a drink with 100% pure coconut water made with coconuts from Vietnam. Ben Tre is a city in Vietnam known as “the land of coconut trees” for the quality of its product.

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