Best Coconut Water 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Coconut Water 2020 Top Full Review, Guide

Drinking coconut water is not only an intermittent and pleasurable holiday experience. This exotic and natural beverage is now available on most of our supermarket shelves.

Coconut water might be beneficial to a busy lifestyle, providing more potassium than a banana. Coconut oil might help prevent dehydration and rehydrate the body better after a workout.

In this guide, we look at if coconut water is all that it’s cracked up to be and what evidence there is to get a number of its potential health benefits.

Besides, we have a peek at what gets the Best Coconut Water brand the very best to help you take the guesswork out of choosing coconut oil.

What’s Coconut Water?

At the simplest type, coconut oil is the liquid that has been found in the center of coconut oil. Typically, the youthful green water will include the most healthy and the yummiest, and the juice from the aged brown coconut comes with an acidic taste and is slightly sour.

Following this, fluid is emptied of the center of the coconut. It will then be packed or bottled in a format that is sealed to keep it fresh. Some manufacturers generally pasteurize before packaging, which enables users for quite a very long moment.

Benefit Of Coconut Water

Coconut water is going to be the ideal substitute for a standard sports beverage. This beverage includes the perfect carbohydrates concentration to boost sports functionality, making it a great overall healthier drink substitute for sports beverages.

Furthermore, this beverage has lower sugar and more antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Some researchers advise that coconut oil might help you control your lower blood lipids and blood glucose.

In any case, coconut oil might help to reduce body fat and cholesterol levels. Based on your lifestyle, coconut oil may have distinct consequences. However, overall, coconut oil may lower your cholesterol and body fat, should you drink frequently and no extra sugar.

Top 16 Best Coconut Water Review 2021

Top 16 Best Coconut Water Review 2021

Taste Nirvana Premium Coconut Water

Highlighted Features

  • A not from focus 12 packs of all 16.2 fl. Ounce cans of coconut oil
  • Sourced from youthful Nam Hom coconuts in Thailand, this is canned in hours of harvesting.
  • Vegan and gluten-free from that can also be Non-GMO Project Verified.
  • This does not contain any additives.

Harvested from youthful Nam Hom coconuts in Thailand, the 12 pack of Taste Nirvana premium coconut water (16.2 fl. Oz cans) is not from concentrated water canned in hours it’s harvesting.

This coconut water is naturally gluten-free and vegan. It’s also free of additives and is Non-GMO Project Verified.

This coconut water currently contains coconut character and less than 1 percent sugar. Even though there is a doubt regarding whether that is merely out of a specific batch, there may be a little risk of getting many headphones starting to turn rancid.


  • Not from concentrate
  • Preservative-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Canned within hours of crop


  • This coconut oil water also contains coconut nature and fruit sugar.
  • There’s a risk of several headphones turning rancid.

Vita Coco Organic Coconut Water

Vita Coco Coconut Water container contains 12 packs of 11.1 Ounce bottles. Each jar contains only 60 calories and Gluten-free, Fat-free, and Non-GMO.

This product is organic hydration and has been manufactured from coconuts sourced from various nations. Besides, the water is packed within 72 hours of their coconuts being selected. Therefore it contains vitamin C along with also a small amount of added sugar.

Therefore, Vita Coco Coconut Water is your ideal option to use with a meal, before a workout, or after a workout.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes the new coconut water That’s packed within 72 hours.
  • Contains vitamin C
  • Low carbohydrates, so It’s a Fantastic choice to work with before a workout, using a meal.


  • Natural hydration
  • GMO-free, fat-free, and gluten-free
  • Gluten-free, fat-free
  • Low carbohydrates


  • Contains organic sugar

Coconut Beach 100 percent Coconut Water


The Coconut Beach 100 percent Coconut Water is similar to a holiday in a can. This straight-from-nature drink is made of pure Thai coconut water.

Additionally, the coconuts sourced to make these refreshing liquids are non-GMO, which means that you can make sure your drink is as significant for the environment because it is for the human body.

And, as a bonus, everyone can have 16 oz of liquid vs. the conventional 12, and you’re able to purchase one may come from Drizly to see whether you want it before buying a whole case.

Amy & Brian Coconut Water Original

Highlighted Features

  • Bundle of 24 10 fl. Ounce cans of young Thai coconut water
  • Free from any Additional ingredients and isn’t from concentrate
  • The Non-GMO Project Verified coconut water.

Made with pure young coconut water out of Thai coconuts, the 24 pack of Amy & Brian all pure coconut juice (10 fl. Oz cans) isn’t from focus and can be Non-GMO Project Verified. Additionally, it is free of any additional ingredients.

Some drinkers have discovered this does have a slightly different taste and might lack a few of the nutty flavor of additional coconut waters.

A few individuals have remarked that this seems to have a higher carbohydrate content than some other pure coconut oceans.


  • Pure coconut water
  • Not from concentrate
  • Non-GMO
  • No Additional ingredients


  • Can have another taste to additional coconut waters
  • The carb content is more significant than other oceans.
  • Not as much of a nutty taste

ZICO Natural 100-Percent Coconut Water

ZICO Natural 100-Percent Coconut Water wasn’t made in focus, but 100% natural coconut water. Additionally, this is GMO-free, and the jar was created from BPA-free plastic.

When you like this coconut water, then you’ll get additional potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and phosphorus to your physique. What’s more, it’s sugar-free and includes natural sweetness, which means you ought to drink it if it’s cold.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% coconut water, not from concentrate.
  • Tastier when a cold drink
  • No sugar added
  • It gives hydration using five all-natural electrolytes, which means it contains potassium up to a banana per bundle.


  • Not from concentrate
  • GMO-free
  • No Additional sugar
  • BPA-free plastic bottles


  • Will Require to serve chilled.

Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water


Many canned coconut water manufacturers warmth or pasteurize their beverages to be able to prolong shelf life. Some scientists consider this may diminish the health benefits of coconut water.

Consequently, if you seek to get the absolute most from your beverage, make sure that your coconut oil is “raw,” such as the Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water.

This pure, organic beverage consists of responsibly harvested coconuts similar to the aromatic varieties found in Thailand. Since this coconut beverage is raw, it is also more costly than other choices on this listing.

Naked Juice 100% Organic Pure Coconut Water

Highlighted Features

  • 12 packs of all 16.9 fl. Oz containers of water
  • Non-GMO Project Verified and USDA certified organic
  • A not from concentrate water, It’s free of any Additional sugar or preservatives
  • This can be a kosher coconut water

The USDA Organic Certified 12 package of pure coconut water (16.9 fl. Oz containers) is not from focus and can be free of added sugar or additives.

Additionally, this is kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified. Some consider this water will not have a smooth taste and taste coconutty, particularly its natural flavor. This organic taste also involves that this isn’t pure’ coconut water.


  • Not from concentrate
  • Organic
  • No Extra sugar
  • Kosher
  • Preservative-free
  • Non-GMO


  • Does comprise added natural taste
  • Its coconut taste Might Be too powerful.
  • It may have a smooth taste.

Bai Coconut Flavored Water

If you would like coconut oil but wish to cut the sugar off rations, the best method is to enjoy Bai Coconut Flavored Water. This coconut water has exceptional taste but just five calories.

This coconut water includes gluten-free, GMO-free, kosher, vegan. Also, it’s low glycemic. The jar was created from BPA-free plastic, which implies it’s the ideal product for your wellbeing.

Highlight Features

  • Packages a pair of 12 packs or six-packs of 18 fl oz
  • Includes erythritol and caffeine within
  • The jar was created from BPA-free plastic.
  • They are packed with tropical coconut oil taste.
  • Low carbohydrates


  • Best for a Wholesome Option
  • Includes small glycemic drink category
  • BPA-free plastic jar
  • Contains vitamin E and antioxidants that prevent the corrosion of the cells
  • Non-GMO project verified
  • Kosher, vegan, and low-carb


  • Low carbohydrates, therefore not the Ideal Selection for anybody, like the sweet taste.

Cococoast Passionfruit Coconut Water


However, if you do not like coconut water’s flavor, you would like to benefit from the health benefits, consider buying a flavored variation, such as the Cococoast Passionfruit Coconut Water.

This can contain all of the vitamins and nourishment of coconut oil and taste, such as tangy passion fruit.

Produced in New Zealand, Cococoast places 90 percent pure coconut water and 10% natural honey fruit juice within each serving. As an additional bonus, this coconut water includes no extra sugar and is cholesterol-free.

O.N.E. Pure Coconut Water

Highlighted Features

  • Not from concentrating 12 packages of 16.9 fl. Oz containers of water
  • The water is drained and packed at its origin.
  • Doesn’t contain any Additional sugars

Free from any extra sugar, the 12 pack of O.N.E pure coconut water (16.9 fl. Oz containers) isn’t made from concentrate and can be drained and packed at source.

This coconut water will not include natural taste, and it’s shifted recipe – maybe not all buyers are happy with its fresh flavor. Other buyers also have discovered that this water can be best utilized in smoothies or other beverages instead of drinking as the water by itself.


  • Not from concentrate
  • No Extra sugar
  • Packaged at origin


  • Does comprise added natural taste
  • Might be used in mixed drinks than ingesting as is

Real Taste Nirvana Coconut Water

Actual Flavor Nirvana Coconut Water was created from young and green coconuts, which were developed in Thailand. The real Taste Nirvana can be found near Thailand’s famous coconut groves.

This coconut water is both vegan and gluten-free, GMO-free. It comprises less than 1 percent fruit sugar, which permits you to enjoy the most typical taste.

Highlighted Features

  • Packages 12 packs of 16.2 fl ounce cans of coconut oil
  • This brand’s mill finds near Thailand’s famous coconut groves.
  • All-natural vegan and the non-GMO project confirmed.
  • Gluten-free and does not contain any additives.


  • Produced of fresh coconut water, not from concentrate
  • Preservative-free, gluten-free
  • Non-GMO, no trans fat all-natural ingredients
  • Canned within hours of crop


  • Has a danger of several headphones turning rancid

Earth Circle Organics Pure Coconut Water Powder


At times the very best coconut water is the type you make in your home. Whether you do not wish to keep a dozen bottles on your cabinet, worry you won’t utilize all your coconut water until it goes wrong, or are worried about the environment, there can be several hundred reasons why you do not wish to purchase canned or bottled coconut water.

Happily, the bottled or canned liquid is not the only alternative. Coconut water may also be powdered in a concentrated form, such as this Earth Circle Organics Pure Coconut Water Powder.

Add a tsp of powder into a cup of water. Also, you can enjoy a yummy glass of coconut water. Alternately, add the powder juice or a smoothie for the advantages of coconut water with no flavor.

Solimo Coconut Water

Solimo Coconut Water is all-natural coconut water that’s never made from focus. Comes in Amazon, this beverage was packed of 24 packages 11.2 fl oz.

This coconut water includes sugar-free and non-chemical preservatives. I suggest letting this beverage be served chilled before appreciating it.

Highlight Features

  • Packaged of 24 packages 11.2 fl oz
  • Tastier when a cold drink
  • No sugar added
  • An Amazon brand


  • No sugar added, no additives.
  • All-natural smell
  • Best if served chilled
  • Offers a satisfaction warranty


  • Should remind the cautious Delivery

MOJO Pure Coconut Water


With just one ingredient in everyone’s may, you can be confident that the MOJO Pure Coconut Water is as pure as it comes.

This non-GMO beverage isn’t made from concentrate; however, it is sweeter than several competitors due to the assortment of coconuts utilized.

Additionally, it only has 50 calories a serving, making MOJO marginally healthier than several other manufacturers on our listing.

Grab this bunch of 12 headphones so that you have sufficient for on-the-go hydration, cocktail mixing, and post-workout electrolyte fostering.

Laird Superfood Hydrate Coconut Water

Laird Superfood Hydrate Coconut Water is your all-natural coconut water. This beverage features hydration enhancers in 1 package that’s cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

The world is waking up to the diametrical requirement of hydration to keep optimum wellness. This beverage is an outstanding choice for highly-engineered and sugar-laden sports beverages, sodas, and juices.

Highlight Features

  • Has all-natural hydration mix
  • Low in calories
  • No sugar additives, no chemicals, no artificial colors, no artificial ingredients
  • One package of the coconut water manufacturer will store 19 500ml bottles.


  • NO sweeteners
  • Low carbohydrates, low carb
  • NO compounds
  • Cost-effective


  • Need to include water

Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water


Much like lemon juice, coconut oil can be enjoyed with or without pulp. For those that love the flavor of coconut and sometimes enjoy a coconut dessert, a bottle of coconut oil is highly suggested.

The bits and pieces of coconut give the beverage a slightly more substantial feel. Taste Nirvana makes among the most incredible coconut waters.

Their product is made from top name home coconuts developed in Thailand’s Nakhon Pathom Province. These sweet and large coconuts are harvested at peak ripeness and bottled within a couple of hours. The result is tasty coconut water that is as addicting as it’s healthy.

Points to Consider Before Purchasing Coconut Water

Coconut water was a staple of tropical foods for centuries and has also been used in Ayurvedic medicine and other conventional medicines.

Coconut water in America is generally flash or UHT pasteurized or processed with high-pressure processing (HPP) since there are not many raw (unpasteurized) sources out there. Coconut water that is raw or unpasteurized has to be stored refrigerated, and its shelf life is limited.

Coconut water will ordinarily have a sweet and smoky flavor. It may be drunk as it can be used in smoothies, popsicles, cocktails, sauces, puddings, curries, cakes, salad dressings, and much more.

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The Difference Between Coconut Water and Coconut Coffee

Coconut water is the clear liquid in the coconut, while coconut milk is refreshing coconut meat blended with coconut oil. Coconut water is extracted from youthful green coconuts. When at about nine months old, they’re just full of water.

Since the coconut ages, the water transforms to the snowy coconut flesh that’s later grated or pressed to generate the creamed coconut, oil, or milk.

Coconut Water Nutrition

Unflavored and no extra sugar are low calorie, comprising between 45 and 60 calories per 8 fl. oz serving. It’s also reduced sugar, and its own 9 g of carbohydrates are easily digestible. This leaves pure coconut water fitter than many sports beverages, sodas, and some fruit juices.

An eight fl. Oz serving coconut oil may also comprise around 3 g of fiber, 2 g of protein, and 10 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

Coconut water can also be a supply of many amino acids – a few of which can be in a higher amount than in cow’s milk. It’s a rich source of arginine, the amino acid that helps the body respond to physical strain.

Coconut water also contains natural electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, and sodium, even though the amounts vary as coconut pops.

Coconut waters that are flavored or feature added sugars must be treated more closely than coconut water since their glucose, fat, and sodium content could be radically improved. Adhering to some pure coconut water is generally always the most economical way to delight in coconut water.

Coconut Water for Active Lifestyles

Adequate potassium intake is essential for electrolyte and fluid balance in our bodies, particularly during exercise. Consuming sufficient potassium from your body may also help prevent cramps.

Although potassium is in foods like bananas, melon, grapefruit, oranges, and spinach, an unbalanced diet may indicate a decreased intake of this vital mineral.

Due to its high potassium levels – about ten times as far as a few sports beverages – coconut water can help the body remain hydrated during exercise and might hydrate your entire body better than plain water and equivalent to sports beverages following training.

Still, another study found that coconut oil can cause more stomach bloating and upset, though.

Though coconut water includes a smaller magnesium quantity, the calcium is necessary from the body to assist change calcium and potassium to muscle tissue to aid with muscle contraction and relaxation. Magnesium also plays an essential part in organ function and energy production.


Can Coconut Water Have A Natural Coconut Taste?

Coconut water has been produced from young green coconut and possesses the organic coconut flavor. The flavor of pure coconut water has a delicate and gently sweet taste.

Should you drink the coconut oil included with the overwhelming sweet taste, perhaps it comes in the artificial coconut oil.

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Could I Drink Coconut Water Before A Workout Or Play Sports?

Bottled coconut water generally contains vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, which are incredibly great for relieving hunger, preventing breakage, and strengthening the human body.

What’s more, it has only the matching concentration of carbs to provide your body with sufficient energy throughout the workout and play sports without causing stomach distress or upset stomach.

Maybe, coconut water would be the ideal substitute for a standard sports beverage.

I Can Drink Coconut Water Daily, Can not I?

Coconut water includes natural enzymes and a couple of calories. Therefore, it ensures that you can drink every day. Nonetheless, you need to restrain the consumption if you don’t need to obtain high potassium in blood pressure or blood.

Can Coconut Water Boost My Weight?

The coconut water raises your weight, yes or no, based on the way you drink it. Should you drink sugary and carbonated beverages daily, switching to coconut oil might have the opposite impact. It can help you shed weight.

But remember that coconut oil is the fruit, and coconut oil generally contains fructose. Based on your lifestyle, coconut oil may have distinct consequences.

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How Long Could I Drink Coconut Water After Launching?

Better is following launching; you must drink instantly. The packed coconut water might be a risk for consumption after launching.

Some coconut water manufacturers indicate referring once you open this package. Once opened, this fluid has to be imbibed within two days after they’ll turn rancid.

What’s the Disadvantage Of Coconut Water?

As you probably know, the advantages of coconut are incontrovertible. However, it doesn’t signify the coconut water does not have downsides.

The primary disadvantage of coconut oil is that it comprises more potassium than a banana per 11.1 fl oz – 16.9 fl oz bottle or package.

This vitamin is quite practical for virtually all individuals since it can relieve appetite, prevent dehydration, and fortify your entire body. But should you drink coconut oil in surplus and non-moderation that can result in diabetes, higher blood pressure?

Coconut water isn’t a fantastic alternative if you’re on a low carb or ketogenic diet. While this beverage includes low calories, virtually everyone these calories do come out of total carbohydrates.


Early research into the advantages of coconut oil is promising. Even though most of the studies have occurred in the lab, findings have shown the potential for diabetes and cardiovascular health. It might also be practical for hydration during exercise.

Presently there are no limits set by how much coconut oil we need to consume a day, but it’s well worth recalling it is not free. It does include sugars, sodium, and fat – mainly if it isn’t 100 percent pure coconut water.

Enjoyed as a member of a balanced and healthy way of life, coconut water might only support our well-being, and it might just be all that it’s cracked up to be.

We hope you have appreciated our very best coconut water fresh inspection. You feel confident in picking out the excellent coconut water to your preferences – if to understand after your early morning or inside a yummy berry coconut smoothie.

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