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Best Commercial Citrus Juicer 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Commercial Citrus Juicer 2021 Top Brands Review

Nowadays everybody wants to improve their lifestyle with new fruit juices. So you will need the Best Commercial Citrus Juicer to acquire perfect and fresh juice.

How can you opt for an excellent professional citrus juicer? Most of us recognize that freshly squeezed and flavored orange juice may make us healthy.

The fantastic thing is you can begin lemonade and create delicious and fresh citrus juice by pairing it with a citrus juicer in your cafe or restaurant. The citrus juicer brings one juice per minute to use as a commercial citrus juice.

Nevertheless, when it comes to deciding on the most effective commercial citrus juicer, deciding on the best one is somewhat tricky.

Commercial Juicers, Saffron Juice Extractors, Aesthetic Juicers, Citrus Juicers, Centrifugal Juicers, and naturally Orange Juicer Machines Can Be Found on the Market.

So whenever you’re picking the most excellent commercial citrus juicer, do a comprehensive survey to fit your requirements and budget.

Here we’re guiding you throughout the numerous citrus juicer products that will help you choose the most effective citrus juicer.

Total Buying Guide: How To Choose the Best Commercial Juicer

How To Choose the Best Commercial Juicer

Starting a juicing up company is a fantastic choice nowadays because an increasing number of individuals are conscious of their health and wish to eat and drink more inexpensively.

And needless to say, you might never create exceptional, excellent juice beverages for your clients without having a commercial juicer. To put it differently, it’s vital to locate your very best commercial juicer for your own small business.

But should you not know where to begin to pick the industrial juicer which satisfies yourself best amongst lots of finest commercial juicers, then below are a few helpful pieces of advice that you purchase. Hopefully, with this advice, you’ll have a significant initial step on the means of doing juicing enterprise.

Now, let us jump in.

Establish Your requirement And Your Financial Plan

There’s an impressively broad range of quality, brands, and price in the sphere of commercial juicers. Thus, finding the best among the very best commercial juicers requires extensive study.

But before doing this, firstly, you need to understand precisely what you would like and exactly what your intentions when you desire an industrial juicer are. It needs to be predicated on what you require. You can decide which kind of juicer you’re seeking and take a profound look at it.

For a beginner, if you don’t have sufficient time to have profound research about it, you can begin straightforward by searching for some business juicers with multi-function using a fantastic package.

Obviously, besides ascertaining precisely what you require of the commercial juicer, it’s essential to learn how much you can pay for this. Doing business isn’t straightforward, and you need to balance the price you need to endure and your profit you can make.

Matters About Commercial Juicers Which You Might Have to Consider

You may be missing in various commercial juicers using different cost, quality, and brand out there in the industry.

Thus, getting to understand commercial juicers can allow you to make the ideal choice in picking out the finest commercial juicers. Here are a couple of things you may have to understand if you’re searching for a commercial juicer.

Kinds of juicer: Fundamentally, there are 3 Chief Kinds of commercial juicers in the market today, which can be:

Citrus Juicers: As its name suggests, these juicers are engineered to extract and handle citrus fruits. Usually, they operate at a slow pace or are utilized by hand, and so they could make sweet juice, which remains fresh for quite a while (generally in 72 hours). Anyway, the purchase price of these juicers is quite fair.

And to Find out More, This Kind of juicer can be divided into three smaller classes, which can be: Squeezers, Guide pressers, Electric juicers.

See also:

Centrifugal Juicers: All these machines are famous for their affordability and speed.

They quickly turn disks with cutting edge blades to crush the veggies and extract juice from its pulp. But as of rapid juicing, Is Going to produce heat, which may affect the return’s nutritional content.

Masticating Juicers: These can also be known as cold press juicers. This sort of juicer is intended to gradually crush and extract as much juice as you can using powerful augers to squeeze the pulp under high pressure.

And needless to say, that causes a greater return which is not as foamy and with hardly any oxidation, so it’s fitter and maybe kept more.

But as of gradually crushing, it will have a very long time to juice along with the cost of it’s generally most expensive among three kinds of juicers.

Juicers’ speed: As stated previously, the juicer’s rate could directly impact the juice’s quality. The greater the rate, the more heat will be made there, and it’ll produce the juice shed more or fewer nutrients.

In any case, rapid juicing will earn more foam and oxidize into the juice to taste less sweet and be stored for a brief moment.

Thus, If You’re looking for a juicer that produces high nutrient-dense juice with a sweet flavor, you should choose Commercial Juicer Machine.

Kinds of components: citrus and centrifugal juicers are the ideal choices for you. Once You Want a juicer that may work on a Wide Array of nuts, fruits, or other Kinds of foods

Benefits of Use and Maintenance: This could be regarded as an essential aspect that could affect your selection. Usually, juicers are simple to assemble and disassemble for cleaning functions.

But some pieces of a few machines will need washing, while others may be cleaned using the dishwasher. If you would like to save time and have more advantages, a juicer using dishwasher-safe parts will probably be a superb alternative.

Top Rated 14 Best Commercial Citrus Juicers Brand

Top Rated 14 Best Commercial Citrus Juicers Brand

Eurolux ELCJ-1700 Electric Citrus Juicer

Are you trying to find the very best citrus juicer that provides vitamin-rich juice? Eurolux juicer would be the best citrus juicer electric that extracts the juice of citrus fruits without pasteurizing with features so you can immediately serve an original juice.

It is simple to put away, and you may find the maximum juice with a juicing cone’s assistance. With filters that are integrated, it’s possible to grab pits and make clean and fresh juices. The rubber grip, which provides a soft clasp on the media, requires no excess effort to eliminate the juice.

Suction cups are provided to reduce damage to the outside, and also the secure base setting can also be ensured. This is the most effective commercial electric citrus juicer that’s user friendly and includes an automatic shut-off function that eases juicing.

Key Features:

  • Simple to Use
  • Effortless press rubberized handle
  • Automatic on / off function
  • Stainless Steel Locking Spout
  • Detachable parts are Simple to clean.

Breville BJE830BSS1BUS1 Juice Fountain

Breville can be regarded as an iconic brand concerning making excellent kitchen products for individuals. Along also, the Breville BJE830BSS1BUS1 Juice Fountain is just one of the favorite products.

This juicer has a beautiful layout with strong, durable, tarnish-proof materials, like stainless steel juicing jar, hardened plastic, and ceramic cutting disc. Therefore, you might rest assured it may remain fit for quite a while.

Furthermore, this machine uses a powerful 1200W motor, which can make your juice exceptionally (roughly five times) faster when compared with other cold press juicers available on the market.

And its most distinguishing characteristic is that the extra-large feeding tube (roughly 3.5 inches) makes it possible to conserve your food prep period when you’re able to set huge chunks or entire veggies in the machines readily.

But besides premium quality materials and exceptional features, this juicer doesn’t do the job efficiently. In reality, it leaves foam on whatever juiced along with the pulp is dripping wet, which makes the quality of juice probably not as superior as other industrial juicers.

Simply speaking, this juicer is acceptable for prominent families or some areas that are looking to produce a lot of juice at a quick moment.

Focus Foodservice 97336 Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press, Black
774 Reviews
Focus Foodservice 97336 Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press, Black
  • Get Fresh Squeezed Juice - Perfect for oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons, and more, this commercial grade juice-press will quickly generate large quantities of the sweetest juice possible, free of bitter skin oils
  • Ergonomic Handle - The sure-grip rubber handles are easy to use and hold and quietly stopped by the rubberized handle stop


  • Beautiful design with strong, durable materials
  • Light and easy to clean
  • Large feeding chute with a powerful motor to save more time


  • Extracting juice does not work effectively.

Nutrifaster N450 Commercial Juicer


  • NSF and UL certified
  • High volume and speed
  • Wide feed and ejector chutes
  • The cutter as well as shredder blade


  • Noisy when starting off
  • Assembly and cleaning take time.
EcoJeannie Premium Quality Lemon Squeezer Stainless Steel w/Food Grade #304 Food Grade, Anti-Corrosive Premium Quality Manual Jumbo Size Squeezer, Manual Citrus Press Juicer
656 Reviews
EcoJeannie Premium Quality Lemon Squeezer Stainless Steel w/Food Grade #304 Food Grade, Anti-Corrosive Premium Quality Manual Jumbo Size Squeezer, Manual Citrus Press Juicer
  • BEST SELLER – Big EcoJeannie (LS0001) Professional Jumbo Lemon Squeezer for Easy Effortless Juicing / Lemon Juicer, Citrus Juicer, Lime Juicer / Commercial Grade Citrus Press, High Quality Mirror Finish Stainless Steel (304 Steel)
  • BIG AND STRONG : Professional and jumbo size, made of high quality #304 Stainless Steel in mirror finish. From material to construction, this is the best lemon squeezer you will ever find. -- If you need an even bigger Squeezer, please check our new EcoJeannie LS0002 Super Jumbo Lemon Squeezer (You can simply copy and paste EcoJeannie LS0002 in search box.)

Performance and Reliability

The Nutrifaster N450 is a centrifugal juicer using a sound, professional appearance, and an all-stainless-steel layout. It’s been in the marketplace for quite a lengthy time, and it is a well recognized and reliable juicer in several industrial operations.

It may operate continuously for 45 minutes before needing shutdown to cool for a quarter-hour. It will produce a quart (1/4 gallon) per second based upon the product, and also, the automated pulp ejector allows for constant juicing at a fast speed.

Layout and Versatility

It includes two kinds of blades, specifically a 16-blade cutter and a shredder. The 16‒knife cutter to the cutter plate should be resharpened each two-four months under regular usage. Nutrifaster provides this support should you phone their 1‒800 number or contact the supplier representative.

All metallic components are made from surgical grade stainless steel. This includes the wastebasket, which’s intended to capture smaller parts of pulp.

Just the 18-inch release chute tubing is constructed from plastic. Although simple to use, assembly and disassembly, in addition to cleaning, can take a few 20 minutes or longer.

User Feedback and Assurances

Many users love the juice is pulp-free. While it will make leafy greens better than non-commercial centrifugals, it is best not to do a great deal, especially kale, since it may clog-up the strainer. If it’s possible, combine greens with watery textures.

The guarantee covers just one year on parts and 90 days on labor. Extremely extensive documentation can be included, covering hints on troubleshooting and moisturizing.

Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer

Zulay citrus juicer is the finest commercial manual citrus juicer in addition to Orange Squeezer additionally. Extracts juice quickly and easily by simply pulling the comfortable and company grip handle.

Permanent and heavy-duty cast iron is employed as a commercial-grade hand media extractor. It permits you to crush and squeeze modest fruits, veggies too.

It can manage a massive fruit using a 5-inch diameter cup, which may accommodate different veggies’ different kinds and sizes.

This is the best industrial juicer, which concentrates more on juicing compared to cleansing. It provides a detachable filtration cup that’s dishwasher safe.

It’s far better than electric machines because of its environmentally friendly character. It provides stability where it was created with rubber feet that stand firm and stop slipping, falling into the floor.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable and company grip handle
  • Eco-friendly nature
  • Safe and secure
  • Simple to operate
  • Cast iron base

Hamilton Beach 96700 Commercial Electric Juicer

This machine is strictly made for citrus. It lets you juice a dozen big oranges or lemons in only a moment or 2 minutes.

Hamilton Beach 96700 includes a refined and robust layout with long-lasting materials like stainless steel containers, durable housing with an acid-resistant metallic complete or lasting strainer, and reamers.

In any case, it’s a brushless induction engine that permits you to extract juice quietly. This juicer also includes a vast plastic pulp strainer, which may save you more time. Interestingly, it’s not hard to wash after juicing because some machine sections may be removed and cleaned.

On the other hand, the drawback of this machine is very good for just citrus. It’s a challenge for you to juice anything else by applying this juicer.

This system will soon be an ideal citrus juicer for areas that have a commercial function, such as in juice bars, smoothie bars, restaurants, etc.

Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Citrus Juicer, Black
540 Reviews
Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Citrus Juicer, Black
  • Rack and pinion gearing for more leverage. Stainless steel strainer cone and abs plastic funnel are easily removed for cleaning and sanitizing
  • Stainless steel strainer cone designed for juicing lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits, and pomegranates


  • Nice design with durable materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Quite sound with fast speed
  • Leak-proof shaker with weighted bottom


  • Good for citrus only

Vitalisci Masticating Slow Juicer – Greatest Slow Commercial Masticator


  • FDA, ETL, CE, and RoHS certified
  • Good for wheatgrass
  • 3 different types of strainers
  • Two feed chutes
  • Cleaning easy and efficient
  • 10-year motor warranty


  • Not so suited for large output
  • No NSF certification

Motor and Auger Grinder

The upside of slow juicers, besides better quality juices, they are also silent. This Vitalisci includes a comparatively silent 300-watt motor and the inverse operating max outside at approximately 40 dB. The only auger rate is 40 RPM, which’s considered the very best for minimal juice oxidation.

Versatile Adaptations

There are three strainers: a nice one for purer juices, a rough one for pulpy produce, and an ice cream strainer. The feeding chute is 3.15 inches broad, so much cutting is essential.

There’s also a 1.8-inch opening for more kinds of stem foods or wheatgrass. This system is also a superb wheatgrass juicer.

ROVSUN Commercial Grade Citrus Juicer

Fresh and ideal juices keep your mind clean. It’s the very best commercial manual citrus juice since it provides a safety limit. The handle needs to be secured with a dark plastic cap to prevent the manager from slipping and keep the grip in that place.

The Rovsun Juicer includes a lightweight and long handle that reduces hand strain by providing a comfortable, rubberized grip.

This best manual citrus juicer provides juice in only three steps: slice the citrus fruit in half, put the horizontal cut down on the plate, and press on the handle.

This way, it’s simple to operate. It’s a stainless steel filter that’s created from heavy-duty steel and ensures cleanliness and safety. This juicer provides tasty and ideal juices without pulp and seeds.

ROVSUN Commercial Grade Citrus Juicer Hand Press Manual Fruit Juicer Juice Squeezer Citrus Orange Lemon Pomegranate (White)
1,429 Reviews
ROVSUN Commercial Grade Citrus Juicer Hand Press Manual Fruit Juicer Juice Squeezer Citrus Orange Lemon Pomegranate (White)
  • FREE SAFETY HAT: Only ROVSUN can send you the safety hat. Use the black plastic hat to lock it in that position. It will prevent the handle come down accidently. This heavy duty juice crusher have long and light handle with comfortable rubber grip which stop and reduce pressure on the hand.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: ROVSUN manual juicer is made of heavy duty cast iron, with 304 stainless steel strainer which ensures 100% safety and hygiene. Our Manual Juicer Extractor is perfect for restaurants, bars, families, party or super markets, where you need lots of fresh juice. And it stores easily in your lower cabinet with pots and pans.

Key Features:

  • Free safety hat
  • Easy to Use and clean
  • Heavy-duty cast steel stainless steel strainer
  • Highest quality product
  • Reinforced foundation to improve stability

HUROM HZ Slow Juicer

As its name suggests, it’s the slow juicer. Therefore it is going to take some time to juice something. Its rotational rate reaches 43 RPM, which is almost equivalent to the juice rate by hand, so that this system can supply you with the top caliber of juice.

Additionally, thanks to employing only a 150W motor, this juicer may get the job done efficiently and much more quietly than other machines in the marketplace.

It’s an elegant appearance with stainless steel complete and LED indicators, and each of the components is created out of BPA-free, with no sharp edges, which will be friendly and safe for consumers.

The masticating juicer may be used for nuts, fruits, veggies, etc., without worrying about moist pulp.

Nonetheless, it functions in about 30 minutes without straining due to the little engine, so it will take time to produce a lot of juice.

In any case, the chamber ability is relatively modest (approximately 17 oz ). Consequently, the feed has to be carried out gradually. Additionally, it’s not simple to wash and clean out the machine in contrast to other people. To put it differently, it’s a time-consuming product.

In summary, this machine will probably be appropriate for individuals that wish to create excellent top juice and don’t fret too much about earning time.


  • Elegant look
  • Safe and friendly product
  • Leaving dry pulp as producing high-quality juice


  • Time-consuming
  • Not easy to disassemble and clean
  • Customer service is not good.

Jupiter XL Commercial Citrus Juicer – Greatest Citrus Hand Press


  • Suction caps could be longer-lasting
  • Not so good for large-sized fruits


  • Base suction cups lack quality
  • Not suitable for uneven surfaces
  • Not so good for large-sized fruits

Base and Stability

This hand press isn’t hard to work but requires a secure surface. It’s a broad, cast iron base (9.25 in x 7.38 in) with rubber suction cups. Most consumers are impressed with the general equilibrium. However, the suction cups tend to wear down earlier than anticipated.

Lever and Height

The media lever measures 31 inches from the vertical position, and the standard counter height is approximately 36 inches. Consequently, the maximum height will be approximately 68 inches or 172 cm, so it’s manageable for a mean adult height of 5 ft 7 inches or 175 cm.

The front lever and handles consumed sure-rubber grips that prevent slipping, and the mechanism employ a 3-pinion equipment layout that exerts maximum pressure with minimal work.

The only two detachable components would be the perforated strainer cone and funnel cup, each of which are simple to remove and wash. The tooth paint coating can also be immune to uric acid.

It comes in 2 colors – white and also a stylish black.

It works nicely with oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes, but not so with immense dimensions. An advantage of using a hand-press is the juice is sweeter as there isn’t any acidic residue in the skin oil as having a motorized press.

Additionally, the hand-press does a superb job of flattening pulp and producing a smoother juice.

BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer, White, CJ625
10,988 Reviews
BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer, White, CJ625
  • 30-watt electric citrus juicer with 32-oz. capacity
  • Auto-reversing juicing cones provide maximum juice extraction

Chefory, Best Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer

Now scatter the citrus fruit with just a small hard work and eliminate the strain. The theory is your very best commercial manual citrus juicer, mainly designed to extract the juice from each drop of fruit. It is a lot simpler to make juice now.

Simply slice the fruit, then put the cropped side and another side and press on the handle. The handle is made from silicone, which provides a comfortable grasp.

This best orange juice machine made from stainless steel also has enhanced hinges for heavy usage. That means that you can readily taste the lemon by squeezing the lemon without any strain in your hand.

Additionally, it provides the immune system that makes it possible to digest and shed fat by squeezing a lemon in your favorite foods or beverages.

Key Features:

  • Reduces hand pressure
  • Comfortable anti-slip handle
  • Quick and readily squeeze lemons
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

Switol Manual Citrus Juicer

Swivel is just one of the very best electric citrus juicer created for industrial purposes by specialty restaurants, pubs, grocery shops, and much more.

Make healthier and fresh juices using the very best commercial manual citrus juicer. With this professional juicer, get the juice out of every last drop of fruit.

It’s simple to use, simple to extract the juice. Simply cut the fruit in half, put the chopped portion onto a plate, and then press on the handle.

The heavy-duty juicer was created with crushers so that you may enjoy pulpless juices. Stainless steel strainer is dishwasher safe and may be washed manually. Finally, dry the extractor in the citrus’ close, wash out the cap using a dishcloth.

Key Features:

  • Get Juice quickly in 3 steps.
  • Simple to clean and operate
  • Stainless steel strainer
  • Get the juice with no sour flavor.
  • Heavy-duty crusher

Can-Can Pomegranate And Citrus Juicer

The following manual juicer is coming out of the Turkey brand called Can-Can. This system is principally created for juicing pomegranate and citrus.

But you may use it to extract juice from some other soft veggies if you reduce it to the ideal form. It’s constructed from numerous cast iron and stainless steel parts, making this system persist for quite a while.

The Can-Can Pomegranate and Citrus Juicer have a straightforward layout with plastic, a little plastic drip cup, plus a rubberized cover to the handle. You’re able to adjust the distance between the upper media and strainer to match many kinds of fruits.

But you need to consider the height between these that have to be appropriate to put the carrying cup. Moreover, together with the weight of approximately 13 lbs and a good foundation, you won’t be worried it will proceed as you push back on the deal.

Obviously, to juice, this system will want a good deal of your binding energy, and you would like a high number of cups of juice, then it will also take its own time.

In Short, this system would be the best for serving private demands or Tiny area making.


  • Sturdy and well-built design
  • High durability
  • Producing high-quality yields


  • Slow extracting
  • Small capacity

Dash Citrus Juicer

Wake up and begin your wonderful day with refreshing and yummy juices. Dash Citrus Juicer is the best electric orange juicer that provides efficient and easy juices in significantly less time.

You can correct the pulpit to control the pulp and 32 automobile containers to extract the juice. You were designed with an electric reamer and auto-reversing work that makes a hot snap.

Even young kids may enjoy juicing using its simple snacking. It is lightweight and compact, therefore that it requires very little room to put away.

This citrus juicer supplies a 1-year guarantee with excellent customer service. Contains two reamer cones, a fridge-ready juice container with a lid, a recipe book, and a recipe database.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Efficiently and quick juicing.
  • Simple to Use
  • The non-electric component is dishwasher safe.

Champion Juicer G5-PG710

The Champion Juicer G5-PG710 is yet an alternative for an industrial juicer. It’s a timeless appearance with good construction.

Like every other heavy-duty masticating juicers, this system is constructed from top quality and durable components like stainless steel, which could manage various forms of vegetables and fruits from soft to hard.

A robust motor (in 1/3 horsepower) may produce a high nutritious return at a prolonged rate. The stainless steel shaft gives it the power to crush and squeeze a good deal of hard vegetables and fruits but still operate smoothly and gently through the process of extraction.

On the other hand, the juicing rate is relatively slow compared to other masticating juicers in the price that you need to pay. And cleaning isn’t quite as simple as others.

In a nutshell, this system will probably be a perfect juicer for families in addition to small juicing enterprises.


  • High quality and durable machine
  • Strong motor
  • Smooth and quiet operation


  • Quite a high price
  • Not easy to clean


Our collection of the best commercial citrus juicers to buy are top quality, fully guaranteed, and certified to add value to your office. In case you have some comments or want to ask a question, please don’t hesitate to use the comment feature below. We’re always here for you.

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