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Best Concrete Mixer 2021: Top Brands Review

These days, Best Concrete Mixer includes several different versions that provide an assortment of features, which may be difficult for you to tell which is acceptable to your own needs.

Additionally, several price points could confuse you as you might not understand your requirements are up to that degree. In the following guide, we’ll provide you information on the top 9 best mixers for the money in 2021, so it is possible to think of the perfect option!

Whether you’re a professional employee or not, you still require a high quality and appropriate concrete mixer for your job that you work.

Arcadiaales will bring you several alternatives within this listing, so you could easily select one that works flawlessly for you. Picking the proper tool can help you save a lot of cash.

This report includes all you want to learn more about the very best portable mixer lately. We’ll cover both the pros and cons, in addition to a comprehensive concrete mixer’s buying guide, to help you along with your decision making.

Total Buying Guide: How To Purchase the Greatest Concrete Mixer?

How To Purchase the Greatest Concrete Mixer

If you would like to think of the best electric concrete mixer to the cash, you would have to keep in mind two questions: What would be your own needs and requirements? Which features are you searching for?

And after only considering the products that have these features. Stick with your needs, and You’ll find the One Who is the best value for your money:

Occasional usage – usually for little work sites or individual applications in your home: If you simply require a concrete mixer for a little job website, you’d better choose an electric concrete mixer that has a loading capacity of approximately 60 liters. It’s also wise to consider a handheld mixer, which is quite acceptable for a narrow area.

Regular uses – generally for small to moderate work websites: In this event, you’ll require the best cement mixer for home use with the ability of 120 liters to 190 liters, based on how big your projects.

Intensive or normal usage – typically for big projects and professional job websites: If you need a concrete mixer to get everyday use at a massive project, you may need a huge one with additional efficacy.

Even when you’re a professional person or just a man who wants to perform the concrete mixing occupation in your home on your own, you must understand which variables make the very best cement mixer. There are several things to consider, but some attributes are more essential than others.

Now take a look at our complete purchasing guide, which will be super helpful for you!


Concrete mixers are typically powered by electricity or gas, and a number of them provide both gas and electricity. Virtually every one of the products within our listing of the best portable concrete mixer works by electricity.

You need to be aware that an electric mixer is reduced maintenance and much more eco-friendly. Electric mixers will also be more silent, more robust, and much more user-friendly. On the flip side, if your construction website doesn’t have any power, you may require gasoline.

As you may notice, cement mixers include several different degrees of horsepower and rates of motors. Big professional mixers usually have an engine power of 1/2 to 5 horsepower.

The smaller ones which match unprofessional uses are from 1/3 into 1/2 horsepower. Additionally, handheld concrete mixers tend to have lower power compared to others. Take these factors in mind when picking the machine for your own needs.


You must remember while considering the mixer’s capability that it’s not like the output.

Since the concrete mixer generally can’t hold the full capacity, the outcome equals the cement quantity in which the mixer stays minus 2/3. Otherwise, you only have to understand that each 1.75 cu. Ft. of power is much like an 80-pound bag of dry cement.

Based upon your projects, you can pick the ideal mixer having a decent capacity. Should you require a machine to get a small-sized project just, a smaller drum quantity than 100 liters is sufficient. Meanwhile, you’ll require a larger capacity for professional applications.

Anyway, you ought to look closely at this drum opening. When it’s too little, you may need additional time and attempt to load the substances to the mixer. Bear in mind that a 15-inch diameter is widespread and significant to use.


One significant element that impacts the mixer’s durability is that the substances used to generate the machine. The cement residue will probably be readily left within the drum each time after use.

Additionally, when you combine such a heavy responsibility load of mortar or stucco, it will leave numerous cracks and fractures indoors. Your drum needs to be produced from excellent top steel rather than aluminum so that it may resist these assaults.

Steel concrete mixers are also easy to clean and shop, making their lifespan more while saving your time and energy.


As you may see, there are two kinds of mixers in our listing of best cement mixers: majority mixer along with handheld mixer. The handheld type is super simple to maneuver around; nonetheless, you may require a majority mixer for professional applications. In cases like this, you ought to care about its freedom.

Your machine should include wheels for superior freedom on your websites. The wheels make the pouring process a lot simpler.

The brakes’ layout and materials have to have the capacity of shock absorption and record equilibrium.

In any case, they need to be tough to withstand any type of bumpy street or tough flooring to make your tasks easier and prevent work-related accidents.

If you’re seeking a portable concrete mixer, then you ought to take a peek at its weight, also. You definitely won’t need to move around this kind of hefty machine!


We tend to pay more attention to the engine and loading capacity of a mixer. On the other hand, the framework is also an important area of the machine, impacting its stability and endurance.

Here is the only component you can’t substitute or repair, which means you will need to purchase a new one if the old framework breaks.

Some producers wish to decrease their prices by utilizing aluminum for the framework. However, because concrete mixing isn’t a delicate task, you’d want a framework that’s constructed from steel, which provides the machine with sufficient strength.


As you probably know, mixing concrete isn’t a delicate task. Hence, do not neglect to inspect the machine’s build quality and guarantee.

Within our listing of the most effective concrete mixer in 2020, the majority of the choices offer one year to two decades of guarantee, in addition to free support throughout the system life.

As you’ll need to spend an excessive amount of money to get a concrete mixer, you should focus on the variable and pick a trustworthy brand, who guarantees to provide you with top excellent support.

Top Rated 9 Best Concrete Mixers Brand

Top Rated 9 Best Concrete Mixers Brand

Yardmax Ym 0115 Concrete Mixer

Yardmax is the most popular brand of resources associated with cement and concrete cited in this article because of its concrete mix machine, including a top user score.

The Yardmax YM0115 concrete mix machine is within the 1st position within this article since it features the maximum user rating compared with other choices on the market.

This is possible due to the broad range of features and choices this concrete mixer provides to the consumer. Its title delivers a fantastic potential of 4 cubic feet into the consumer, which should be enough for many users on the market.

It is possible to use this high capability to combine lots of ingredients simultaneously to create considerable concrete quantities in less period.

Since Yardmax is a trendy manufacturer of power tools, it’s also quite reliable. In reality, it includes a 2-year extended guarantee that’s always good to have.

Once it delivers a steel grip to the consumer, the build quality is regrettably on the typical side. You also need to remember that this concrete mix machine is slightly bigger.

When you get this concrete mix machine, its meeting process is quite simple to follow, so you can begin using it straight away.

Allway Tools Series Allway 10031 HM1 1 Gallon Helix Paint Mixer, Silver
7,739 Reviews
Allway Tools Series Allway 10031 HM1 1 Gallon Helix Paint Mixer, Silver
  • Fastest Mixer Of Its Kind
  • Fits All Electric Drills, Polypropylene Blade

Best Features:

  • Up to 4 feet mix machine capacities
  • ⅕ HP electric motor
  • 2-year long warranty
  • Extended warranty for an Affordable Price
  • It comes with a variety of features for ease of use.
  • It offers an effortless and straightforward assembly process.


  • Large capacity for making a lot of concrete at once
  • Easy to follow assembly process for saving time
  • IP45 water resistance certification for motor


  • Average build quality
  • Only a ⅕ HP electric motor

SUNCOO 3/4HP Electric Concrete Cement Mixer

The SUNCOO Electric Concrete Cement Mixer is among the very best cement mixers available on the market and starts us off in the top select.

The potent engine has double functions for mixing brick, concrete, stucco, seeds, and fertilizer, which are perfect if you’re into doing many home projects.

Versatility plays a central role in buying a cement mixer since it is not quite as handy if it’s only able to do something.

The mixer has up to speed relatively fast and is easy to move. There aren’t any dead places, which means that you may feel assured that everything is ultimately mixed.

It’s an industrial metal framework, which makes it incredibly durable and useful in a commercial sense. Durability is combined with flexibility if you’re searching for a concrete cement mixer. It’s reasonably priced, which means that you won’t break the bank, making this a perfect investment.

A bonus is that the cement mixer is simple to put together, and if you’re having trouble, there’s a movie that will aid you. It’s highly mobile and easy to move around.

The wheels might have been somewhat more prominent, but it was not something that could not be managed for almost any project. Additional accessories can be bought at a moderate cost. Overall this cement mixer has got its top place with flying colors.


  • Durable, strong commercial build
  • Variety of uses and applications
  • Portability
  • Excellent price


  • The wheels could be a bit larger.


The Kuslan cement mixer is excellent for professional applications because of the high efficiency and lasting performance.

You shouldn’t judge this mixer electricity on its own merits, as it’s such a strong motor that’s 3/4 horsepower, meaning it may produce around 28 RPM of cement. You’ll discover it super simple to maneuver around the job sites and simply pour the mix into the form.

The removable grips are considerately made and made from steel for simple control. Its loading capability is 3.5 Cu. Ft. can hold two concrete bags, leading to high efficiency. Its three steel blades guarantee that high excellent mortar and concrete are created.

The polyethylene-made drum resists rust, cracks, and even dents to create cleanliness and become simple and easy. As a result of this, the mixer lifespan will probably be longer, also.

This is only one of the chief reasons why this mixer is pricier than others. But as time passes, you’ll realize that it is worth every dollar of you since it’ll bring such premium quality combinations and lasting performance.

PROLINEMAX HD Portable Electric 3-1/2 Cubic Feet Steel Stucco Concrete Cement Mixer Contractor Mortar
  • 3-1/2 Cubic Feet Steel Stucco Concrete Cement Mixer
  • Electrical Input: 120 Vac / 60HZ / 3.5A ; Motor No Load speed: 1820 RPM


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to move
  • Produces high-quality concrete and mortar


  • Not tall enough to pour into a standard wheelbarrow or a bucket
  • High price

Goplus Electric Cement Concrete Mixer 1/2HP

Though Goplus is among the latest power tools on the market, it supplies a concrete mix machine using a tall consumer score.

This Goplus electric concrete mix machine is within the 3rd position within this informative article as it among the most inexpensive options available on the market.

Though it has a low price tag, it’s still able to offer you a good deal of features to this consumer. And each one of the different features and choices supplied by this concrete mix machine brings about a high value for money for your consumer.

Because this is an electric device, it employs an electric motor with a power rating of 1/2 HP for easily mixing cement.

While the engine power provided by this concrete mix machine is relatively high, the same cannot be said because of its capacity. It only includes an aptitude score of 2.2 cubic feet, which may be a problem for many users.

Luckily, the build quality provided by it’s relatively hardy and robust, meaning you could depend on this concrete mix machine for quite a very long moment. You also receive a 2-year extended guarantee with it, which’s quite significant for the specified cost mixing machine.

Best Features:

  • As much as 2.2 cubic feet mix machine capacities
  • 1/2 HP electric motor
  • 2-year long warranty
  • Offers excellent build quality for longevity
  • Two wheels on the floor for Simple movement
  • Numerous controls with security lock
  • Enables usage for multiple programs


  • Offers a powerful ½ HP electric motor
  • It comes with multiple controls and safety options.
  • Build quality and the warranty period is quite good.


  • Low capacity for concrete mixing
  • Only two wheels on the bottom

Klutch Portable Electric Cement Mixer

The Klutch Portable Electric Cement Mixer is a superb selection for virtually any project. The Klutch is steel fortified using a powder finish to this industrial look and texture.

It’s cast-iron ring equipment for durability and wheels for freedom. It’s smaller but perfect for small to moderate size projects. The price is similar to other brands available on the market. The engine is successful for smaller projects.

But this was not a complete home run. The most considerable drawback is the lack of customer services. That, and it is hard to build. Its size also restricts the range of work you can perform using this mixer.

Klutch Portable Electric Cement Mixer -2 Cubic Ft. Poly Drum
15 Reviews
Klutch Portable Electric Cement Mixer -2 Cubic Ft. Poly Drum
  • Easy-to-clean polypropylene drum
  • 2 cu. ft. drum capacity


  • Sturdy build
  • Comparable price


  • Small to midsize jobs
  • It doesn’t come assembled.
  • Little to no customer support


The Jaxpety cement mixer is constructed from durable material, heavy-duty steel, which resists corrosion and rust. The triangular bracket and two wheels attract more stability. This sturdy construction can make this system last for several years.

The mixer is excellent for use in construction websites. It has a 2400W aluminum engine, so it can swiftly and economically finish the mixing function.

The drum capability is five cubic feet, which can be very big compared to other products within this listing of best cement mixers, so it’s ideal for large concrete quantities.

This heavy-duty cement isn’t just acceptable for brick, concrete, and stucco, but for agricultural applications like mixing feeds and inoculating seeds.

The non-slip handle with security lock enables easy functionality. The low-profile height is perfect for attaching the product to molds or wheelbarrows.

Two wheels permit rapid transportation in almost any road condition. You may love this, particularly when you frequently have to move the mixer around your worksites or from places to places.

This mixer is straightforward to use, and you won’t need any professional assistance. It’s also easy to wash and store.

If you’d like a mixer that may stand sunlight beams, rainwater, and end, this could be a fantastic selection. What’s more, it includes a 1-year guarantee and fantastic support in the company.


  • Ideal for industrial and construction sites
  • High efficiency
  • Durable and stable
  • Hassle-free cleaning and maintenance
  • Premium material and design
  • 1-year warranty


  • Some people have complained that it is not suitable for extra big building projects

COLIBROX Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer

The COLIBROX Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer is among the most excellent cement mixers in the marketplace. Does Colibrox provide a trusted product, but they stand by it.

They promote customer support and a money-back guarantee if you’re not pleased with the purchase price. The robust build and effective engine adapt an assortment of combinations for projects, including cement, agricultural software, mortar, and several other ingredients.

There’s not any project too large or too little with this mobile mixer. It’s simple to move with two big rubber wheels. The front loader makes for the simplicity and convenience of having thick material to the mixer.

The cost is similar to additional cement mixers, making it an outstanding investment for any home or business project.

But, beware of the fact that it doesn’t come built. Also, it suffers from having some dead spots inside the mixer, which we did not like.

Wheelbarrow Mixer, 3.5 cu ft, 115V, 3/4HP
72 Reviews
Wheelbarrow Mixer, 3.5 cu ft, 115V, 3/4HP
  • Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies
  • Country of manufacture: China


  • Powerful engine
  • Sturdy build
  • Dual Usage
  • Customer service and guarantee


  • There are a few dead spots.
  • It does not come assembled.


Another handheld cement mixer in this list! This paddle mixer out of Nordstrand may do a fantastic job in churning an excessive amount of sand with water in any sort of container you might have.

Like most other handheld mixers, this one is made for narrow construction websites. The Nordstrand mixer isn’t acceptable for moderate to large-sized projects, but its durability may surprise you.

Its 1800W engine will be able to enable you to complete your job without any hassle. It may work well with brick, concrete, adhesive, plaster, and paint. Its heavy-duty engine has six speeds that are acceptable for different blend products.

It’s advised that this system will do the job with thin-set mortar rather than concrete with stone or compact cement combinations. Observing this can help prolong the system’s lifespan.

This mixer is simple to construct. You will find handles made considerately to maintain it longer easily, an extensional hardy and robust rod that may be extended up to 24 inches, so the times that could attain the most mixing.

The cause can also be secured, so you may get the machine to function continuously without pressing down the trigger throughout the entire process.

You won’t need to worry about wasting too much attempt to track the machine when you continue to acquire the fantastic outcome.

In comparison with other hand-held cement mixers, this appliance is somewhat thicker – over 11 lbs. But, it’s still simple to control because of the ergonomic design grips.

COLLOMIX Mixing Paddle - WK Series 4.7' Mixer Drill Attachment Bit with All Sticky and Viscous Materials & HEXAFIT connection - WK120HF
68 Reviews
COLLOMIX Mixing Paddle - WK Series 4.7" Mixer Drill Attachment Bit with All Sticky and Viscous Materials & HEXAFIT connection - WK120HF
  • FOR STICKY AND VISCOUS MATERIALS - Designed to mix materials such as Masonry Cement, Joint Cement, Stucco, Grout, Epoxy Resin Grout and more
  • UNIVERSAL MIXING PADDLE - The WK paddle is suitable for diverse applications, this mixing paddle is notable for excellent conveyance of the material. Two mixing helices enable easy guidance in the material and minimal stress on the machine


  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Trigger lock
  • Quite a powerful motor
  • Ideal for narrow spaces


  • A bit heavy compared to other handheld concrete mixers
  • A bit low efficiency

Pro-Series CME35 Electric Cement Mixer, 3.5 Cubic Feet

The Pro-Series CME35 Electric Cement Mixer is designed to knock off your socks on flexibility. It supplies a 180-pound mix capability, making it perfect for residential or commercial, small to moderate projects.

The warmth is attractive since it isn’t too cumbersome to choose different job websites or around the lawn. If you don’t have to finish overtly massive projects, it is perfect with a full blend capacity.

Its leaning mechanism makes it convenient for all those yard projects, including BBQ pits for patios.

The mixing height is reduced. Therefore the drum contents can easily be thrown into almost any wheelbarrow producing ease of use and advantage at movable projects. The mixer is double insulated and includes a highly effective 5-horsepower engine, which may be employed on almost any project.

The directions for assembly aren’t the easiest in the world to see; however, the meeting was relatively standard and accomplishable.

This mixer sits somewhat low for regular wheelbarrows, so maintain your project’s elevation in your mind when considering this particular one. It can also not manage massive projects, which might be a drawback based upon your particular objectives.


  • Excellent cost
  • Maneuverable
  • Easy to clean
  • Robust design


  • Instructions are hard to read.
  • It sits a little low for standard wheelbarrows.
  • It is for small to medium jobs.


Whether you’re an occasional or regular user, the SUNCOO Electric Concrete Cement Mixer is a top-notch mixer that won’t leave you frustrated.

You’ll be hard-pressed to discover another mixer as sturdy and reliable as this with such fantastic customer services. For the best overall price, we’d consider the YARDMAX YM0046 Concrete Mixer. It’s the very best of both worlds concerning cost and features.

Cement mixers are an investment. Warranty, even if it is not required, is a welcome relaxation in this investment. Recall when purchasing, many brands and types will have the ability to perform well with any project.

The main thing you understand is the prerequisites of the project, which will determine what sort of best concrete mixers to buy.

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