Best Earl Grey Tea 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Earl Grey tea has always been a favorite drink among tea-lovers because of the unique and refreshing flavor it has to offer you. Additionally, Earl Grey tea was clinically proven to have many health benefits which you shouldn’t miss.

But regrettably, not each Earl Grey tea is created equivalent. With all these blends now available today, it’s simple to purchase a low-grade product that may permit you to have a distaste for the tea.

Do not be worried if you do not know what to purchase. Inside this review for its maximum grade Earl Grey tea, we’ll help you discover what will make the very Best Earl Grey Tea combinations for you.

What’s Earl Grey Tea?

Legend has it that Earl Grey tea is named after Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl of Grey, along with a historic UK politician who served from 1830 to 1834.

Throughout his political division period, Grey helped reform the electoral process and abolish slavery throughout the British Empire.

While abolishing slavery is no doubt a larger claim to fame than enjoying tea, the story goes Charles Grey has gifted a tea which has been flavored with bergamot oil.

He loved it so much that he requested British tea retailers (specifically Twining’s, still exists) to recreate the beverage.

They falsified and called it after him.

The tea immediately became popular in Britain and subsequently dispersed to the U.S. throughout the industrial revolution. People worldwide have been drinking Earl Grey (the tea, not the guy ) ever since.

In a different source story, one of Lord Grey’s guys had rescued the boy of a Chinese Mandarin guy, and in gratitude, the guy presented the mix to Grey. Nonetheless, this is probably apocryphal, as Grey had never set foot in China.

While there is some debate over the historical accuracy of Earl Grey tea’s origin story, one thing is apparent: Almost 200 years later, Charles Grey purportedly initially drank it, people still love the stuff.

Different types of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea might be prevalent since it tastes great cold or hot and will have an extremely approachable taste.

This tea mix is most commonly produced of black tea (or even a blend of black teas) then flavored with bergamot oil, which gives the floral, citrusy flavor, making Earl Grey tea drinkable. Bergamot is an aromatic citrus fruit that grows naturally from the Mediterranean.

There is a surprising quantity of variation beneath the umbrella of “Earl Grey.”

Besides bergamot, Earl Grey may also be flavored with rose petals or lavender to blue cornflowers. From time to time, tea manufacturers will even taste green or green tea with bergamot oil and dub that brew an Earl Grey.

Here are a few of the most Frequent versions of Earl Grey:

  • Decaf Earl Grey
  • Earl Green will be a green tea that is flavored with bergamot.
  • Earl Grey Oolong is oolong tea Together with bergamot oil.
  • French Earl Grey, that (depending on which you consult) comprises rose petals or lavender blossoms.
  • Lady Grey, that combines Earl Grey tea with all the blossoms of blue cornflowers
  • Red Earl Grey (aka Earl Red or Earl Rooibos), which combines rooibos tea with bergamot taste
  • Russian Earl Grey that combines bits of citrus peels straight into Earl Grey tea
  • Earl Grey is also a popular base for beverages like the London Fog (Earl Grey tea, vanilla, vanilla extract, and sugar) and the Creamy Earl Grey Coconut Rum Punch.

Advantages of Earl Grey Tea

As it is most commonly produced of black tea, Earl Grey tea can provide many plain black tea’s clear advantages.

While research into the advantages of tea remains continuing, studies indicate black tea can support cardiovascular health, is high in antioxidant properties, and might encourage anti-inflammatory processes.

Furthermore, black tea includes caffeine – therefore, Earl Grey will have an energizing effect.

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The Way to Select the Finest Earl Grey Tea

Since “Earl Grey” can mean many miscellaneous items, it can be challenging to know where to start your tasting experiences. Here are a couple of recommendations to narrow down the hunt for the finest Earl Grey tea to the taste buds.

1. Examine the tea resource.

Most tea lovers agree the maximum quality black teas are produced on the island of Ceylon (that is an element of Sri Lanka) and in Assam and Darjeeling, which can be both areas in India. Therefore, it is a fantastic idea to search for Earl Grey teas created with Assam, Ceylon, or Darjeeling black tea.

That is not to mention the only adequate Earl Greys come from such regions. But if you are trying to restrict your search, searching for a sourced tea from such areas can be a conducive place to begin.

2. Consider the bergamot supply.

The black tea used in almost any Earl Grey will have the maximum impact on taste and overall quality, but you may also wish to consider where and how the bergamot oil has been sourced.

Some tea vendors use synthetic bergamot oil, but others choose the actual thing. For the best flavor, start looking for Earl Grey teas, flavored with natural oil out of essential bergamot fruits. And in case you have worries about artificial flavorings, that is another reason to adhere to teas that use organic flavor.

3. Determine your taste preferences.

There’s not any singular “best” Earl Grey tea taste because everybody has different taste buds. So finding the excellent preference for you will demand some trial and error.

As mentioned above, organic bergamot oil will probably taste better than artificial alternatives.

Even more, to restrict your options, consider if you would rather a fruitier or “sharper” flavor profile.

In the prior instance, elect for teas flavored with bergamot oil, sourced from the bergamot fruit’s peel. If you want a sharper brew, then search for Earl Greys that combine dried bergamot peels right into the tea.

4. Go organic.

Research implies organic foods and drinks often contain high amounts of nutrients and decrease exposure to potentially harmful compounds. And organic options are generally kinder to the environment.

For all these reasons, you might choose to restrict your research to organic Earl Grey teas. Start looking for the USDA organic symbol for assurance that a specific tea has been produced based on robust organic criteria.

5. Be ready to experiment.

As mentioned above, you will find loads of Earl Grey varieties and taste choices. What is more, the flavor of Earl Grey fluctuates depending upon where the black tea has been grown and if a fresh utilizes synthetic or natural bergamot oil or lotions.

The taste may also change radically if other components are added.

Since there’s so much variation, it is essential to maintain an open mind about Earl Grey tea. Even if you don’t enjoy one brew, that does not mean that you won’t want another. So be ready to experiment till you’ve found the ideal source and taste to fit your personal preferences.

Are you prepared to restrict your search even more? Simply consider these tips, then decide on a few choices from the following listing of several of the finest Earl Grey teas in the marketplace.

16 Best Earl Grey Tea Brand - Top Choice Of 2021

16 Best Earl Grey Tea Brand – Top Choice Of 2021

Bestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 3
Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme, Black Tea, 20 Sachets
Earl Grey Supreme uses teas along with the addition of Silver Tips; Has lemony flavors.
Bestseller No. 4
Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey, 50 Teabags, Black
Chinese teas blended and packed in England
Bestseller No. 6
Harney & Sons Organic Earl Grey Supreme Teabags, 50 Count
Each tea bag brews a 6 to 8 oz cup of tea.; Our large box of 50 convenient tea bags ensures you'll run out less often

Pique: Organic Earl Grey

Pardon us while we toot our own horn: We are convinced that our Earl Grey tea is among the very best.

Our USDA Organic brew consists of Ceylon black tea and bergamot’s natural oil to smooth black tea with a citrus touch. It comprises less caffeine than an Earl Greys, which means that you may enjoy a fast energy boost without the jitters.

Additionally, it is packaged with vitalizing antioxidants. And needless to say, our tea has no artificial flavors, preservatives, and sugar levels. Rather than loose tea, it comes in tea crystals that can be suitable for everybody, but especially while traveling.

VAHDAM 16-Ounce Bags Of Earl Grey Tea

Maybe among the finest Earl Grey tea that the world offers, this beverage from Vahdam provides a distinctive blend made from top long leaf tea in India and the pure extract from Italian bergamot fruits.

Packed in an airtight pack, the product provides excellent freshness. With a tote, it is possible to consume 200 cups of tasty and aromatic Earl Grey tea. The tea leaves are also focused enough that they may be used for both hot and iced tea.

You need to select this tea because it contains almost no synthetic preservatives or ingredients. This is particularly important when you would like to enjoy a chemical-free cup of tea.

Key Features:

  • Made from top long leaf tea from India
  • Bergamot extracts from Italy
  • Suitable for brewed tea


  • Offers exceptional freshness
  • Aromatic flavors
  • Therapeutic fragrance
  • Reasonably priced
  • High-quality blend
  • Simple storage
  • Suitable for both cold and hot beverages


  • Some people might Realize That the tea Doesn’t contain enough bergamot infusion.

Bigelow Earl Grey Tea 40 bags

Earl Grey tea is a popular drink among every era group since it has proved to be better in stimulating the senses combined with having more and better advantages than java.

The newest Bigelow was producing Earl grey tea for a long time since it’s among their specialties. The latest is established and functioning since 1945 to elegance people with a much healthier alternative in the shape of earl grey tea.

Their unique packages and a vast selection of product taste are a few reasons for their business achievement.

Flavor and Taste

The tea leaves are all hand-picked from the employees to guarantee quality and flavor. The earl gray tea is full of flavor because it’s nearly black tea blended with bergamot oil.

The richness comes in different techniques employed by the manufacturer to make the perfect mix of these components to produce the best taste possible.

Besides, the brand also provides several kinds of taste for everybody. Each individual has a diverse awareness of taste. That’s the reason why the Bigelow earl grey tea is the ideal alternative.

The traditional tea is full of goodness and restorative materials to produce a much better replacement for coffee. What’s more, the financial bunch of this earl gray tea from Bigelow is very feasible since it comprises around 40 tea bags to survive per month readily.

One buy has six packs filled with earl gray tea that’s full of antioxidants, gluten-free, in addition to, calories-free to take additional care of the individual’s health.

Health Benefits

The health advantages of this Bigelow earl gray tea are enormous. Many individuals choose the calorie-free formulation to have the ability to receive help in shedding excess pounds. In contrast, individuals conscious of drinking and eating fresh also select the brand for their gluten-free teas.

Additionally, the manufacturer has various sorts of earl gray tea, according to several advantages and users.

Their tea is packed with antioxidants that keep the heart in check, improve the skin, and fight cancer. The vanilla chai sets the mood light, whereas the herbal teas enhance the human body’s state.

Additional Feature

The newest claims to have grown the wealthy earl gray tea in American land. The American-made tea contains all of the advantages of the soil that are transferred to people.


  • The tea has a raw and refreshing flavor that’s favored over coffee from the consumers.
  • The broad selection of taste choices keeps the consumer interested.
  • The buy is realistic as 40 tea bags wrapped in a foil come in a bunch.


  • Some may get the flavor of this tea low.

Art of Tea: Earl Grey Tea

The dark tea used in this Earl Grey is organically grown and hand-harvested in Sri Lanka. After harvesting, the leaves are mixed with bergamot’s natural oil to make a bold citrus taste with flowery notes.

The top components and careful attention to detail help clarify this Earl Grey won Best Dark Tea in the World Tea Expo.

Davidson’s Tea Bulk Earl Grey Tea

A superb option if you’re trying to purchase a reasonably priced bunch of Earl Grey tea, then this thing from Davidson boasts a delicious blend of black tea and natural petroleum in the bergamot orange.

One significant factor relating to this tea is that it’s been licensed to be made from organic ingredients from the USDA. Moreover, the product has also been Fair Trade Certified.

The double-layers bundle the tea leaves are saved in guarantees that your tea’s freshness will be kept appropriately. For this reason, you may enjoy this superior blend of tea with its exceptional freshness and taste.

Key Features:

  • USDA-certified organic
  • Premium black tea
  • Loose leaves tea


  • Cheap
  • Appropriate for kombucha
  • Excellent airtight storage
  • Outstanding freshness
  • Outstanding flavor


  • There have been complaints that there is a Little bark stool in the tea leaves.

Numi Organic Tea Aged Earl Grey, (Bundle of 3 Boxes)

The Italian teas from Numi are all-natural, artificial flavor-free since they only deal in organic ingredients. The mix of this black tea with organic, 100% fresh fruits, flowers, and spices is both exceptional and extremely helpful for the body.

The accredited brand takes pride in investing additional efforts, time, and cash in their products for producing a different, nevertheless raw flavor.

Flavor and Taste

The part of this oil of bergamot from the earl gray tea is entirely natural and organic. The oil has been extracted from actual bergamot oranges directly from Italy.

This guarantees to make citrus and tangy taste that differs and can’t be paid for whatever. Additionally, the earl gray tea from Numi is so flexible that it can be blended with milk or honey according to the individual’s taste and taste the very best.

Black tea is powerful on its own. That’s why adding milk doesn’t depreciate the rawness. Along with being natural, the tea can also be USDA licensed and non-GMO verified.

What’s more, the tea’s choosing together with the organic fruits is completed solely by well-paid workers that are ethically cared for. The packaging of this earl gray tea is biodegradable for creating the surroundings safe and clean for everybody.

Health Benefits

The newest Numi takes extra care of the health advantages as their fruits and tea are hand-picked and utilized as they are supposed to make an organic beverage blended perfectly.

The sugar-free, carbon-free, gluten-free, halal drink is secure whatsoever. It’s also acceptable for many cultural groups since it’s tagged halal.


  • The pure earl gray tea contains no artificial flavors, frozen fruits, or blossoms involved.
  • The brand also provides other sorts of teas for a variety of events.
  • The earl gray tea may drink in several ways, with milk, honey, or as shameful.
  • The cost is very inexpensive. Folks may stock up on the tea readily.


  • The flavor could be lower for java fans.

Camellia Sinensis: Earl Grey

This tea organization is named after the Camellia Sinensis plant, that’s the source of “authentic” teas (e.g., black, green, and green teas). In the Earl Grey, this plant has been grown and harvested under the Indian Himalayas at Dooars, India.

Meanwhile, the organic bergamot oil is extracted from natural, Italian-grown bergamot. Collectively, these quality ingredients result in a somewhat malty, yummy beverage.

Stash Tea Double Bergamot Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea

For people who love the tastes of bergamot, this is the best selection for you. This blend contains two times as far bergamot as the typical Earl Grey tea. For this reason, the tea has a strong citrus flavor to spice up the yummy loose tea leaves.

As a result of its flavorful attributes, this Earl Grey tea in Stash Tea may be used to brew both hot and iced beverages. Not only that, but it makes a superb addition to syrup, sauces addition to baked products.

To brew this particular blend of black tea, you may use an infuser, a strainer, or possibly a French media. Steep the tea for a couple of minutes, add cream, sugar, or milk following your tastes, and appreciate.

Key Features:

  • Double the amount of bergamot infusion
  • Loose-leaf tea
  • Suitable for hot and brewed beverages
  • Could be used for baked products
  • Premium-quality tea leaves


  • Packed in a resealable bag
  • Aromatic fragrance
  • Outstanding tastes
  • Outstanding freshness
  • Powerful bergamot accents
  • Versatile


  • The tea leaves can lose their taste if not appropriately kept.

Tazo Earl Grey Black Tea Filter bags

Tazo is a tea producing company that works tirelessly with different organizations to create products exclusively to enhance those people.

The black tea from the brand is seamlessly flavorful, functioned most adequate steaming hot, and contains unmatchable health advantages.

This tea’s premium-quality is chosen by professionals and processed packaged lately in a box to the entire world. The pros know that leaf to decide to provide the very best taste.

Flavor and Taste

The timeless earl gray tea is uniquely mixed using the citrus-fresh bergamot developed in Italy. The accession of bergamot orange at the black tea provides a glowing taste, which contradicts green tea’s flavor.

Both opposites, when blended, make the flavor salty and raw. The joyous cup of earl gray tea by Tazo is everybody’s favorite. Tazo was in partnership with Mercy Corps for developing a shift in the entire world.

Every package of this earl gray tea is reasonable and economical since it comprises 20 tea bags securely packed in a foil to keep the leaves clean.

The groundwork of this steaming hot cup of java is simpler than believed. The only real part of being achieved would be to boil the water. After that, one or two tea bags are dipped to attain a refreshing flavor.

Health Benefits

Men and women embrace Tazo Earl Grey tea due to the immense benefits attained after ingesting it. The antioxidant-rich drink is ideal for improving the cardiac nervous, nervous, and digestive tract. In general, all of the body has been cleaned and detoxified together with the increase of vitality and robust approach.


  • The flavor of this beverage is yummy, fruity, as well as distinct.
  • The earl gray tea is ideal for alerting the brain and stimulating the senses.
  • The preparation of this tea is far simpler than creating coffee.
  • The brand offers a broad selection of tastes for each kind of user.
  • Individuals may purchase the package each month easily because of it being exceptionally fair.


  • The taste might be lower for drinkers who favor bitterness.

In Pursuit of Tea: Darjeeling Earl Grey

If you are looking to treat yourself to something elaborate, look no farther than that limited-edition, single-estate Earl Grey. The black tea is sourced in the Darjeeling region of India and then hand-scented with organic bergamot oil in Italy.

The business only employs the bergamot’s rind to make the oil, which produces a smooth, citrusy taste. When blended with all the bergamot oil, the dark tee boasts avocado undertones that create a warm, somewhat spicy and robust flavor.

Harney & Son Supreme Earl Grey Tea

This ultimate blend of black tea in Harney & Son consists of high-grade tea leaves in addition to silver hint tea. With the lemony bergamot’s accession, this bunch of tea will provide you the very best cup of your favorite drink.

Aside from the small hint of lemon, this tea provides a delicate yet powerful flavor in the tea leaves. The ideal equilibrium between the bergamot along the tea leaves can give you a hearty cup of tea.

What’s more, the tea bags are individually packed in a foil pouch. This usually means that the freshness of this tea will be kept to the max. Grab a cup of tea in the morning, and you’ll feel energized and refreshed in virtually no time.

Key Features:

  • High-grade tea
  • Lemony taste
  • Kosher


  • An alluring odor
  • Great demonstration
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Outstanding flavor
  • Refreshing taste


  • The product May Be a little powdery to people.

Ahmad Tea Earl Grey Aromatic Loose Tea

Ahmed tea is freshly created for the tea connoisseur, specialists, and committed tea fans since it only has the best flavor. The UK-based brand is the leader in producing excellent-quality tea of all kinds.

The business is producing the best tea with fire in its fourth production, for example, professionals. Their earl gray tea is the gift of their past and the new creation’s customs to relish and cherish forever.

Flavor and Taste

Ahmad’s earl gray tea is uncooked, using an aromatic yet flavor taste to tingle the taste buds. They have many collections consisting of unique tastes, each one based on moods and intent.

They’ve herbal tea, green tea, black tea, and tea made from blossoms. They all are created, mixed, and made with care, real and organic ingredients, and a secure environment to guarantee superior beverage quality.

The flavor is rich, full-bodied, and exceptional due to the premium black tea blended with Italian bergamot to instill a fruity odor and taste.

The calorie-free mix of pure products elicits a significant grateful influence on the body. The favorable effects are noticed following consistent usage.

Health Benefits

The health advantages of drinking earl gray tea are numerous. The study says that drinking tea has a beneficial impact on the nervous system.

Consuming tea daily contributes to a much better cognitive capability and a more robust immune system as antioxidants have been tremendously full of each cup of tea.

Additional Feature

Ahmad tea is correlated and also an active member of the United Kingdom tea council. Not only that, but it is also part of the Ethical Trade Partnership. Both these councils guarantee to provide dependable teas.


  • Ahmed tea is trustable and reliable for years of devotion to producing healthful teas.
  • Their Deal with the huge councils ensures standard and quality.
  • The earl gray tea has advantages incomparable to other people.


  • The flavor of earl gray tea may be new for many people.

Twining’s: Earl Grey

Alright, therefore, Twining’s might not be the most tasteful choice on this listing (and besides, it utilizes flavorings of an uncertain origin). However, the originators of Earl Grey tea got a place on any Earl Grey roundup.

If you would like to enjoy a boil with productions of tea-drinking history, then give this mix a go. The aromatic drink boasts a strong citrus taste.

Revolution Tea Lavender Earl Grey Tea

Lots of people like their Earl Grey tea to have a sign of flowery tastes from lavender. If you are among these, I would advise that you get this product from Revolution Tea.

This tea is the ideal mixture of lavender, Oolong, Ceylon, Darjeeling, and bergamot. With this unique mix, the java is in a league of its own, considering how it can supply an exciting spin on the traditional Earl Grey tastes.

There is very little doubt that this superior tea mix, which features a subtle French blue, lavender taste, will delight your taste buds with each sip.

Besides, you can personalize the brew; nevertheless, you enjoy it. If you’d like a lighter tea using a definite note of lavender, you can steep it in a quick quantity of time. To get a milder cup of tea using a strong bergamot flavor, it is possible to allow the tea to steep for a little longer.

Key Features:

  • Features French blue lavender
  • High in caffeine
  • Infuser tea bag


  • Quick prep time
  • Innovative design
  • Superb freshness
  • Fantastic demonstration
  • Outstanding flavors
  • Suitable as gifts
  • Fantastic value for money


  • The product May Not be Acceptable for those sensitive to caffeine.

JusTea Kenyan Earl Grey Tea

Do you feel that your Earl Grey doesn’t include enough caffeine? Would you wish to find something that provides a greater quantity of caffeine than the typical black tea? If this is the situation, this Earl Grey from JusTea is just the perfect selection for you.

This award-winning tea combination features a rich taste and an aromatic aroma. When drinking the tea, then you’ll have the ability to discover a nice note of citrus and wildflower tastes. The blend of these can produce a rich and powerful cup of tea.

Consuming around 90 g of loose leaf tea, that this product may be utilized to steep from 40 to 80 cups of tea. If you remember to seal the thing after every use correctly, the tea will remain fresh for a very long time.

Furthermore, this tea can also be made from all-natural ingredients. Additionally, it has been confirmed to function as non-GMO and pesticide-free.

This usually means you could drink the tea mix without worrying that you are inadvertently consuming damaging chemicals.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant citrus taste
  • Fairtrade confirmed
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO confirmed
  • Pesticide-free


  • Flavorful and aromatic
  • Fantastic demonstration
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Fresh taste
  • Smooth texture
  • Robust and calming


  • Some people might find the odor of bergamot not powerful enough.

Frontier Earl Grey Traditional Tea

The Frontier Co-op was running the company to provide sweeteners and spices to the entire world. Their supplies are hauled to many nations globally as they’ve earned their title through constant hard work and credibility.

They’re also dedicated to the world earth as 4 percent of the yearly earnings belongs to social services to assist anybody in need, conserve the ground, and spread positivity.

Their presence since 1976 has proven to be valuable for everybody as their products will be caused by character, healthy and pure.

Flavor and Taste

The USA and Canada based firm specializing in creating the best edibles for those. Each of their products’ lines is prepared from nature only, and no compromise is made in quality and creativity.

Their earl grey tea is a unique blend of black tea and bergamot oil, each of which can be chosen by specialists and processed closely to extract the most freshness and pureness from the ground.

The tea comes packaged with a 16-ounce foil package, which saves the moisture and aids in sustaining the freshness where the tea leaves have been created out of character.

The organic products used are secure for each age category as people may prefer to drink tea more often than once a day. The tea has a pungent odor that calms consumers’ perceptions of devouring the beverage to accomplish the advantages frequently.

Health Benefits

The shortage of artificial food additives at the organic earl gray tea retains this beverage’s consumption healthy. Early gray tea is precious to fortify the immune system and protect against cancer and other associated disorders due to antioxidants’ production.

Additional Feature

The brand includes a QAI certificate that ensures that the users’ satisfaction.


  • The flavor of this beverage is refreshing.
  • The 1-pound bag is sufficient for most people who live in the home to drink for a month.
  • The odor is powerful yet calming to the nerves.
  • It’s affordable.


  • The men and women who prefer decaf can not drink this.


There are numerous facets of Earl Grey tea, and I may not have covered in my review segments.

And so, I’ll be going through several details which you may have questions about from the area below. In case you still have an unanswered question, allow me to know in this comment.

Can Earl Grey Tea Help You Sleep?

Unless you are drinking decaf, most Earl Grey tea comprises quite a high amount of caffeine. It follows that although it’s calming effects, Earl Grey tea can’t help you sleep soundly. Consequently, if you intend to get some sleep, then you shouldn’t drink Earl Grey before that.

Is Earl Grey Tea Great For High Blood Pressure?

It might sound too good to be accurate, but ingesting this particular blend of black tea daily can reduce your blood pressure. But this doesn’t imply you could substitute medications and traditional therapy with Earl Grey tea.

Just how Much Earl Grey Tea You Ought to Drink A Day?

There’s been a record of a guy afflicted by nervous system problems when he consumed 4 liters of Earl Grey tea each day. Suffice to say, the vast majority of us do not drink that much tea.

If you do not pass this threshold, theoretically, you should be OK. But, listen to your body when you are drinking tea.

Though Earl Grey does comprise L-theanine, which has a calming effect, it’s still high in caffeine. Too much caffeine consumption is not significant for you since it will permit you to get heartburn or caffeine wreck.

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Is Earl Grey Tea, Healthier Than Coffee?

There is no clear answer as to if Earl Grey tea is much healthier than coffee as both drinks offer you different health advantages in addition to drawbacks.

But if you are allergic to high levels of caffeine, or if you can not stomach acidic beverages, then I would advocate drinking Earl Grey tea. With it, you can find the energy you want without suffering from indigestion, caffeine wreck, or heartburn.

My Top Pick

As a tea enthusiast myself, I would suggest obtaining the VAHDAM 16-Ounce Bags Of Earl Grey Tea. It is my personal favorite because of its tasty and robust taste.

The sign of bergamot citrus can be at an ideal quantity. It is not overly strong. It will overwhelm the java, yet not excessively mild that it is practically impossible to find.

Also, this tea supplies a superb freshness. This usually means that my cup of java won’t ever taste stale and flat. And on top of that, the tea comes at a reasonable price. You won’t be afraid to get another batch for backup.

What is your favorite brand of Earl Grey tea? Have you got any recommendations that you would like me to attempt? Would you need to discuss your suggestion about the best way to brew the best cup of Earl Grey tea? Don’t hesitate to talk about it with me in the comment below.

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