Best Egg Cooker 2020: Top Full Guide, Review

Best Egg Cooker 2020 Top Full Guide, Review

However you like them cooked, eggs are a fantastic source of quality protein. They are also an economical ingredient that provides a great deal of cooking flexibility.

Adding eggs into your preferred degree of doneness requires some exercise, and let us admit it, one needs to stand around and wait as one additional minute could lead to eggs which are either under or overcooked.

Rather than waiting for water to boil, then it is possible to turn into an electric egg cooker to steam a heap of eggs to your specific liking.

Best Egg Cooker will make fast work of meal snacking, so you’ve boiled eggs available for creating avocado toast, snacking, or adding to a salad.

They are also useful if you want to cook lots of eggs simultaneously to make huge batches of deviled eggs or egg salad. Some even include inserts for poaching eggs making omelets. Here are the most effective green egg cookers.

Top 12 Best Egg Cooker Brand You Should Purchase In This Year

Top 12 Best Egg Cooker Brand You Should Purchase In This Year

Cuisinart CEC-10 Egg Central Egg Cooker

Many features are unique to the particular egg cooker out of Cuisinart that set this product apart from the industry’s others.

To start with, it’s a sleek modern layout, making it a fantastic addition to the joys of a modern kitchen. Secondly, its lid is manufactured from stainless steel with a sleek finish, making it look fabulous and gives it maximum durability.

The egg stove interior can also be made from stainless steel, making it a more durable product than other plastic ones.

Third, it has a significant capacity using a two-storied construction and a higher power of 600 watts, which let it boil ten eggs simultaneously, which is an excellent feature that could save yourself a great deal of effort and time invested in the kitchen.

Aside from the above-mentioned unique features, this egg cooker includes a measuring cup with which you can measure the specific quantity of water required to boil your eggs into the desired consistency.

The measuring beaker includes a trap in the base for making the ideal holes in the egg’s finish to create the cubes come off readily. To bring out flexibility in the way you need your eggs.

This cooker includes a menu with which you can poach four eggs at one time and another omelet tray with an aptitude for three eggs.

Though this egg-cooker includes a classy appearance, it’s exceedingly user-friendly since it will inform you if the eggs are prepared.

Using a blue LED light and a sound alert ensures which you’ll be reminded of these eggs, even if you forget about them, and the eggs won’t be overcooked.


  • Has a slick, contemporary design that adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen
  • The lid and the inside Comprise of reliable and smooth stainless steel, That’s more lasting and aesthetically pleasing in comparison to plastic.
  • It’s a higher ability for boiling ten eggs.
  • It uses both audible and visual cues alarms to inform you if the eggs are prepared.
  • It Includes a beaker for measuring the Perfect Quantity of water to making your eggs hard, moderate, or soft boiled.
  • You can also poach or create omelets for this egg-cooker
  • The foundation has anti-slip feet to Ensure the stove on the countertop.
  • It’s a space for keeping the cable that prevents clutter and allows the stove to be stowed neatly.


  • Considering that the lid is Made from steel, It Is Going to become warm while the eggs have been cooked. Therefore, it has to be stored from children’s reach.
  • The stove Won’t function if holes Aren’t made on the very top of these eggs, which requires a bit of time.

Runner-Up, Best Total: VonShef 7- Egg Electric Cooker

What We Like

  • Accurately cooks hard-boiled eggs.
  • Sleek and compact
  • Simple to wash
  • Very Reasonably Priced
  • A poaching bowl is also used to steam veggies.

What We Do Not Like

  • A measuring cup is Difficult to read.
  • No hinges on poaching tray
  • No audible alert

With a slick design, stainless steel exterior, along a level stainless steel heating plate, you will be making hard-boiled eggs in a system with this countertop stove. It’s an automatic power-off, over-temperature protection, and a mild that shows the device is on.

After the water has boiled out, the eggs have been done, along with the device shut off automatically.

This retains seven eggs, and you also can opt to create soft-, medium- or hard-boiled eggs dependent on the total amount of water utilized.

They will be completed in 8-10 minutes, which is a lot quicker than just cooking on the stove. Additionally, this includes accessories for creating poached eggs for steaming.

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Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Lots of people like to have the ability to eat breakfast after they awake in the daytime. In cases like this, you’ll have to opt for an egg cooker that operates fast and economically. The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker Is the Best solution.

Creating ideal eggs couldn’t be simpler. Just set up to six eggs at the specified spaces and pick the desired purpose. Soft and hard-boiled eggs, poached eggs, and also omelets will probably be cooked effortlessly.

The loud buzzer will allow users to know when the eggs are ready to consume. This usually means that cooks won’t need to hang around the kitchen, viewing another timer. Users may have the time to catch a quick shower and get ready to deal with the morning.

Want to know the best part?

This egg cooker shuts off automatically after the eggs are ready to consume. This usually means they will remain fresh and hot until individuals are prepared for them. And, if a single relative wakes up late, then there’ll be no requirement to cook another breakfast only for them.

Individuals that are short on time are sure to discover the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is a beneficial product. A vast assortment of various sorts of eggs can be produced in next to no time. This version is straightforward to use that even loath chefs will love it.


  • Offers many different cooking choices.
  • Very simple to use.
  • Lightweight and easy to transfer.
  • Boasts an automatic shut off.
  • Features a loud buzzer.
  • Has a one-year warranty.


  • Not as durable as metal choices.

Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Maxi-Matic Egg Poacher & Egg Cooker

If you’re trying to find a trusted egg cooker that isn’t just useful in cooking your eggs but also is durable and hardy, then you might get that egg cooker to be of your liking.

You can cook up to seven eggs simultaneously using this particular stove. You’re also able to make them tender, moderate, or hard-boiled based on how much water is put into the cooker.

The right measurement of water may be accomplished easily because this cooker includes a measuring cup, which likewise consists of a piercing pin in its foundation, with which you may pierce a hole on the close of your eggs to get proper boiling and effortless elimination of these cubes.

The egg cooker is quite simple to operate, may be switched with one button, and automatically turn off itself after the eggs are cooked.

The cooker will even notify you of those eggs being prepared, using a buzzer, so that you don’t need to wait and observe your eggs while they’re being cooked.

The cooker also supplies different trays for creating poached eggs and omelets, which will provide you flexibility in your breakfast choices.

Another unique facet of this egg cooker, making it more lasting than others, is that its body is made from aluminum, making it capable of running heat faster.


  • You can cook up to 6 eggs at a time with this cooker.
  • It includes a measuring cup for measuring the Perfect Quantity of water to get the eggs’ desired tenderness.
  • You can also poach eggs make omelets with this cooker.
  • The device shuts itself down when the eggs are prepared and alerts you with a solid
  • The foundation is Made from aluminum Rather than plastic, making it exceptionally durable.


  • Since the foundation is Made from aluminum, it Is Significantly heavier than another stove of comparable size, small and lean handle.

Best Multitasker: Hamilton Beach 37530A Digital Food Steamer

What We Like

  • Contained two steaming trays
  • Can steam taller things
  • Steam delay setting
  • Simple to use a timer

What We Do Not Like

  • Trays are made from plastic.
  • Warm mode continues to cook foods.

If you prefer the concept of an electric egg cooker, which can make your egg-cooking foolproof, however, do not enjoy the notion of a gadget which has just one use, you may prefer this particular food steamer. It’s two stackable steaming trays that have divots for holding eggs vertically.

It is possible to use a couple of trays or eliminate the middle divider, should you want to steam bigger foods such as a complete head of broccoli—the trays nest for storage.

As this isn’t only for eggs, it’s higher-end features, such as an electronic touchpad, an automated keep-warm setting, a count-down timer, plus a delayed-start characteristic.

It is possible to use it for poultry, fish, sausages, or veggies. A rice bowl is included for steaming rice or storing little food. Despite all these features, it is quite reasonably priced.

The steamer automatically turns off the heat when the water runs low, and it will beep, the screen will flash, and the very low water indicator will light up.

You do not have to eliminate the food to add water-only pull the water out to refill, and then restart the steamer to keep cooking. How simple is that?

KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker With Water Level Indicator

Individuals who appreciate pure style and convenience are sure to enjoy this streamlined egg cooker. The KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker boasts a contemporary and slick design. This helps to make it the ideal match for any kitchen.

Eggs on the move…

Among the beautiful things about this version is the simple fact that it takes up minimum space. The electricity cordon also is wrapped around the base for simple storage. And, individuals that are late for work would be able to cook their eggs at the workplace if they had to.

With sufficient space for seven eggs, users may also cause egg dishes to get their co-workers.

This is an excellent solution for those that are searching for healthy and straightforward lunchtime ideas. Along with boiled eggs, the system is excellent at making and interrogating omelets.

There’s not any need to become an egg pro to use this handy model. It includes a narrow measuring cylinder to make choosing the ideal quantity of water simple. After the eggs are prepared, a buzzer will seem that consumers won’t have to waste time.

The only catch is that the KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker doesn’t shut off automatically. This means that consumers might need to be sure to unplug the egg stove following use.


  • Boasts an innovative and attractive design.
  • Keeps eggs hot for quite a very long moment.
  • I can cook several forms of eggs.
  • Includes a loud buzzer alert.
  • Simple to use and shop.


  • Doesn’t shut off automatically.

Chefman Electric Egg Cooker/Boiler, Rapid Egg Maker

This is a trusted egg cooker having an interestingly designed foundation. The stove is equipped with all the features you can use in a fantastic egg cooker.

What we particularly love about this egg cooker is a simple fact it may even be used to cook veggies using steam. Therefore, if you would like to earn a healthier meal with a few greens contained inside, you can certainly do this if you’ve got this cooker.

You may consume up to 6 eggs in a matter of minutes using this cooker. You could also decide to make them severe, soft, or moderate by measuring the proper quantity of water together with all the measuring cups that come with this machine.

If the eggs are ready, the system will turn off itself onto its own and alert you with a solid.

Furthermore, this cooker will allow you to get your eggs in various ways like poached eggs, employing the tray which accompanies this cooker. Another useful feature of this cooker is that all its non-electric components are secure to be cleaned in the dishwasher.


  • You can cook up to 6 eggs at a time with this cooker.
  • The stove comes with a measuring cup to incorporate water’s ideal quantity to create soft, severe, or moderate boiled eggs.​
  • You can make poached eggs with this cooker.
  • The foundation has an intriguing design.
  • Not only can you cook legumes utilizing this system, but you can also use it to steam additional food items such as vegetables.
  • The non-electric Pieces of the cooker are dishwasher safe.
  • The stove will automatically turn off when the eggs are prepared and buzz an alarm to inform you.


  • The stove is made from vinyl, which is not as durable as stainless steel.

Best High-End: Chef’s Choice Gourmet Egg Cooker Model 810

What We Like

  • The timers Simple to use
  • The water reservoir holds sufficient to create several batches without repainting.
  • Simple on/off control

What We Do Not Like

  • More expensive
  • Low capacity

Among the pricier egg cookers, but still relatively cheap, the Chef’sChoice egg cooker makes it effortless to cook eggs into various levels of doneness at precisely the same batch.

By way of instance, while the eggs are tender boiling for breakfast, a couple of eggs can be boiled for later usage. As eggs are completed, they ought to be eliminated along with the timer set for the eggs, but it is easy to do because the controllers account for the prior cooking period.

Since this is based on a timer, there is no need to precisely quantify water for different batches of eggs-just fill the reservoir into the line and begin cooking.

Better still, the reservoir holds enough for many batches, so there is no requirement to fill it with each set of eggs.

This hamburger seven eggs simultaneously and has an audible alert and an on/off button. Therefore it does not have to be unplugged to halt the cooking. The egg is designed to be lifted with a single hand to wash the eggs under cold water after ingestion.

Madelon Egg Boiler

Nothing defeats stainless steel concerning design and endurance. This makes it the material of choice for cooking gear that is going to extend the distance. With its compact dimensions and stainless steel design, the Madelon Egg Boiler combines design with an advantage.

The stainless steel lid is combined with a handle that is designed to remain calm at all times. This helps to provide improved security and endurance. The device is operated using one switch for complete simplicity.

Want to know the best part?

Bright chefs that have limited space will discover that the Medelon Egg Boiler does everything. A string of stainless steel trays is provided for different kinds of dishes. Along with all sorts of greens, eggs, dumplings, noodles, and an entire slew of other dishes can be made.

This is great for those that wish to cook food while they journey. This version takes up a tiny quantity of space so it can be set on the counter in an RV. Wherever you go, you’ll always have new egg dishes along with other yummy meals.


  • Can cook a broad selection of dishes.
  • It is made from high-quality stainless steel.
  • Boasts a compact and fashionable design.
  • Features an automatic shutoff.
  • Comes complete with a measuring cup.


  • Doesn’t boast an audible alert.

SimpleTaste Egg Cooker

This is a comfortable yet adorably designed egg stove using a stainless steel heating plate within the foundation, which not just leaves the cooking of your eggs quicker but also is a lot easier to clean and is exceptionally durable.

You may boil up to 7 eggs at one time working with this cooker and turn them into poached eggs or omelets based on your taste.

If you prefer your boiled egg hard, soft, or moderate, it is possible to readily do this by adding the proper quantity of water together with the measuring cup that comes with the cooker.

That which we love this product because its plastic components are manufactured from BPA free vinyl, which usually means you and your household’s well-being is protected from any type of poisonous compounds.

The machine may also turn itself off after the eggs are cooked and notifies you with a beautiful chime, which means that you may go and enjoy a cup of java or concentrate on something else while the eggs are being cooked.


  • Adorable and compact layout
  • You can boil seven eggs and select to create them hard, moderate, or soft boiled.
  • The plastic components that come into touch with all the eggs are free of any Sort of toxic chemicals like BPA.
  • This base’s heating is Made from stainless steel, making the cleanup process quick and cleaning up easier.
  • The machine will automatically turn off when the cooking process is completed and notify you with a Wonderful chime.
  • The lid is transparent so you can track the progress of the cooking process.
  • The components can be easily disassembled and hand-washed.


  • This foundation’s lid and the outer body are of plastic, not as durable as stainless steel.

Best Ease of Use: Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler

What We Like

  • Compact layout
  • A lot of color Choices
  • Cheap

What We Do Not Like

  • Low capacity

Rather than measuring traces within the cooker, which may be tough to read, this includes a measuring cup with dimensions for soft, moderate, and hard-boiled eggs. It can manage seven eggs at a time for either two or two eggs.

There is also a menu for creating omelets or steaming vegetables.

This is a streamlined, space-saving design that comes in an assortment of colors to coordinate with the kitchen or add a pop of color. It’s simple to operate, using a vast button to flip it, a buzzer to allow you to know that the eggs have been completed, and auto-off, therefore that the eggs will not overcook.

Flexzion Electric Egg Cooker

Enjoying freshly cooked eggs once you travel is a real threat that shouldn’t be skipped. If you’re arranging a road trip in an RV, cooking eggs on the move has to be easy. With its compact and modern design, the Flexzion Electric Egg Cooker is your ideal egg cooker for travelers.

Seven eggs may be cooked to perfection in precisely the same moment. Just set the eggs from the egg’s slots, put in a little water, and then allow the machine to work its magic.

Every attempt is made to make sure the Flexzion Egg Cooker is extremely simple to use. The version even includes a measuring cup, making it effortless for cooks to ascertain how much water to add. There are handles on the sides of the egg so it could be removed when desired.

Staying alert…

It must be said that this model doesn’t alert users if eggs are ready. This implies it is imperative to keep a keen eye on the moment. Nevertheless, this may be made very easy by placing a timer on a Smartphone or utilizing a conventional kitchen timer.


  • Compact and trendy design.
  • Includes an automatic shutoff.
  • Ideal for boiled or boiled eggs.
  • It is made from durable stainless steel.
  • Simple to take out the egg.


  • Doesn’t include an alarm.
  • Can’t make omelets.

Points to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Egg Cookers

Nowadays, there are scores of different egg cookers available on the market. While most may seem like the surface, you will come across various unique features and attributes as soon as you dig a bit deeper.

A number of the primary items to consider when purchasing an egg cooker comprise how easy it’s going to be to wash, how easy it’s to use and if the apparatus has an aesthetic that fits in with the rest of the kitchen.

Below, we will go into a little more detail about different things to watch when you’re on the lookout for the very best egg cooker to fulfill your requirements.

Different types of Egg Cookers to Pick From

The first thing that you want to know about when purchasing your egg cooker is that there are distinct kinds, and they cook the eggs in different ways. However, regardless of the differences in purpose and appearance, the manner they operate is based on precisely the same principle.

Countertop egg stoves would be the most technology-packed models and include inserts for salty or salty eggs. The full quality versions will also allow you to cook eggs of different consistencies to help save you time creating several egg batches.

The majority of these egg stoves have buzzers and timers so that you can step away from your eggs without worrying that your meals will overcook.

Some components cook your eggs with a microwave and are usually more comfortable to clean and equipped enough to quickly cook the eggs.

The only difficulty with this sort of apparatus is they simply prepare one sort of egg, and all eggs need to be cooked in an equivalent volume. You may need a few if you would like the choice to produce poached, scrambled, and boiled eggs.

The Capacity of this Egg Cooker

A notion of the number of eggs you’re likely to have to cook at the same time can allow you to narrow down all of your alternatives. Nearly all egg yolks range from cooking six to 14 eggs simultaneously, and the quantity you want will depend on the way you live.

The majority of folks will be pleased using a smaller capability version, even those who have small families.

More giant capacity egg cookers could be the ideal alternative for prominent families or people with many parties. It is always preferable to select a more substantial capacity than desired instead of a smaller one, which will make you earn eggs or longer to have sufficient.

Cooking Selections for Versatility

The average egg cooker was designed to make boiled eggs, but sometimes you might find you need another sort of egg for lunch or breakfast.

Variety is always a fantastic thing, and lots of the egg yolks available on the market provide the choice to create poached eggs, scrambled eggs, as well as omelets. Some come with just one extra egg cooking choice, but some have three or two.

When these features are available, the egg stove will include different trays for omelets, poaching, or scrambled egg.

You will also have a typical dish to make soft, moderate, and hard-boiled eggs. If you’d like many different alternatives for creating eggs, these features will likely be crucial to your kitchen.

Amount of Time Needed to Poach Eggs

You will immediately notice that a few versions of egg stoves have more cooking time than many others. However, the average is somewhere between 5 and 12 minutes for a complete cooking cycle.

The main reason that this time range is so extensive is that it fluctuates based on the number of eggs you’re cooking and the way you would like them to be well prepared. People who are lovers of hard-boiled eggs may anticipate a minimum of 10 minutes for eggs.

Automatic Shut Off and Buzzers

Even though this isn’t found in each egg cooker, an automatic shutoff feature will switch off the device once the cooking cycle is complete.

This is only one of the most effective methods to safeguard your eggs from overcooked should you step away throughout the process.

While auto-shutoff is not as common, many egg stoves on the market include a buzzer that seems to allow you to know that the cooking is complete.

Occasionally this may work in conjunction with auto shutoff, while other times, it will ask that you switch off the egg stove all on your own. Those people who have hearing problems might wish to pick a version with auto-shutoff to guarantee the highest quality of eggs.

Level of Care Needed

The ideal egg stove functions well without a great deal of maintenance or maintenance.

Many egg stoves have removable dishwasher-friendly components because they never leave contact with power so that they are easy to stay clean and cared for.

Additionally, there is minimal assembly required to get them moving, and they can readily be hand-washed with nothing more than hot, soapy water.

The fundamental egg cooker has hardly any components, and this makes it easy to operate with. Additionally, bear in mind that guarantees may change from 1 brand to another.

An Annual guarantee is sufficient; anything much longer than this can give you additional reassurance and is well worth a couple of added bucks.

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The Main Point

Now that you understand what things when picking the ideal egg cooker, you need to discover the perfect choice to fulfill your requirements.

Consider how many eggs you will need to create, how you would like to make them, and some other features that are must-haves to your kitchen. You are guaranteed to locate a choice above that can fit right in with the rest of your kitchen appliances.

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