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Best Electric Griddle 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Electric Griddle 2021

These days, modern technology isn’t earmarked for IT just, but for regular objects, like the best electric griddle to your kitchen. The quantity of individuals opting-in and obtaining a griddle is growing daily due to its own convenience. In the subsequent article, we will help you choose the griddle that meets your needs in the most effective way possible.

Aside from the normal evaluation of exactly what griddles bring to the table (pun intended), we’re likely to experience the most well-known versions and sum this up in a brief electric griddle reviews section that you discuss and fortify your choice. Let’s roll!

What is the Electric Griddle?

Greatest Electric Griddle ReviewsEssentially, griddles are easy appliances. The shortest response is a griddle is a huge cooking surface that could be powered with different sources and can be designed to help you cook larger quantities of food without wasting your time.

Now, you may believe that griddles are supposed to be utilized in bigger restaurants by professional chefs just. Well, some years back, you’d be proper. Numerous producers made certain that those kitchen appliances are all readily available to everybody, including the price and the simplicity of usage.

Nowadays, electric griddles are, in fact, the best choice to begin with, and they’re the ideal alternative for homes. This is because of their portability and the brief time frame they will need to make it to the desired temperature. Added into the speedy heating systems, electric griddles have onboard. Also, they provide even spread of heat, which will be additional convenient if you’re cooking for many individuals.

Obviously, electric griddles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, they all have something in common: they conserve space and are simple and intuitive to work with. Contrary to the top-rated outdoor griddles, there aren’t any complicated additional complex rules you want to follow; simply plugin, flip the switch and begin cooking.

Rather than their gas or propane sockets, electric griddles are quicker and cheaper and maybe saved after use with no necessity for a great deal of room.

Before we did mention these kinds of griddles are excellent, to begin with, but do not believe for one second, they are not employed by professionals. Many pro chefs and cooks worldwide use precisely electric griddles to prepare all sorts of dishes for numerous reasons. Let’s research the principal virtues of these and determine why electric griddles are really common.

Electric Griddle Buying Guide

Electric Griddle Buying Guide

Greatest Electric GriddlesNow, which we’ve talked about electric griddle forms, now is the time to experience the main features you should look for if you wish to discover the most suitable one for the kitchen. There are various options on the market today, and the more you know more about the topic at hand, the better.

We’re conscious that not each electric griddle can meet your particular requirements, so don’t hesitate to examine this manual and make a record of the features you need onboard. We’ll let you know exactly what to search for and what type of advantages electric griddles earn in general.

1. Versatility

This could come off as ordinary sense. However, we can’t stress enough how important it is for the griddle you picked to have the ability to take care of different cooking challenges. If you’re seeking a kitchen appliance that could manage both dry and succulent food, certainly consider a griddle using a grilling choice.

This grill feature may come in many shapes, but the most frequent one is a reversible plate, which may behave either as a horizontal surface or a grill in one moment. This excess attribute can be a hassle should you not need to have the grill part, therefore think carefully before picking.

2. Material

If it comes to electric griddles, there are three prominent substances available on the marketplace: aluminum, cast iron, and ceramics. Every substance has its ups and downs, and obviously, cost.

Aluminum griddle

This kind may be a quick and effortless solution since aluminum is a material that warms up fast and melts quickly. It’s perfect for fast cooking sessions with minimal time to wash up. The upkeep is really straightforward. However, there’s a catch: aluminum is the least durable substance of the three. This is why its cost has become the most economical.

Cast iron griddle

Wrought iron is a renowned substance for pots, pans, and skillets. A griddle made from the cast iron heats up quickly and melts marginally slower than the aluminum. Many consider this material to be excellent for milder, higher-quality meats, and that’s why it is used with conventional food planning, such as teppanyaki in Japan. The drawback of cast iron would be that the maintenance including special rules with storage and cleaning.

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Ceramic griddles

The middle ground between the two is ceramics. The material is more durable and very resistant to dents and outside harm. Just bear in mind that ceramics require a while to cool down. And should you would like to earn a low-risk choice, consider going with a metallic griddle that’s coated with a ceramic material.

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3. The Temperature Spread

If you’d like your foods to be cooked evenly, then you require a griddle that could maintain a continuous and evenly-spread temperature throughout the entire plate. Electric griddles can occasionally have the so-called hot areas on the borders, so be certain to explore them.

Nonetheless, this is seldom a problem, since the technology is becoming better daily. As a helping hand, consult with this article on secure minimum cooking temperatures.

4. The Flatness of this Plate

This might appear already indicated, but you would like to be certain that you acquire a leveled, fully flat griddle. You may wonder why flatness is a variable, but more seasoned cooks will tell you a nonstick surface is all for naught if it’s bumpy, even the smallest.

With each imperfection about the electric griddle plate, you increase the opportunity of tacky ingredients to stay, even more, thus destroying your meal. Aluminum models tend to be “bendy,” however, with proper maintenance and sufficient use and upkeep; you don’t need to be concerned about doing it.

5. Coating

CoatingWe touched on this subject somewhat from the area above. These days, virtually every electric griddle version was created, covered with a picture of a nonstick substance. Aluminum is currently showing a fantastic deal of those specifications, but for a couple of added dollars, you can find a griddle made from metal with a ceramic coating.

Ceramics often prolong the life span of this appliance but also make it cool a bit slower. And, needless to say, a few griddles are created completely out of ceramics. Therefore no coating is necessary. Just be certain there aren’t any harmful compounds from the coat. Being that regulations are becoming more powerful as technology improves, obtaining a poisonous plate is extremely slim.

6. Grease and Juices Removal

Being it bacon, or any juicy ingredient, things are certain to find greasy at any stage. The capacity to eliminate the additional juices and fats will be welcome with all the electric griddle you decide on. Because of this, many griddle manufacturers chose to set a drainage system onboard.

The most typical one which you can find is that the”tilt and then spill” one. As its name implies, once you remove all of the food from the outside, all you need to do is lean the griddle towards the specified direction (normally a hole at the plate) and empty the nasty stuff off.

7. Maintenance and Cleaning Process

Care and Cleaning ProcessThis are slightly linked to the two preceding factors. Cooking can become fairly cluttered pretty quickly, so you need to have the ability to clean the griddle as quickly as possible. Some griddles provide protective covers (which also function as heating insulators for longer cooking sessions) and splash guards.

If they are not well made, these bits may be a nuisance in the future since the only construction can deform in the warmth. Aluminum griddles are rather easy to clean because of their fairly effective nonstick surfaces. Ceramic griddles are more durable and can withstand bigger pressures throughout the cleaning process, so you may get as messy as you desire.

8. Life Expectancy

We often overlook that appliances that manage food have to be made from the best stuff on the market, not just as it’s a sensitive thing, but since we will need to prepare food daily at least once. That is the reason the durability of your electric griddle is vital.

Normally, an electric griddle should last about two decades. But with proper care and care, you can prolong the life span of your griddle by the following 2 decades, or occasionally even more.

Top Rated Best Electric Griddles Brands

Top Rated Best Electric Griddles Brands

SaleBestseller No. 1
Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles,Black
Griddle is fully immersible with the heat control removed.; Simply open latch...
Bestseller No. 2
Presto Ceramic 22-inch Electric Griddle with removable handles, One Size, Black
Extra-large griddle-great for every meal and entertaining; Removable handles for...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Presto 07046 Tilt 'n Drain Big Griddle Cool-Touch Electric Griddle
Built-in backstop ledge for convenient food handling
SaleBestseller No. 4
Presto 07047 Cool Touch Electric Griddle
Premium nonstick surface for stick-free cooking and no-hassle cleaning; Fully...
Bestseller No. 5
Presto Slimline Griddle, Black, 22"
Control Master heat control maintains the desired temperature automatically;...

Best Overall: Zojirushi Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle

Zojirushi Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle, One Size, Dark Brown
169 Reviews
Zojirushi Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle, One Size, Dark Brown
  • Diamond pattern cooking surface protects the nonstick coating and helps keep foods from sticking
  • Variable temperature settings from keep Warm 176 Degree to 400 Degree

If cooking using a griddle will be a regular event, investing in a top-quality griddle may be a smart choice. This lavish model from Zojirushi includes a nice-sized 19 x 12.5-inch cooking surface and may heat from 176 to 425 degrees.

The cooking surface includes a nonstick ceramic coating improved using titanium to ensure it is long-lasting and simple to clean, while it promotes even browning. The griddle disassembles easily for cleanup, and that means you will receive all the nooks cleaned each moment.

The cooking plate stays within a body shield, which helps prevent accidental scalding whilst cooking. Both the shield and cooking plate are fully immersible for cleaning. This griddle includes a lid for quicker cooking, maintaining steam, and protecting against splattering. A stainless steel spatula can be included.

Best Large Electric Griddle – Black & Decker Family-Sized Electric Griddle

While electric griddles are complete, big, and provide more room than what you may become only cooking on your traditional stovetop, a few electric griddles are bigger than others. If you’d like something on the bigger end of the spectrum, proceed with the Black & Decker Family-Sized Electric Griddle.

Under $50 can cook enough food with this huge cooking surface to nourish some whole sleepover’s value of children or the entire family at Christmastime. It may fit 15 pancakes plus a single entire package of bacon across its 200 square inches. Home cooks have found it useful for whipping up fried meats, French chips, steaks, poultry, and shrimp.

The plate heats up to 400 degrees. A drip tray captures any grease that may run off your food.

The only drawbacks? Consumers report that the griddle does show wear and tear quite fast, and the drip tray matches up fairly quickly – sometimes before you are done cooking, which is a pain.

On the other hand, the simple fact that the griddle is dishwasher safe can compensate for this. That is not necessarily a characteristic on all griddles, which means that you can pop it along with the spatula to be washed as you go like your pancakes!

Best High-End Electric Griddle – Broil King Professional Portable Non-Stick Griddle

While the Black & Decker Family-Sized Electric Griddle is unquestionably large, it is not the most high-end griddle you can purchase. What is the Broil King Professional Portable non-stick Griddle from Amazon?

Although this version from Broil King costs a bit over $100, double what you could pay for a normal electric griddle will have many features that make it stand apart. Testers report a much more consistent cooking surface and the capability to control the temperature, complete with this particular gourmet sizzler minutely.

The adjustable legs permit you to change the incline of the griddle to conduct any grease down to the dirt trap, and a backsplash retains greasy foods out of popping up oil on your own kitchen walls and effortless cleanup.

Best Compact: Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle
2,691 Reviews
Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle
  • Compact electric griddle with 8-1/2" X 10-1/2" Nonstick cooking surface
  • Made of cast aluminum that resists warping & distributes heat evenly

A huge griddle is perfect for feeding a crowd, but if you cook for two or one, this streamlined griddle has plenty of area for four fried eggs, a set of legumes, or hash browns for breakfast. The cooking surface is 8 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches and has a nonstick coating for simple cleanup.

The griddle includes a built-in station that grabs fat and other drippings. However, there isn’t any drip tray, so you will have to pour out it after ingestion.

Together with the temperature control eliminated, the whole griddle is totally submersible for simple cleaning. The warmth goes from warm to 400 degrees so that you may use it for most of your cooking requirements, whether in the home, in a holiday cottage, or inside a dorm area. Should you have to keep it in a little area when it is not being used, the leg/handle bits could be eliminated to make it more streamlined.

Best Multi-Tasker: Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler

Cuisinart GR-4NP1 5-in-1 Griddler, 13.5'(L) x 11.5'(W) x 7.12'(H), Silver With Silver/Black Dials
20,690 Reviews
Cuisinart GR-4NP1 5-in-1 Griddler, 13.5"(L) x 11.5"(W) x 7.12"(H), Silver With Silver/Black Dials
  • 5-in-1 countertop unit works as a contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle and half grill/half griddle. Dimensions: 13.50 L x 11.50 W x 7.12 H inches
  • Brushed stainless-steel housing; sturdy panini-style handle; floating cover to adjust to thickness of food. BPA Free

If flexibility is valuable to you, the 5-in-1 Griddler from Cuisinart is a superb option. This version features interchangeable plates that permit you to utilize the machine for a griddle or grill, in addition to a conventional panini media (a waffle plate alternative is available for purchase).

Open the lid all the way to produce a flat top griddle, perfect for making pancakes, eggs, and bacon for your family. Use the selector knobs before control the temperature, from 175 to 450 levels in griddle style. When in a panini/grill manner, you get a varying temperature choice from “low” to”sear,” which means you may adapt to your heating tastes as required.

This easy-to-use griddle/grill combo includes a sturdy brushed stainless steel exterior, simple to keep using an easy wipe down to eliminate any debris. Cleaning up is straightforward-that the removable nonstick plates are dishwasher safe but are also cleaned by hand.

Best Grill-Meets-Griddle Choice – Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Countertop Electric Griddle

Sooner or later, a person at Hamilton Beach determined that just using a counter electric griddle wasn’t enough. Home cooks wanted more. They had that the Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Countertop Electric Griddle.

While, initially, this choice might appear somewhat gimmicky with its features, it really is a fantastic selection for people who don’t know whether they will use an electric griddle all that frequently and wish to find the maximum function for their cash.

The griddle is created using 2 detachable, PFOA-free non-stick cast iron plates. One is a traditional flat griddle. Another is a ridged grill. Both heat up independently up to 400 levels. A grease tray at the center removes dirt out of either side and is dishwasher safe.

Therefore, you can grill a steak for breakfast on one side and fry your eggs up onto the flip with this Griddler, without running back and forth between 2 different cooking surfaces.

The only disadvantage is the entire cooking space is on the side, at 180 square inches.

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Best for Crepes: NutriChef Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker

NutriChef Electric Griddle & Crepe Maker | Nonstick 12 Inch Hot Plate Cooktop | Adjustable Temperature Control | Batter Spreader & Wooden Spatula | Used Also For Pancakes, Blintzes & Eggs
349 Reviews
NutriChef Electric Griddle & Crepe Maker | Nonstick 12 Inch Hot Plate Cooktop | Adjustable Temperature Control | Batter Spreader & Wooden Spatula | Used Also For Pancakes, Blintzes & Eggs
  • MAKE PERFECT CREPES: Concocting mouthwatering crepes and blintzes is simple with the Nutrichef Electric Griddle The 12" inch cooking diameter is perfect for cooking traditional crepes
  • VERSATILE COOKING TOOL: In addition to crepes, this griddle is great for making all your breakfast favorites Whip up evenly cooked pancakes, blintzes, eggs & bacon for the whole family

This electric crepe maker and griddle from NutriChef have an easy-to-adjust temperature dial along with a large (12 inches), level nonstick cooking surface which cooks evenly and quickly, that our tester highlights: “It’s an incredibly cooking surface. The crepes cooked evenly from 1 side to another,” she raves. This surface also has a brief lip for your batter does not spill over the border.

Additionally, the NutriChef includes a wooden pastry spreader and wooden crepe turner with beveled edges, which our tester found tremendously beneficial in bending over the crepes because of their diameter. She enjoys that the appliance is multipurpose: she could cook other breakfast favorites like eggs, bacon, and sausage together with it.

Best Reversible Griddle – Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Reversible Grill

If you’re interested in finding a dual-purpose griddle, the Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Reversible Grill is an ideal option. This griddle includes a reversible griddle pan and grill pan so that you can cook flapjacks in the afternoon and grilled chicken in the day.

This griddle is a little bit of an investment of $159. However, the drip tray and cooking plate are both dishwashers safe! The Oster electric griddle also includes a ceramic coating free from PFOA and PTFE, which means you don’t need to be concerned about anything flaking or peeling off on your perfectly cooked sunny side up eggs.

With adjustable temperature controllers, a warming tray, and a drip tray for simple cleaning, this can be really a top-notch nonstick electric griddle.

Best High-End: Wolf Gourmet Precision Electric Griddle

Wolf Gourmet Precision Electric Griddle, Indoor Grill, 200 sq. in, Nonstick Coating, Advanced Temperature Control, Stainless Steel, Red Knob (WGGR100S)
80 Reviews
Wolf Gourmet Precision Electric Griddle, Indoor Grill, 200 sq. in, Nonstick Coating, Advanced Temperature Control, Stainless Steel, Red Knob (WGGR100S)
  • VERSATILE COOKING AT ITS BEST: Grill, sear, sauté, steam and melt foods with confidence on the superior nonstick 204-square-inch cooking surface.
  • EXCEPTIONALLY EVEN HEATING: Precision heating elements are built into the thick cast aluminum cooking surface for consistent temperatures and even heat retention.

High-end functionality is what we’ve come to expect out of Wolf appliances. Also, this griddle is no exception. Designed to coordinate with Wolf kitchen ranges (along with many other tiny appliances), this griddle is made from professional-grade cast aluminum at a brushed stainless steel casing.

The heating component is cast right into the cooking surface to guarantee optimal heat supply, and also the surface measures 12 x 17 inches to provide you a lot of space for cooking flapjacks and egg whites.

The temperature control ranges from 150 to 450 degrees, which means that you may use the cooktop to maintain a batch of pancakes at serving temperature or to sear a steak. The vented lid allows you to steam delicate items, such as fish, shrimp, or vegetables. Cleanup is simple because of the nonstick surface-wipe down the griddle and set the drip tray to the dishwasher.

Best Non-Electric Griddle – Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle with Sudden

Alright, so you came here searching to get an electric griddle, but hear us out on this particular alternative. The Reversible Cast Iron Stovetop Griddle from cherished cast iron cookware manufacturer Lodge is a wonderful selection for people who want the huge cooking space of a griddle but don’t have any excess counter space (it is also excellent for your regular camper).

You receive a massive griddle region to cook; you only need a different heat source to warm this up. You can put the grill/griddle atop your cooker, a grill, or over a campfire.

Even individuals who have an electric griddle occasionally favor this non-electric alternative, simply as it can get hotter than many electric griddles. Additionally, grill plates are simple to package camping, making them super flexible on the move if you don’t possess a power resource.

Best Budget: Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + Griddle

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + Griddle, 8-Serving, Reversible Nonstick Plates, 2 Cooking Zones with Adjustable Temperature (38546), Black
2,853 Reviews
Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + Griddle, 8-Serving, Reversible Nonstick Plates, 2 Cooking Zones with Adjustable Temperature (38546), Black
  • 3-in-1 Cooking Versatility: Full griddle, full grill, half grill/half griddle. Reversible plates include a griddle on one side and grill on the other.
  • Great for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: From Pancakes, Eggs and Bacon for Breakfast, to Grilled Cheese and Hot Sandwiches for Lunch to Grilled Steaks, Hamburgers, Chicken, Fish, Pizza, Vegetables and More, It Can Be Used for Any Meal.

If you’d like your griddle to perform more, this grill/griddle combo includes two detachable and reversible plates so that you can make pancakes on its smooth surface and grill steaks or hamburgers on the ridged grilling surface. If you are producing beef and eggs for breakfast, then you can scramble eggs onto a smooth surface and then grill your steak on the ridged surface at the same moment.

Each side has its own temperature control, which goes from heat to 425 degrees, which means that you can cook foods at two different temperatures at precisely the same time or use 1 side for cooking. In contrast, the second side retains completed foods warm for serving.

There’s a center grease station that funnels the juices and fats into the dishwasher-safe dirt tray. The cooking plates snap right into position and are dishwasher safe for super-easy cleaning, and also the entire cooking surface is 18 1/4 x 9 1/2 inches; the center channel is all about 1/4 inches broad.

Some users have noticed that the warmth marks burn easily, which means you may have to gauge the temperature or create your own marks on the dial following the griddle has existed for a short time.

Best For Traveling: Dash Mini Maker Electric Round Griddle

There are streamlined griddles, and you will find such compact griddles, which is a mini-sized version that may cook nearly anywhere there’s an outlet. Ideal for an office, dorm room, or a tiny flat, this fun-sized griddle by Dash may create single portions of eggs, pancakes, biscuits, and much more.

Just plug it in and await the indicator light to turn away, and it is ready to cook-it is possible to make grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas in mere minutes.

The cooking surface is only 4 inches in diameter. However, you can cook a hamburger or walnut sandwich without having an entire pan and burner setup. The nonstick, PFOA-free cooking surfaces are easy to clean with a moist cloth, and its own super-compact size means that it will not occupy a lot of storage area when not being used.


Hopefully, you have found everything you were looking for in this review of the very best electric griddles. We looked at all of the best griddles available on the marketplace to provide you with this list. I wanted to be certain I just picked out the very best griddles at the top categories I really could.

Video: Simple Steak Recipe. Electric Grill

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