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Best Flatware Organizer 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Flatware Organizer 2021

Many flatware organizers may match your kitchen. Made of materials such as bamboo flatware organizers are vital for many people. On the current market, there are many options out there.

What to search for in a number of the best silverware organizer? Some include a lid; others are made from wood. If you’d like a spacious organizer, you can decide on the one with a drawer. This is my recommended list of high best flatware organizers for many kitchens.

The Finest Flatware Organizer Buying Guide

What is about decluttering nowadays? Plus, it ought to be. Because cluttered surroundings calm your mind, raises your anxiety, and make you eat more. True story. Just imagine how much more food you will eat in case your kitchen drawers are a wreck?

You require a flatware organizer. But that one? Well, do not cha worry. We have got your silverware covered.

What Material Would You Rather Have?

Vinyl is the most popular substance used in creating flatware organizers. They tend to be cheaper but no less lasting. Some are trendy, like the Rubbermaid No-Slip Silverware Tray Organizer and Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Expandable Cutlery Tray. Plus, they are not vulnerable to moisture up to metal or wood. You have to make sure that the vinyl is BPA-free in addition to food grade.

Bamboo trays are yet another popular option because, let’s face it, it looks amazingly cool. Additionally, bamboo is a renewable substance, which makes it an eco-friendly option. But it can not take in any moisture because way contributes to wood rot. Two great examples of wooden flatware organizers are Bellemain 100% genuine Bamboo Expandable Tray and Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Cutlery tray.

Metal trays are usually constructed in a net layout to be certain moisture does not remain in the pockets, and the silverware is well-ventilated. This type of tray is very possibly very lasting. But some do have sharp edges that may scratch your drawer or, even worse, you. If that is something, we advocate the Masirs Metal Adjustable Drawer Organizer.

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How Large Should Your Tray Be?

This is very possibly the most significant issue of the day. If you anticipate putting the flatware organizer within the drawer, it’d be best to ensure the menu matches. Another great reason for looking at this tray’s dimensions would be to make sure it can hold all the cutlery you consider keeping within the tray.

How Many Compartments Do You Want?

Most cutlery trays have 5 two or compartment pockets. Some, such as the Madesmart Big Silverware Tray, provide six pockets – ideal for people searching for something in between. If you are not sure about the amount, you can elect an expandable tray like the OXO Good Grips Large Expandable Utensil Organizer.

Others, such as the OXO Good Grips Adjustable Drawer Organizer, along with Masirs Metal Adjustable Drawer Organizer, include removable dividers so that you can produce your own pockets any way your small OC heart needs.

How Simple Is It To Clean?

You do understand that your kitchen needs to stay clean. Well, it begins with your drawers and utensils. You must maintain your plate clean (even once in a while) since you will keep your utensils. Materials that are going to be touching your food and your mouth. The most straightforward choice is to receive a dishwasher-safe tray, for example, Rubbermaid No-Slip Silverware Tray Organizer.

The Masirs Metal Adjustable Drawer Organizer can also be a fantastic pick since dust, crumbs, and small whatnots will only fall through the net layout and the drawer due to the elevated underside feature. Bamboo trays, on the other hand, cannot be washed.

Instead, simply wiping it down with a damp cloth should do. Remember that a few plastic trays aren’t dishwasher-safe and will need to be more hand-washed with gentle soap and water.

Top Rated 11 Best Flatware Organizers Brands

Top Rated 11 Best Flatware Organizers Brands

Rubbermaid No-Slip Silverware Tray Organizer

Rubbermaid No-Slip Large, Silverware Tray Organizer, Black with Gray
9,662 Reviews
Rubbermaid No-Slip Large, Silverware Tray Organizer, Black with Gray
  • Great silverware organizer at a value price
  • 5 Large slots and 2 expandable trays provide storage space for all of your flatware and serving utensils

Functional and contemporary, this Rubbermaid No-Slip Silverware Organizer includes five pockets with two adjustable ones. It is made from vinyl and dishwasher-safe, which makes it a lot easier to wash. And there is a non-slip underside so that it will not slide whenever you start and shut the drawer.


  • High-quality plastic
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Expandable tray


  • Narrow compartments
  • Hard to fix
  • The non-slip underside does not prevent slipping.

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Masirs Metal Adjustable Drawer Organizer

If wood and plastic are not your things, we have got a metallic tray you may be considering. Masir’s menu is remarkably customizable since it includes 20(!) Metal dividers. The net steel construction won’t rust and enables your cutlery to acquire the venting it must dry out.

It features an elevated underside, allowing crumbs, dust, and water to slide through rather than in touch with your silverware.


  • Versatile (kitchen, office, crafts space, etc..)
  • It could be divided into a maximum of 9 different compartments.
  • Durable steel Won’t succumb to rust.


  • Some sharp stains that may scratch your own drawer (or reduce your finger)
  • Slides Within the drawer
  • It won’t fit inside a few drawers.

Bellemain 100% Actual Bamboo Expandable Tray

Bellemain 100% Bamboo Expandable, Utensil - Cutlery and Utility Drawer Organizer (8 slot)
4,287 Reviews
Bellemain 100% Bamboo Expandable, Utensil - Cutlery and Utility Drawer Organizer (8 slot)
  • TURN EVERY DRAWER INTO A SHOWPLACE: Generously proportioned, our drawer insert expands from 6 compartments (12.75") to 8 compartments (19") to fit most drawers snugly, while providing an attractive, upscale custom look.
  • KEEP YOUR HOME CLUTTER-FREE: Organize silverware for 12. Tame your makeup drawers. De-clutter your crafts or bring order to your tools and office supplies. Whatever you need to organize, the Bellemain insert has you covered.

In case you’ve got a considerable quantity of silverware already, and you still intend on adding just a tiny bit here and there through time, you will be happy to know there are flatware organizers that could develop with you.

Bellemain provides a 100% bamboo tray with six pockets with two extra ones, which may be slid out across the other side, giving you a total of 8 pockets. It may match a silverware set that is fantastic for 12 individuals.


  • 2-year 100% Money-back Guarantee
  • Eco-friendly substance – bamboo
  • Durable


  • First chemical or varnish odor that stinks
  • Slides from the drawer
  • Shallow compartments

Totally Bamboo Large Expandable Cutlery Tray & Drawer Organizer

If you do not require that lots of compartments or your own kitchen stall are smaller, we have got another bamboo alternative for you. This expandable tray out of Totally Bamboo is, you guessed it, completely made from renewable organic Moso bamboo. No paint, varnish, or some other compounds added to it.

It has five pockets; the two outer ones are flexible. Besides looking very cool, the bamboo is easy to clean; wash it down with a damp cloth, and you’re done! And also, the company even provides a 100% Satisfaction Replacement Warranty.


  • Eco-friendly bamboo
  • Expandable
  • 100 percent Satisfaction Replacement Warranty


  • Durability problems
  • The compartments are Somewhat shallow (less than two inches)
  • Will rust when exposed to moisture or water

OXO Good Grips Large Expandable Utensil Organizer

OXO Good Grips Large Expandable Utensil Organizer - White
4,060 Reviews
OXO Good Grips Large Expandable Utensil Organizer - White
  • Dividers adjust to accommodate all utensil shapes and sizes
  • Expands from 15 1/2 inches to 22 inches to fit kitchen drawers

This is for men and women who actually love everything to remain in its location. While most of our other selections will permit you to keep your utensils in their pockets, it may still seem a little messy when you start and shut the drawer since the silverware does slip inside each compartment.

Well, not using this particular tray from OXO. Like precisely what its title suggests, this tray grips your utensils, so making sure they stay in a neat little pile in their compartment. As an additional bonus, you also get a single expandable tray on both sides (from 15 1/2 inches into a diameter of 22 inches) to get more storage choices.


  • Expandable tray
  • Movable guide railings for grasping the utensils
  • Non-slip ft


  • Non-slip feet does not prevent slipping.
  • Tough to match utensils with curved stems
  • The expandable tray will not remain locked in position.

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Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Cutlery tray

Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Silverware Organizer- 5 Compartments - Bamboo Drawer Organizer - Bamboo Hardware Organizer
2,157 Reviews
Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Silverware Organizer- 5 Compartments - Bamboo Drawer Organizer - Bamboo Hardware Organizer
  • Bamboo cutlery tray measures 13.8 x 9.9 x 2 inches, making it suitable for standard-sized drawers
  • Tray features 5 dividers that help in organizing different cutlery pieces

If you’d like a bamboo tray that is cheap and non-adjustable, then that one from Utopia Kitchen is precisely what you’re searching for. It matches most standard-sized drawers measuring 13.7 by 9.8 by 2.3 inches.

You will find five compartments on the tray, which lets you store the many different kinds of cutlery you’ve got. And it is entirely made from eco-friendly bamboo that has been FDA and FSC approved.


  • 100% carbon bamboo
  • Spacious compartments
  • FDA and FSC approved (food level and also food secure)


  • Requires minimal exposure to water/moisture
  • Durability issues (dividers are glued not nailed down)
  • Slides when the drawer is opened and closed

Sorbus Flatware Drawer Organizer

His flatware organizer has numerous storage compartments to keep cutlery with numerous sizes for a successful organizing system. This flatware organizer is split into little compartment segments to store items, chopsticks, spoons, and other little size cutlery and large-sized compartment segments to keep tongs, ladles, whisks, and other fundamental cooking gear.

The product is made of durable and expandable plastic with rounded corners and soft gripping material, and non-slip feet made out of rubber.

This flatware is quantified to be 23.75″ in length with a diameter of 16″ and a height of 2.12″, and the diameter could be expanded between 13″ to 23.75″. This eight compartment flatware organizer may also be used instead as a different kind of coordinating instrument together with a kitchen utensils holder.

Home-it Expandable Utensil Flatware Drawer Organizer

Home-it Expandable use for, Utensil Flatware Dividers-Kitchen Drawer Organizer-Cutlery Holder, Bamboo
2,875 Reviews
Home-it Expandable use for, Utensil Flatware Dividers-Kitchen Drawer Organizer-Cutlery Holder, Bamboo
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER PRICE MAY INCREASE SOON-- 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Flatware Organizer, Constructed of High Quality Moso Bamboo

An expandable kitchen storage organizer will help keep your kitchen nice and within an orderly, organized atmosphere. The organizer tray plan is spacious and expandable with 17.5 inches long and 13 3/4 inches broad, expandable to 17 1/2 inches broad, and two inches tall. The custom-fit bamboo flatware organizer can be found to keep many different utensils with seven different sized pockets.

Rather than using plastic and other products that will affect your well-being and environment, it’s safer and a lot more lasting to utilize this bamboo flatware organizer.

Zilpoo 5-Section Flatware Organizer, Utensil Drawer Organizer

As with this particular flatware organizer, it’s an excellent product to use in dorm rooms, decks, summer homes, and other areas with restricted spaces. The streamlined flatware organizer comprises a cover to prevent dust and bugs from contacting all the utensils.

It’s a 5-compartment layout flatware organizer with three color options. Furthermore, this flatware kitchen organizer also features small lumps at the tray base to keep the tray from slipping from the drawers.

This flatware organizer comes in a fantastic dimension to store essential cutlery and also for restricted spaces. Add additional protection and cleanliness to your daily cutlery for this flatware organizer and cover.

Camco 4-Section Cutlery Tray Easily Store Kitchen Flatware

Camco 43508 Cutlery Tray - Designed for RV and Compact Kitchen Drawers - Easily Organize and Store Kitchen Flatware - White
2,486 Reviews

A straightforward and functional flatware organizer is the idea of the cutlery flatware tray. It’s finished with four-compartment segments. This cutlery tray is produced out of durable polypropylene that has a long-lasting impact and can be useful for narrow drawers.

This organizer tray is also simple to wash and sterile and virtually eliminates the tray’s center region to wash out the flatware tray thoroughly.

This Cutlery Tray is quite right to utilize narrow drawers and provides excellent storage for almost sized cutlery. To get a four-compartment flatware tray, this product is quite suitable concerning functionality and price.

Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer

To operate in kitchen drawers of different dimensions, this flatware organizer is made to be extended or retracted based on what you would like to use it to get. It includes a total of 9 slots in which you’ll be able to keep your silverware. Among the standout features of this Royal, Craft Wood Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets is the simple fact that it’s grooved drawer dividers that provide you with quite handy storage.

As a result of this strengthened base, this flatware organizer is exceptionally durable. It’s produced by 100 percent organic pine, which can be eco-friendly. Thus, you do not need to be concerned about damaging the environment together with other plastic-based flatware organizers. To wash this organizer, all you will need is a moist cloth-no need for scrubbing or passing through the dishwasher.

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How can you arrange flatware? It would help if you hung them. Layer your organizer trays. Store them upright. Establish a curb in your countertops. Create a mobile caddy. The above are among the very greatest flatware organizers you have never overlook have in your kitchen.

Things to look for when purchasing flatware organizers? It would help if you considered stainless steel manufactured flatware.

In general, the ideal flatware tray makes it effortless to organize all your kitchen things. These distinctive trays contain slots that hold cutlery.

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