The Best Frozen Meatballs in 2020

Let yourself be tempted by these beef meatballs with vegetable and rice sauce. They will be perfect for a meal rich in flavor. Beef meatballs from France, rice, sauce …

Top Best Frozen Meatballs To Buy 2020

Multiply your meal ideas quickly and easily with the 50 Toupargel frozen mini meatballs. Ready to be cooked, in just a few minutes, our mini-dumplings …

1/ Hormel Compleats Swedish Meatballs with Pasta in Cream Sauce

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Multiply your meal ideas quickly and easily with the 50 Toupargel frozen mini meatballs. Ready to be cooked, in just a few minutes, our mini beef dumplings multiply the recipe possibilities: Italian with spaghetti in tomato sauce, oriental with onions and chopped cilantro, or for more originality and a spicy side, with chorizo! With the Toupargel frozen mini-dumplings, you have 750 g of beef of French origin and of high quality, enough to satisfy the appetite of six guests. You are also free to defrost mini-dumpling by mini-dumpling for solo or duo pleasure …


2/ Rosina Home Style Meatball

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Cooked rice 35% (water, rice, olive oil, salt), pre-fried cooked beef meatball 15% [French beef, egg white, breadcrumbs (wheat flour, salt), onions, salt, raz el hanout, pepper, parsley, coriander, sunflower oil], crushed peeled tomato 12% (tomato, tomato juice, acidifier: citric acid), water, onion, tomato puree 4% (tomato, acidifier: citric acid) , grilled eggplant, yellow pepper, red pepper, zucchini, 1% tomato puree, extra virgin olive oil, honey, salt, processed starch, garlic, coriander, cumin, thyme, oregano, pepper extract, bay extract, rosemary.


3/ Devault Foods Mrs DiFillippo’s Italian Meatballs

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Indulge young and old alike with the 30 Toupargel beef dumplings. Made in Haute-Normandie, they only contain beef from the European Union. Without preservatives, beef meatballs have about 15% fat. Light and delicious, they will delight you! The 30 frozen beef balls are easy to prepare. Without defrosting, you can cook them for 15 minutes in a pan or 20 minutes in the oven at 210 ° C. Once golden, they go very well with a salad or pasta. Children and adults alike will love the Toupargel beef meatballs for 6 people.


4/ Midamar Beef Meatballs – Halal – Cooked Italian Style

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Impress your guests by preparing delicious cooked kefta meatballs. Notice to lovers of spicy and exotic cuisine, frozen meatballs will go perfectly with all your oriental dishes. They consist of lamb and beef, all seasoned with mint, cumin and onions. A real delight for the most delicate taste buds. On the preparation side, hard to find simpler since the kefta meatballs do not require any thawing prior to their cooking. All you need to do is fry them for a few minutes and accompany them with rice or vegetables to obtain an exotic and tasty meal.


5/ Rosina Italian Meatballs

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To accompany all your couscous, tagines, or pasta dishes, these succulent halal beef balls have the advantage of being ready very quickly, in just 10 minutes of cooking in a pan or 30 minutes in an oven at 150 ° C, Without going through the defrosting stage.Originating from EU countries, these minced meatballs ensure you have tasty meat, while their packaging in 1 kg sachet allows you to prepare them when you have many guests or keep them in the freezer to cook several meals. Halal certified by the Great Mosque of Paris, these frozen beef balls delight young and old!