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Best Gin Mixer 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Gin Mixer 2021

A descendent of this Dutch malt barley wine genever, gin has developed over the centuries to some glittering soul, shedding a fantastic deal of gender’s funk – although maybe not its juniper. When determining what to blend with gin, so, 1 rule stands overall must perform nicely with juniper.

Nevertheless, nowadays, there are various manners of gin, from London Dry into “New Western Dry”, with taste profiles that run the gamut from conventional to floral to sweet.

Not each gin will match perfectly with each mixer. Therefore the ideal thing to do would be to flavor your gin directly and find a feeling of its taste profiles – or browse our gin testimonials – to decide for yourself which of these mixers below will suit best with the flavor profiles of your favorite gin.

Top Rated 21 Best Gin Mixer 

Top Rated 21 Best Gin Mixers


A gin and tonic are among the most well-known gin cocktails – and also, the cocktail only uses those two ingredients, nothing longer. Tonic water matches the aromatic features of gin nicely while adding in additional complexity.

This sort of cocktail is particularly great if you do not want a lot of sweetness. In the end, tonic water has a distinctive snack.

Even though a lot of men and women love tonic water, the others don’t. The sharpness of a gin and tonic is not always perfect either. Luckily, there are lots of different mixers which you can depend on instead.

You could even consider tonic syrup, and this can be a more focused approach. The concept is that you add tonic syrup and soda water for your gin to make a gin and tonic. The final result resembles using tonic water, except you have control over the last beverage.

By way of instance, if you locate a regular gin and tonic too extreme, you can add less tonic syrup along with much more soda. Doing this will create a milder drink that nonetheless gets the recognizable flavors of a gin and tonic.

Ginger Beer

Gin combines amazingly well with ginger beer. You get a warming cocktail that has a spicy kick. For the best results, start looking for a spiced gin, particularly a winter-themed one. This sort of gin will have a number of the same taste notes because of the ginger beer.

If you can not locate a spiced gin, do not worry, ginger beer is a flexible mixer also will work nicely with any form of gin.

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The gin and dry vermouth union from the Martini go back at least a hundred decades, but dry vermouths are far from synonymous. Nowadays, there’s virtually as much variety from dry vermouths since there is in gin.

By way of instance, Dolin’s mild floral nose and subtle palate service a bolder gin such as Sipsmith, while Martini & Rossi’s (comparative ) sweetness brings out the juniper at a textbook London Dry such as Tanqueray.

Soda Water

As one VinePair staffer put it, “Soda is much far better than tonic, and that is just details.” A debatable point, but there is no denying that the fresh, faintly mineral fizz of soda makes it possible for an incredibly flavorful gin to glow without overpowering it how a tonic might.

Go easy with a few gins, a squeeze of lemon, and pop (a lighter take on the timeless Tom Collins). People who choose their Martinis bone-dry make fancy with a savory gin (our selections: Gin Mare or Reisetbauer Blue Gin), along with sparkling mineral water with a high total dissolved solids material, such as Gerolsteiner or Vichy Catalan.

Lime Cordial

The lime tastes are ideal with gin (that is why the gimlet cocktail is famous). Combining gin with lime cordial is a simple way to take the full benefit of this tasty mix.

Joining three parts gin to one part cordial is a great starting point. You may tweak the mix further if desired, but you may discover it is perfect as-is.

This sort of beverage can be produced less extreme by topping it up with soda.


Lemonade is your next step following soda water. It’s similar benefits, as this gin’s principles still ought to glow using a gin and peppermint mix.

The most crucial difference is that you’ve got a small lemon flavor combined with much more sugar. The glucose content can produce the beverage much easier to consume and more pleasurable.


Grapefruit’s intensely concentrated acidity and its subdued bitterness will match particularly well with almost any Western Dry Gin that currently has grape among its botanical notes. Consider using Amass at a Salty Dog, the timeless mixture of two ounces. Gin, 1-2 oz.

Fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, along with a salted rim. (The salt will help tone down the preservative’s inherent bitterness while fostering our understanding of its sweetness) For an even more innovative citrus pairing, then one VinePair staffer recommends substituting grapefruit for yuzu juice – if you can locate it. (The yuzu plant has been prohibited from the USA, but many Asian markets carry yuzu juice)

Flavored Seltzer

Gin and Juice, using a spritz? Now we are talking. Grapefruit- and – lemon-flavored seltzers are evident go-to’s, but experimentation with other people may yield fantastic results. As an instance, Blackberry seltzer provides the ideal balance of sweetness and tannic sophistication to show a fantastic gin’s taste range. In contrast, Aviation gin and broccoli White seem destined to develop into a backyard party staple.

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Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is just another fruit mixer that goes nicely with gin. Cranberry juice has comparable sour notes as grapefruit juicebut with additional sweetness.

If you are using store-bought cranberry juice, then pay careful attention to this brand. Some cranberry products utilize much less juice than many others. Many include a surprising quantity of sugar also.

You are going to receive the best results by focusing on relatively sour cranberry juice. If your juice does have sweeteners, then you may add a little lime juice or lemon juice to generate the sweetness less noticeable.

Orange Juice

Surprising as it may look, orange juice unites with most kinds of soul. A gin and orange juice may not be called vodka and orange juice, but the mix still works well.

For that matter, the botanical notes of gin create a perfect contrast to orange juice’s sweetness. You could also ditch the drink with soda if you discover that the tastes are too extreme.

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Ever wondered exactly what to mix coke with besides rum? You can do much worse than attempting the timeless cola with gin!

While we would not recommend this combination to be used with the gorgeous craft gins, we provide our associates here in Craft Gin Club, by way of instance, since the powerful taste of this coke would overpower the delicate, subtle flavors of this gin and its beautiful botanicals, topping a good casual gin along with your favorite new coke, together with a couple of dashes of orange bitters or 15ml of fresh lime juice, and tons of ice may make a refreshing alternative to a directly G&T!

Tomato Juice

Think ‘gin and juice cocktail,’ and you might be excused for not instantly considering this Red Snapper! Thus, let us present you.

In case you haven’t heard of a Red Snapper earlier, you can not be blamed – that this cocktail has been overshadowed by this juggernaut of brunch cocktails, the Bloody Mary. However, by minding the vodka for gin, a staid classic is changed to a botanical wonder packed filled with ginny joy!

If possible, create your tomato juice by par-boiling blitzing and straining a few very ripe, fresh berries. You can skip this piece, but creating your juice generates unbeatable flavor and contains a more pleasing, thinner feel than a lot of the milder shop-bought tomato juices, which may make it look as if you are drinking sauce!

For optimal flavor, add a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a squeeze of melon, and a couple of Tabasco drops!

Pineapple Juice

While lemon juice is sure, on the other hand, the juice’s tropical taste notes make it a tasty choice in most circumstances.

Much like orange juice, then you may readily utilize soda to dilute the drink a bit. It is also possible to look closely at the total amount of juice to gin. By way of instance, five components lemon juice to one part gin would be a lot sweeter than two components juice to one part gin.


Prosecco and gin make get a boozy, bubbly, fantastic pairing. Put in your sparkling wine, a squeeze of lemon along with honey into your gin to get a deliciously sweet and refreshing mix, or try your hand in these gin and prosecco cocktail recipes.

Can it be so smart also to indicate Champagne as a gin mixer’?! If that is not too naughty, it is highly recommended, particularly when combined with a sweet liqueur or syrup to make a cocktail – like Champagne is somewhat drier and less sweet than prosecco, together with something such as elderflower syrup or raspberry liqueur, it produces a beautiful, well-balanced beverage.


Gin and java for a mix isn’t everybody’s, erm, a cup of java (sorry! ), but we believe that – with caution – it may get the job done nicely. Do be sure you’re using either a high-quality gin and a java – that isn’t you to test with your freeze-dried supermarket granules!

To get a ginny choose a traditional espresso martini, shake your typical espresso with ice hockey, a dab of coffee liqueur, along with your usual function of gin, then strain into a coupe glass et voila! A fantastic new spin with this particular cocktail party staple.

Apple Cider

If you would rather something bubbly, you can use apple cider with your gin instead of apple juice. The taste equilibrium ends up being similar, but the bubbles help produce the beverage even more flavorful.

You may even try using hard cider rather than non-alcoholic cider. Just be warned that your beverage would wind up having a severe kick.

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The tastes of gin and elderflower unite together exceptionally well. You get a refreshing beverage that’s subtle flavors, ideal for a hot summer’s day.

Now you have a few choices regarding elderflower, for example, elderflower cordial or elderflower liqueur. There are elderflower soda and elderflower tonic products, a few of which are created with gin in your mind.

Earl Grey Tea

Here is an odd one. Earl Grey tea functions nicely as a mixer for gin, as the floral notes of this tea emphasize this gin’s botanicals.

A simple approach is to brew the tea and then chill it. Once cooled, you can use approximately 1 part of tea into three parts gin. Shake both together in a cocktail shaker with ice, then strain into a glass.

That is it, you’ve got a simple ‘cocktail’ with only two components. You can add some clear syrup for sweetness. However, that is not essential.

Irn Bru

Ok, this one is somewhat tongue in cheek, as we would not usually wish to conceal the subtle flavors of a wonderful craft gin with such a powerful mixer! But gin cocktails comprising Scotland’s”other national drink” are not unpopular – there are a few of the most famous recipes!


Blitz up some fresh oranges and berries, mix with your gin and chilled soda water or lemonade, and – hey presto – you have got the ideal thirst-quenching cocktail to sip a summer garden party!


Among the two chief botanicals in Hendrick’s Gin, this straightforward garden plant adds a hint of grassy sweetness, which does not cloy as any other fruit juices may. (Yes, cucumber is a fruit) Cucumber is also a natural hydrator, making it a welcome addition to any extended drink.

Muddle a couple of bits at a (gin-based) Pimm’s Cup or a G&T to get a sterile hot-weather classic, or peel off a long ribbon of lemon use it to garnish a Hendrick’s and pop.

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