Best Instant Ramen Noodles – Good Brands You Buy

They make teenagers happy. Instant noodle soups slip perfectly into the lunch box and are prepared in a jiffy, something to delight young people. Of all the soups on the market, do some stand out for their nutritional value?

Best Instant Ramen In 2020


1/ Annie Chun’s Miso Soup Noodle Bowl

Annie Chun’s tofu miso soup ranks # 1 on the charts and is one of the only soups without saturated fat. It also displays a more interesting list of ingredients than the others. Its calorie intake is moderate (250) and its portion (a full bowl) is one of the most generous (168 g). With 830 mg of sodium, it is among the least salty on the test bench. That said, it still provides 36% of the maximum tolerable sodium intake for the day. Also a shame that it is devoid of dietary fiber and that it provides only 8 g of protein. My advice: add a bowl of raw vegetables and a source of protein (cheese, egg, nuts) to improve the nutritional value of the meal. Udon soup would be interesting if it did not have the highest sugar content!

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2/ Nissin RAOH Ramen Variety Packs Noodle Soup

Nissin RAOH Ramen, they come in second position, because they contain less lipids (between 0.5 g and 1.5 g) than most of the soups analyzed. Among the soups analyzed, it is this brand that offers the smallest portions (55 g). Given the portion, it is therefore normal that the amounts of calories and sodium are more reasonable than for the other soups analyzed. Like previous soups, it’s a good idea to add other sources of protein.

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3/ Nongshim Shin Bowl Ramen Noodles

Instant soups are mostly high in saturated fat. No wonder, palm oil is frequently on the ingredient list. Another major flaw: all the soups analyzed exceed our sodium recommendations. They all contain too much salt to be added to the menu regularly! Finally, the ingredient lists are weighed down by the presence of a good number of additives (disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate, monosodium glutamate). In short, although some are better than others, none of the soups is balanced enough to be recommended regularly.

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4/ Asha Healthy Ramen Noodles

Asha Foods presents healthy ramen noodles that will make you fall in love at first bite. Fresh, hot, flavorful, and aromatic. Slightly chewy noodles with a delightful hint of Asian flavor. A tasty, satisfying and easy-to-prepare dish satisfying for lunch, dinner, or a late-night snack. With our savory noodles in a variety of flavors, you can enjoy authentic Taiwanese ramen noodles at home anytime you wish.

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5/ Crystal Noodle Soup, Variety Pack, 6 Count

Original Crystal Noodle Soups are packed with nutritious ingredients of the highest quality. The unique clear bean thread noodles are never fried and have much less calories than fried noodles. Our “6 Kinds of Mushrooms” soup boasts a selection of gourmet mushrooms steeped in a savory broth. Whether at home or on the go, you can now enjoy the authentic flavor of Asian slow cooking whenever, wherever you like. Crystal Noodle— the choice is clear!

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