Best IPA Beer 2020: Top Choice & Guide

Best IPA Beer 2020 Top Choice & Guide

The IPA remains the king of beer. According to a recent quote from Dr. Bart Watson, chief economist of the Brewers Association, IPA accounts for approximately 35 to 40 percent of U.S. craft beer sales.

Its prevalence has ignited a sea of variants on the design over recent years: New England-Style IPA, Double IPA, Triple IPA, Session IPA, Brut IPA, Lo-Cal IPA, and so Forth.

From Beer Advocate’s Best IPA Beer. However, these would be the white whales most people can not acquire hands-on – Pliny the Elder, King Julius, Heady Topper.

These beers need to travel to breweries on launch days or paying for those online. However, you don’t need to search these rarities down though to like a fantastic IPA.

The beauty of America’s love of the IPA is that you can find a great one just about everywhere (even online). The subsequent 15 IPAs are about as dependable – and accessible – as IPAs get.

Top 17 Best IPA Beer Brand 2020 - The Greatest Choice For You!

Top 17 Best IPA Beer Brand 2020 – The Greatest Choice For You!

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My go-to is Harpoon IPA. It is refreshing and crisp with ample citrus and floral notes but ends with a piney bitterness that reminds you exactly what it is.

It began as a summer seasonal, but today it is available year-round and tastes just as great from the ski lodge since it will be on the shore. At 5.9 percent ABV, it is incredibly drinkable, which means more beer to your face.

“Sure, it isn’t a quadruple hopped, 10-plus percent ABV, mountain guy maker (or killer), but that is not the point! It is your useful companion and also a welcome addition to virtually any cooler. But when it is a well-groomed beard-off you’re searching for, I would be pleased to supply two or three Heady Toppers in the Alchemist and proceed sip for a sip.”

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Hazy Little Thing

Even though Sierra Nevada’s iconic Pale Ale matches this particular listing guideline, the California brewery’s Hazy Little Thing falls more in line with the current IPA tastes.

This New England-Style IPA has obtained the beer world by storm, at a stage in October 2019, seeing a rise in quantity by 160 percent year-over-year.

It is citrusy and fresh because of Citra, Magnum, Simcoe, Comet, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops. Regarding a Hazy IPA, you can see it in your supermarket. We find ourselves gravitating for this one more frequently than not.

See more: Hazy Little Thing IPA

El Segundo Brewery

El Segundo has been quietly producing outstanding IPAs out of the own coastal California outpost for many decades now.

Even the Los Angeles brewery owns a comprehensive comprehension of this West Coast IPA, inventing brilliant hop invoices that match each other much as a great mix of grape varietals does at a fantastic wine combination.

Its flagship IPA (and currently canned and more broadly accessible ), the Mayberry, mix Chinook, Cascade, and Mosaic hop to get a brew that is balanced, bright, zesty, and aromatic.


“Am I permitted to use one of my very own beers? In that case, I’d go with Joyful Hops IPA from Russian River. I adore the big, hoppy aroma with plenty of hot citruses, stone fruit, tropical notes, and the lingering dry and bitter finish. Happy Hops packs the punch of a juicy/hazy IPA at a transparent beer, which I favor. It’s likewise 6.5 percent ABV so that I will drink an entire one. Many IPAs are excessively high in alcohol, adding warmth and coziness, which take from the jumping character. I enjoy my beer’s dry and well-balanced.”

Bell’s Brewery Two Hearted Ale

There is a motive Bell’s Two Hearted Ale has been voted by Zymurgy readers since the “Best Beer in America” for three decades consecutively: it is the definition of an American IPA, and you’ll be able to get it just about anywhere.

Contrary to the other beers within this listing, Two Hearted Ale features only one jump, Centennial, which provides a flowery flavor and odor. If you are counting calories, then have a look at the newly released Light-Hearted Ale.

Surly Brewing Company

Minneapolis brewery Surly has been set increasingly substantial standards for its Midwest craft scene and outside. The Axe Man is the tag’s most successful IPA, dry-hopped, and offers an embedded richness.

The beer is a cooperation project with Denmark’s Amager Brewery and manages to be both strong and considerate. It wouldn’t be an IPA with no hop-centric part, but the grassy sour notes are beautifully offset from the English ale yeast along with buttered cracker notes.


My preferred IPA at the moment could be no IPA from Burial Beer in Asheville, North Carolina. They’re always at the forefront of this IPA train that’s super compact at this time, so that is saying something.

Burial Beer must be the ideal location near me to find a complete killer IPA every time you move.

Their flagship IPA, Surf Wax, has won a slew of awards and is so unassuming but exceptionally complicated, with the ideal balance of hop flavor, which makes it into this design’s extremes not overdo it.

Its delicious tropical fruitiness combined with walnut and dank flavors meld together perfectly and do not get muddled and ‘helpless’ like many IPAs do today.

And their fan artwork is interestingly odd and diverse, which undoubtedly plays an element in choosing beer, incidentally.

“Additionally, I think that it’s essential when buying packaged beer, which you always check the ‘sprayed’ date on the can or jar. It means that you know your beer is super refreshing to preserve all of the succulent hop flavors you would like and compensate. I do not want to consume IPAs over a month, since the drop from hop flavor goes fast past that.”

New Belgium Brewing Voodoo Ranger

Even though New Belgium became famous years ago for Fat Tire (and its excellent sour program), Voodoo Ranger chose the beer world by storm as it was re-launched in 2017 as a unified string.

New Belgium currently produces at least five different Voodoo Ranger versions. However, the flagship IPA variant is a great, clean-tasting IPA hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo (one of Nugget, Cascade, Simcoe, and Chinook).

Maine Beer Company

Can there be anything more significant than a beer named after a meal? Not a great deal if there’s. It will help that Maine Beer Co. makes delicious beer generally, but Lunch has made waves around America, though it is not that widely dispersed.

The clean labels are appealing regardless of your aesthetic tastes, which is excellent. Diving to the beer, the Amarillo, Centennial, and Simcoe jump contribute a fantastic combination of fruit and walnut flavors with a great malt backbone.

Dinner is not too bad, either.


The favored of bartender Lucy Cleek of Maryville, Tennessee

“Lagunitas stays a favorite. The Bell’s Two-Hearted can also be something almost every IPA drinker may enjoy. Presently, I am attempting to drive Tennessee Brew Works’ Hippies and Cowboys. It is very fruit-forward, so not everybody’s favorite, but I believe most folks around here love that it is a Tennessee beer. Should they wish to stray from Lagunitas, I have been advocating TrimTab Brewing of Birmingham, Alabama.”

Stone IPA

Founded in 1996 in Escondido, California, Stone Brewing has turned into among the world’s most admired craft brewers.

While the “Love By” string and Neverending Haze have recently garnered praise from beer drinkers throughout the nation, it is the 20-plus-year-old IPA, that features eight distinct leaps, that helped place West Coast IPAs on the map.

It stinks a bit more about the hoppy bitter end of this spectrum, but it is still very much a pioneer in the conventional IPA category.

Half Acre Beer Company

The Bodem IPA is a new stab in the group, calling relatively new hops like Cashmere and Cryo hops. A time capsule of sorts, the beer appears to catch our existing taste to its ├╝ber-popular style.

When there’s a lovely place between the fruitiness of East Coast IPAs and the forest-driven pungency of numerous West Coast IPAs, Chicago brewery Half Acre has discovered it in this offering.

It is exceptionally smooth, revealing ripe summer fruit attributes along with a pronounced crispness.


I am on the West Coast and prefer a sour, clean, almost transparent IPA versus the milder, fruit-flavor-forward, Northeast-style that has grown in popularity over the last few decades.

My beer market expertise has instructed me that new beer is the best beer, particularly true with IPAs.

The less opportunity the beer needs to confront temperature change (which often occurs when it’s put in the hands of a third party distributor hauling it for long distances across country/countries), the better it will taste.

“For me, right now, I am loving Gowanus, Brooklyn’s Strong, Rope Brewery’s Field Drinker IPA; it is a 4.2 percentage ABV, all New York-state hops and malts, palatably sour, clean, refreshing, perfect-for-summer beer. They could use it regularly for simple, delicious, distant drinking.”

Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai

If tropical Florida vibes were an IPA, it would be Jai Alai. It is bright and citrusy because of an eclectic mix of seven distinct hops. A standout for quite a while, it is now readily available because of an ever-expanding distribution system from Cigar City.

Boulevard Brewing Company

In a universe where IPAs keep coming quickly at a consumer, a fantastic beer goes a long way but does a trendy hook. Boulevard Brewing recently published its latest IPA, Space Camper, but with it came a movie game.

Boulevard constructed an 8-bit video game precisely the same vein as Space Invaders and Galaga for lovers to play and win prizes. The business also vowed to the Arbor Day Foundation into 10,000 trees 2019, to encourage “the only planet with beer.”

It helps that the beer is healthy, too. In 5.9% ABV, Space Camper is filled with citrus, stone fruit, and watermelon notes from its mix of Ekuanot, El Dorado, and Galaxy hops.

Oskar Blues Brewery Dale’s Pale Ale

Dale’s Pale Ale was a craft beer staple since 2002 as it became the first craft beer in the united states.

Much like Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, it harkens back to the popularity of the American Pale Ale (which is obviously, America’s take on the India Pale Ale) before the haze trend.

It features other pale malts along with a citrusy hop character and remains equally as lovely to drink now because it was back in 2002.

Good People Brewing Company

There is a trendy craft spectacle in Birmingham, and superior People Brewing Co. is a significant portion. The brewery’s dual IPA does precisely what so many can not bring a sturdy wall of jumps you can still see above.

To put it differently, while powerful, the Snake Handler can be no stranger to finesse. It is no wonder that this beer is just one of the brewery’s hottest, with its deft mash-up of hot, citrusy, tree sap, and tropical fruit notes. Be advised, this pup clocks in at 10 percent ABV.

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