Best Irish Whiskey You Can Buy 2020

Irish whiskey on the coast, and is gaining notoriety. And so much the better: if Scottish whiskey has stolen the show for many years, there are little-known brands that are among the best Irish whiskeys. This revival gives a good excuse to discover the best Irish whiskeys.

A bottle of whiskey is generally not given: how can you be sure of falling well when you know nothing about it? With a huge choice of flavors and varieties in front of you, the main thing is to appropriate the names and characteristics of the most widely appreciated: this is what we are going to do here.\

The best Irish whiskeys in 2020


1/ Kilbeggan Traditional

The Kilbeggan distillery has been in existence since 1757. The title of the oldest distillery in Ireland with Bushmills is due to its turbulent history. It was not active discontinuously, and was revived during American Prohibition.

Kilbeggan is a traditional whiskey, respectful of Irish know-how, which allows you to discover the typical flavors of this alcohol without taking risks. It’s the one we’d recommend to a novice who wants to get off the beaten track, but still looks for accessibility in a whiskey. This great classic mixes very well, and is easy to taste.

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2/ Connemara Original Peated Single Malt

The Connemara distillery is little known to the general public, but it is a must for a niche of whiskey lovers: those who like it peaty. Irish whiskey is generally not peated, a method that is more common in Scottish production. But if you are curious – or an amateur! – of this type of flavor, this whiskey is worth the detour.

Connemara is a surprising whiskey, which differs greatly from what one associates with Irish whiskey. It will be better dry or with a few drops of water, but will not be suitable for cocktails. If it stands out for its originality, it is a whiskey that will not displease lovers of peat flavors. The marriage between the sweetness of Irish whiskey and Scottish peat will appeal to fans

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3/ Kilbeggan Single Grain

We have already talked about Kilbeggan Traditional; this one is a little different. The Single Grain is part of the upper range of the distillery, and has won many awards.

It’s a whiskey that is easy to drink, and arguably one of the best in the Irish category that will appeal to everyone. It is also the best Single Grain available, and has won two prestigious gold medals in this category.

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4/ Lambay Small Batch Blend

Lambay is not only the name of this whiskey, it is also what it is called the small island, off the east coast of Ireland, where this whiskey is distilled. His watchwords? Tradition and eccentricity. It is also for this reason that its rather original logo is a puffin – a native Lambay bird – wearing a tuxedo and bow tie!

It is a whiskey perfectly balanced between originality and tradition. It can easily be recommended as a gift for an informed consumer, or for an adventurous novice. If it has surprising flavors, it has the advantage of being appreciated by the greatest number and should not put anyone off. It is ideal for a tasting

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5/ Jameson Black Barrel

For once, if we talk about Irish whiskey, everyone knows Jameson. It is quite simply the benchmark in this field, at least in France. The Black Barrel, on the other hand, is a more interesting range from the distillery. It’s a Small Batch – which means small batch. Understand, a limited edition, not to be missed, therefore!

Undoubtedly, Black Barrel is a surprising whiskey that rises well above the classic Jameson. At first glance, it is rather consensual, but it presents elements of originality confusing and interesting, especially for this price. With eyes closed, it would be hard to believe that he is a Jameson.

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6/ Bushmills Black Bush

Bushmills is arguably the second most famous distillery after Jameson. Very widespread in the United Kingdom, you can also come across it in many French outlets. And if their classic whiskey is obviously recommended for its ease, its consensual aspect, its low price and its cocktail success, we preferred to stop on its Black Bush. This special collection has very good surprises in store.

He’s just a mid-range champion, who can be a great – and appreciated – gift that you can get away with. This Irish whiskey mixes very well, but can also be enjoyed on its own. It goes perfectly with citrus fruits in cocktails. Try the Scarlet Lady for example!

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7/ The Irishman Single Malt

It is one of the most select spirits in Ireland. Hence its price! Only 3,000 bottles were distributed in 2017, and each is numbered and signed. The most surprising ? This distillery is just over 20 years old: it proves to us that age does not necessarily make it excellent, and that the tradition of good whiskey is still alive in contemporary Ireland.

It is difficult to communicate the excellence of this whiskey in its field. It is a masterpiece of Irish whiskey, without the use of artifices or frills. He highlights only the flavor of his barley, with confidence and confidence. Naturally, it is strictly forbidden to make a cocktail! Serve dry or with an ice cube.

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