Best Japanese Beer 2021: Top Choice & Guide

Best Japanese Beer 2020 Top Choice & Guide

“Best Beer” is no longer an unfamiliar term to you. Around the world, there are many excellent traditional beers in quality as well as in taste. But perhaps there are still many strangers to Japanese craft beer.

Wondering what the best Japanese beer is? Which brands are included? Want to learn more but don’t know where to look? Then you have come to the right place! Arcadia Ales has compiled all the necessary information about Japanese beer so you can better understand the product.

Besides, we provide the top 12 famous Japanese beer products on the market today for you to have more choices.

Top 12 Best Japanese Beer Brand Of 2021 - Buying Guide

Top 12 Best Japanese Beers Brand Of 2021 – Buying Guide

Asahi Super Dry

Asahi Super Dry is Japan’s most popular beer and is famous all over the world. A fantastic tasting beer conveys Japanese meals to perfection. The Asahi super dry title says it: Asahi Dry, a beer with a mild, crispy bitter taste and exceptionally sharp aftertaste.

Yebisu Beer

Produced by Sapporo brewers, Yebisu beer was one of the favorite products for quite a while. There are some men and women who drink the Yebisu brand!

Yebisu beer is somewhat expensive when compared with other Japanese beer manufacturers.

This is only because Yebisu beer is produced most conveniently with just components of premium quality. They have their very own farm to grow barley just for your Yebisu brand.

This is the sort of beer you ought to drink at a unique moment.

Shigakogen Beer

Shigakogen Beer’s ingredients are all developed particularly for brewing beer. The brewers desired an exact, defined flavor that stands out from different beers from hops, fascination wheat, rice, barley, barley, and buckwheat (soba).

This is the excellent first craft beer that you ought to have in Japan since it introduces you to the crazy quantity of dedication Japanese men and women put in their beers!

Kirin Lager

Kirin Lager is a Japanese lager-style beer that is among the earliest and most well-known beers in Japan. Even the flagship beer of Kirin Brewery Company, Limited, the light lager has a beautiful grain odor and crisp taste.

Sapporo Beer

Sapporo beer black tag is created in Hokkaido and is the essential product of the Sapporo beer dispenser because it was established.

A lot of men and women inquire about Sapporo vs. Asahi. Which is your best? It is a matter of taste; however, concerning the gap, the Sapporo beer color is slightly darker than the Asahi product.

Sapporo tastes milder, and you’ll be able to feel a vibrant hoppiness. Whatever the case, to get the guaranteed best Japanese craft beers, start looking for the star tag!

Yona Yona Ale

Yona Pale Ale is among the most popular craft beer from the Western industry. It’s a citrus taste together with fatal and also a bit of spice.

There’s a slight sweetness together with hops’ bitter flavor, making it a lot easier to drink than many. The alcoholic content is 5.5 percentage, and you need to detect it in many convenience stores during the entire year.

Suntory The Premium Malt

Suntory’s The Premium Malt’s is famous for its quality, using a rich flavor and aroma that is pleasant. The winner of 2 gold awards for two consecutive years in European contests, this pilsner-style beer is easy to drink and exceptionally common in Japan.

Swan Lake Beer

Produced by precisely the same brewery that won two World Beer Awards (2000 and 2006), they’re famous for their consistency in producing quality craft beers.

A bit of caramel provides a particular sweetness when blended with malts, roasted hops’ smoke, plus a nutty odor. Indeed, a memorable flavor that beer fans must strive for.

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Mugi into Hoppu Kuro

Still another gem in the home of Sapporo Breweries, this beer is as intriguing as its name. It’s a Schwarzbier-style beer.

This beer can also be referred to as the rich Black’ and can be brewed via a very long brewing process, provided a very long time to mature. This also aids the beer to receive its own flavorsome and rich flavor.

This beer’s color is dark and can be supposedly near black while preserving a slender off-white ale head. The principal elements of this beer comprise barley and hops, and it provides a rich, toasty flavor with hints of coffee and chocolate and a sour finish.

With 5% ABV, this one is an excellent beverage to enjoy on a day in Japan.

Hitachino Nest Japanese Classic Ale

Kiuchi- the firm that produced this white ale initially started making traditional Japanese fascination. It was only when they began producing beer; they became so popular globally.

The beer has a comparatively amber color with a caramel flavor comparable to the Black-Forest gateau and chocolate. This finishes with a reasonably bitter finish that makes it effortless to drink—suited to beginners of Japanese art beers!

Hideji Kuri Kuro

Another name for this particular beer is Dark Chestnut Pale Ale. This stout beer is an overly alcoholic beer produced by Hideji Beer Brewery in Japan.

The beer’s color is dark brown and red, and it’s a thick tan head that dissipates once a little while. The character of this beer is syrupy and nutty.

The beer has traces of a fruity flavor and supplies a definite flavor of hazelnuts, marshmallows, cola, vanilla, and strawberry. The beer is reported to be thin-bodied, but it tastes fantastic!

With 9 percent ABV, this beer is something that you may be seeking to get drunk in Japan! It’s best served in a snifter.

AJB – Imperiality

Anglo-Japanese Brewing (AJB) Business was founded by Thomas Livesey, who arrived in Nagano. A couple of years back, to kickstart his own Japanese art beer business.

Soon after launching, AJB’s Imperiality obtained rated as the best beer in Japan from the independent, popular beer evaluation website Ratebeer.

They are primarily well-known in Japan for Barrel aging beer. Still, They produce a vast array of beers, all brewed without compromise, with the best quality ingredients, located both indoors and worldwide.

Choice Best Japanese Craft Beer Brands

If you would prefer cheaper beer types, look no farther than the well-known canned beer manufacturers. They don’t just offer you great flavor, but not as exceptional as craft beers. However, they are comparatively cheap for what you buy.

The ordinary beer in Japan costs is just 120 – 180 yen to get a 350mL can!

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Suntory’s beer has a very mild taste yet deep, making it effortless to drink for those who don’t drink that much and yummy enough to those specialists. This beer’s smoothness is surprising, as it is generally everything you expect from a craft beer!


Perhaps the very expensive but still reasonably priced beer brand within this listing, Yebisu makes up for its price by providing its quality consumer ingredients.

There’s a farm that produces barley specifically only for brewing. This is undoubtedly the beer for particular occasions.


Kirin Beer is the greatest when followed by Japanese food. The flavor of this beer is evident and crisp because of the simple fact it is only brewed once in comparison with other beers in which they’re brewed through several processes.


Asahi Beer is just one of Japan’s most famous mass-manufactured beers, spread throughout the world. It would help if you had at least heard of this title, “Asahi Superdry,” since the beer is famous for its crispy and dry flavor unlike any other. When in doubt, select Asahi Beer to get a genuine Japanese beer.


Sapporo beer has ever been believed to possess equal Asahi, but it is up to personal preferences. Sapporo is slightly darker in color but is milder with a slight hint of the jump. Sapporo beer is a superb choice if you’re searching for cheap beers.

Japan Craft Beer Festival

Why go far into the countryside to have just one brand of beer as soon as you can come to a location and have a flavor of several? Japan hosts an Assortment of Japanese Craft Beer Festivals, and below are Some of them you should check out:

Fantastic Japan Beer Festival

The Great Japan Beer Festival is the largest annual festival that changes location every year (2019’s festival will be held in Okinawa). Not only are you able to taste a massive collection of beers with various tastes and scents, but you might also find out about”Beer Styles.”

Keyaki Beer Festival

Keyaki Beer Festival is devoted to the brewery of Japanese beer. If you do not need to go far to have a beer festival’s liveliness while residing in a metropolis, then that is where to check out since it is only situated in Saitama!

Yokohama Frulingsfest

Frulingfest is a German festival, but it provides more than merely German beer! This festival homes outdoor theatre attractions, attractions, music, food, and, of course, lots of beer!

Regardless of this being a beer festival, do not be afraid to bring your children together, as it’s very kid-friendly.

Is The Point?

Japan’s craft beer might not have aged as long as some other nations, but it does not indicate that the beer quality is any less striking.

Breweries of Japanese beer have been committed to enjoying each craft Japan prides itself on, similar to Sushi or even Ikebana. Thus don’t hesitate to get a flavor of Japanese craft beer since it will leave you wanting more!

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Something for Everybody

There are so many more amazing Japanese beers that we could have discussed in this guide, but there is just so long you can devote to the pursuit of beer in a visit to Japan!

If you adhere to the above list, you can still experience the best of what Japan has to offer throughout your journey.

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