Best Light Beer 2021: Top Choice & Guide

Best Light Beer 2020 Top Choice & Guide

Perhaps we are no strangers when it comes to beer. However, the most famous phrase on forums is “light craft beers.” So what’s so special about craft beer that affects customers so much? And what Best light beer can satisfy all the needs of customers?

This article provides all the relevant information about the companies and the top light craft beer that you might be looking for. Join us to follow the article offline!

Review Top 22 Best Light Beer You Should Buy 2021

Review Top 22 Best Tasting Light Beers You Should Buy 2021

Coors Light


If you think of cherished mild beers, Coors Light automatically springs to mind. It is brewed under freezing point to provide it that touch crisp, refreshing flavor with a two-row lager malt made out of barley and four distinct kinds of jumps.

It is precisely what gives it its odor, which instantly brings you back into school tailgates, baseball games, and summertime barbecues.

It is widely accessible for a motive; it is classic and the go-to for a lot of appearing to err on the lighter side of things for your evening or day. Additionally, it is relatively cheap at under $1.00 per can in most shops.


REASONS to Purchase

  • Balanced, mild body
  • Low alcohol quantity


  • It tastes somewhat bland than the initial.

Bud Light is a fantastic place to get started for all those transitioning over to mild beers. It’s not likely to taste like the first, but the indications are there, and many prefer the softer, refreshing flavor.

It’s a slightly sweet flavor to it, which some like and others do not, but it is low in calorie beer and short in alcohol quantity that’s favorable for those attempting to cut back on drinking.

Best Craft: Night Shift Brewery Nite Lite Craft Light Lager

You will not be disappointed when you open a can of Nite Light. By Night Shift Brewing from Massachusetts, this well-crafted light lager is pleasurable in its crispness and superbly smooth.

It is frequently than the macro brew mild lagers, though it’s more taste than most. Supporting a little brewery is a great perk, too, mainly because this craft beer isn’t overpriced.

The 4.3 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) lager weighs in at 120 calories per 12 oz, so it is not the lightest beer accessible. For lovers of tallboys, 16-ounce headphones are available also.

If you’re trying to find an ideal grill beer or a refreshing drink to drink on the terrace after a very long day, it is a fantastic selection.



The majority of the beers have to become Miller64. Miller’s lightest offering (lighter than Miller Lite) contains only 64 calories per can and a 2.8percent ABV.

Its flavor holds up reasonably well despite being stripped down to its lightest properties. During “ironic January,” it has been made to provide folks a “dry-ish” beer to sip while attempting to abstain from alcohol for the month.

Does that count? We are not sure, but they made a reasonably good Michelob ultra-light, low-carb beer in the process.

This beer is somewhat challenging to come by online. However, you can find it in a shop near you through their site below.


REASONS to Purchase

  • Very flavorsome to get a light craft beer
  • Bitter finish


  • An acquired taste

Sam Adams is worth a try for people who believe all beers are bland and flavorless. Clients have complimented this beer because of its apparent range of aromas and tastes that are not so different in additional light beers.

Hints of fruit, caramel, malt, and sweetness are believed to come through nicely, albeit less ultimately, as in a typical beer.

If you enjoy bitters, then you may find Sam Adams for your preference, and in case you’re searching for a mild beer, it’s still possible to relax together and enjoy drinking. Then we hope you may like this one.

Best Lager: Shiner Light Blonde Lager

Shiner is a small Texas city and home to the Spoetzl Brewery, which ends some brilliant and broadly dispersed beer. One of these will be Shiner Light Blonde, which has existed since 2011.

It is essentially everything that may be located at the typical light lager-only more elegant and better-tasting with no high cost of the average craft beer.

This award-winning lager has fine carbonation, a touch of sweetness, and also a fantastic deal of taste. It is merely a pleasant drinking experience if you hang out on the lawn or enjoy time with a couple of great buddies.

Add the benefits of only 99 calories and 4.2 percent ABV, and it is an excellent update for anybody who generally beverages the big-name American light lagers.

Best Pumpkin: Brooklyn Brewery Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin beers are a fall indulgence made to meet a craving, and thus don’t expect to discover a genuine low-calorie beer alternative.

The best bet is Post Road Pumpkin Ale (5% ABV) from New York’s Brooklyn Brewery. Its 165 calories are low to get a pumpkin beer, and lovers of those seasonal brews love its flavor.

Brewed with barley malt, actual pumpkin, and a hint of spice, this is a traditional pumpkin ale. Supposedly, it is quite like people brewed by American colonists.

The ale has a deep orange color, drop spice accents, medium body, and higher carbonation, a well-balanced beverage that non-pumpkin fans find striking.

Please bring it to the Thanksgiving dinner table to get a superb turkey pairing or like it on a cold autumn evening with friends.

Yuengling Light Lager


Yuengling Light is created by America’s Oldest Brewery, who’s a master of taste and craft and has steered those abilities to a lighter beer with just 98 calories per jar. Yuengling Light Lager includes a balanced taste profile of hops, malt, and a crisp and pleasing finish.

They have their brewing methods down and make this milder brew that allows it to boil more to decrease the glucose content and reduce the calorie count.

If you’d like a light, refreshing and golden beer which preserves each taste but not one of the majority of a fantastic lager, Yuengling is a tremendous selection.


REASONS to Purchase

  • Pours and places like Guinness
  • More comfortable to consume than regular Guinness


  • Maybe not Everybody’s kind of beer

Guinness fans will rejoice because they do not need to give up their favorite tipple since now you can appreciate Guinness Draught as a milder version of this beer.

Most have been quite impressed with all the similarities in flavor, with some saying it goes a lot smoother than ordinary Guinness, which is typically quite a decadent drink.

It’s reportedly quite lighter-bodied, but it stinks and settles the same so that you might not even see the difference! Unfortunately, this will not be of assistance if you did not like Guinness to start with but maybe the opportunity to attempt it.

Best Ale: Southern Tier Swipe Light Lager

Top-fermenting ales are more flavorful and robust, but they are not a beer arena’s frequent beer style. When carefully crafted, it works out well.

A complete case in point is Swipe Light from Southern Tier Brewing Company, and it is turning a few heads. In the title of the slim may, this ale is unmistakably contemporary.

Additionally, it is a simple drinker and a refreshing pairing when poultry, salmon, mackerel, or brats are all on the menu.

With very low bitterness (15 IBUs), a mild body, and light color, it is surprising how much personality stays in Swipe Light.

Brewed with four kinds of malt and two hop varieties, it retains bright citrus and jumps notes fantastic for summer. Only at 110 calories and 4%, ABV is practically guilt-free, also.

Heineken Light


Heineken’s signature mix of malt and hops can be considered by many not to be a thing to mess together, and yet, they have created a mild beer that is enjoyable.

It retains its taste and carbonation much more than other beers perform, an achievement when you consider just how light these combinations are.

It is ideal for when you need something easy, crisp, and to the point that it’s not likely to go flat on your own immediately.


REASONS to Purchase

  • Simple to drink
  • Aromatic


  • I am somewhat ailing for a few.

This beer has a somewhat distinctive taste, with lots of comments on its Japanese aroma that is sweet and fruity. Likewise to other beers, the consistency is reported to be rather watery but is favorable when ice cold.

A malty finish is seen in this mild beer, using a somewhat dry aftertaste; however, a sweet flavor is prominent for the most part that individuals who do not enjoy blander beers like Bud, or Coors Light find a significant change.

Best Reduced Gluten: Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale

Beer is brewed from barley, so it contains gluten. Should you have to prevent or lower your caloric ingestion, Omission Brewing Co.’s Ultimate Light Golden Ale is one that you’ll want to try.

It follows the brewery’s assignment to eliminate gluten from all their beers. Even though they can not ensure it is entirely gluten-free, this beer is a hit among those who have tried the choices.

Unlike many gluten-free beers, Omission utilizes conventional beer components, such as barley, malt, and hops. It tastes like beer but is “made to eliminate gluten.” This is merely a great beer with no funky tastes typical in its rivals.

It retains citrusy hop flavors, includes a gentle 10 IBUs, and also a semi-dry complete. Insert the fact that it is only 99 calories, has just five carbs. Also, it’s 4.2 percent ABV, and it is very little. You won’t enjoy it.

Best IPA: Dogfish Head Comparatively Mighty Lo-Cal IPA

An India pale ale (IPA) ‘s hoppy character isn’t a typical candidate for a beer. Dogfish Head Brewery has proven it is possible with the Mighty.

Categorized as a “local IPA,” it weighs only 95 calories and 4.0 percent ABV. The key is monk fruit that requires over the sweetness at the IPA’s malt invoice without adding calories.

Comparatively, Mighty is an unexpected beer. It’s an ideal number of bitter hoppiness that may compete at an IPA. Therefore even “hopheads” will find it to be quite a wonderful surprise.

In 30 IBUs, it is at the bottom end, but making it approachable for drinkers that don’t like the design. Bring a six-pack for a celebration, and you’re going to please everybody.

Corona Light


Can there be anything more shore day than a Corona? This mix is ideal for long days in sunlight and surf – it will keep you refreshed without dehydrating you overly.

It is created out of a mixture of barley, malt, hops, and bottom-fermenting yeast that ends up a sweet aromatic blend with a unique taste and fresh finish.

We know it’s cliche, but it really goes nicely with lime and is perfectly paired with a hot taco or bowl of sour nuts.


REASONS to Purchase

  • Light flavor
  • High alcohol quantity


  • High in calories

Should you prefer Coors Light, then that is just another beer advocated for you. It’s a mild taste that is served ice cold, and it’s among the maximum alcohol contents on the listing.

This is from a full-bodied beer, so individuals trying to light craft beer for the first time are not likely to enjoy it, but this beer is thought to go down nicely on a summer afternoon.

Best Inexpensive: Miller Lite Lager Beer

Sometimes you need to stick with a trustworthy brew. Miller Lite is your “first light beers,” and it is still one of the best you’ll find despite its many competitors.

Launched in 1975, it shifted the brewing scene by providing drinkers a low-calorie, low-alcohol beer choice.

Miller Lite is an American pilsner, a kind of lager, but this beer has more taste than the typical light macro brew. With every sip, you will get an outstanding balance of malt and hops and enjoy a more crisp finish that does not detract.

Organic corn syrup sets it apart as well because many large breweries go with high fructose corn syrup. It weighs in at only 96 calories and 4.2 percent ABV, and you will appreciate that it is light on the pocket, too.

Keystone Light


Keystone Light is about keeping up the smooth, smooth taste of frequent Keystone, but which makes it a little more manageable on the preference. Additionally, it’s super cheap.

You may get it for about half the cost of alternatives on this listing, which makes it ideal for stocking up before a significant tailgate, barbecue, or big gathering.

This beer has been released in 1989 and has been delighting consumers ever since its unmistakable taste and light texture. This beer is somewhat hard to locate online at this time, but you can look locally on their site on the website below.


REASONS to Purchase

  • Gluten-free
  • Lowest in calories


  • It tastes best with a few Extra garnish.

This new variant of lager has produced a game-changer in this entirely vegan, gluten-free beer, which comes in at only 89 calories a bottle, and folks like it! It’s thought to be relatively easy to drink and indicated as a fantastic BBQ beer for summertime.

This beer is thought to quench your desire and provide you the joy of drinking beer without even getting the stomach. The tips of citrus could be complemented by garnishing the beer with orange or lime.

Best German: Beck’s Premier Light

As complete, German-brewed beers are usually not concerned with calorie or carbohydrate counts, so this class is quite limited.

But, Beck’s Premier Light was created using all the health-conscious American drinkers in your mind. It is brewed from the light lager design, which explains why the flavor is so recognizable.

This simple drinker is quite like Beck’s classic German pilsner. It’s some fruity notes which signature crispness and ironic end anticipated from the bottom-fermented brews.

It is perhaps even the lightest of beers in the marketplace. With only 64 calories, 3.9 g of carbohydrates, and 2.3 percent ABV, there is no possibility that this beer may break your diet plan. For a real treat, combine this one with some shandy using fresh-squeezed lemonade.



If you understand Tecate, you appreciate its unmistakable crisp, dry taste. This beer out of them boasts a gold light shade and a rich citrusy aroma you will recognize immediately.

This crispness comes out of their particular fermenting process, which comprises a mix of jumps that brings out the tangy citrus from the beer, which divides it from the remainder.

Additionally, it is a relatively cheap mild beer with a fantastic flavor you won’t regret buying for your forthcoming outside gathering or set hangout.

Healthiest Adjuncts: Harpoon Rec League Pale Ale

Harpoon Rec. League’s label might be directly from the’70s, but this beer is a modern marvel. Made by New England’s Harpoon Brewery, it is a 120-calorie pale ale that uses a mixture of buckwheat kasha, chia seeds, and sea salt.

All of those adjuncts bring in nutritional elements-from vitamin B into the fiber and antioxidants into electrolytes-which may cause you to feel somewhat better about cracking open a cold one.

Rec. League golden in color with a slight haziness, which has grapefruit and cherry taste notes it interlaced with a fluffy mouthfeel and a snappy bitterness that is guaranteed to catch your attention.

Offered in cheap 12-packs in many beer coolers and only 3.8 percent ABV, this can quickly turn into your new day brew.

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Through the above article, have you found the beer you want? We are committed to always relying on real experiences to bring the most accurate information about the product.

The Best light beers to buy is Coors Light, and it is not only suitable for women but also for those of you who are allergic to alcohol.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. We will answer all of your questions! Thanks for reading.

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