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Best Meat Slicer: Top Brands Reviews 2021

Are you looking for the best meat slicer? Then you NEED to see our list of the greatest meat slicers from many popular brands like KWS KitchenWare Station, Zeny, Gourmia, Kitchener, Chef’sChoice, VEVOR,…

A meat slicer is among these pieces of gear you don’t know you want until you purchase it. Nothing is more gratifying than trimming your roast smoked beef, steak, cutting your bread, or introducing a delightfully decorated meal together with your private meat slicer.

Meat slicers can be found in electric and manual versions. They permit you to cut meat into the desired depth, such as creating bacon, jerky, and burgers. In addition, it’s possible to use a meat slicer to reduce cutting time and improve the uniformity of cuts. This produces the very best meat slicer, an excellent addition to your kitchen cutting gear.

With many different versions on the current market, picking the best meat slicer can be an intimidating job. To help, we have spent hundreds of hours exploring producers, reviewing all their products and features, and studying countless client testimonials.

Before buying a meat slicer, make sure you check out Arcadiaales’s guide to purchasing a fantastic meat slicer.

What’s a meat slicer?

What's a meat slicer

Essentially, the hint is in the title – it’s a system specially designed to cut meat. But, it’s also more significant than that and may be used to reduce our bread, cheese, and veggies should you wish. They may also be manually or electrically driven and trimmed together with incredible precision and consistency, which would just generally possible after years of instruction at a professional kitchen if you wanted the very same results using a knife.

Electric meat slicers are what most men and women tend to go for since they improve automation by mechanically pushing the meat together since they slice. However, manual pieces still offer you an almost equal amount of accuracy but will ask that you push whatever it’s you’re slicing as well as you move.

One benefit some people today assert about guide meat slicers is they produce a much better feel concerning how the meat has been cut. Still, we are not entirely sure this Luddite opinion stands up to investigation.

Why purchase a meat slicer?

Many folks believe a meat slicer isn’t likely to create enough of a difference in their life to spend in one for your worktop. But, we think that these devices have come down in price enough that individuals should give them a different appearance even if they’re vegetarian since they are not only for meat regardless of its name implies! Here We’ll run you through 5 grounds; people believe deli slicers create a Fantastic investment at the house:


Though you’ve got the first outlay, investing in one of them can help you save money! Purchasing pre-sliced anything is pricey, be it meat, veg, or lunch, so these can be matched changing in case you would like to keep the food invoices as it lets you get items in bulk and cut them down to size with no faff and a significant saving still on your pocket.

They’re highly effective.

These powerful devices are much more effective than we could ever be by their sharp blades, implying that tough-to-cut pricey bread does not crumble at your fingertips. This improved efficacy can make one night’s roast dinner right into a week’s worth of meals and sandwiches with only the flick of a switch. So please do not neglect to give it a whirl with cabbage, cheese, onions, and to create homemade chips with!


Perhaps you have been out to a restaurant and thought you would treat yourself to some wonderful carpaccio and regretted the cost compared with the degree of job that the chefs had to put to it? These devices bring the chef’s accuracy to the house to rustle up your carpaccio in only the price of the meat due to this high precision cutting on the very best house meat slicers provide.


Occasionally we wish to flaunt our cooking abilities at a dinner party or for the people we love. So naturally, a significant portion of this includes the superb demonstration of our food. Regrettably, when cutting, this may waste the best pieces of food because of a misstep. However, using a meat slicer, you can make sure to receive the same cut each time with no difficulty.

Safe & Simple to Use

Food slicers are as easy as pie when it comes to utilizing and have excellent security features that eliminate the threat of this simple knife slide that finishes with a costly visit to the emergency area and a great deal of bleeding. When we do things by hand, effects could be different every time, even when we try our hardest, but a food slicer makes consistent outcomes simple every time, creating your food further.

Things to Search For In A Meat Slicer

Things to Search For In A Meat Slicer


While purchasing a meat slicer, you indeed ought to be sure you’re buying one which will have sufficient power to reduce exactly what you plan to cut. Essentially, there are two different kinds of slicers. Gear-driven, belt-driven, along with a mix of both.

Typically belt-driven meat slicers lack the actual power you get with equipment-driven slicers, so if you’re planning on cutting larger pieces or tougher meats, you need to consider leaning towards the equipment-driven slicer.

But if you’re interested in finding a simpler in-home slicer, the buckle motorist slicer is your move to; they’re quieter and operate flawlessly on these milder, lean sliced meats.

Blade Type

If it has to do with blades, you generally have two choices. A serrated blade along with a sleek edge blade.

Serrated blades are used for cutting hard meat and bread. A serrated blade may also undergo many vegetables, though, can render a cluttered border.

Smooth blades operate best on veggies (you get a cleaner cut) and lean meats. You wish to steer clear of meat and crusty bread, however.

If you’d like a slicer you need to use for regular slicing, you’d be best to receive a top-notch blade to change in and out.

Thickness Adjustement

All slicers have an adjustable depth, which is usually controlled by a knob on the device.

Typically, the more significant, the greater the number, the thicker the slit, and the higher the number, the thinner piece you’ll receive. This can vary from brand to brand, however.


Its common practice to get rubberized feet on the bottom of this slicer. This also offers the slicer more traction on the surface and helps protect your work surface.

Blade Safety Lock

Blade lock works are typical nowadays, and they’re an excellent security feature to get. The blade lock prevents the blade from going unintentionally.

This is a great feature if you’re keeping the slicer at the range of children.

Meat Slicer Size

Slicers are a rather large appliance. Regrettably, they don’t break down for simple storage, so be sure that you have sufficient space to put away the slicer before you purchase.

Food Tray

No days plenty of meat slicers arrive with a sliding food menu. This makes it amazingly easy to slit huge cuts without needing to stop every couple of pieces from transferring into a plate.

Ease of Use

Meat slicers are usually categorized into manual or automatic operations. Automatic models would be the very best concerning the simplicity of usage. All you have to do is turn the device on, fix the depth then you can already begin slicing. On the other hand, automated meat slicers are perfect if you would like to slice huge amounts of meat and other food items.

Manual meat slicers are acceptable for household use on the flip side, particularly if you merely need to slice modest batches of meat. In addition, they usually are more affordable than automatic components.

Ease of Cleaning

Reading reviews regarding the ideal meat slicers, you will observe that lots of the complaints must do with cleaning. Therefore, be sure that you obtain a meat slicer with removable parts, particularly the cutting edge blade, so that every single time you want to wash, it is possible to get rid of the components and clean. Obviously, for many meat slicers, you can not expect them to be dishwasher safe. However, if you can locate one which is dishwasher safe, that is a bonus.

Safety Switch

A double safety switch prevents accidental start-ups.

But this attribute can become very annoying and inconvenient based on the version of this slicer.

Should you maintain watchful with storage and use the slicer, this attribute isn’t essential in my mind.

Hand Gaurd

The hand protector is a vital feature. It protects you against accidental slides when trimming your meat. Countless times this attribute has saved my palms and palms.

Top Rated 9 Best Meat Slicer Brands

Top Rated 9 Best Meat Slicer Brands

KWS MS-12NT Premium Commercial 420w Electric Meat Slicer 12-Inch Non-stick Teflon Blade

When exploring this particular machine, I came across someone on the internet who believed that it was a motorbike! If this does not say electricity, then what exactly does?!

From the box, this device impresses instantly: sleek, shiny, aluminum metal construction and a highly effective 420W 0.57HP pure aluminum engine that spins the blade for an unbelievable 440 RPM. OK, I will see how it may be confused for a motorbike!

But know this is a significant unit. With measurements near 2′ by 2′ and weighing over 60 pounds, this isn’t a machine you’d lift and out of your kitchen cabinet! Instead, it’s made to be eternally on the countertop and is the very professional machine we’ve got on this listing.

Built for demanding work requirements, it is well-suited to commercial usage; farms, sub shops, catering companies, etc. Should you create your bacon or smoked meats, do a good deal of cutting edge, and need a high performer that won’t tire even after hours of constant usage, this system is right for you.

This premium-grade slicer using a sizable (11×8.5×8″) food tray to maintain vast pieces of food can go the distance, easily and quickly cutting everything out of meats (cooked and frozen) and veggies into breadfruits and bread.

It is especially suited to people who create their stomach bacon since the dimensions and 12-inch blade imply it is possible to slice it without bending the stomach in half. The only one big enough to do so with this listing.

I enjoy the super-smooth Teflon-coated stainless steel. In addition to giving you complete accuracy control with clipping anything out of wafer-thin into.6″, it cleans up beautifully, and food particles don’t stick as far as they can do on non-coated meat slicer blades.

Given that brushing slicers is a drawback for several users (and worth it once you sink your teeth into that new turkey and pastrami sub!), acquiring an easier-to-clean blade is a bonus for me.

An automated carriage return – after pushing the food via the slicer, the food tray will quietly return mechanically – Waterproof on/off button to security, built-in double whetstone sharpener, and skid-proof secure feet make this slicer secure and straightforward to use. Additionally, it includes another buckle and sharpening stones from the box.

This version wins our top place as the finest commercial food slicer.


  • Quiet motor
  • Simplicity of use, runs easily
  • Easy-to-clean Teflon blade
  • Self-sharpening
  • Fantastic customer support like a website that could provide replacement components like drive belts


  • Large and heavy, but that is exactly what makes it powerful and high-performance
  • It might have been nice to have a interchangeable machined blade, Even Though the blade provided quite much does it
  • In the end of the price scale, but top quality always is!

ZENY ZenChef Premium Stainless Steel Electric Meat Slicer

The best-rated meat slicer should function well right from the beginning and be constructed to last for ages. This one from ZENY matches these criteria, with a standard stainless steel blade and die-cast aluminum casing. Additionally, it utilizes a 150-watt motor, providing you with speed and efficacy with each cut.

The blade is 7.5 inches in diameter and serrated that are ideal for cutting all kinds of meat, in addition to vegetables, cheese, and bread. Additionally, there are varying thicknesses to select from, which means it is possible to cut everything as thin or thick as you need for grilling, sandwiches, or creating some yummy jerky. You may also shred lettuce for a wonderful salad very quickly.

Additionally, there are some fantastic security features with this slicer. The non-slip toes on the underside hold tight, so it remains in place when you are cutting your favorite meats. There’s also a blade shield, which protects you from becoming too near the blade as it spins.

Since cleaning your system is essential, this one was made to make this process fast and straightforward. The blade is a bit tough to eliminate the first time, but it’s removable for proper cleaning. Some different components come off, for example, the carriage system, the meat-grip arm, and the slide-rod expansion, making it a lot easier to sanitize every portion of the slicer.


  • Great low cost
  • Quiet
  • Stainless steel cutting blade
  • Heavy-duty build quality
  • What can be improved?


  • Poorly translated instructions

Gourmia GFS700 – Best Meat Slicer under $100

If you’d like the most excellent electric meat slicer which will not cost you an arm and a leg, then this version out of Gourmia might be a fantastic alternative. It’s a fantastic price that those who are pinching their pennies will adore but still works suitable for cutting all kinds of meat.

This system is constructed rather well for its cost, employing a composite of prime-coated steel and die-cast aluminum for the blade’s home and stainless steel. Additionally, it has an engine that uses 180 watts of electricity to slice through your prime cuts efficiently.

The food holder comes with an ergonomic grip on the grip, which means that your palms fit well set up to maintain the food securely held contrary to the blade as you cut off. The entire piece slides easily, also, without catching to destroy your pieces.

The blade and the food holders are both removable, which means it is possible to take them off fast to provide the entire machine a fantastic cleaning when all of your meat is chopped. There are suction cups on the base of the device, even though these might not work well on all surfaces, so, therefore, be extra cautious when deciding upon the place you are likely to utilize.

On top of that, this system is simple to fix, which means that you may perform super-thin 0.4-inch pieces or move somewhat thicker up to 3/4 of an inch if slicing roasts, ham, or cheeses.


  • Durable materials
  • Simple to wash
  • Adequate price
  • Lightweight


  • Suction feet do not always stay put.
  • Noisy

Kitchener 9-inch Professional Electric Meat Slicer – Best Meat Slicer for Home

The very best meat slicer for jerky is not necessarily the best one for paper-thin deli meats, but this one may cover you in the two regions. It may cut your pieces as thick as 5/8 of an inch and go all of the way down to nearly 0 to maintain the blade from the machine and lessen the danger of cuts when it is not being used. This product may also slice everywhere in between for the ideal slice of meat along with your favorite veggies each moment.

Though tagged professional, the Kitchener slicer is excellent for home-usage. The materials are durable and powerful, for example, premium coated steel and die-cast aluminum used for your home. The sleek blade is stainless steel to provide you excellent precision when cutting; it will not rust so that it will keep its cutting capability for long. Additionally, a Universal Serrated Blade and a Bread Blade are accessible, though these should be bought individually.

This system is simple to fix with the depth controller knob. The stainless steel carriage comprises some protection to your fingers and comes with an end-piece holder for extra safety. The floor is suction cup feet to maintain the whole slicer set up as you use it.

A number of the components are removable, such as blade, thickness manual plate, food carriage, and a couple more. This makes it effortless to take it apart, give it a more thorough cleanup, and set it back together.


  • Simple to use
  • Simple cleanup
  • Other blade alternatives available
  • Fantastic quality


  • Recommended usage is 10 minutes, just.
  • Plastic guard

Meat Slicer, Anescra 200W Electric Deli Food Slicer with Two Removable 7.5’’ Stainless Steel Blades

The Anescra 200W meat slicer’s standout characteristic is that it includes just two 7.5-inch stainless steel slicer blades, either a serrated and a straight edge blade. The serrated blade is perfect for cutting edge uncooked foods and crusty bread, the right edge for soft and cooked foods.

The 200W engine is also, in conjunction with the different blade options, enough to power throughout the clipping of meat, fruit, cheese, veg, and bread, cooked and raw, so it is a versatile slicer.

Nonetheless, this is a pretty strong motor for this little design (a fantastic thing!), so it will make a little warmth, meaning it’s going to have to be turned off each half hour or so, rather than running continuously.

Cutting depth is adjustable from 1 to 15mm. Maybe not wafer-thin, but lean enough for virtually all foods, and also a great thickness in the very top end.

It is light at just 10lbs, which makes it readily portable to bring in and from storage. Plus, it’s powerful suction feet to avoid slippage during use. It divides into several components easily for cleaning and sanitation.

Overall it is a great little device, with a lot of positive reviews from past buyers. Worthy of consideration if you wish to use a slicer rarely for smaller tasks.


  • Serrated and straight-edge blades to reduce a wide range of cooked and raw foods
  • 1 to 15mm thickness configurations.
  • Suction cup rubber feet to prevent slipping.
  • A powerful 200-watt engine
  • It comes apart easily for cleaning.
  • Strong suction feet


  • Will need regular time off to maintain cool, can’t run continuously.

Chef’sChoice 615A – Best Meat Slicer under $200

Though this version costs less than $200, you will still need it to be manufactured with quality materials that will endure for several decades. This one utilizes stainless steel and cast aluminum onto nearly all its components, for example, home, the food pusher, along the blade. The few plastic parts are constructed nicely, making this among the very best meat slicer versions for your house.

A number of the components, such as the blade, the food sticks, and the depth manual plate, are removable, which makes it effortless to provide them a fantastic scrubbing. The system itself contains any nooks and crannies that are somewhat more challenging to wash before putting it all back together.

The On/Off switch is on the face of the food tray along with also the depth knob is on the trunk, both within easy reach. You may adjust the depth from paper-thin into 3\4 of an inch so you may slice up some meat for sandwiches, grilling, and a lot more. You can even slice bread, vegetables, and cheese with all the 7-inch serrated blade that comes with the slicer.

Other features include a locking food compartment along with a cool-running yet motor. Additionally, there are non-skid feet on the floor, though those are somewhat small and do not always adhere to all surfaces.


  • Strong build
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet


  • Non-slip feet might not adhere to all surfaces.
  • Difficult to wash some regions

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli & Food Slicer

This is only one of the most inexpensive slicers on this listing, together with the cheapest MSRP at the time of composing. For this reason, you can not expect this to possess the build quality, functionality, or features of their premium versions above. However, you can expect a competent machine, great for occasional light usage.

That is a 12 x 9-inch die-cast slicer using a 7.5-inch serrated stainless steel blade, letting you cut foods around 5″ in height.

It’s a 180W motor, which will be fantastic for cutting the vast majority of foods; however, you should not expect it to have the ability to slice tough or frozen foods. Additionally, the serrated edge means it can’t slice foods wafer thin without tearing.

It comes using a quick-release lever for simple cleaning, includes a blade security guard, along with a recessed on/off switch to make sure there is no denying on.

Marketed as having hardy non-slip toes, it will just weigh 9.5 pounds, which means you’ve got to anticipate it will not be rock solid and will move around some during usage.

If budget is the top priority, then we advise this slicer for sure. It is competent and does the job. However, if you’re able to devote a little more, others on this listing are of high quality and perform much better.


  • Low, affordable cost.
  • Capable functionality, on par with or surpassing other people in this price range.
  • Quick-release elements for cleaning.
  • Small and light, really easy to store away when not being used.


  • Not strong enough to manage large, tough foods or frozen meats.
  • The serrated edge doesn’t type on tender meats.
  • You’ve got to be mindful that it may go around during usage, so treat me gently.

VEVOR 10″ Blade Commercial Meat Slicer – Best Commercial Meat Slicer

Even though somewhat bulky and bulky for house usage, this might be among the very best commercial meat slicer versions there’s. It’s not hard to use, even for beginners; it also includes exceptional features that will have you putting on your favorite meats and cheeses very quickly.

This machine includes a 10-inch stainless steel blade, which will cut through nearly anything you prefer, such as all sorts of legumes and even cheeses. This blade also resists corrosion and keeps its sharpness for more.

After the border does have to be sharpened, VEVON has comprised two or three built-in whetstones. All these include a few sharpening controller buttons so that you can sharpen both sides of the blade in precisely the same time or turn them off if it is time to begin slicing.

There’s a fixed ring protector attached to the grip to keep your palms from inadvertently touching and slipping the blade. There’s also a metal bit under the manage to hold the mat firmly in place. Finally, another grip on the bottom allows you to use two hands while clipping for much more control.

Cleaning is somewhat tricky as there are a couple screws and bolts to eliminate, then you want to wiggle the blade out carefully. It’s simple to reassemble it if it is all sanitized and ready for cutting. The documentation can be poorly translated into English, so you might have to hunt online for proper directions.


  • Consistent slicing
  • Constructed well
  • Easy alterations
  • Built-in whetstones


  • Poorly translated instructions
  • Tricky to wash
  • Heavy

Super Deal Commercial Semi-Auto Meat Slicer

The Super Deal meat slicer is just another cutting-edge product using a streamlined design and strong construction. You will love it may produce almost paper-thin pieces of meats.

If you frequently create beef jerky or perform lots of snacks that need you to slice vegetables or meat into extra-thin pieces, this 240-watt meat slicer is just one of the most excellent options out there for home use. Among the things we enjoy about this product is that it functions very quietly and with no annoying noise other meat slicers produce.

This automated home meat slicer utilizes 1/3 hp of power, plus it includes a stainless steel blade that’s resistant to rust. The meat slicer blade is currently sharp from the box, but if you need to sharpen the blade in the long run, that’ll be a simple job as it also includes a built-in double whetstone sharpener. You may use this product to slice meats, veggies, and cheese from 0 to 13mm in thinness. Additionally, as a security feature to prevent injuries, this meat slicer includes a fixed ring shield that prevents contact with the blade.

Because of the streamlined design of the meat slicer with a 21 x 16 x 16 inches, you may use it in a bit of kitchen.


  • Cuts with little attempt
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Not dumb
  • Simple to build
  • Among those super duty slicers since it has no plastic part except for its discretionary shield.


  • The english directions are difficult to understand


Meat Slicer FAQs

What can I slit on this appliance?

The attractiveness of a meat slicer is that, despite its title, it may be used to slice some foods. You can do numerous kinds of meats, such as prosciutto, ham, venison, and more, and you’ll be able to slide harder cheeses, fruits, and veggies. This permits you to make up serving platters for big gatherings or prepare what you require for your loved ones in hardly any time.

Is it effortless to assemble?

Meat slicers do not arrive with a hundred components needed to place together when you purchase one. However, the couple they do are rather simple to build, so even when you’re using a meat slicer for your very first time, it must still take your time to get this up and running. However, this makes it effortless to take them when it is time to wash out the entire machine.

What are the fundamental security precautions?

The simple security precautions are absolutely easy. Always read the documentation before using the slicer. Wear protective gloves whenever handling the blade. Wear protective eyewear when sharpening the blade. Always disconnect the power if you are not using the slicer. Keep it out of the reach of kids. Finally, scrub and clean the meat slicer often to prevent bacteria growth.

Can I cut meat with a meat slicer?

Many companies claim their products may cut through frozen meat – most can, but most appear to fight. So save yourself some problems and thaw out your meat first.


The meat slicer is a superb addition to your busy family with a great deal of food prep function which needs daily maintenance. You want to decide according to your budget and tastes. Please make sure you look at the features we’ve listed above to make an educated choice.

Our best choice for the best meat slicer is your KWS MS-12NT Premium Commercial 420w Electric Meat Slicer 12-Inch Non-stick Teflon Blade, which includes sleek, glistening, aluminum metal construction and potent engine.


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