Best Mexican Beer 2020 Top Choice & Guide

Best Mexican Beer 2021: Top Choice & Guide

Mexican Beer comes out of a very long beer brewing heritage. What would surprise many people is they are primarily affected by German and Austrian practices. What is the Best Mexican Beer you like? Or, How many Mexican beer brands have you drunk before?

So, there is the reason why Arcarida Ales wants you to try to learn it. These were introduced by immigrants from the 19th century, leading to several of Mexico’s top beer manufacturers still utilizing these techniques now.

What’s a Mexican Beer?

Mexico’s long history of beer brewing brings us back to the 19th century. Germans residing in Mexico began brewing beer.

Afterward, these lagers became the priciest beers in Mexico. Nearly all those exported into the US. However, they’re also available in 150 countries around the world.

Microbreweries in Mexico

Microbreweries continue to be a new tendency in the beer brewing industry of Mexico. More firms are stepping into the area of beer. Currently, there is an assortment of microbreweries in Mexico.

Most microbrew beers are currently sold in various pubs and shops across the nation. The majority of the microbreweries have been from the northern portion of Mexico.

Minerva and Cucapa are just two famous businesses that produce microbrew beers in Mexico.

Michelada – The Mexican Design of Beer Drinking

Beers in Mexico are often served with lemon juice. Still, there’s another unusual drinking type of beer from the nation named Michelada. It’s a cocktail beverage with mild beer, salt chili powder, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, or lemon juice.

The advantage of the glass is coated with salt, whereas the other components are from the glass.

Top 16 Best Mexican Beer Brand Of 2021

Top 16 Best Mexican Beer Brand Of 2021

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An almost-amber color led tasters to think that this poor would provide more malt-driven tastes and scents. Instead, we were satisfied with the flavor of filthy taps and also an almost sour end.

“Just like when you receive a filthy beer on draft, however, it came from a bottle,” a puzzled taster noted. “Why does this taste just like this?” asked another. No redeeming qualities were discovered.

Negra Modelo

Austrian expatriates brewed Modelo especial review in Mexico. It’s more potent than other Mexican beers because of the 5.4% alcoholic content. This best-selling dark beer in Mexico isn’t heavy and gets the ideal mixture of Galena hops, caramel black malts.

It takes more than average to be brewed. Modelo’s special review includes a bitter-sweet flavor. The small bitterness of hops balances using all the sweetness of nuts and fruits.

It’s still categorized as a candy beer.


We rated Tecate at the very top of the list since it’s the very best mass-market Mexican beer from far.

It’s a tasty combination of malt and hops. As far as light lagers go, it is certainly not bland due to its Vienna lager-style history.

Having a 4.6percent ABV, it’s an ordinary power too, making it easy to consume.


Indio sitting 4.1percent ABV is another fantastic amber ale beer, even though it’s very mild on alcohol.

Somewhat more malty-tasting, you’ll also receive a hint of caramel, which makes it very distinctive.

Indio also includes a gentle sweetness, which has become remarkably popular with a lot of beer fans on the market and may be an excellent beer for variety if you’re deep in replicating similar-tasting Mexican lagers.


In a shocking twist (no lime), Corona murdered our blind evaluation. “Tastes just like late-night,” one of us mentioned. “It smells sweaty,” commented another. In general, tasters got Heineken-like skunk odor and taste. Pour one out to Corona. Or, pour Corona out.


The pacifico alcohol percentage has its title from Cerveceria del Pacifico. This is the place where Germans first brewed it.

It’s turned into among the very exported beers around the West Coast. It’s a light color and light sweetness. Its alcoholic content is just 4.5 percent, making it very appropriate for drinking.

It’s a refreshing and bright beer and may be served with lime and paired with fish.


This Mexican beer manufacturer is perhaps among the palest we’ve struck, but the odor is quite pleasing with a sweetness out of the grain which balances off the bitter hops.

Having an ABV of 4.7 percent, it’s incredibly much in the typical range with this listing.


Dos Equis was sweeter than others from the beginning, using upfront carbonation that immediately diminished. One taster noted its effervescence appeared to decrease as she sipped. “Initially, I believed it was sour; then on the next sip, then it tasted level.”


Although this brand tastes quite much like Carta, Estrella is somewhat more potent at 5.4%, making it a much better choice for most people.

It is also the only real beer with this list that is not really of Mexican origin regarding Barcelona in Spain.

Nonetheless, it is a fantastic choice and is extremely common throughout Europe.

Dos Equis Amber

Dos Equis Amber is a Vienna-style lager that’s a combination of dark rum, hazelnut, and some vanilla. It’s a reddish-gold color and can be a full-bodied lager.

This Mexican lager is a combination of caramel, brown sugar, and malt and contains hints of fruits and spices.


Sol is a superb solution for all those who prefer to drink lagers, which are relatively mild on the palate. It is quite like Corona, though not as popular.

It is a perfect refreshment on a hot summer day and will go nicely with pretty much any meals.

The 4.5percent ABV can be pretty much from the typical selection.

Carta Blanca

Carta is a well-known, most popular beer in Mexico. It’s attained many benefits and recognitions in several beer displays.

The gold color lager includes 4.5% alcoholic content, which is an incredibly balanced taste and contains the right ingredients. It’s Cervecería Cuauhtémoc’s first premium beer.

It’s relatively mild and has a smooth, flavorful clear.

Noche Buena

It has made it on our top-ranked list since it’s only slightly more powerful, which a good deal of beer geeks will find very attractive – and it isn’t easy to see in Mexican beers.

Having an ABV of 5.9 percent, it is more of a German-style Winterbock, which can also be a great deal richer in flavor and is a trendy choice among Mexican beers throughout the Christmas holiday season.

“Noche Buena” means “a fantastic night” that you are sure to have provided that you drink this thicker ABV beer! 5.9% can sneak up on you, so go easy.

Insurgente / Stone – Xocoveza

Insurgente is among the very best beer brewing manufacturers in Tijuana, Mexico. It’s a black color with a small tan head, rich aroma of caramel and chocolate.

This beer has a lovely flavor made with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, cherry, and pasilla peppers.

With the rising prevalence of Mexican beers, there’s currently a terrific need for high-quality craft beer products from Mexico. The beers of Mexico are exceptional. It is popular because of its larger properties and because almost all of them have mild bodies and moderate tastes.

The best beer from Mexico has also permitted the nation to expand its rich heritage and culture to other countries on the planet.

The next time you venture out to eat Mexican food, be sure that you purchase a bottle of beer in the listing mentioned above. This will finish your Mexican experience.


Astonishingly, this beer seems a ton maltier than it tastes. Quite dark in color for a Mexican amber ale, you’d expect it to have a little more taste to it, such as a Modelo.

You do get traces of this fashion, but you need to stick with the Modelo if you expect something much more full-bodied.

The ABV is a typical 4.5%.


This is a comparatively new beer in Mexico’s southeast, which also follows a Pilsner convention from German fashion.

In 4.5% ABV, it is of moderate potency, and there is not a massive amount to report on the taste. Nonetheless, it’s still quite an excellent drink once you need a small refreshment.

As you can see, we’ve put in a great deal of “difficult and grueling” work-out office hours to produce this listing of the finest Mexican brews. What’s intriguing is how many of them follow quite conventional German brewing methods, which increases the allure.


Why is Mexican beer distinct?

Mexican beers are exceptional and flavor distinct from regular beers since most Mexican beers utilize barley, corn, and crops to create beer. They may seem like traditional beer, but if you taste them, you can taste the difference.

Many Mexican beers are nicely made. They frequently have little to zero fruity esters.

Why is it that most beers in Mexico flavor Europe?

From the mid 19th century, beer brewing climbed in Mexico because of the coming of German Immigrants. Additionally, Mexico has been under the principle of Austro-German Emperor Maximilian for four Decades. He adored his beer a great deal and opened his brewery.

A number of these ex-pats needed a beer, they recalled. By 1918, there were 36 brewing businesses, and German ex-pats were producing Vienna-style lagers all around the nation.

How many kinds of Mexican beers are there?

A vast assortment of beer kinds has been brewed in Mexico. As a result of the rich culture and long history, Mexican beers are famous worldwide, making them one of Mexico’s biggest exports.

Nearly all Mexican beers are lagers, pilsners, Vienna-style dark and light beers, and Munich black beers.

Microbreweries produce a small number of ales too. More than 90 percent of the beer made in Mexico comes from two big businesses – Grupo Modelo and FEMSA.

Last Thoughts on the Finest Beer In Mexico

Mexican lagers are now increasingly popular, not only from the USA’s immigrant community but also more widely in the nation and globally – even in areas with little to no Mexican immigration.

This is a testament to the caliber of the Mexican brewing heritage.

They have some of the most incredible beers on the planet, and the nation is exporting rising quantities of top-ranked (but popular) craft beer products around.

It has not outstripped the Tequila export market yet.

There’s quite a broad selection of aromas readily available, so go on and give a number of our favorite recommendations a go. These Mexico beer brand manufacturers will be a terrific selection for your next party, BBQ, or Cinco de Mayo party.

Furthermore, if you can not locate any of those beers at the content in the regional shop or liquor store, check out or join below for online shops where you can purchase just about any beer.

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