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Best Ramen Bowl 2021: Top Brands Review

With chilly weather, it would be great to have a bowl of fragrant ramen. However, have you ever thought that the bowl of noodles’ aesthetics also affects your taste buds? In my opinion, yes!

I have seen a guest who cannot swallow ramen just because the bowl is chipped and the decorations look bad. I then researched the best ramen bowl information. And are you wondering about this? Follow this article to learn more!

The Way To Select A Ramen Bowl

The Way To Select A Ramen Bowl

There is an ideal bowl plus a not-appropriate bowl of ramen. Deciding the one which best satisfies your requirements really can make a difference in the way you enjoy your meal.

To help you create a fantastic choice for your ramen tastes, we have assembled this helpful buying guide. We have included these product features that we believe are important to consider while looking for a pair of ramen bowls for your kitchen.


Believe it, or not all ramen bowls will be the same. We’re surprised to learn there are seven unique ramen bowl fashions, and each is created for a specific function. Before you run out and purchase a pair of ramen bowls, you must understand what kind is most suitable for the ramen you will like the most.

Hira Tayoudon – A flatter edition of the Tayoudon, which we’ll discuss below. This bowl is created for the funding ramen. It’s meant to hold a lot of noodles and not as much broth, as well as toppings.

Koudaidon – This merchandise is created for holding. The taller underside protects your palms when you are holding them while filled with hot ramen. Additionally, the lip is bent backward so that you can readily see in your bowl.

Marukoudaidon – A more curved kind of this Koudaidon bowl. This alternative is also more significant. Therefore it’s designed to maintain a larger part of ramen compared to Koudaidon.

Menbachi – The term Menbachi translates to ‘noodle jar.’ Indeed, this kind of bowl is created for ramen, which has a great deal of soup. They’re bigger and deeper and also make for the simple pleasure of your favorite ramen.

Ohgigatadon – If you’re a newcomer to appreciating ramen but wish to purchase a pair of dishes, the Ohgigatadon is the selection. These easy bowls, which are fan-shaped with a sleek outside, are usually less expensive, pile quickly, and a fantastic starter alternative.

Tamadon – You will want to select the Tamadon if you enjoy many toppings in your ramen. This bowl of ramen is all but ball-shaped, with a thick lip and broad mouth. They are excellent for filling with veggies and meats.

Tayoudon – Should you go to many ramen restaurants, you are probably knowledgeable about this kind of bowl. The Tayoudon is a multi-purpose bowl and may be used for not just ramen but additionally soba, udon, and other soups. This bowl can be frequently used for rice dishes, so if you want to have an alternative that provides you maximum flexibility with minimal investment, this is a fantastic selection.


You might discover that ramen bowls come in a broad selection of sizes. The most miniature functional ramen bowls are approximately 18 oz. For your sharing ramen or if you just like a large bowl of soup, then have a look at the creatures on the big end of this scale. All these beasts can maintain a whopping 60 oz of soup.

There are lots of center-of-the-street selections for the simple pleasure of ramen. It would help if you remembered while choosing a ceramic ramen bowl for your kitchen would be the soup proportion. The guideline is that each of your ramen contents should fill 75 percent of this bowl, making 25% vacant. This permits you to easily use chopsticks to pick up noodles and toppings and spoon the broth without spilling.


We discovered that there are three choices in regards to substances for ramen bowls. All are good for appreciating ramen. Nevertheless, they have their pros and cons.

Ceramic – that is the most traditional material for ramen bowls. It’s sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. Additionally, it does the best at insulating your hands out of the hot soup. On the downside, a ceramic ramen bowl is somewhat thicker and may be expensive.

Melamine – this glass-type substance is lightweight and affordable. It is highly durable and does not crack or chip easily. It isn’t relatively as cheap as vinyl, but you are going to find more durability out of this choice, particularly if you’re on a budget.

Plastic – a fantastic budget choice or for carrying your games on the move. Plastic has minimum insulating material properties but is super durable and affordable. We discovered it for a little flimsy when filled with hot soup, so use care. But if you would like ramen if camping, tailgating, or keeping on your RV or camper, vinyl is an ideal alternative.


Many ramen bowl sets include their very own chopsticks and soup spoons. We believe that you receive the very best value if you select a pair with those accessories. We also discovered that some places came with chopstick rests. Aside from these basic possibilities, many ramen bowls don’t come with several different accessories.

We discovered good ramen bowls, which were created with jagged lips for holding chopsticks. This left transferring hot bowls of soup in the kitchen into the dining table more straightforward.

Top Rated 17 Best Ramen Bowls Brands

Top Rated 17 Best Ramen Bowls Brands

Foodedan Ceramic

If you enjoy a bit of color on your ramen bowls, then these Japanese Ceramic Sets are a joy for you. It is a two-piece that big enough to fill broth noodles and toppings without spilling food. The collection contains two sets of chopsticks, two sets of forks, and two strands to create your experience wonderful each time you cook ramen food.

The bowls are created from quality lead-free and BPA-free substances. You can efficiently utilize it to serve cold and hot dishes. The entire set is dishwasher and microwave safe. The ceramic ramen bowl is coated and non-absorbent. Thus, your ramen will food good and will not eliminate the warmth.

These bowls could withstand chipping, fading, and discoloration. The set includes two bowls with utensils. Every individual can select their favorite bowl and then savor their meal.

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Tasse Verre Porcelain Ramen Noodle Soup Bowl

These magnificent porcelain ramen noodles dishes are developed for serving natural foods. The bowls include a set of chopsticks and a spoon. Their distinctive form prevents the spoon from falling right into your soup. Additionally, they have holes on each side to hold the chopsticks. These slots help readily take your hot soup or noodles from the kitchen into the table.

The ceramic bowls are lightweight, robust, durable, lead-free, and non-toxic. It is possible to use these to eat cereal, oatmeal, pho, and other foods. A bonus is they are microwave and dishwasher-safe. You can gift this collection to your loved ones since they include a one-year warranty. The bowl measures 6.5x 5x 4.5″ and has a capacity of 20oz.

Kimi Cuisine 2 x Ramen Bowl Set

This elegant and standard ramen bowl set includes two Japanese fashion dishes, two spoons, plus a set of chopsticks for every bowl. You can possess udon, pho, soups, and noodles in this massive bowl with a capacity of 37oz. The bowl is constructed from food-grade melamine, which will be extra durable.

Melamine can be lighter, making carrying food much more accessible in this particular bowl. The bowl, spoon, and chopsticks are dishwasher-safe. The bowl has a chopstick holder, where you can set your chopsticks if not being used. An ideal gift for your friends, co-workers family, this bowl comes with a no-risk, 100% money-back warranty.

Japanese Seigaiha Pattern

Should you eat ramen over often, this conventional delegate-styled ramen bowl place could be ideal. The collection consists of 2 bowls at the conventional Japanese Seigaiha pattern. You’ll have all you will need to enjoy your meal.

It is entirely appropriate for ramen, udon, noodles, pho, and soups. Each bowl can hold up to 900ml of all fluid; that’s a perfect serving size for dinner or lunch. Do not worry; these bowls are tough to break. Yet they’re incredibly lightweight. The excellent conventional layout that pays for the bowls is magnificent to check at, and ramen appears like it only tastes better in this bowl.

World Market Japanese Ceramic

This collection will provide you with everything you want to function and delight in a ramen bowl in your home, offering up a real ramen experience.

Enabling you to appreciate ramen since it had been intended to be, both bowls contained in the collection are an ideal shape to permit the broths, noodles, and toppings to be appreciated without spilling from the bowl.

The group includes just two sets of chopsticks and two strands, making the eating experience considerably comfier.

Produced with high-quality, lead-free, and BPA-free substances, the dishes are FDA approved and ideal for both cold and hot dishes.

The entire set, such as the bowls, chopsticks, and leftovers, are all microwave and dishwasher safe, making life that much easier.

Black Melamine

The ramen bowl collection’s distinctive Asian conventional design ensures it is ideal for ramen again and again.

The six-piece collection comprises two ramen bowls, two sets of chopsticks, and a spoon to enable you to get everything required to enjoy a bowl of ramen the way it needs to be enjoyed.

Not only is that the place suited to ramen, but also for Pho, noodles, udon, or alternative soup dishes.

Having massive dimensions, holding 37 ounces, it’s the proper serving to get a great dinner or lunch.

Produced by food-grade melamine, the bowls are tough to split but can also be lightweight, letting them be transported easier without a lot of extra weight.

The standard design features two bits cut on the bowl’s surface, which securely retains the chopsticks when not being used, to make carrying and keeping much more comfortable in the home.

The complex yet conventional black design will fit into almost any kitchen easily and serve its function well.

Vallenwood 4 Noodle Bowl

This fashionable Vallenwood bowl set includes 16 bits, which can take your dining experience to another level. All these are strong, restaurant-grade melamine bowls constructed with good craftsmanship to survive longer. The noodle dishes are microwave and dishwasher-safe and include ribbons, chopsticks, and chopstick stands.

The bowl may hold a considerable part of meals and keep it warm until the final bite. The Japanese ramen bowls weigh 10oz., measure 4 x 7.5 inches, and have a capacity of 32oz. They include a manufacturer buyback policy in the event the client isn’t happy.

UPKOCH Ceramic Serving Bowl

This massive noodle bowl is among the most elegant kitchenware to get. It’s a distinctive design that enables it to maintain ramen meals without a lot of fuss. Each bowl has been weighing approximately 500 grams and features a vibrant blue layout with a unique pattern.

The plan seems delicate, but the bowl is hardwearing. They can withstand high temperatures, and they’re entirely free of harmful substances. You could also safely use it from the microwave, but the one drawback is that they are hand-wash only. Due to its unbelievable design, this bowl will result in an ideal housewarming or wedding gift.

YALONG Noodle Bowls Large

These white and blue patterned Yalong noodle dishes are made from ceramic. Each bowl is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and durable enough for everyday usage. They’re also dishwasher and microwave-safe.

These 40 ozs. Large salad bowls measure 8″ in diameter, have a flat bottom, and are heavy enough to keep the food from spilling. You may pile them quickly in your kitchen because they don’t occupy much space. They’re lead-free and food-safe, also. The manufacturer also provides a free replacement when the bowls split.

Noble Createaprototype Japanese

These massive ramen bowls are genuine Japanese-style dishes. They’re hand-crafted and made out of thick, high-quality plastic stuff, making them more durable. These made to continue kitchenware will result in a fantastic addition to your kitchen.

Each bowl may load up to 1000ml of fluid, and it can be more than just one serving ramen portion—both the soup and topping remain from the bowl. You do not need to worry about spills. The set includes chopsticks in addition to spoons. Use whatever you need by the event. A matching pair allows you to feel as though you’re eating in a fancy restaurant.

The best part is that these big Japanese ramen soup bowls are dishwasher safe. Clean them dry them up, and keep them on your cupboard till you create the upcoming scrumptious ramen meal.

Y YHY Cereal Bowls, Ceramic Bowls

These are brilliant ceramic bowls that come in bright white and blue patterns both indoors and out. The exceptional craftsmanship enriches your everyday dining experience, as the heavy bowls avoid the sloshing of this soup. The bowls may be set in your dishwasher and utilized from the microwave.

They’re made from sturdy ceramic ramen bowl stuff and also possess a 24oz. Of capacity with all the measurements of 6 x 6 x 3″. They’re simple to use and stack well on your kitchen shelf. The exterior pattern provides a superb grip. You receive a lifetime warranty and a free replacement or refund for any faulty or damaged bowls.

DOWAN Ceramic Soup Bowls

Even the ramen soup bowls are both heavy and broad, making stirring simple. The bowls can also be space-saving since they have a flat base that allows them to stand securely on the kitchen cupboard. They’re a mixture of both classic and contemporary designs and are marginally cone-shaped.

The elegant white bowl measures 7 x 7 x 2.7″ with 32oz. Capacity. It is possible to use them at a microwave, dishwasher, microwave, or even a fridge to store food. They are available in a set of four bits and are packed delicately.

Foodedan Porcelain

This is just another colorful ramen bowl collection made from ceramic material. The bowl is handmade from ceramic. It is ideal for everyday use. It is crack watertight and capable of lasting for quite a while.

Each bowl can hold up to 900ml of all fluid, which is adequate per individual. Within this massive ramen bowl, then you may able to enjoy your food without spilling. The set comprises two pairs of chopsticks and two strands. Like many other bowls on the listing, this one is dishwasher & microwave safe.

Porcelain Japanese ramen noodle soup bowls have been created to survive. Their distinctive design and style create a restaurant-like encounter in the home. Adding these bowls to your collection could be a fantastic investment.

NJ Charms Salad Soup

A stunning bowl collection made from high-grade porcelain, the NJ Charms soup, and the ramen bowl is free of lead and cadmium, fridge, microwave, microwave, and dishwasher-safe. The high-grade ceramic makes them long-lasting since it blocks moisture absorption, thereby preventing the bowl’s rippling and cracking. NJ charms instant noodle dishes are flexible and multi-purpose, convenient for serving bread, tortillas, and rice salads.

The bowl measures 7.99 x 7.99 x 3.3″ and has a capacity of 60oz. You receive a pair of three bowls, which are easy to stack and do not occupy much space. You obtain a no-risk, no-reason replacement or refund if not pleased with the product.

Lanbent Ramen Soup Bowl Sets

This 6-piece collection will require your ramen dish encounter to another level. The bowls are created from restaurant-grade durable and sturdy vinyl. The bowls are dishwater safe.

These bowls are big like some of those other bowls. They could hold 1000ml of fluid, which’s big enough for all kinds of meals. Do not worry; the toppings won’t overflow or melt!

The bowls have to coat insulating material to keep the food warm before the final bite. The group comprises two bowls, two strands, and two pairs of chopsticks. The bowls are black, and they match nearly any kitchen.

Enesco Pusheen

The bowl features a picture of a Pusheen, a cartoon character, enjoying some yummy noodles. There are notches on the surface of the bowl to hold your chopsticks. The noodle soup bowl is created by fine craftsmen and comes packed in a gift box.

The pink bowls measure 5 x 5 x 4″ and are sized to function as hot peppers with yummy toppings. Made from high-quality stoneware, the bowls are non-toxic and lead-free.

Urban Lifestyle 2 x Ceramic

This is a somewhat modern-looking ramen collection. It comprises four strands, bowls, chopsticks, and silicone lids that fit over the bowl. It is also possible to use them for keeping food in the refrigerator. The bowls are made from suitable excellent restaurant-grade melamine. It is durable and it is safe to use.

The set is dishwasher and microwave safe. Each bowl measures 20.5cm in diameter, so it may hold a large part of noodles even if you’ve got hungry guests. The set is excellent for a small family or entertaining guests.

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The Way to Eat Your Ramen Noodles Just Like A Pro?

The Way to Eat Your Ramen Noodles Just Like A Pro.

Before we proceed, let us give you a valuable tip you will always be thankful for, i.e., the way to eat ramen noodles? Maintaining the chopsticks is an artwork. Follow the following steps to learn this art:

Catch your chopsticks and pull on a “small amount” of noodles. Chopsticks can not hold considerable quantities in 1 go.

Lift the chopsticks to be sure that the noodles are fully separated from your bowl. If they’re stuck in the bowl, they will tug once you attempt to slurp the noodles.

  • Got your snack? Before you slurp them, dip the noodles in the broth.
  • Now it is time to attract them into your mouth.
  • Slurp them quickly.
  • Slurp, snack the meals, drink some broth, and repeat the process.

Video: How to Eat Ramen Like a Pro



The finest ramen bowls provide the most authentic appearance and extend a restaurant-like encounter in the home. If you cook excellent ramen noodles, then you should get yourself among the most excellent ramen bowls.

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