Best Scotches Under $100

“You can serve whiskey very well in small wine glasses that you have at home. Or, in old-fashioned glasses. For more tasting with a certain budget, there are stemware designed for this purpose, brand Glencairn, named after a Scottish crystal glassworks. They are easily found in specialty stores, at around $ 100 a unit. ”

The Best Scotch Whiskies for Under $100


1/ Flatnöse Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

This single malt comes from a distillery (whose name remains undisclosed) in the east of Islay, selected by the Islay Boys. A sweet whiskey, slightly peaty and full of character. It was awarded the IWSC 2018 silver medal. This appetizing whiskey is ideal as an aperitif, it is unfiltered cold and 46% bottled.

Barelegs is a brand of Scottish whiskey belonging to The Islay Boys. Behind this company hides Donald MacKenzie and MacKay Smith. Originally from Port Charlotte, on the island of Islay, the two men have traveled a large part of the world, but have recently returned to their country of origin with the desire to leave their mark on the famous island. For their branding, they were interested in elements of Viking mythology that relate to this part of the Atlantic coast of Scotland, naming their whiskeys after Ketill Flatnöse, a legendary warrior king of the ninth century.

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2/ Laphroaig Triple Wood – Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

This version of the famous Islay has been aged in three types of barrels. Like the Quarter Cask, it began its life in American oak barrels, having already been used for bourbon whiskey. Part of this distillate is then selected and transferred to quarter casks for a second maturation. It is finally transferred a second time, this time in barrels that have contained oloroso sherry. This triple maturation results in a balanced whiskey with peat, woody and sherry notes. After a more or less long period – depending on the needs of the whiskey – it is reduced to 48% and bottled without cold filtering.

A special vintage of the Laphroaig single malt, Triple Wood is a younger version, stronger and richer in flavor than its older brothers. It is the ideal whiskey for lovers of peated single malt and not cold-processed. Islay fans will not be disappointed.

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3/ Suntory Chita – Japanese Single Grain Whisky

Suntory’s first single grain, The Chita is launched in France two years after its official release in Japan. Developed within The Chita distillery not far from Kyoto, this expression comes from an assembly of three distillates and five different whiskey profiles. These whiskeys have benefited from aging in different types of barrels including European oak barrels that have contained wine, barrels of ex-bourbon and sherry.

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4/ Guillon L’Esprit du Malt de la Montagne de Reims Sauternes de Louvois

It is in the heart of the Montagne de Reims that the Single Malt Guillon is made from barley malt from Champagne.

This Single Malt is slightly peaty, with fairly present smoky aromas. It is not a whiskey but a spirit drink made from malt.

It is aged in six different types of barrels: Champagne barrel, Banyuls barrel, Meursault barrel, Loupiac barrel, Sauternes barrel and recently in Puligny Montrachet barrel.

After aging in white burgundy barrels, the finishing takes place in RIEUSSEC chateau barrels. (Aging 8 to 9 years)

The Single Malt from Louvois, presented in this magnificent decanter, reminiscent of a great perfume is a magnificent gift to offer.

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5/ Hellyers Road Distillery Original Single Malt Whisky 46.2%

A must at the Hellyers Road distillery, this single malt is produced from local malted barley, produced on the island of Tasmania in Australia. This expression aged in ex-bourbon casks and was bottled at 40%, without cold filtering. The mention “Roaring 40s” is an ode to the island of Tasmania where the wind usually blows at 40 km / h. Marked by notes of exotic fruits (mango), agave and spices, the Roaring 40s is the lightest and easiest version of the Hellyers Road range, currently comprising 4 products (Original Roaring Forty, Pinot Noir, Slightly Peated, Peated), and soon 15 years of age!

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6/ Penderyn Celt Single Malt Welsh Whisky

Until mid-palate, this Penderyn who claims a Celtic attitude, offers us to contemplate and taste a dominating peat. To better extend her power, with great intelligence, she knows how to be altruistic. Then, with the feeling of the work accomplished, she irreparably leaves the place to never return. It will be necessary to wait for a new tasting so that it reappears as if by magic

Profile: fresh and original nose. Peat. A firm mouth where the spices (cinnamon, grated ginger) precede the red fruits (raspberry, strawberry)

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