The Best Vodka in the World

We spent many hours comparing around thirty products. During our research, Absolut Vodka emerged as the best choice for lovers of affordable vodkas. It is produced in a small locality in Sweden from natural ingredients. Whether pure or flavored, it is ideal for cocktails!

Best Vodka to Stock Your Bar Cart With


1/ Absolut Original Vodka

If you are looking for an affordable vodka, we recommend Absolut, which is the most affordable in our selection. It’s a vodka that stays supple and mellow, with a pronounced taste of cereals and a hint of dried fruit. It is made in local Swedish production from natural ingredients and does not contain sugar. Thanks to its purity, it easily mixes with other flavors. You can therefore prepare some cocktails for your guests!

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2/ Ketel One  Netherlands

The Ketel One Holland (40%) is produced by a Dutch family in Schiedam (a city now recognized as the world capital of juniper). It is an accessible vodka, presenting a rich and fresh taste with peppery notes and a sweet and warm finish. Soft and textured, it is ideal for pure tasting or as a cocktail. It is often considered one of the best vodkas to initiate non-connoisseurs (in moderation of course!).

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3/ Russian Standard Imperia

If you are looking for a good Russian vodka, you will certainly come across this brand: Russian Standard. Founded by Roustam Tariko in 1998, it is notably known for the Original, and its Imperia bottle, produced according to the rules of the art approved by Tsar Alexander III. According to connoisseurs, it is characterized by a pure translucent robe and a powerful odor, marked by white acacia flowers. On the palate, it offers a herbaceous, fresh and aromatic flavor. The finish is soft and silky.

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4/ Zubrowka Bisongrass Vodka

Zubrowka is an original vodka distilled in Bialystok in Poland, with rye. Zubrowka directs us more particularly in the forest which shelters the last bison of Europe: the forest of Bialowieza. After winter wheat is harvested, rye vodka is distilled six times and mixed with a twig of bison grass, before being aged for two years in oak barrels. It is distinguished from its competitors by an olive yellow dress and an original taste.

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5/ Tigre Blanc Vodka Classic

Tigre Blanc Classic Edition is a French vodka finalized after five distillations in a column still, which is characterized by a mild and slightly sweet taste. On the palate, it offers, according to consumers, notes of berries, citrus and sandalwood, before giving way to aromas of licorice and star anise. Manufacturers speak of coconut and toasted almond notes on a round, oily frame.

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