Best Wheatgrass Juicer: Top Brands reviews 2021

Best Wheatgrass Juicer

Wheatgrass is a nutrient-rich young grass in the wheat family. Wheatgrass is often used for juicing or added to smoothies. Wheatgrass provides many nutrients, including iron, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, chlorophyll, and vitamins A, C, and E.

Wheatgrass fans say that its rich nutrient content enhances immunity, kills harmful bacteria in the digestive system, and eliminates waste in the body.

If you want to enjoy wheatgrass juice regularly, you must invest in a wheatgrass juicer to eliminate chewing fatigue.

But how do you know the greatest wheatgrass juicers on the market? Here we provide you a list of the best wheatgrass juicer reviews with the best brands like Omega, KOIOS, Aicook, Tribest, Breville, Amzchef,… that help you reach an informed decision faster. Keep reading!

Health benefits of wheatgrass

Health benefits of wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is rich in nutrients and works to help you control cholesterol very well.

Providing nutrients

Wheatgrass provides various vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins A, C, E, iron, magnesium, calcium, and amino acids. Among the 17 amino acids of wheatgrass, there are eight essential amino acids. These are amino acids your body cannot produce, and you need to get them from food sources.

Wheatgrass also contains several essential antioxidants such as glutathione, vitamin C, and vitamin E. These are compounds that can fight free radicals to prevent cell damage and reduce oxidative stress. Several studies have found that antioxidants can help prevent some diseases such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and neurodegenerative disease.

Reducing cholesterol

Cholesterol is present throughout the body to aid in hormone production and bile secretion. However, too high blood cholesterol can block blood flow and increase the risk of heart disease. Wheatgrass has a similar effect on atorvastatin, a prescription drug commonly used to treat high blood cholesterol.

Several animal studies have found that wheatgrass can help lower cholesterol levels. In the study, mice with high cholesterol given wheatgrass juice had lower total cholesterol, bad LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Regulating blood sugar

A high glycemic index can cause a range of symptoms such as headaches, thirst, frequent urination, and fatigue. In the long term, it also leads to more severe consequences such as nerve damage, skin infections, and vision problems. You can regulate blood sugar levels and avoid the above symptoms by taking wheatgrass supplements.

Wheatgrass was given to diabetic rats. The results showed that these rats’ bodies adjusted the enzymes that help lower blood sugar levels.

Eliminating cancer cells

Several studies have found that wheatgrass can help kill cancer cells thanks to its high content of antioxidants. The scientists also found that the wheatgrass extract could reduce oral cancer cells’ growth by up to 41%.

Much scientific evidence also shows that people who combine wheatgrass juice with traditional cancer treatments can minimize these methods’ side effects. Wheatgrass juice is more likely to reduce the risk of chemotherapy’s common complication, impaired bone marrow function in some breast cancer patients.

Supporting weight loss

Wheatgrass contains thylakoid that increases the feeling of fullness, which in turn aids in weight loss. One study found that supplementing with thylakoids in addition to high-carb meals increased feelings of fullness compared to a placebo. 

Research in rats has also shown that supplementing with thylakoid increases feelings of fullness by slowing digestion and stimulating the release of hormones that reduce hunger.

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Things to consider when buying a wheatgrass juicer

Things to consider when buying a wheatgrass juicer

Weight & Size

The juicer’s weight and size can have some impact on your selection process, depending on the limitations of your kitchen space. For example, those with plenty of countertop and shelf space should feel confident buying a larger model, while those with limited space on either of the front panels should rely on more compact models.

Ease of use

To make sure you can use your juicer without too much trouble, find something easy to operate, maintain, and clean. If the item you’re looking at goes beyond these three categories, then there’s a higher chance that the unit will get used a lot since it shouldn’t be difficult working with it.


The juicer that works very quickly at high speed adds heat to the juice, which ultimately reduces its quality. Heat is the cause of the breakdown of some ingredients with fewer nutrients. The juicer operates at a slower speed with no heat; They take their time to squeeze the ingredients properly. This accounts for its qualitative juice yield. Its only flaw is that it can be annoying and time-consuming.

Noise level

The juicer has become synonymous with making more blender-like sounds in action. But this shortcoming merely is absent in most wheatgrass juicers because they depend on slow, progressive extraction methods that do not require loud metal blades.

Chute Size

Some juicers have a chute where the product can be inserted. While this chute’s size may be necessary for producing large juices, this specification will have little relevance, focusing solely on wheatgrass juice.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s essential to check if the wheatgrass juicer you plan to buy can be easily cleaned or maintained. Some products are difficult to clean and can affect the product’s durability. Things that cannot be easily cleaned go down after a while. Another thing is its constituent materials. Are they fragile or solid? These are the things you should check before buying a wheatgrass juicer.


A quick way to gauge the quality and value for money that the juicer can offer is to see its warranty. The longer the warranty period, the higher quality and better durability you might expect from the product. This is not a guarantee, but it is a good sign as it means the manufacturer is confident enough that their product will last.


As always, you want value for the money you’re spending. There are many prices to suit every budget. By considering your expected usage against your wallet, you can find the perfect model for your family.

Top Rated 13 Best Wheatgrass Juicer Brands, Wheatgrass Juicer electric, manual Wheatgrass Juicer

Top Rated 13 Best Wheatgrass Juicer Brands

Omega J8006 – Best Overall

Omega’s J8006 is your most effective overall wheatgrass juicer since it’s a strong yet low rate masticating juicer, which is extremely useful in extracting juice from fruits, vegetables, and obviously, wheatgrass.

To attain this, the unit features a powerful gear reduction system, which reduces the motor’s speed output to 80 RPM but raises the torque to fit a 2 HP motor. This leads to superior devastating power, and so, wheatgrass and other components are worked on quite quickly.

The slow rate of the masticating juicer gets the advantage of extracting the juice at reduced heat. So, healthful enzymes are preserved to supply you with an incredibly nutritious yield.

Oxidation can be reduced during the extraction, and this usually means that the juice produced is significantly less foamy and may be kept up to 3 times without degradation.

For extraction, a 2-stage process is utilized. A powerful GE Ultem auger can extract and crush wheatgrass juice at the first phase. The resulting pulp is squeezed through a net filter to extract any residual juice, leading to maximum return output and very dry pulp.

This juicer has quite a modest feed chute on the downside, meaning you need to take a while to prepare huge fruits like apples before feeding them indoors. Additionally, it occupies a sizable counter area because of the horizontal layout.


  • A strong gear reduction system reduces the rate but increases torque.
  • Maintains healthy enzymes at the extracted juice
  • Produces less oxidized juice
  • Dual-stage extraction process
  • Features a strong GE Ultem Auger


  • Small feed chute
  • Large footprint

Healthy Juicer Lexen GP27 – Best Budget

Healthful Juicer’s Lexen GP27 is a really reasonably priced wheatgrass juicer. This is mostly because it’s a manual juicer containing a complete plastic construction by the outer body into the internal moving components.

Though making it a tiny bit feeble, the vinyl construction makes it very lightweight, weighing in at just 2.43 lbs, and this usually means it is also quite portable. It’s also intended to be simple to dismantle and build back together for cleansing functions.

With this lightweight body, the problem that appears is instability after juicing, but that is cared for by two mounting options.

The first one is a suction bolt, which uses a suction cup at the bottom of this juicer to attach into a countertop with the vacuum created under it by turning a built-in suction thread out of discharge to lock. A plastic wrench is included in the package to help turn this particular thread.

The second alternative is perfect if your countertop isn’t easy enough for suction, plus it employs a desk clamp, which also includes the juicer. All can be utilized at the same time for extra stability.



  • Cheap
  • Very lightweight
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble when cleaning
  • Contain 2 mounting choices for stability functions


  • Weak plastic construction

KOIOS Wheatgrass Juicer

The KOIOS B5100 Juicer is a high-yield, low-speed juicing system that maximizes juice extraction. All removable accessories for the unit are BPA-free and dishwasher safe, which makes it effortless to wash. It’s a silent 150-watt motor using a sound level under 60 decibels, a fast turnaround time for juicing at a very low rate of 80 RPM, and a reverse rate to help clean any jams.

As a slight drawback, wheatgrass ought to be cut into a 1-1/2-inch span. Therefore it does not wrap around the inner auger, possibly causing harm to the system. Replacement parts are not available for sale. But components are covered under a one-year guarantee, and the engine has been covered under a two-year guarantee. If you are juicing hard produce such as root veggies, don’t rush and not overload the engine.


  • Simple to build
  • Simple to Use
  • Simple to wash
  • Handles hard to produce
  • One-year limited parts warranty
  • Two-year motor guarantee


  • Expensive
  • Pre-cut produce
  • No replacement components

Aicook Wheatgrass Juicer – Best Value

Our runner-up, the Aicook AMR509 Slow Juicer, could be disassembled using the press of a button, making cleanup a snap. A number of the inner parts are tough plastic and dishwasher safe.

This masticating juicer works nicely for leafy greens, leaving a dry pulp to guarantee the most extraction. The very low rate works at 80 RPM to decrease heat buildup. The engine has a sound level under 60 decibels, maintaining it on the side.

Sad to say, the chute feed is somewhat narrow. Root veggies will need to be fed in smaller batches, so if you frequently enjoy juicing fruits and veggies, this might not be for you. But in case you’re searching for a juicer, particularly for wheatgrass, you won’t be let down. Unlike many versions, it’s a three-year guarantee, and the brand features lifetime technical aid.

Having a low price and the capability to take care of soft and hard produce, we think that this is the best wheatgrass juicer for the cost.


  • Cheap
  • Quiet
  • Simple to Use
  • Simple to wash
  • Three-year guarantee


  • No replacement components
  • Internal plastic components

Omega NC900HDC – Best Multifunction

The Omega NC900HDC is a genuine powerhouse in regards to masticating juicers. It can just be the very best wheatgrass juicer for 2021 if you are not especially concerned about the purchase price, given its capacity to operate at reduced rates and multi-functionality.

The juicer plan revolves around non-toxic wheatgrass fibers effectively, quietly, and with minimal nutrient reduction. Because of this not being a masticating juicer, little oxidation is also concerned with using the final product.

It features a dual-stage masticating extraction process that you may like if you do not mind a little bit of pulp on your new juice. The heat buildup is minimal or as little as possible expect in an electric wheatgrass juicer, provided the minimum operating speed of 80 RPM.

An additional thing which you might appreciate is your 15-year guarantee, a very impressive thing which covers parts and performance also. Concerning adjustability, you get a five-setting finish cap that may be employed to correct the total amount of juice.

What’s more, due to its cost, the NC900HDC may also do far more for you: create butter out of nuts, juice infant food tastes, mince herbs, whip soy milk, grind coffee and spices, and also assist you with producing frozen desserts.


  • Low operating speed
  • Very silent motor
  • Multifunctional
  • 15-year guarantee
  • High-end craftsmanship


  • Somewhat expensive if you already have a routine juicer

Handy Pantry HK Hurricane

Why a manual juicer? We’ll get to this a bit further later on. Let us check out the remarkable features of this Handy Pantry HK Hurricane manual juicer for the time being. To start with, it is straightforward and fast to build and take apart.

Each of its elements is dishwasher safe. Therefore, it’s quite simple to clean and keep. The stainless steel construction ensures exceptional durability, as will the entire absence of digital components. The construct should match all conventional countertops, which are no longer than 2.25″ thick.

This provides it one terrific edge over some other juicers since it’s portable. Even though it includes only a 5-year guarantee, there are not any components that may break. And, as it won’t corrode, you will have the ability to enjoy this juicer for quite a very long moment.

Another benefit is that the prolonged extraction process. You may take your own time with it, add just as much wheatgrass as you need, and even always nourish the juicer if you would like to extract bigger batches. Also, it is quite reasonably priced and can be BPA-free.

As a result of the low operating rate and the simple fact that the heat output is practically non-existent, the HK Hurricane may also extract barley grass juice. This isn’t a feat readily replicated by many masticating or cold-press electric juicers.


  • Cheap
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Portable design
  • Rust-free and non-toxic
  • It fits on most countertops.


  • Operates on elbow grease

Tribest GSE-5000

Tribest’s GSE-5000 is rather a costly juicer; however, that is for a good reason. It features an extremely sophisticated, chilly fighting system that runs at 110 RPM to extract the juice.

This system consists of dual gears, which behave as devastating augers, plus they feature magnetic and bio-ceramic technologies embedded in them to assist with the extraction.

The gears’ magnets help create a concentrated magnetic field that reorganizes the water molecules to move onto more precious minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients since the juice has been extracted.

On the flip side, the bio-ceramic substance utilizes the kinetic energy in the spinning gears to emit an infra-red-light wavelength, which stabilizes the juice to allow it to have an extended shelf life by delaying oxidation.

Aside from this, a pressure adjustment mechanism is included to let you set the necessary strain for pulp ejection to avoid clogging since you juice different kinds of ingredients. This can be improved by a reverse purpose that’s contained in the control panel to reduce jamming.

The drawback, which includes these features, is that they create this juicer quite heavy and have a huge footprint, meaning that it occupies many counter areas.


  • Twin gears for quicker extraction
  • Magnetic and bio-ceramic extraction technologies
  • Stress adjustment mechanism for restraining pulp ejection
  • Reverse function for undoing any clogging


  • Costly
  • Big and heavy

Breville BJS600XL Masticating Juicer

The Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer lands in the midst of the listing. It’s a 240-watt motor using a two-step safety launch, a filter basket for purifying, and a silent operation. 

The safety-start system helps to ensure that all components have to be properly set up before juicing. The inner parts are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. But some components will need to be scrubbed with a brush.

On the reverse side, this can be a costly and seemingly temperamental version. To get wheatgrass juicing, take care not to overstuff the chute because demanding fibers can clog the auger. Many users suggest that this version works well with tough vegetables and fruits cut into little pieces since the machine will clog differently.

Even though the manufacturer recommends thawing frozen fruits before juicing, users have noticed that this version can manage those in tiny pieces.

In case you’ve got the budget and need a more significant wattage engine, this might be the ideal option for you.


  • Filter basket
  • Quiet
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • One-year guarantee


  • Expensive
  • Clogs with fibrous produce
  • All plastic construction

Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer
607 Reviews

New Age Living SJC-45

This masticating juicer also includes a vertical orientation such as Omega’s VSJ843QS above however is comparatively inexpensive and packs some notable features.

For starters, juicing is completed utilizing a third-generation pulverizing auger layout, which provides exceptional wheatgrass crushing power while rotating at 45 RPM. This slow pace goes a very long way in making sure the juice produced is exceptionally nutritious and has an extended shelf life.

Furthermore, all its juicing components are created entirely from BPA-free vinyl, and this also makes it rather beneficial to use.

Other features include a quick reverse switch to reverse any jamming, a leak-proof stopper using a silicone seal, a broad feed chute for easy use, and a stainless-steel strainer capable of separating the pulp from the juice.

You receive no double extraction system, along with the plastic components make it somewhat feeble on the downside.


  • 3’rd creation pulverizing auger layout
  • The vertical layout makes it occupies less counter space
  • Cheap
  • Juicing parts are manufactured of BPA free plastic
  • A slow rate of 45 RPM


  • It doesn’t possess a double extraction system
  • The plastic construction makes it poorer, in comparison with stainless steel units

Miracle Exclusives MJ445

It must come as no surprise that this can be just another manual juicer, the Miracle Exclusives MJ445, that comes in at a ridiculous cost given the return it provides.

Among its most significant features is an ergonomic fold handle that causes less hand fatigue than some superior versions. The MJ445 also features an exceptional auger design. This helps optimize the juice return and produce an even drier pulp.

Now, given that surgery’s simplicity, it may be somewhat tricky to find out the ideal number of young shoots to place in. It will take a little bit of practice before you’ve got it down to a science.

The build quality is nothing short of striking, with all components being manufactured from stainless steel, excluding those rubber pads. These will also be cool to have since they could protect your countertops and improve this tool’s firmness.

Although ruggedly constructed, the MJ445 includes a one-year warranty. That is considerably lower than that which most competitors offer, but this can be a more affordable unit. And, in regards to upkeep, all parts are dishwasher safe and easy to take apart.


  • Dead silent operation
  • Ergonomic crank handle
  • Rubber pads included
  • Heavy-duty build
  • Unique auger design


  • Short guarantee
  • The rubber pads are of typical quality.

AMZCHEF Slow Juicer Extractor

The AMZCHEF ZM1501 Slow Juice Extractor includes a silent juicing performance with a sound level under 60 decibels. The inverse rate will help with clogs, and all removable components are dishwasher-safe. The puppy chute is little for security reasons, like for parents that allow their children help. 

It’s an automated shut-off following 20 minutes of surgery to reduce overheating, using a 20 to 30-minute resting period. With a simple installation and a reasonable price, you can juice any products that you want.

Unfortunately, when it is time to wash, disassembly is tough. Should you lack the dexterity to wrangle the nosepiece off to clean the inner components, this might be a no-go for you. This extractor also does not possess the power of several different versions, with just 150 electricity watts. Users notice that the auger breaks down over a brief quantity of time, leaving durability in a query.

If you are new to the juicing scene and need a cheap electric version to split you into, this might be the option. If you are a veteran juicer searching for a new version, you will not be pleased with this selection.


  • Cheap
  • Simple to wash
  • Simple to Use
  • One-year guarantee


  • Low wattage
  • Small feeder chute
  • Tough to disassemble
  • Low durability

Jocuu Wheatgrass Juicing Machine

The Jocuu Machines217 Juicer comprises speed options for soft or hard produce, a long-press inverse function to facilitate jams and cleanup, and one-button disassembly. The very low rate utilizes 60 RPM, and also the high speed utilizes 80 RPM, leading to a minimal heat buildup. All internal components are dishwasher safe and BPA-free. It is an easy-to-use version for a reasonable price.

The continuous operating period is maxed out in 10 minutes and requires another 10 minutes to cool down. Additionally, it is a decreased strength version at 150 watts of electricity. This brand delivers a four-year guarantee for the engine and a two-year guarantee for components. Within the guarantee period, it provides a free replacement rather than a repair alternative.

If you’d like a budget choice with a good warranty, this choice could be a sensible consideration for you. But should you want a longer continuous operating time, then you will want to keep searching.


  • Cheap
  • Simple to Use
  • Simple to wash
  • Two-year guarantee


  • Low wattage
  • Short working time

Samson Super Wheatgrass-Juicer

The Samson SB0850 Super Juicer is a commercial version having heavy-duty stainless-steel construction. It can process up to five ounces per minute with blossoms, herbs, sprouts, and other greens, especially wheatgrass juicing. This juicer comprises a self-feeding stopped, a flexible resistance twist, and constant pulp expulsion. It’s user-friendly, simple to clean, and easy to disassemble.

The brief story is that this version is more pricey. But should you decide it is an at-home need for you, Amazon does provide funding. If you don’t drink lots of wheatgrass juice every day, this is more ideal for company use. With all the stainless-steel construction, this version is also the heaviest among the 30 lbs, and portability might be off the table.

Should you develop wheatgrass pallets in your home and it is in your budget, this version is possibly all you have dreamed of. If, however, you drink the occasional wheatgrass shot, you might wish to consider different options on this listing.


  • High production
  • Simple to clean and use


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Not portable


How do you prepare wheatgrass for juicing?

Not much preparation is required. Even if the juicer has a small feed chute, the wheatgrass is a strand, and therefore a bunch of grass can fit neatly inside.

The only thing you need to do is make sure you harvest the grass right before juicing so that the grass is fresh and does not wither or take some of its water. Also, make sure you clean it to remove any dirt.

What is the best time to drink wheatgrass juice?

When you’re down, any time of the day is ideal for boosting your immune system with a glass or two of wheatgrass juice. However, many people prefer to drink their wheatgrass juice as a habit. As a result, pre-work (with breakfast) consumption is suitable for most commuters, while others may prefer to drink wheatgrass juice daily after a quick workout.

How do you clean wheatgrass juicers?

Since the internal parts are hidden, all wheatgrass juicers must be disassembled before cleaning. Therefore, after juicing the wheatgrass, you should dismantle the device, but do not disassemble the motor cover; only juiced ingredients.

These components include the outer cover, the auger, the filter, and the end cap. Once removed, clean these parts and if they are dishwasher safe, use the dishwasher, if available, to do the dirty job for you.


The wheatgrass juicer is a fabulous appliance kitchen for enjoying delicious and nutritious wheatgrass juices, so you should own one for yourself. I hope the information we have provided above will make it easier for you to find the best juicer for wheatgrass.

Our favorite pick is Omega J8006, which is a powerful, yet low-speed masticating juicer. It Produces less oxidized juice and helps maintain healthy enzymes in the extracted juice.

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