Best White Rum – How to find and buy?

Finding the most suitable white rum is not easy since there are so many brands on the market. With our help, you can save some of your time. Read the list of the best white rums below to find the best model for your needs. A large number of white rum from various manufacturers is released each year. With that in mind, choosing the right option is not easy. You have to be very patient to compare all the white rum available and choose the best one. That’s why we offer you the list of the best white rum – use it to quickly find a suitable model!

The Best White Rum for Mixing Drinks


1/ Brugal 1888 Ron Gran Reserva, 40% – 700ml

One of the most exclusive varieties of the brugal family. Its aroma of woods with subtle notes of dried fruits gives it a smooth, elegant and silky flavor. Matured for 14 years in total using two different types of barrels: 8 years in American oak barrels and 6 more years in sherry barrels. A careful preparation gives it rich nuances. 100% rum produced and bottled in the Dominican Republic.

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2/ Cacique 700 ml Rum Cacique 500 Extra Anejo

More than 8 years of aging in white oak barrels, promote the alchemy of the ancient Amazon. Intense balanced aroma, ripe fruit that coexists with hints of nuts, wood, vanilla and aged sherry. Cacique 500 was born in 1992 for the celebration of the commemoration of the 500 years of the discovery of America. Mix of different aged rums from a special reserve.

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3/ Flor de Cana 4 Year Old Extra Dry Rum 70CL

Tasting note color: transparent glass. Accompanied by a smooth and round sensation of vanilla and coconut flavors with a touch of spices, with a dry sugar cane and toasted vanilla finish. Flor de caña is one of the most prestigious brands of rum worldwide produced in Nicaragua since 1890 and now distributed in more than forty countries around the world. It is the leading rum brand in central america and has experienced tremendous growth in new market segments over the past ten years.

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4/ Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White Rum 700ml

The perfect balance of Bacardi Carta Blanca, with its subtle and delicate taste, makes it the best alcoholic beverage to create cocktails. It combines perfectly with light aromas, such as mint or lime, which give body to the famous mojito. Aroma light vanilla and fresh apricot. Dry and light rum perfect for mixing.

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5/ Bacardi Reserva 8 Year Rum 70cl

Bacardi 8 is the perfect base for cocktails such as 8 old fashioned or old cuban, created by audrey saunders, from pegu club (ny) as the first cocktail of the bacardi legacy. Its flavor is perfect for both modern and classic cocktails. Notes of dried fruit, vanilla, plum, apricots and nutmeg.

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6/ Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum 70cl

Caribbean rum expertly mixed with spices and aged in bourbon barrels. Notes of rich vanilla, delicious spices and oak aroma with a smooth finish; Prepare the mixture in a jar with ice, cola and a lime wedge. Captain morgan original spiced gold is a mix of the best Caribbean rums and intrepid spices. Suitable for enjoying legendary nights with your crew.

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