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Best Wine Rack 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Wine Rack 2021

Anybody who drinks a great deal of wine understands that you have to stock up whenever the chance presents itself. Following that, you also will need to get a suitable area prepared to keep which wine carefully and correctly, keeping it in its optimal for as long as you can.

This is because wines that have been stored may significantly affect how they keep more than time. Consequently, if you do not own your wine cellar, wine racks would be the most practical option for your property.

The very best wine rack for you is going to be one that matches your particular requirements. We’d love to help you find something that works together with the area you have, keeping in mind that it is essential to fit your house’s present manner ideally.

Thus, let us got through the absolute best now available…

Finest Wine Rack Buying Guide

Finest Wine Rack Buying Guide

The wine mentioned above racks differs quite significantly from one another. By way of instance, a few are freestanding, while some are wall sockets.

A few of those wine racks can carry your whole collection. On the flip side, a number of them are designed to display your favorite bottles.

The very best wine racks for home would be those you will use. Therefore, let us take a peek at some essential things to remember while making your choice to make sure it matches nicely with your private space and prerequisites.

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The dimensions of this wine rack you’ll need will probably be the largest deciding factor on your purchase. It’s crucial to pick a rack that can fit nicely into the area you have available.

Additionally, you’ll want to be sure to have sufficient space on your excellent wine collection. A person with 200 bottles of wine may require a lot bigger rack than somebody having five bottles, and people that have more extensive collections would be wise to consider a stand that’s not hard to expand.

It’s essential to be sure that the wine rack you pick may hold the bottles you enjoy drinking in the same vein. The majority of the wine racks,e looked at may hold standard-sized bottles. But some of them can accommodate larger bottles, so check for that if you’re most likely to sometimes put money into odd bottle sizes, shapes, or styles.


The manner of your residence will affect the wine rack that you wind up picking. By way of instance, in case you’ve got a contemporary home, you will probably wish to discover a wine rack with a slick appearance.

For the wine racks, we’ve looked at the range in material from metal to unfinished timber. Wooden wine racks could be awkward to complete, but they also provide maximum flexibility. As an example, you can paint or stain them into any color possible and fit them precisely along with your other furniture should you want to.

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Consider spa space-saving

A wine rack that may be mounted onto the wall is a fantastic choice to conserve space. Likewise, a stand that sits on the counter may be an excellent addition to a little kitchen.

Hanging racks are great for house bar setups since they frequently store eyeglasses too. On the flip side, modular wine racks may provide ample storage for a restaurant or wine cellar. Stackable wine racks are fine if you’re planning to expand your set later on.


Everybody knows that putting furniture with the capacity to be quite a time-consuming pain in the buttocks. But, excellent instructions make all of the difference. A number of those wine racks within this list come fully assembled. They’ll be prepared to go upon delivery with no extra measures.

Most wine racks require assembly but don’t need any tools. They may be put together with dowels, and glue is generally recommended also.

Wall-mounted wine racks can be the most labor-intensive. For instance, they may be awkward and heavy to hang, and you will want to invest in quality fittings to prevent expensive accidents!


Wine racks vary significantly in cost. Interestingly, huge ones with a lot of storage are occasionally less expensive than smaller, more high-quality ones.

The fabric of the rack is going to have the most significant influence on the purchase price. A handmade stand will also definitely be more costly than just one mass-produced in China. In precisely the same vein, sturdy metal stands can be more expensive than wooden ones.

Top Rated 12 Best Wine Racks Brands

Top Rated 12 Best Wine Racks Brands

Best overall: Mango Steam 32 Bottle Wine Rack

The Mango Steam 32 Bottle Wine Rack with Glass Table Top is big and durable with a traditional design that complements any room in the home.

If it comes to locating a wine rack that shows both function and form, the Mango Steam 32 b32-bottle is a superb example.

Its spacious design secures every bottle in person diamond-shaped slots constructed in solid, powder-coated steel. The slots at the back are increased marginally – keeping the bottles onto a forward-slanted tip – which guarantees that the cork will stay damp. The plan makes a safe rack using a non-invasive design that brings attention to the wine bottles and the rack. Additionally, it shows your wine without consuming the tag, making it much easier to recognize each jar.

Despite its spacious layout, the steel-made foundation and framework, together with these bottles’ burden, create a sturdy stand. Individually adjustable legs also help stabilize it on irregular surfaces.

The stand holds 32 bottles, which is the best size for a freestanding stand. A more compact stand would not be worth the space it takes on the ground. If your collection is much bigger than 32 bottles, it is probably time to spend in a wine cooler, so keeping proper humidity and the temperature is critical for long-term storage.

The Mango Steam rack is just as much of a display piece since it’s a functional storage device. Particularly given the glass-made table, which provides another surface area that may serve an assortment of uses. It’s possible to shop open bottles, wine glasses, and other accessories onto it or put in a decorative touch with a plant, framed image, or a little pile of books.

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Kings Brand Furniture Metal with Marble Finish Top Wine Storage Organizer Display Rack Table
1,349 Reviews
Kings Brand Furniture Metal with Marble Finish Top Wine Storage Organizer Display Rack Table
  • Take your home entertainment to the next level with this wine table from Kings Brand Furniture.
  • Functional and elegant, this wine table keeps your wine bottles closer at hand, making it very handy for cocktail parties and functions with family and friends.

Best value: RTA 9 bottle stackable rack

This British-made Tasty wine rack by RTA is a timeless and dependable layout; solid wood beamed into galvanised steel to make a straightforward storage solution for bottles. It is possible to stand this vertically on your countertop if you are a bit short on distance or lie down it landscape for a much more secure foundation.

The wooden slats smoothly support the typical 750ml wine bottle, and its entire length of significance wine does not wobble if the rack has been pumped. Swan-necked bottles aren’t as supported; we’d suggest those being retained on the bottom row.

Even though the 9.5cm-wide segments accommodate various sizes, we discovered a bottle of Bollinger had been best rested at the top. If you are not valuable about the jar tags, you’d have the ability to squash them. This could likely scratch the tag’s distance. It is not the perfect order for keeping the expensive bubbly on the very best, yet this wine rack is secure enough to anticipate.

As a result of your clip method, this may be extended or attached to additional racks to improve your jar count. And it is not that expensive to perform. For your money, you receive a secure, powerful, and dependable wine rack.

Best freestanding: Nkuku Obra 12 bottle industrial wine rack

Everything about the Obra wine bottle rack is strong. Having a cherry wood shirt sitting on a dark iron framework, the consequent rack is durable enough to double as a side table to your living area or a different surface in your kitchen.

The arches cradle regular wine bottles nicely. Smaller bottles such as Bitters will slide through the bars by themselves, but since regular bottles lie near together, these may be rested readily between them. Taking this into consideration, the rack can hold a whole lot greater than 12 bottles.

If you’re searching for a modern wine rack for the kitchen, this is a sensible and fashionable alternative.

Winsome Vinny Wine Storage, Espresso
962 Reviews
Winsome Vinny Wine Storage, Espresso
  • Overall wine rack size is 31. 5"W x 16. 2"D x 35. 6"H. Top surface area of 31. 5"W x 16. 2"D.
  • Store 24 - 1 liter wine bottles on this rack and up to 24 slim wine glasses.

Best countertop: Sorbus 3-Tier Wine Rack

The Sorbus 3-Tier Stackable Wine Rack is compact and stackable so that you can detach and save the racks when not being used.

Countertop wine racks are best for non-collectors who purchase a couple of wine bottles at one time. They are also perfect for compact spaces, particularly a stand that is flexible, stackable, and minimum in the design, such as the Sorbus 3-Tier.

This rack carries a max of 12 bottles, with four bottles on each tier. Casual wine buyers may require this distance when planning to sponsor a dinner party or arriving from a sale in the liquor shop. But the majority of the time, when you have a couple of bottles, then the layers could be dispersed and stored off. If you would like to chill some white wine, you may also detach 1 tier and set it in the fridge.

The rack includes a small tip for cork protection also, despite its metal-wire construction, also boasts an exceptional design. Offered in a silver or aluminum finish, the stand overlooks kitchen countertops in addition to dining room sideboards and buffet tables.

If you merely wish to keep about a dozen wine bottles, then there is no reason to devote a good deal of cash on a stand, and also the Sorbus 3-Tier is the best price for whatever you want.

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Best Wood Wine Rack: J.K. Adams Ash Wood 40-Bottle Wine Rack, Natural

The Ash Wood Wine Rack by J.K Adams is of severe oenophiles. J.K Adams is a family-owned business that’s been crafting fine wood products for more than 65 decades. The Ash Wood Wine Rack is no exception to this quality produced by this J.K Adams business. This stand’s innovative design allows for some configurations based on how big the room is planned and its positioning in your home bar, kitchen, or dining room.

This wine rack consists of a counter and railroad system, which allows for almost any setup. Whether you would like a little three by three sections on your countertop, then two by a single tower to squeeze into a tight area, or the entire rack to accommodate around 40 bottles of wine, this stand could do it all. We adore this White Ash wood rack using a sizable 40 bottle capacity; however, it is also offered in a twelve and six-bottle capability and either MaplMaple or a dark and organic combo.

Best Small Space Wine Rack: Oenophilia Under Cabinet Wine Rack – 6 Bottle

If you’re tight on space, an interior cabinet wine rack is the best answer. This stand securely and efficiently mounts beneath your cabinets. And it may hold up to six full-sized wine bottles entirely from their way – freeing up the valuable counter property. The Oenophilia Under Cabinet Wine Rack includes a slick contemporary chrome finish that can effortlessly accent any décor. This under cabinet wine rack measures 22″ x 8″ x 5″ and contains the installation’s essential hardware.

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Best for big collections: Decomil Modular Wine Rack

Having a 72-bottle capability and an easy-to-assemble notched layout, the easy bamboo Decomil Modular Wine Rack is ideal for storing extensive wine collections.

Authentic wine connoisseurs and collectors are more probably going to have a more extensive choice of bottles than some of our other selections can reasonably accommodate. In case you’ve got a wine cellar or only need to dedicate the distance to an extensive wine selection, a stand like that one from Decomil can readily fit your requirements.

The Decomil Modular Wine Rack can accommodate up to 72 bottles and can be constructed from bamboo, so it is lightweight but powerful enough to support all of the liquid and glass weight you will be piling onto it. It assembles easily, and with its notched layout, you won’t have to float out the tools. The bits slot together along with the weight of these bottles, help keep it sturdy and nice.

Decomil made its wine racks modular; two could be piled on top of each other if you opt to get a floor-to-ceiling layout.

Sorbus Bamboo Foldable Countertop Wine Rack 6-Bottles (Bamboo)
965 Reviews
Sorbus Bamboo Foldable Countertop Wine Rack 6-Bottles (Bamboo)
  • BAMBOO COUNTERTOP WINE RACK— Showcases, organizes, and stores up to 6 wine bottles—Ideal for both new wine collectors and expert connoisseurs
  • FLAT SURFACE DESIGN —Two horizontal shelves provide a sturdy freestanding surface , practical for countertops, tabletops, and shelves in or above wood cabinets

Best wine cabinets: Winsome Ancona Wine Cabinet

The Winsome Ancona Wine Cabinet with Glass Rack holds glasses, bottles, and other bar hardware in 1 area.

A wine rack may also function as the base for your pub collection. The Winsome Ancona Wine Cabinet with Glass Rack holds 20 bottles within its cubby holes, matches eight to 12 glasses, also provides added space for additional wine accessories, liquor bottles, or glassware up high.

The cupboard and glass rack variant works nicely by itself. Still, it may also be mixed with two additional cabinets created by Winsome – one which holds 24 bottles using an additional drawer and another which combines bottles, glasses, and a drawer – to get a more significant bar area.

Even though the stand is constructed from wood, the layout, with its deep cubby holes that encircle each bottle on all sides, adds a safety level that you don’t get with many wood-made racks.

Some buyers have noticed that wine glasses with a large base will not fit in the glass stand alone. Long-stem eyeglasses might not match, either.

This stand is a bit on the pricier side, but if you anticipate using its all-encompassing flexibility, it is well worth the purchase price. Additionally, it’s advantageous to put money into a wine rack to expand as your collection grows later.

Best big wine rack: Cotswold Chester Grey Oakland 24 bottle wine cupboard,

The Cotswold Chester wine rack is just the ideal height to turn into another work surface, possibly as an extension to a kitchen countertop or piece-piece functional furniture in its own right.

It is deceptively small in size and footprint, even despite needing a cap the capacity of 24 bottles. With each segment being 10.5cm-wide, every bottle we attempted was readily accommodated. They were protected from all sides so that you’d understand everything out of the finest bubbly to unopened olive oil or balsamic will be secure in a busy household kitchen.

Additionally, if you’ve got underfloor heating, then the wooden toes imply the cupboard sits over the ground, protecting your bottles from being heated.

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Muscle Rack WBS181435 24-Bottle Chrome Wine Rack, 18' by 14' by 35', 35' Height, 18' Width, 660 lb. Load Capacity
128 Reviews
Muscle Rack WBS181435 24-Bottle Chrome Wine Rack, 18" by 14" by 35", 35" Height, 18" Width, 660 lb. Load Capacity
  • Chrome finish for dirt and corrosion resistance and durability
  • Shelves are adjustable in 1 inch increments for precise adjustment of shelf heights

Best announcement wine rack: Oka Jadis 12 bottle wine rack

Regardless of the distressed classic ‘bronze’ and verdigris’ layout of Oka’s Jadis wine rack, it’s usually made from iron and is, unsurprisingly, sturdy enough to remain balanced however you pile your bottles.

Each segment is 10cm in diameter and readily accommodated the broadest champagne bottle we’d. We especially liked that every pipe’ is staggered, so whatever the jar’s elevation (by way of instance, beers), it wouldn’t get lost inside the rack.

Each tube’s interior isn’t abrasive but yellowish enough to provide immunity to bottle motion, backed with around ridged lip. Both variables will lessen the danger of any falling out when your rack is nudged.

Best wall mounted wine rack: Oak & Rope Company solid pine wine rack

If you wish to showcase your favorite bottles in addition to indicate a special event, this wall-mounted wine rack creates a great novelty gift.

Ten holes are drilled through this chunk of solid walnut, and feels sturdy, fixed using two mounts on the trunk. Once wrapped in, the bottles hang each hole, making a decorative fan effect the wall up.

What is essential to consider is the wall you attach to has to be powerful enough to adapt it. Once packed with ten of your favorite bottles, the very last thing you need is your wooden stand falling off or leaning. There’s an optional variant for champagne bottles should you want bubbly.

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Best Wine Cabinet: Carruthers 14 Bottle Wine Bar

A wine cabinet behaves like a bar of types. You can store wine bottles at the allotted shelves; however, you generally receive a little cabinet to store eyeglasses and a tabletop for the ornamental screen.

With this cupboard, you’re going to have the ability to save 14 bottles, and you’ve got a little cabinet to tuck off anything you enjoy. The top can maintain your wine glass at the same time you take a break or possibly a decorative vase.

You will think about the cupboard much more like a piece of furniture than a theanine stand, and it might just be your new favorite piece in the house.

SODUKU Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack 4 Long Stem Glass Holder & Wine Cork Storage
1,723 Reviews
SODUKU Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack 4 Long Stem Glass Holder & Wine Cork Storage
  • Holds 1~5 bottles and 4 glassses
  • Decorative wall wine rack looks great in your home


Well, if you started now with no thought whatsoever about how to discover the very best wine racks for home, you must now don’t have any lack of alternatives.

In various ways, this is among the simplest buying choices you will face as a wine enthusiast. You ought to consider how many wine bottles you want to adapt today, but it’s also advisable to look ahead and ask yourself how you see that your wine collection is growing. Should you believe, you may need more room, purchase a more giant rack than you first planned, or opt for among those modular, stackable racks we examine so that you may build your storage out with time.

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