How to Make a Black Russian Drink Recipe

The recipe for Black Russian liqueur is, as we told you above, very simple to make. No shaker needed, just fill an old fashioned glass with ice cubes, then pour the vodka and coffee liqueur. Then all that remains is to mix everything using a long bar spoon and voila! In the mouth, you will see that the vodka comes to reduce the sugar of the liqueur, without masking the aromas of coffee.



for 1 person

  1. Vodka 4 cl
  2. Coffee liqueur 4 cl



Make the “Black Russian” recipe directly in the glass.
Pour the spirits directly on the ice cubes. Stir before consuming.
Serve in an “old fashioned” type glass.
Two brandy cherries pricked.



Can also be prepared with a shaker. Some people add cola, wrongly.


The Black Russian cocktail or Black Russian cocktail

The name of this Black Russian cocktail also called Black Russian cocktail is a rather simple aperitif to make. It is the Chef barman of the Hotel M├ętropole de Bruxelles, a certain Gustav Tops, who would have imagined in 1949 (date of creation also of Mai Tai, Seabreeze, Sidecar and Old Fashioned cocktail) this recipe. In what context ? He would have created this Black Russian cocktail or Black Russian cocktail specially for the US ambassador to Luxembourg at the time: Perle Mesta. No direct link with Russia, so …