Blackstone Griddle 28 Vs 36 In 2021

Blackstone Griddle 28 Vs 36: Who Wins?

Who is up for some enjoyable outside cooking? If you’re, you need to consider getting yourself a good-quality griddle. This article will compare two of their most excellent grills available on the marketplace from a respectable manufacturer, Blackstone Griddle 28 Vs 36 In.

Between these two elements, there are layout differences that you may want to consider before selecting one. Example: 36″ includes four burners with an added side shelf, while 26″ has two burners without a side shelf. Let’s look at how all these two nets differ to see if they justify the cost difference.

Summary of Blackstone 28″ Outdoor Flat Top Griddle

Summary of Blackstone 28 Outdoor Flat Top Griddle

If you’re an avid griddle user, need more reliability at a reasonable price, then you need to go for the Blackstone griddle 28″ variant. As a garden terrace, it’d be ideal for satisfying 5 or 4 people’s hunger using its 470 sq inches of the surface in which you locate the two individual heating zones.

These Griddle dimensions might be somewhat short compared to another Blackstone variant, but the two seem precisely the identical line-up regarding the barbecue construction. Luckily, the black powder coat to the stainless steel framework will stay for several years.

If you purchased it a couple of years back, you must find a falter with all the dripping grease problem. Luckily, the problem was resolved now, and that’s the reason why you won’t find the messed-up dirt since the drain hole, and welded knob (underside of the drainage tube) have been solved today!


  • Powder coating stainless steel frame withstands demanding conditions & has good endurance.
  • Simple to clean and grease management system guarantee cleanliness


  • So far, no drawback. We’ve discovered unless you want more smoke on your meals.

Summary of Blackstone 36″

Summary of Blackstone 36

In 2005 Blackstone introduced its first griddle line-up, “Blackstone 36,” because this product has survived until now since Blackstone introduced changes and update the model, so you’re presently getting the solved griddle whenever you may purchase it.

It delivers restaurant-grade cooking together with the industrial form enormous surface over 700 Blvd in. The vast surface guarantees to adhere or sizzle any beef, and surprisingly you will toast the sausage sideways.

The beast-like griddle includes four powerful 15000 BTUs independent burners where you might cook two or the whole neighborhood. It’s not just a main terrace but also entertaining while cooking meals since it lets you control the large flame that provides flexible cooking.


  • It’s an Enormous grilling area where you toast the wide-array of feed and food to the audience.
  • You may maintain your utensils beneath the plate along with extendable side trays.


  • It Appears too bulky to contemplate using 135 Ibs weight made from stainless steel; therefore, it is hard to attract outside for camping.

Comparison Chart: Blackstone Griddle 28 Vs 36

The design and technology will be the same, but one makes gaps with a different based on another specification, so Take a Look at the comparison graph given below:

Features Blackstone 36″ Griddle Blackstone 28″ Griddle
Dimensions 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches 44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches
Weight 120 pounds 75 pounds
Surface Area 720 sq. inches 470 sq. inches
Burners 4 2
BTUs 60000 30000

Size Matters

Whether you maintain large parties and get-togethers regularly or sometimes isn’t necessary, what’s that you ought to be well prepared, for you to be ready, you need to be prepared to function a gathering of 6 or more ten individuals, at any moment, without losing out on the pleasure for a host.

BBQ isn’t only for parties, but it’s for serving yourself on a summer night or day too. For that, your grill has to be flexible and prepared to be used to get a trim and romantic crowd, a few, or you only too. This diversity requires a barbecue, which can be used at a single or even one rack on particular occasions.

Weight and Surface Area

The Blackstone Griddle 36 takes up more room, and also, the Blackstone Griddle 28 takes up less distance than its bigger counterpart. The Griddle 28 takes roughly 470 sq. inches. The Griddle 36 takes roughly 720 sq. inches. This comparison is vital since the more significant the grill, the more distance it will take up your home or apartment. If your attic can accommodate a larger grill, then you ought to go to your Griddle 36; it can assist you in cooking fancy meals right following night workouts and through celebrations.

If it doesn’t, then it is possible to settle for your Griddle 28. It doesn’t disappoint food quality and permits you to enjoy the food from smaller batches, satisfying and fulfilling.

If you like cooking for your loved ones or acquaintances in your home, you need to update the Griddle 36 over Griddle 28; this can help you relax throughout cooking time in exchange for a small amount of additional space.

The Griddle 36 weighs 120 pounds. This appears to be a lot, but also, it features four caster wheels. These make it easy to maneuver about and tidy up.

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Cooking Power and Heat Control

The Blackstone Griddle 36 provides double the cooking capability the Blackstone 28 does. The Blackstone Griddle 36 provides 60,000 BTU of cooking power. The Blackstone 28 gives just 30,000 BTUs of cooking power.

The Blackstone Griddle 36 provides four powerful and speedy heating burners to get a brightly charred and healthy grilling encounter, whereas the Blackstone Griddle 28 provides just two.

According to the number of individuals they appeal to, the Blackstone Griddle 28 doesn’t provide less than what it needs to. It’s a perfect grill for people who want an excellent meal with no necessity of fulfilling massive crowds or a lot of bellies.

Cooking Experience

The cooking area of this 28″ unit is 28.5″ by 16.5″, whereas the 36″ griddle provides a considerably larger cooking area of 36″ from 20″.

Ordinarily, the 36″ unit will let you cook plenty of food in a single move, while the 28″ griddle is somewhat restricted because of constraints in the cooking distance and just using two burners.

Though the 28″ is promoted as having the ability to cook for around six people, it’s only advocated for 4 — unless you enjoy standing within the griddle daily… or have some food warm while some food is cold… or so are pleased to feed four people first and also the other two after…, or you need to eat legumes and hamburgers — I believe you get my point!

There’s no such problem using the 36″ due to its generous cooking area and twice click the number of burners.

The 36″ grill also has the upper hand on reducing the dirt on the outside surface. There’s no complicated mechanism for this, but it’s quite helpful. The grill was equipped using a back grease management program.

There’s a dedicated hole in the rear side of the cooking surface, which acts like a miniature drainage system. This gets rid of the extra dirt from the cooking place.

These fantastic features mean you do not need to worry about wiping off the excess grease out of the skillet because you use all the 28″.

But the 28″ griddle does possess a grease management program, but it is not as user-friendly. The dirt management system on the 28″ is at the front, sending the dirt to a connected grease cup.

I know you may believe there is not any real difference between both grease management methods, but if you cook both of them, you really can tell the difference.

The 28″ griddle’s grease management methods are not as dependable. Typically, if you’re not cautious about cleaning the dirt while utilizing the 28″, then your cooking may become rather cluttered. In cases like this, you need to clean the grill often.

That’s the reason why the 36″ griddle performs better in terms of cooking expertise.

Now that isn’t to state, and the 28″ is not a great grill because it’s! It is not as great as the 36″.

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Cleaning and Usability

Blackstone 28 inches griddle the existence of black powder, which makes cleanup easy. The Blackstone Griddle 28 provides just two caster wheels; it’s foldable like the Griddle 36. Both have oversized steel frames for extended life and to withstand damage or breakage. They’re endless choices. They’re each speedy to build and easy to maneuver around, change, or even vent elsewhere.

The Blackstone Griddle 28 provides one shelf to be utilized as an elongated cooking area. Additionally, it has a pull-out bottom tray for additional storage area. There’s a separate removable grease cup to put away the surplus sauce and fat you don’t want on the very best cooking surface.

This makes it easy to throw away and tidy up after every use. When compared with this Griddle 36, that is a bit more complex. The cleanup process demanded by Grby Griddle less cluttered. The container to maintain grease maybe some tray of your own choice, and you can follow easy and normal grill cleaning measures to finish the cleanup process when you’ve got and more.

Fuel Efficiency

They use liquid propane as fuel. They don’t ask that you carry or expand your kitchen gas link outside in the open; no extra costs with those grills!

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Which You To Select?

The significant differences are size and price for both of these skillets. I’d guess most people will make their choice based on both of these factors. I have a household, so the 28-inch skillet is going to be adequate for the needs probably. But for people who like to entertain or have a big family, it might be worth spending the cash for the more significant cooking area.

Remember, there’s an approximate 272 square inch cooking distance gap between the two grills. That is a whole lot of additional hot dog and hamburger area. It’s something that most folks will probably wish to consider significantly before purchasing.

Though the 36″ Blackstone has assembled in regions to maintain a garbage bag along with a paper towel roll, this isn’t enough to entice me to the giant grill.

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