Cast Iron vs Carbon Steel Wok: Which Is Better? [2021]

Cast Iron vs Carbon Steel Wok

What’s the more excellent alloy between Cast Iron and Carbon Steel? This is only one of the most controversial issues among scientists and amateurs. If they decide on this type of stressful problem, it is not surprising that you have run into precisely the same problem.

These two substances are durable, tough, have high melting and boiling points, and conduct heat well, making them ideal for woks and frying pans. Unfortunately, these details only make it more challenging to pick.

In the following guide, I will discuss a true comparison between Cast Iron Vs Carbon Steel Wok. Let us check the below article to understand more.

Cast Iron Wok

Cast Iron Wok

Cast iron is a set of metal alloys of iron and carbon that can be readily cast in a mold. But this metallic alloy is tough and durable, and also, a wok made from cast iron may last a lifetime if you can manage it properly.

With proper seasoning, you can construct a natural non-stick coating which will be safer and healthier also. Using cast iron wok might be an excellent way to enhance your iron level since it leaches just a tiny quantity of iron in your food.

Pros of Cast Iron Wok:

  • Well-seasoned cast iron is simpler in addition to easier to wash.
  • It spreads heat quickly through the ground, which can be essential to cook food absolutely.
  • This type of Wok is cheap or low price.
  • Cast iron is flexible.

Cons of Cast Iron Wok:

  • Cast iron requires seasoning every so often.
  • Unlike other metals such as aluminum or stainless steel, then a cast iron wok is thicker.
  • You can’t prepare acidic foods such as tomatoes together with your cast iron wok or pan.
  • Bad heat conductivity is just another weakness of this cast iron wok.

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Carbon Steel Wok

Carbon Steel Wok

Carbon steel is among the most common traditional in addition to widely used substances for creating woks. It heats up evenly and quickly; with proper maintenance, it will last for a lifetime. Such as cast iron wok, carbon steel wok also needs seasoning to develop a natural non-stick coating. Using a carbon steel wok, you can throw and reverse vegetables quickly while cooking.

Pros of Carbon Steel Wok:

  • In contrast to other alloys, the costs of carbon steel woks are obviously reduced.
  • Cooking with carbon dioxide is entirely safer and healthier because it does not Leach any damaging toxins into your food.
  • Carbon steel wok is lightweight and simple to lift or move.
  • The organic non-stick cooking surface can help to decrease using butter or oil while cooking.
  • Could be used on Induction or Electric Stove.

Cons of Carbon Steel Wok:

Before using your carbon dioxide for your first time cooking, you will want to season it initially.

Your carbon dioxide can get scratched if you wash it using all the dishwashers.

Since carbon dioxide is a reactive metal, you should avoid cooking acidic components together with your carbon dioxide.

Cast Iron vs Carbon Steel Wok

Cast Iron Wok vs Carbon Steel Wok

Both products are complete in their manners, and deciding on a winner is demanding, but it isn’t impossible. To do so, we compared all the metals and termed the one with the most incredible powerful points on each other the winner.

This guide is a bit longer, but if you get to the finish, you’re going to learn which one to select.

Higher Casting

At the bat, carbon steel has the advantage when it comes to equilibrium.

A word called grain determines the construction and performance of metal. Grains will be the arrangement of constant atoms. And Iron’s high castability introduces different sizes of molecules into the construction, interrupting the arrangement and creating the product brittle and weak.

Additionally, obtaining a more excellent castability reduces the machining variable of cast iron. Machining is the process of cutting out the metal to the desired shape.

Because of some more significant amount of an unnatural arrangement of atoms disables it to be cut to a desirable and efficient form. So one triumph to steel.

Ultimate Tensile or Compressive strength

Next is their ability to resist any stress. Confused how this is related to this subject?

Well, your Wok undergoes a lot of internal pressure from the excited atoms. So when something is warmed up, its molecules gain renewable energy and change it into kinetic energy.

This conversion results in the atoms vibrating faster and causes them to need to break the chemical bonds. If the substance your wok consists of cannot defy this elevated pressure, then it’ll fall and crack available.

Carbon steel has a higher carbon content hence making it poorer in comparison to cast iron. Thus cast iron’s relatively large carbon material speed gives it an advantage in resisting high pressure and sets them both on equal footings.

Immunity Towards Rusting

Let us consider their rusting element. Rust is made when a metal reacts with air and creates a metallic oxide.

Woks generated from cast iron and carbon steel are more resistant to rust and corrosion. Carbon steel wok has Chromium, an anti-corrosive and anti-rust component, which prevents the wok from corrosion. In addition, chromium creates a nitric oxide layer coating and prevents the reaction with oxygen, which generates rust.

On the other hand, cast iron does rust, but the process is relative to the surrounding. So, in a nutshell, cast iron slows down the rusting process appreciably. Nevertheless, both metals continue to be tied.


Both the metals are alike in strength and heat conduction that bring back them on equal footings. And, this round is going to be determined by comparing their capacity to withstand most forms of harm.

Woks produced from Carbon steel are usually high-carbon steel with a carbon-to-iron ratio of 1 to 99, whereas cast iron has a high carbon content reaching nearly 2 to 3% of carbon and 98 to 97% of iron.

As small as the difference might appear, it triggers a significant effect. Carbon steel low carbon rendering makes it more durable than cast iron, and finally, makes it less prone to damage and sets the steel back from the lead.

Availability and Production Price

The cast iron is more readily available at an inexpensive cost giving it the advantage to evaluate the equalizer. By getting lower production and production expenses, cast iron can stay neck to neck with carbon steel.

Functionality and Appearance

As we had said earlier, the substances are excellent, and the woks generated out of them are clearly in addition to the cooking utensils industry.

Still, there may be only one that is the very best, and also the deciding factor for this is going to be the overall look and performance of these woks.

Cast Iron Woks generally have steeper walls using a bit harder foundation. Steeper walls ensure nothing falls off or clogs from woke and leaves it more appropriate to oven and baking dishes.

Additionally, the brownish appearance lent to the Cast Iron makes it look small and may give it an undesirable classic appearance.

Which awakened wins this round is quite evident today because the Carbon Steel Wok with its rounded corners is flexible enough to cook just about any dish. In addition, producers have made sure to provide a smooth and effective pan and layout, which improves your cooking to a different degree.

Aside from being efficient and smooth, the woks’ black appearance gives it an elegant and classy appearance. Finally, it makes your kitchen look somewhat better than previously.

Cost and Availability

Carbon steel and cast iron wok, both these products are relatively inexpensive. But, you will find a cast iron wok more readily at a less high price than carbon steel due to its reduced production and production expenses.


Carbon steel and cast iron wok, both these products are relatively inexpensive. But, you will find a cast iron wok more efficiently at a less expensive price than carbon steel due to its reduced production and production expenses.

But, picking a wok or stir-fry pan is entirely up to your preference and comfort. With luck, this article managed to help your choice.


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