Best Cheap Vodkas – Vodka Brands Under $25

Appeared in Poland centuries ago, vodka is a very clear and alcoholic spirit that lovers of this kind of drink particularly like. Prepared from pure cereal grains, sometimes with fruity notes and even potatoes, it can be enjoyed in cocktails or pure. But whatever you choose, it is important to know all the essential criteria for choosing your vodka. Otherwise, you and your guests may be disappointed. In this comparison, we suggest you discover 5 drinks, all from renowned vodka houses. There is, for example, Belvedere 70 cl, renowned for its Polish origin and appreciated for the creamy and vanilla notes in its flavor. There is also Absolut Original which we particularly like for its very designer blue bottle which can be used as a decorative object when empty.

The 5 Best Vodkas of 2020


1/ Belvedere Vodka 70 cl

To find out how to choose the best vodkas of 2020, we advise you to turn to Vodka 70 cl from Belvedere. This drink comes from a traditional Polish method over 600 years old. Having character and being pure at the same time, it was subjected to four stages of distillation, before being made available to its followers.

This vodka arouses all the sense organs. Especially for smell, you will feel a touch of vanilla accented by smooth and creamy accents at the same time. In terms of taste, it is characterized by its almond notes. On the palate, we can notice that this drink is quite long, with a taste of cream, but also of Brazil nuts, a characteristic that distinguishes it even more from other bottles.

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2/ Grey Goose Francaise Vodka Naturelle

With a large 4.5 L format, this Gray Goose vodka which is a French brand is distinguished by its crystalline color, adorned with a gray goose. The end of the bottle is blue, the most attractive.

In terms of taste, you will feel exceptional sweetness with a very smooth note of plums and anise. The finish is characterized by excellent freshness and a lingering taste.

Note that before being made available to its fans, Gray Goose vodka underwent a 5-step distillation to meet purity standards. It also seeks to satisfy the expectations of all lovers of this type of drink with its unique flavors.

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3/ Absolut Vodka Original Edition Facet

Wondering which is the best vodka on the market? To get the answer to this question, you can try Absolut Original. If this drink is recognized for its high purity, it is mainly due to the fact that it has been distilled a hundred times before being placed on the market. Whether in cocktails or simply tasted frozen, this drink will make you smile especially if you are a lover of vodka.

Resulting from a continuous distillation method, this Absolut product was able to get rid of all its impurities. Coming from the Ahus distillery, this inexpensive drink was made from winter wheat picked 100% from the Ahus region. It also consists of water which is extracted from the natural source of this same region.

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4/ Eristoff Pure Grain Triple distillation Vodka

Do you like the fruity notes in your vodka, as light as they are? This Eristoff product is the one we recommend you buy.

In terms of taste, the drink highlights flavors of licorice and green apple. Her translucent dress only accentuates her purity. The bottle is, moreover, all that is modern and elegant. When you have finished, you can put it in your living room for example so that it becomes a decorative element and gives a contemporary touch to your interior.

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5/ Soplica Vodka Polonaise 70cl

All vodka lovers probably know that Poland is also a benchmark for alcoholic drinks. This time, it is the Soplica brand that deserves its place in our ranking, for this product. Presented in a 70 cl bottle, the drink has an alcohol content of 40%, which satisfies the most demanding in terms of taste and aroma.

The bottle, being made from aluminum glass and paper, is all that an environmentally conscious person needs. They are, in fact, 100% recyclable products.

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